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Attorney-General, the Solicitor-General (Ireland), the can be reduced, and whether any and what alterations Lord Advocate, Mr. Walpole, Q.C., Mr. Keating, Q.C., and amendments can be made for the better adminisMr. Atherton, Q.C., Mr. Lowe, Mr. Kirk, Mr. Glyn, tration of justice in the said courts, and whether any Mr. Muntz, Mr. Horsfall, Mr. Gurney, Mr. Henley, and what business can be usefully and properly transand Mr. Hankey. The committee have power to call ferred to them in addition to that which they now for the attendance of witnesses and the production of perform, we, your Majesty's commissioners, in the documents,

execution of the duties imposed upon us, have proCHANCERY QUEEN'S COUNSEL. — The following ar-ceeded to examine and consider the important subjects rangement has been made as to the courts in which the on which we are desired to report. Queen's Counsel will practise :

We commenced the discharge of our duties by adMaster of the Rolls.

dressing interrogatories to the judges, officers of the R. P. Roupell, Esq. Roundell Palmer, Esq.

court, and other persons whom we considered to be E. J. Lloyd, Esq.

B. S. Follett, Esq.

capable of giving useful information on the matters

within the scope of our commission; we also examined Vice-Chancellor Kindersley.

witnesses on the same subjects, and from time to time C. T. Swanston, Esq. John Baily, Esq.

procured returns which we thought likely to assist us C. P. Cooper, Esq. W. B. Glasse, Esq. in our inquiries. J. G. Teed, Esq.

James Anderson, Esq. Before stating our opinions and recommendations James Campbell, Esq.

concerning the matters referred to us by your Majesty's Vice-Chancellor Stuart.

commission, we propose to commence this our first C. Temple, Esq. R. Malins, Esq.

report by an exposition of the state of the courts as J. Walker, Esq. W. Elmsley, Esq.

they at present exist, with reference to the following L. T. Wigram, Esq. R. D. Craig, Esq.

matters: James Bacon, Esq.

First, the establishment of the courts.
Vice-Chancellor Wood.

Secondly, the jurisdiction.
John Rolt, Esq.
J. G. Phillimore, Esq.

Thirdly, the judges, officers, and advocates.
Thomas Chandless, Esq. T. E. Headlam,


Fourthly, the procedure. John W. Willcock, Esq. W. M. James, Esq.

Fifthly, the fees. W.T. S. Daniel, Esq.

Sixthly, the costs. All these gentlemen also attend the Courts of Appeal.

Seventhly, the accounts. Easter Term, 1855.

Eighthly, the revenue of the courts.

Ninthly, application of revenue.
At the dinner at the Royal Academy on Saturday
last, the President, in proposing the health of Lord
Campbell, stated, that from the habit of seeing learned

1.-ESTABLISHMENT OF THE COURTS. judges on such occasions, he had been involuntarily led to conclude that there was some necessary con

County Court a Court of Record.] –The courts to nexion between the fine arts and law. Indeed, the which our inquiries, in obedience to your Majesty's Chief Baron was the honoured president of the Photo- instructions, have been directed, were established in graphic Society. He remembered, however, that on the year 1847, in pursuance of stat. 9 & 10 Vict. c. 95, the occasion of a trial respecting a picture many years intituled “ An Act for the more easy Recovery of Small sinced picture attributed to some grea name, and Debts;" and the title by which the court under consivalued at 15001.—Lord Ellenborough observed to the deration is generally known is “the county court." jury, that in his opinion no picture could be worth It is a court of record, and has a seal with which its 15001.- Lord Campbell, in returning thanks, said he process must be stamped. was afraid the lawyers could not be considered as en- Supervised by Superior Courts.]—The county court, gaged in cultivating a sister art, although they were no like all inferior jurisdictions, is subject to the supervidoubt a good deal employed in giving colour to that in sion of the superior courts by writs of certiorari and which they were concerned. But still they did assist prohibition. The granting of the latter is facilitated the sister art, for Chief Justice Gascoigne had fre- by the 13 & 14 Vict. c. 61, s. 22, which enables a judge quently adorned those walls while committing the to issue such writs in vacation as well as in term. Prince of Wales to prison.

Districts formed, and distributed among Circuits.]

In pursuance of the 9 & 10 Vict. c. 95, the whole FIRST REPORT OF THE COUNTY COURTS city of London, which is specially excluded from the

of England and Wales, with the exception of the COMMISSION*.

operation of the act, was in the year 1847, by Order

in Council, divided into districts. These varied in TO THE QUEEN's Most EXCELLENT MAJESTY IN HER extent and population. In determining what parishes HIGH COURT OF CHANCERY.

and townships should be included in the different Your Majesty having been pleased to issue a com- districts, the wishes and convenience of the inhabimission authorising and appointing us to inquire into tants were consulted, and from time to time several and report on the state of the courts established under modifications of the original arrangement have been an act passed in the session of Parliament held in the made by successive Orders in Council. The number ninth and tenth years of your Majesty's reign, intituled of districts originally formed was 491, but, on the peti“ An Act for the more easy Recovery of Small Debts,"

"tion of certain places, has been increased to 495, which and the course of practice therein, and particularly constitute the existing districts. In each of these diswith respect to the fees levied in the said courts, and tricts one, and in some cases two, courts have been whether the same can be reduced in amount, or can be established, the number of which is now 500. The levied in a manner less burthensome to the suitors, court is held in that part of the district which, on and whether the costs of proceedings in the said courts inquiry, appears most convenient to the majority of

the inhabitants. The building in which the court sits The commissioners are, the Master of the Rolls, Mr. Jus- has, in some instances, been erected by Government tice Erle, Mr. Justice Crompton, Henry Fitzroy, Esq., H. S. specially for the purpose ; sometimes it is a town hall, Keating, Q. C., J. H. Koe, Q. C., Serjt. Dowling, J. Pitt court house, or other public building belonging to a Taylor, Esq., and Joseph Randolph Mullings, Esq.

county, city, borough, or town; sometimes it is a dissenting chapel, a savings bank, a literary institution, Vict. c. 116, and the 7 & 8 Vict. c. 96) is transferred or an inn, according to the conveniences for the pur- to the county court in cases arising more than twenty pose which the neighbourhood presents. With respect miles from the General Post-office in London. The to the public buildings belonging to counties, cities, decision of the judge in these cases is final. boroughs, and towns, the free use of them is secured

Nuisances.]—Where, under the 11 & 12 Vict. c. 123, by statute to the court as a matter of right; but in a nuisance has been removed, under certain circumother cases the place of holding the court is either stances, from premises by a person other than the owner built or hired by the treasurer, with the sanction of or occupier, the former is entitled to sue the latter in Government, and the expenses are paid out of the the county court for the expenses incurred in so doing. general fund of the court.

In these cases, although questions of title may and do These 495 districts are distributed, in numbers vary frequently arise, the decision of the court on the matter ing from one to thirteen, among sixty different divisions is final. or circuits. To each of these divisions or circuits a

Concurrent Jurisdiction. judge has been appointed.

Where Claim does not exceed 201.]. The jurisdiction

given by sect. 58 of the 9 & 10 Vict. c. 95, is by sect. II.-JURISDICTION.

128 rendered concurrent with that of the superior The jurisdiction of the county court is both original from each other, or where the cause of action does not

courts, where the parties reside more than twenty miles and auxiliary.

arise wholly or in some material point within the disORIGINAL JURISDICTION.

trict within which the defendant dwells or carries on This jurisdiction is legal and equitable.

his business at the time of bringing the action, or where

an officer of the court is a party, except in respect of LEGAL JURISDICTION.

a claim to goods taken in execution by process of the The legal jurisdiction is of three kinds--exclusive,

court. concurrent, and by consent.

Where Claim exceeds 201.- Appeal.]—By the 13 & Exclusive Jurisdiction.

14 Vict. c. 61, s. 1, a jurisdiction, where the amount The exclusive jurisdiction is conferred by the 9 & 10 of the claim for debt or damages does not exceed 501., Vict. c. 95.

is conferred on the county court, subject to the excepProviso.)—By sect. 58 of that act it is provided, tions contained in the proviso of sect. 68 of the 9 & 10 " that all pleas of personal actions, where the debt or Vict. c. 95. This jurisdiction is, however, concurrent damage claimed is not more than 201., whether on ba- with that of the superior courts, and is subject to aplance of account or otherwise, may be holden in the peal at the instance of either party who is “dissatisfied county court without writ: provided always, that the with the determination or direction of the court in court shall not have cognisance of any action of ejecto point of law, or upon the admission or rejection of any ment, or in which the title to any corporeal or incor- evidence.” The 15 & 16 Vict. c. 54, s. 2, provides poreal hereditaments, or to any toll, fair, market, or that such appeals shall be disposed of as part of the franchise, shall be in question, or in which the validity ordinary business of the court to which the appeal is of any devise, bequest, or limitation under any will or made. settlement may be disputed, or for any malicious pro- Replcvin.]—The county court has also concurrent secution, or for any libel or slander, or for criminal jurisdiction in replevin. By sect. 119 of the 9 & 10 Vict. conversation, or for seduction, or breach of promise of c. 95, all actions of replevin in cases of distress for rent in marriage.”

arrear, or damage feasant, must be brought in the court Jurisdiction protected and enforced.]—The jurisdic- created by this act, instead of the common-law county tion is protected by sect. 90 of the 9 & 10 Vict. c. 95, court; but either party, on complying with certain which prevents the removal of any plaint into the conditions, may remove the plaint, if he declares to the superior courts unless the debt or damage claimed shall court that the title to any corporeal or incorporeal exceed 51., and then only by leave of a judge of one of hereditament, or to any toll, market, fair, or franchise, the superior courts, on such terms as he shall think fit. is in question, or that the rent or dainage in respect of This provision is confirmed by sect. 16 of the 13 & 14 which the distress shall have been taken is more than Vict. c. 61.

201." Unless, therefore, the plaint be removed in conThe jurisdiction in cases not within the above pro- formity with the provisions of that section, the county visions, and not within the exceptions contained in court has jurisdiction to decide all questions of title, sect. 128, hereafter mentioned, is enforced by sect. 129, and is not limited to any amount. which deprives the plaintiff of costs if he obtain á

Ejectment.]— The proviso in sect. 68 is modified in verdict in a superior court for a sum less than 201. certain cases of ejectment by sect. 122 of the same act, in actions founded on contract, or less than 51. if which enables landlords, after the expiration of the founded on tort; and where the verdict in such cases tenancy, to recover possession of houses, lands, or other is for the defendant, he is entitled to his costs, as be- corporeal hereditaments, where the rent or value of the tween attorney and client, unless in either case the premises does not exceed 501. a year, and no fine has judge trying the cause shall certify that the action was been paid. fit to be brought in the superior court. By sect. 13 of the 13 & 14 Vict. c. 61, these provisions are extended with the administration of the customs law has lately

Customs.]—Jurisdiction in certain matters connected to cases in which the parties have not proceeded to been conferred on the court. By sect. 263 of the 16 & verdict. The provisions as to deprivation of costs are 17 Vict. c. 107, (the Customs Act), the Crown may sue modified by sect. 11 of the same statute, which ex- in the county court for duties or penalties not exceeding cludes judgments by default from their operation.

in any case the sum of 1001. The decision of the judge Judge's Decision in such Cases final.]—The decision is final in such cases. By sect. 318, in case of any alleged of the judge of the county court, whether assisted by a illegal seizure of any boat, vessel, or goods by the cusjury or not, is final in cases within this branch of the tom-house officer, an action may be brought against jurisdiction.

him in the county court where the damages claimed do Protection Cases.] - Another branch of exclusive ju- | not exceed the amount to which the jurisdiction of the risdiction of the court is that which is exercised in pro- court is limited; and sect. 319 provides that the case tection cases. By sect. 4 of stat. 10 & 11 Vict. c. 102, shall not be tried by a jury except by consent of both the jurisdiction under the Protection Acts (the 5 & 6 parties, and that the decision of the judge shall be subject to appeal, in the same manner as is allowed in other Lord Chancellor, intrusted with the care and comactions triable in the court.

mitment of the custody of lunatics, in a suit regularly Jurisdiction by Consent.

instituted, or upon petition, as the case may require.

It is provided, however, by sect. 41, “that no county Appeal.]—Under the provisions of sect. 17 of the 13 court shall, upon any proceedings under this act, have & 14 Vict. c. 61, the parties may by consent confer a jurisdiction to try or determine the title at law or in jurisdiction on the county court, notwithstanding that equity to any real or personal property, or any term the amount of the claim may exceed 501., and that the or interest therein, as between any charity, or the action is one “in which the title to land, whether of trustee thereof, and any person holding or claiming freehold, copyhold, leasehold, or other tenure, or to any such real or personal property, term or interest, adtithe, toll, market, fair, or other franchise, shall be in versely to snch charity, or to try or determine any question." It will be observed, that the cases in which question as to the existence or extent of any charge questions of law may by consent be decided by the or trust.” By sect. 39 of the act, a right of appeal, county court are not so numerous as those excepted by subject to certain conditions, is given to the party who sect. 58 of the 9 & 10 Vict. c. 95. By the 17 & 18 alleges himself to be aggrieved by or dissatisfied with Vict. c. 16, s. 1, the decision of the judge in such cases any order made by any county court. It may be is subject to appeal, on the same grounds as in cases observed, that although the jurisdiction under this act where the sum claimed exceeds 201., but does not ex- extends only to charities the annual income whereof ceed 501.

does not exceed 301., yet, should the amount with which Arresting Ships.]-By the 527th section of the 17 & a defaulting trustee is chargeable exceed the sum of 18 Vict. c. 104, (the Shipping Act), in the event of an 501., there is no provision in the statute which excludes injury having been done by one vessel to another in the jurisdiction of the county court in such a case. any part of the world, it will, on and after the 1st May,

Succession Duties. 1855, be competent for the judge of the county court, in certain cases, on the complaint of the injured party: Duties Act), any accountable party, dissatisfied with

By sect. 50 of the 16 & 17 Vict. c. 51, (the Succession to direct the vessel to be detained until satisfaction is made for the alleged wrong, or security is given to the assessment of the commissioners, may, on complyabide the event of a legal proceeding in respect of it.

ing with the conditions prescribed in the section, if the

sum in dispute in respect of duty on such assessment EQUITABLE JURISDICTION.

does not exceed 501., appeal to the judge of the county The equitable jurisdiction of the county court is con- court, who will have jurisdiction to hear and deterinine current and by consent, but cannot be treated as exclu- the matter of the appeal and the costs thereof." His sive, except in protection and insolvency cases.

decision is final. Considering the interests in property This jurisdiction is confirmed by the 9 & 10 Vict. which is the subject of the duty, as well as the provic. 95, and several subsequent statutes.

sions of the act with respect to its collection, it is evi

dent that difficult questions of equity as well as of law Partnership-Distributite Share-Legacy. may arise in the determination of the appeal. In conBy sect. 65 of stat. 9 & 10 Vict. c. 95, the jurisdic- sequence of the mode in which sect. 50 is expressed, a tion of the court is extended to the recovery of any far greater sum than 501. may become the subject of demand not exceeding the sum of 201., (now by the inquiry in the county court. 13 & 14 Vict. c. 61, to 501.), “ which is the whole or

Insolvency and Protection. part of the unliquidated balance of a partnership account, or the amount or part of the amount of a dis- tions of an equitable description do of necessity fre

Both in protection and insolvency cases various questributive share under an intestacy, or of any legacy quently arise. under a will." By sect. 17 of the 13 & 14 Vict. c. 61, the consent of

Literary Institutions. the parties will give jurisdiction in such cases to any in case of any institution contemplated by the act being

By the Literary and Scientific Institutions Act, 1854, amount. Friendly Societies.

desirous of dissolving itself, and any dispute arising By the 13 & 14 Vict.c. 115, s. 22, (the Friendly Socie- tution, the adjustment of its affairs shall be referred to

among the governing body or the members of the instities Act), if a dispute arise between the members and the the judge of the county court of the district in which trustees, treasurer, or other officer or committee, and is the principal building of the institution shall be situate, of such a kind that for the settlement of it, according who may make such order as he may deem requisite; to the laws now in force, recourse must be bad to a court of equity, it may be referred, at the option of ings shall be taken in the Court of Chancery. The

or, if he find it necessary, he may direct that proceedeither party, to a judge of a county court. This act is continued by the 15 & 16 Vict. c. 65, to what institution any surplus funds should be given.

judge is also to determine, in the event of disagreement, 8. 4, to the end of the session of 1854, and by the 17 & 18 Vict. c. 101, to the 1st October, 1855, and the end

AUXILIARY JURISDICTION. of the then next session of Parliament.

The auxiliary jurisdiction of the Court is both legal Industrial and Provident Societies.

and equitable.

LEGAL JURISDICTION. The above provisions applicable to Friendly Societies are extended by the 15 & 16 Vict. c. 31, s. 8, to indus

Absconding Debtors. trial and provident societies.

By the 14 & 15 Vict. c. 52, power is given to the Charitable Trusts.

judge of the county court to issue his warrant for the By the 16 & 17 Vict. c. 137, (the Charitable Trusts amount of 201. or opwards, and who are about to quit

apprehension of persons sworn to be indebted to the any charity does not exceed 301., and where equitable England. This power is subsidiary to actions in the

superior courts. relief is required, jurisdiction, subject to certain conditions contained in the act, is given to the county

Common-law Procedure Act. court to entertain the application, and to give such By the Common-law Procedure Act, 1854, it is prorelief, and make such orders and directions in relation vided, that where, at any time after the issuing of the to the matter of such application, as now might be writ in any superior court of common law, it appears to made or given by the Court of Chancery, or by the the satisfaction of the court or a judge, upon the appli

cation of either party, that the matter in dispute con

the purpose of appointing him to any other district, in sists wholly or in part of matter of mere account, which which the salary of the judge shall not be less than in cannot conveniently be tried in the ordinary way, it the district from which he shall be so removed. He is shall be lawful for such court or judge to order that removeable, at the discretion of the Lord Chancellor or such matter, either wholly or in part, in country causes, Chancellor of the Duchy respectively, for inability or shall be referred to the judge of any county court.

misbehaviour. When appointed he cannot sit as a

member of Parliament, nor can he practise at the bar, EQUITABLE JURISDICTION.

or as a special pleader, or equity draftsman, or be diChancery.

rectly or indirectly concerned as a conveyancer, notary By sect. 22 of the 9 & 10 Vict. c. 95, the judge may public, solicitor, attorney, or proctor, and if an attorbe required to perform all such duties relating to causes ney, he cannot hold certain offices, which, having réor matters depending in Chancery, or any judge thereof, gard to the present qualification of a judge, it is not or before the Chancellor in the exercise of any autho- necessary to enumerate. rity belonging to him, necessary or proper to be done Appointment of Deputy.]-In case of illness or unin the respective districts, as the Chancellor shall from avoidable absence, the cause of which absence must be time to time by any general order direct.

entered on the minutes of the court, the judge may Joint-stock Companies Winding-up Act.

appoint a deputy to perform the duties of his office. By sect. 20 of the 12 & 13 Vict. c. 108, (an act. The remuneration of the deputy, however, is by the 11 & 12 Vict. c. 45), judges of county, courts sitting at Chancellor, appoint a deputy to act for him during any amending the Joint-stock Companies Winding-up Act, judge himself. As no cessation of holding his courts

is permitted, he may, with the sanction of the Lord places more than twenty miles from the General Postoffice are appointed commissioners to act under the time or times not exceeding in the whole two calendar powers of that and the previous statute, and the Master months. In that case also he must remunerate the

months in any consecutive period of twelve calendar may, by any order under his hand, refer the whole or any part of the examination of any witnesses to any deputy out of his own resources. such judge.

Qualification of Deputy. ]-The qualification of the Insolvency.

person to be appointed deputy is, in the former class of The jurisdiction of insolvency under the 1 & 2 Vict. the cases above mentioned, that of being the judge of c. 110, is by the 10 & 11 Vict. c. 102, s. 10, vested in another county court, or a person who has practised as the county court, where the insolvent is in custody in

a barrister for at least three years, or as an attorney of any gaol more than twenty miles from the General one of her Majesty's superior courts of common law for Post-office. The Insolvent Court in London, to which ten years, but not then residing or practising as an atthe petition of the insolvent must in the first instance torney in the district for which the court is holden: in be presented, is required in such cases to refer the hear the latter, the qualification is that of being a judge of ing to the county court.

another county court, or a person who has practised as In this branch of the jurisdiction questions of law puty be a barrister, he cannot, during the time he acts

a barrister-at-law for at least three years. If the dealso arise, Common-law County Court.

or shall be entitled to act as such deputy, practise, except

in the district of the Westminster County Court, as & Except as to matters brought by statute within the barrister in any court within the district for which he jurisdiction of the newly-established court, the county acts or shall be entitled to act as such deputy. court at common law retains its powers and jurisdiction, and may be held simultaneously with the modern the name of any judge of a county court be inserted in

Judge may act in the Commission of the Peace.]-If county court. It is proper to observe, that no privilege is allowed to division of a county in which he is appointed judge,

commission of the peace for any county, riding, or exempt any person from the jurisdiction of the modern he is competent

to act in the execution of the office of county court.

justice of the peace, although not qualified by estate as III.-JUDGES, OFFICERS, AND ADVOCATES.

required by law in the case of other justices of the peace.

(To be continued). We will now proceed to the next head, which concerns the judges, officers, and advocates of the court.

GENTLEMEN CALLED TO THE BAR. Judge. Qualification -Qualification of Successor --How appointed--How removeable--Disqualification.]-In order

The following gentlemen have been called to the deto become the judge of a county court, the neces

gree of Barrister at Law:sary qualification was, at the original establishment

GRAY's Inn.— Charles Robertson Griffiths, Esq.; of the courts, that he should be a barrister-at-law of John Rodham Carr, Esq., LL.D.; and Charles Hey. at least seven years' standing, or that he should have wood, Esq. practised as a barrister and special pleader for at least seven years, or have acted in the capacity of judge in

GAZETTES.-FRIDAY, May 4. some one of certain local courts mentioned in the 9 & 10 Vict. c. 95. In the event of any of the judges dying,

BANKRUPTS. resigning, or being removed, the qualification of his JAMES VERITY, Leicester-street, Regent-street, and successor must be, that he is a barrister of at least seven Carlton-road-villas, Kentish-town, shoemaker, May 1l at years' standing, or that he has practised as a barrister half-past 12, and June 15 at half-past 11, London: Off. and special pleader for at least seven years, or that he

Ass. Cannan; Sol. Story, 36, Great James-street, Bedford. has been the county clerk of the same county at the

row.-Pet. f. April 28. time of passing the 9 & 10 Vict. c. 95. The judge is CATHERINE DIXON, Lymington, Southampton, dealer appointed by the Lord Chancellor in districts without

and chapwoman, May 19 at 12, and June 15 at half-past 1,

London : Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sols. Brown, Lymington; the limits of the Duchy of Lancaster, and by the Chancellor of the duchy within the limits of the duchy. It WILLIAM HARDING, Great Saffron-hill, Holborn, baker,

Thomson, 13, Gray's-inn-square.--Pet. f. May 2. is competent for the Lord Chancellor or the Chancellor

May 18 at 11, and June 15 at half-past 11, London : Of. of the Duchy of Lancaster, within their respective ju- Ass. Cannan ; Sol. Padmore, 49, Beaumont-street, Maryrisdictions, to remove any judge from any district for lebone.-Pet. f. May 3.

GEORGE EDWARD NEAL, Pembury, Kent, dealer and at 12, Manchester, last ex. - George Hardin, High-street,

chapman, May 10 and June 15 at 1, London: Off. Ass. Stoke Newington, linendraper, May 18 at 11, London, aud. Whitmore, (and not Cannan, as before advertised); Sols. ac.- Alexander Wm. Bell, Coles-terrace, Barnsbury-road, Cripps, Tunbridge Wells ; Church & Langdale, 38, South wine merchant, May 22 at 12, London, and. ac.-J. Thynne ampton-buildings, Chancery-lane.- Pet. f. April 27. Carr, Regent-terrace, City-road, timber merchant, May 21 JOHN FLATT, Saxmundham, Suffolk, grocer, May 15 and at 11, London, aud. ac.- James Alexander Hughes, Victoria

June 12 at 11, London : Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sols. South Park-road, Hackney, builder, May 21 at 12, London, aud. well, Saxmundham ; Pownall & Co., Staple-inn.-Pet. f. ac.—John Burrell Morgan and John Lewis, Ystalyfera Graig, May 3.

Glamorganshire, drapers, May 31 at 11, Bristol, aud. ac. HANSARD JACKSON BRIDGES, Wandswortb-road, John Carver, Liverpool, licensed victualler, May 14 at 11,

Surrey, and Stowmarket, Suffolk, brewer, May 15 at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac.-J. C. Stivens and J. Stower, Liverpool, and June 13 at 1, London: Of. Ass. Stansfeld ; Sols. British-wine merchants, May 14 at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac.Archer, Stowparket, Suffolk ; Trinder & Eyre, 1, John. R. Forshaw, Liverpool, machine maker, May 16 at 11, Liverstreet, Bedford-row.- Pet. f. April 16.

pool, aud. ac.; May 28 at 11, div.-Wm. Martin, NewcastleGEORGE FREDERICK LILLICRAP, Bishopsgate-street upon-Tyne, joiner, May 22 at half-past 11, Newcastle-upon

Without, dealer and chapman, May 11 at half past 1, and Tyne, aud. ac. ; May 28 at 11, div. - Charles Dixon, GatesJune 23 at 1, London: Off

. Ass. Nicholson ; Sols. Howard head, draper, May 22 at 12, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac. & Dollman, 141, Fenchurch-street.—Pet. f. April 28. -Edward Tregenza, Stockton-on-Tees, shoe dealer, May 22 SAMUEL HODGSON, Great Marylebone-street, stationer, at 11, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac.-George Armstrong,

May 14 at half.past 2, and June 18 at 1, London: Off. Ass. South Shields, builder, May 22 at half.past 12, NewcastleEdwards; Sol. Leigh, 16, George-street, Mansion-house. upon-Tyne, aud. ac.- -Wm. Hill, Manchester, canvas dealer, Pet. f. May 2.

May 14 at 12, Mancbester, aud. ac.-J. Fletcher, Unsworth HENRY OPPENHEIM, Ramsgate, dealer and chapman, Milí

, near Bury, and Manchester, cotton manufacturer, May May 15 at 2, and June 18 at 1, London: Off. Ass. Lee ; 15 at 12, Manchester, aud. ac.- John Hannell, Manchester, Sol. Buchanan, 1, Guildhall-chambers, Basinghall-street.- tobacconist, May 17 at 12, Manchester, aud. ac.-Edward Pet. f. May 2.

Crane Hunt, Kidderminster, ironmonger, June 8 at 11, BirWILLIAM HOE, Bishopsgate-street Without, dealer and / mingham, and. ac.-Henry Crane, Dudley, grocer, May 18

chapman, May 14 and June 19 at 12, London: Off. Ass., at 11, Birmingham, aud. ac.-John Lambert, Halifax, timber Lee; Sols. J. & J. H. Linklater, 17, Sise-lane, Bucklers- dealer, May 17 at 11, Leeds, aud. ac.-Obadiah Willans and bury.-Pet. f. April 28.

Henry Rawson, Leeds, cloth merchants, May 17 at 11, Leeds, HENRY ROBINSON, Brewood, Staffordshire, maltster, aud. ac.—John Child and Wm. Barker, Wakefield, railway

May 19 and June 8 at 11, Birmingham : Off. Ass. Bittle contractors, May 17 at 11, Leeds, aud. ac. sep. est. of Wm. ston ; Sols. Turner, Wolverhampton; Motteram & Knight, Barker.-Henry E. Wethered, Churton-street, Pimlico, linenBirmingbam.—Pet. d. April 24.

draper, May 28 at 1, London, div.-J. Thompson the younger, HENRY BARBER, Kidderminster, licensed victualler, Terrace, Kensington, draper, May 28 at 1, London, div.

May 16 and June 11 at half-past 10, Birmingham : Off. William Joseph Davis, Bristol, music seller, May 25 at halfAss. Whitmore; Sols. Motteram & Knight, Birmingham. past 1, London, div.-T. Beswick, Half Moon-street, Picca-Pet. d. May 1.

dilly, licensed victualler, May 25 at 11, London, div.-Thos. EDMUND STEVENS, Walsall, draper, May 19 and June 8 Hillman, Worthing, Sussex, wine merchant, May 25 at 12,

at 11, Birmingham: Off. Ass. Christie; Sols. Bell, Man. London, div.- Charles T. Griffis, Woodford Bridge, Essex, chester ; Motteram & Knight, Birmingham. - Pet. d. underwriter, May 29 at 12, London, div.-John Swales, April 28.

Openshaw, Lancashire, ironmonger, May 16 at 12, Manches. THOMAS MEDDINGS, Chadwell-court Mill, Stafford ter, div.–Benj. N. Dodd, Hetton-le-Hole, Durham, grocer,

shire, dealer and chapman, May 19 and June 8 at 11, Bir- May 25 at 12, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, fin. div.-Joseph Wood mingham : Of. Ass. Christie ; Sols. Turner, Wolverhamp- and James Wood, Allerton, Bradford, spinners, May 25 at 11,

ton; Motteram & Knight, Birmingham.-Pet. d. April 30. Leeds, div. joint est. and sep. ests.- Francis Kay, Sheffield, SAMUEL LOWE, Derby, dealer and chapman, May 15 and cut-nail manufacturer, May 26 at 10, Sheffield, div.-Anne June 12 at 10, Nottingham: Off. Ass. Harris; Sols. Freeth Bailes, Sheffield, licensed victualler, May 26 at 10, Sheffield, & Co., Nottingham ; Crowder & Co., 57, Coleman-street. div. - Pet. d. April 18.

CERTIFICATES. RICHARD MORGAN, Dowlais, Glamorganshire, dealer To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or and chapman, May 15 and June 18 at 11, Bristol: Off. Ass.

before the Day of Meeting. Acraman ; Sols. Bevan & Girling, Bristol.- Pet. f. May ). JOHN BURTON and ROBERT EDWARD REES, South zinc manufacturer, May 25 at half-past 11, London.- John

George K. Geyelin, Grafton-street East, Middlesex, white Hamlet, Gloucestershire, barge builders, May 15 and June Close, Stratford, Essex, baker, May 26 at half-past 12, Lon. 18 at 11, Bristol: Off. Ass. Miller ; Sol. Smallridge, Glou- don. -- Edmund Oakley, Poole, corn merchant, May 25 at 1, cester.--Pet. f. May 2.

London. - William C. Currie, Moorgate-street, merchant, JOSE RICKARD, Boscastle, Cornwall

, dealer and chap: May 26 at half-past 1, London.-Edward Burnell, Hounds. man, May 14 and June 21 at 1, Exeter : Off. Ass. Hirtzel; ditch, and Skinner's-place, Leadenhall-market, baker, May 26 Sols. Beran & Girling, Bristol ; Stogdon, Exeter.- Pet. f.

at 1, London.- Robert Ewin, High-street, Islington, uphol. April 24. HENRY HAWKEN DYER, Boscastle, Cornwall, dealer sterer, May 25. at 11, London.-William Martin, Newcastleand chapman, May 14 and June 21 at 1, Exeter : Off. Ass. Tyne. — Mary Jackson and Thomas Heywood, Droylsden,

upon-Tyne, joiner, May 25 at half-past 11, Newcastle-upon. Hirtzel Sols. Henderson & Co., Bristol; Stogdon, Exeter. Lancashire, skein printers, May 25 at 12, Manchester. - James

- Pet. f. April 24. JOHN HOSKIN, Blackburn, dealer and chapman, May 17 Manchester. Thomas Leavesley, Coventry, silk dyer, June 7

Burnblum, Manchester, commission agent, May 25 at 12, and June 7 at 12, Manchester: Off. Ass. Hernaman; Sol.

at half-past 10, Birmingham.—Thomas Nicholson, Leeds, Tyrer, Liverpool.- Pet. f. April 25. JOSEPH BELL, Little Bolton, cotton spinner, May 17 and fax, timber dealer, May 25 at 11, Leeds.-William Jennings,

machine maker, May 25 at 11, Leeds.-John Lambert, HaliJane at 12, Manchester : Off. Ass. Hernaman; Sols. Bradford, linendraper, May 25 at 11, Leeds. Rushton & Armitstead, Bolton-le-Moors.--Pet. f. May 2. MEETINGS.

To be granted, unless an appeal be duly entered. Wm. Wrenn, Penge, Surrey, grazier, May 24 at half- Richard Beck, Blackman-street, Southwark, watchmaker. past 12, London, last es.-J. Fletcher Campbell, St. Peter's. - Charles Davis and John Eaton, Surbiton-hill, Kingstonalley, Cornhill, shipbroker, May 15 at 1, London, last ex.- upon-Thames, builders. ~ Stephen Grantham, Connaught. James Speller, Wapping High-street, sailmaker, May 15 at terrace, Middlesex, dealer in hay.- George R. Blackwell, 12, London, last ex. --Samuel Perkes, Earl-street, Blackfriars, Cheltenham, marble mason.—John Larkin How, Carolineengineer, May 16 at 2, London, last ex.-J. Dixon, Liverpool, place, City-road, builder. - Jane Warren, Bristol, habercooper, May 14 at 11, Liverpool, last ex.; May 16 at 11, aud. ac. dasher. -Haydon Lounds, Bourn, Lincolnshire, coach builder. -T. Hall, Oldham, bobbin manufacturer, May 16 at 12, Man. -John Henry Cheetham, Nottingham, lace manufacturer.chester, last ex.-C. Pennington, Manchester, builder, May 25 | Thomas Freck, Nottingham, grocer.-William Prest, York,

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