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painter.—R. Martindale, Low Harrogate, Yorkshire, draper. ! London, aud. ac.Isaac Barton, Stafford, grocer, June 1 at -Thomas Addy, Leeds, cloth manufacturer.

11, Birmingham, aud. ac.Harry Winton, Harry John L. Petition ANNULLED.

Winton, and Edwin Wm. Winton, Birmingham, agricultural William Holladay and James Clemitson, Watling-street, implement makers, May 19 at 11, Birmingham, aud. ac. sep. warehousemen.

ests. of Harry John L. Winton and Edwin Wm. Winton, PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.

George Parry the younger, Willenball, Staffordshire, iron, Joseph Noakes Mourilyan and Nicholas Henry Rowsell, monger, June 1 at 11, Birmingham, aud. ac.-George Gillatt, Verulam-buildings, Gray's.inn, Middlesex, attornies and soli. Barnsley, Yorkshire, confectioner, May 22 at half-past 11, citors.--Henry Lumb, Robert John Lumb, Frederick Lumb, Leeds, aud. ac.--Charles Heaton and James Heaton, Limeand William Stewart, Wakefield, attornies, solicitors, and street and White Lion-street, Spitalfields, export oilmen, May money scriveners, (so far as regards William Stewart).-Tho. 31 at 11, London, div.-Edward Harratt and John Bland, mas Carington Campbell and Richard Henry Witty, Essex. Huntingdon and Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire, builders, street, Strand, attornies and solicitors.

May 31 at 1, London, div.-John Haydon, Barnstaple, Devon.

shire, draper, May 29 at 2, London, fin. div.--Henry Savill, TUESDAY, May 8.

Colchester, grocer, May 29 at 2, London, div.-Thos. Freck,

Nottingham, grocer, May 29 at 10, Nottingham, aud. ac. BANKRUPTS.

CERTIFICATES. HENRY JOSEPH PRATT, New Bond.street, dealer and

chapman, May 22 at 11, and June 19 at half-past 12, Lon | To be allowed, unless Cause be sheron to the contrary on or don: Off, Ass. Stansfeld; Sols. Smith & Sons, Barnard's.

before the Day of Meeting. inn, Holborn.- Pet. f. April 5.

John Watney, Wimbledon, Surrey, baker, May 31 at 1, THOMAS PURDY, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, wine and London.-Charles Heaton and James Heaton, Lime-street

, spirit merchant, May 18 and June 19 at half-past 1, Lon- and White Lion-street, Spitalfields, export oilman, May 31 don: Off. Ass. Graham; Sols. Jay & Pilgrim, Norwich ; May 31 at 2, London. - James Howell, Judd-street

, Bruns

at 11, London.- William Winder, Haymarket, tavern keeper, Jay, Bucklersbury.- Pet. f. April 27. ERASMUS SYMONDS, Great Bell-alley, Moorgate-street, wick-square, builder, May 31 at half.past 11, London.-John

dealer and chapman, May 17 at half-past 1, and June 21 at Frisby Bentley, Salby, near Welford, Northamptonshire, coal 12, London: Off . Ass. Bell; Sols. Ashurst & Co., old merchant, June 1 at 11, London.-Charles Henry Harben

, Jewry.-Pet. f. May 1.

Goulstone-street, High-street, Whitechapel, and Carlton-hill. JOSEPH WHITELEY BROADHEAD, Green Owlers, near

villas, Camden-road, Holloway, wholesale cheesemonger, June Holmbridge, Yorkshire, dealer and chapman, May 24 and 1 at 1, London.--Henry George Cable, Goswell-street, Clerk, June 22 at 11, Leeds: Of. Ass. Young; Sols. Kidd & enwell, draper, May 30 at 1, London.— Isaac Pothecary and Jessop, Holmfirth ; Bond & Barwick, Leeds.—Pet. d. and keepers, May 30 at 12, London.- Thomas Tyler, Wood

William Symes, Nursling, Southampton, boarding-housef. April 27. DAVID FOSTER, Goole, West Riding of Yorkshire, dealer street, Cheapside, warehouseman, May 30 at half-past 12, and chapman, June 4 at half past 11, and July 2 at 11, side, warehousemen, May 30 at half.past i, London. — Martin

London.-John Andrews Clarke and Joseph Davison, CheapLeeds: Off. Ass. Hope ; Sols. Wilson, Goole ; Naylor, Shepherd, Warwick, draper, May 29 at 1, London. Hugle

Leeds.--Pet. d. May 4. JOHN BRADBURY, Sheffield, builder, May 19 and Jane Lapraik, Harrison-street, Gray's-inn-road, draper, May 29 30 at 10, Sheffield : Off. Ass. Brewin; Sol. Unwin, Shef.

at i, London.--James Beaven, Bristol, beer retailer, June 1 field.-Pet. d. and f. May 5.

at 11, Bristol. - Robert Barbor, Phoenix-wharf, Surrey-canalHENRY FREDERICK NEWELL, Bradford, dealer and bank, Deptford, grease manufacturer, May 29 at 2, London.

chapman, May 18 and June 22 at 11, Leeds: Of. Ass. -John Charles Stivens and Jacob Stower, Liverpool, wineYoung; Sols. Cariss & Cudworth, Leeds.-- Pet. d. and f. merchants, May 29 at 11, Liverpool.- Thomas Fiddes MeyMay 4.

rick, Wolverhampton, commission agent, June 11 at half-past THOMAR SPURRIER, Walsall, Staffordshire, dealer and 10, Birmingham.- Thomas Hollier, Leicester, woolstapler

, chapman, May 19 and June 15 at 11, Birmingham : Of. May 29 at 10, Nottingham. - Thomas Charlesworth, NotAss. Christie ; Sols. Jackson, West Bromwich ; Hodgson, tingham, plumber, May 29 at 10, Nottingham. Birmingham.-Pet. a. May 4.

To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered. JOHN HORROCKS, Salford, grocer, May 18 and June 8 Henry Benson Cox, Southampton, dealer in provisions.

at 12, Manchester : Off. Ass. Hernaman ; Sol. Lamb, Man Thomas Prichard, Sidcup, Kent, apothecary. – William chester.— Pet. f. April 28.

Harrison, Clyde-terrace. Caledonian-road. Islington, baker. THOMAS SOUTHWARD, Bolton-le-Moors, corn - Richard Ashby, Cheltenham-place, Lambeth, baker.

chant, May 22 and June 19 at 12, Manchester : Of. Ass. Samuel Osler, Grange-road, Bermondsey, leather factor.

Pott; Sol. Richardson, Bolton-le-Moors.-Pet. f. April 23. Francis Jenkyns, Tysoe-street, Wilmington-square, ClerkenTHOMAS THOMPSON, Sunderland, bookseller, May 23 well, corn merchant.--William Burridge, Stainsby-road, East

at half-past 11, and June 26 at 11, Newcastle-upon-Tyne : India-road, Limehouse, builder.-Christopher Crei and Chris. Of. Ass. Baker ; Sol. Hoyle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Pet. topher Crew the younger, Gertrude-street, Chelsea, builders.-f. May 3.

Josiah Tillett, Colchester, plumber.-Frederick Carson, St.
Helen's, Bishopsgate-street, merchant.--John Summarsell

, Edvard Dawes, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, licensed Little York place, St. Marylebone, carpenter.- Joseph Ed. victualler, May 18 at 12, Wolverhampton, pr. d.- Edmund wards and Edward Edwards, Truro, Cornwall, jewellers.L. Owen, Tettenhall-road, near Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, John Clench, Exeter, timber dealer. -John Phillips, Drimpmineral merchant, May 18 at 12, Wolverhampton, pr. d. ton, Broadwinsor, Dorsetshire, baker.-Samuel Eason, LiverWilliam Crole the younger, Rood-lane, East India merchant, pool, merchant. - William Chadwick, Liverpool, lime burner. May 18 at 2, London, last ex.-Louis Diespecker, Little -Henry Hartley, Trawden, near Colne, Lancashire, cotton Moorfields, dealer in French purses, May 28 at half-past 11, manufacturer.- George Longmore and James Longmore, London, last ex.- -T. Hillman, Worthing, Sussex, wine mer Manchester, provision merchants.- Joseph Lomas, Man. chant, May 18 at half-past 11, London, aud. ac. - William J. chester, Manchester warehouseman.-Joshua Bowker, Hyde, Davis, Bristol, music seller, May 18 at half-past 1, London, Cheshire, innkeeper.-William Hughes, Shelton, Stafford. aud. ac. - Thomas Beswick, Half Moon-street, Piccadilly, shire, builder. Richard Brown, Rushall, Staffordshire, limelicensed victualler, May 18 at 11, London, aud. ac. - William burner.John Bailey, Cannock, Staffordshire, baker. Palmer, Aldgate, draper, May 19 at 1, London, aud. ac.

PARTNERSHIPS D18SOLVED. Thomas Pollard and Arthur J. Symonds, Guildford, builders,

Frederick Carritt and George Osgood, Guildhall-chambers May 19 at 11, London, aud. ac.--Henry Shaw Goodman, and Basinghall-street, London, attornies-at-law, solicitors, and Starch Green, Hammersmith, varnish maker, May 19 at half conveyancers.-William Frederick Wratislaw Bird and James past 1, London, aud. ac.—John Orerbury, Frederick-place, Moore, Gray's-inn-square, Middlesex, attornies and solicitors. Old Jewry, woollen warehouseman, May 19 at 12, London, -James Shirley Leakey and Edward Charsley, Lincoln's aud. ac.- Thomas Pearson, Warwick-court, Holborn, money inn-fields, attornies and solicitors. --George Pell and Charles scrivener, May 21 at 11, London, and. ac.-Meyer Jacobs, Edmund Banks, Welford and Northampton, attornies and Steward-street, Spitalfields, merchant, May 22 at half-past 2, solicitors.


White Lion, Sawbridgeworth; the George, Bishop Stortford; of Mr. In Chancery.-"Langford t. Selmes."-Brighton, Sussex.-Freehold R. P. Browne, land agent, Great Hallingbury; and in London, of

Ground Rents and Houses. Messrs. Denton, Kinderley, Domville, and Lawrence, 6, New-square,

MESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE will Lincoln's-inn; at Garraway's; and at the offices of Messrs. Farebrother,

SELL, at the Old Ship, Brighton, on Saturday, June 16, at I Clark, and Lye, Lancaster-place, Strand.

for 2 o'clock precisely, under an Order of the High Court of Chancery, Albury, Herts, five miles from the Railway at Bishop Stortford.-Free- and with the approbation of Vice-Chancellor Sir Wm. Page Wood, in

hold and small part Copyhold Farm, called " Piggotts," the Fox sixteen lots, the following FREEHOLD ESTATES, the property of the Public-house, and sundry Inclosures of detached Lands; the whole late Frederick Langford, of Udimore, in the county of Sussex, Esq., containing 196 acres.

deceased, viz.:-A Freehold House, No. 93, ard-street; five Houses, ,

Nos. 1 to 5, Park-street, leading to Brighton Park; two Houses, Nos. 12 instructed by the Trustees to SELL BY AUCTION, at Gar

and 13, Warwick-street; and Ground Rents issuing out of Nos. 6, 7, 8,, raway's, on Wednesday, June 13, at 12, in seven lots, the following 10, and 11, Park-street; Nos. 3, 4, 5, 10, and 16, George's-road; No 18, very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate about five miles from

Eastern-road; No. 68, Carlton-street; and Nos. 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35, the Railway Station at Bishop Stortford, ten from Ware, twelve from

Cumberland-place; the whole producing a rental of 1521. 7s. per annum. Hertford, and adjoining the Kennel of the Puckeridge Hounds, in

May be viewed, and particulars had, 14 days prior to the sale, of the parishes of Albury, Little Hadham, and Braughing, viz.:-Piggott's

Messrs. Hooper, Green, and Hunt, solicitors, and Mr. Figg, surveyor, Farm, comprising a comfortable farm-house, (suitable for a hunting

Lewes; at the place of sale; of Mr. Wm. Marchant, 154, North-street, box), good garden, orchard, warm farm-yard, with extensive stabling,

Brighton; of Messrs. Reed, Langford, and Marsden, solicitors, Fridaywheat, oat, and barley barns, cow-houses and cattle and cart sheds,

street, Cheapside; of J. B. Lowndes, Esq., solicitor, New-inn, Strand; at and 183 acres of productive arable and pasture land, lying very

Garraway's; and at the offices of Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, compact, chiefly under-drained, and partly tithe-free. The Fox licensed Lancaster-place, Strand. public-house, adjoining the high road, with offices and gardens. A In Chancery :

-Langford •. Selmes." - Sussex and Kent.-

Valuable plot of detached Arable Land, situate in Molly Chops Common. Two Freehold Estates-Farms and rich Marsh Lands--in the Parishes of Inclosures in Parsonage Common, near Parsonage Parm, and abut- Udimore, Brede, Sedlescombe, Warbleton, Rye, Jeklesham, and New ting on Albury Park. plot of Arable Land, situate in Ham's Romney, in the county of Sussex. Common; and a very valuable inclosure of Land, abutting on the road from Little Hadham to Standon, and adjoining the lands of the


instructed to OFFER for SALE, at Garraway's, on Wednesday, Marquis of Salisbury and Mr. Chapman, known as Priory Leys. The

June 27, at 12 o'clock, under an Order of the High Court of Chancery, whole estate comprises about 196 acres, and are in the occupation of Mr. Peter Sullens, a most respectable tenant, on lease, which will expire on

and with the approbation of Vice-Chancellor Sir Wm. Page Wood, in the 29th September, 1857, at the very low rent of 1851. per annum.

lots, the following FREEHOLD ESTATES, (the property of the late May be viewed, and particulars, with plans, had of the tenant; at the

Frederick Langford, of Udimore, in the county of Sussex, Esq., deceased), Pox, on the estate; George, Bishop Stortford; Saracen's Head, Ware;

viz.:-Bucksteep Manor Parm, seven miles from Pevensey and Battle,

and eight from Hailsham, with superior farm, residence, garden, yards, Salisbury Arms, Hertford; and in London, of D. S. Bocket, Esq.,

barns, oast-house, and other agricultural buildings, and 252 acres of solicitor, 60, Lincoln's-inn-fields; at Garraway's; and at the offices of

meadow, pasture, and arable lands, and hop gardens, lying very compact, Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, & Lye, 6, Lancaster-place, Strand.

abounding with game, and intersected by a trout stream,

in the occupaIn Chancery.--"Langford v. Selmes."-Near to the Market Town of tien of Mr. Smith, (except the woodland in hand), until Michaelmas

Lewes, Sussex; also in Pevensey-marsh, Westham, and Laughton, next, at a yearly rental of 1351. A Farm, called the Powder-mill Farm, most desirable Freehold and partly Leasehold Estates for 900 years, in the parishes of Udimore, Brede, and Sedlescombe, an easy distance and the Freehold Rent-charge of 671. 10s. per annum, issuing out of from Rye, Battle, and Hastings, consisting of a small farm-house, yards, adjoining land.

barns, oast-house, and sheds, and 79 acres of land, let (except 25 acres , ,

of woodland in hand) to Mr. Stephen Morfey, at 831. per annum. A instructed to SELL, at the White Hart Hotel, Lewes, on

small Farm, of rich productive land, with farm-house and buildings, Friday, June 15, at 1 for 2, under an Order of the High Court of

near the Winchelsea Station, one mile and a half from Winchelsea, and Chancery, and with the approbation of Vice-Chancellor Sir William

three from Rye, let to Mr. Collins. The Broad-street Farm, with farmPage Wood, in lots, the following very valuable FREEHOLD and house, yards, barns, oast-house, &c., and labourers' cottages, with 118 partly LEASEHOLD ESTATES, the property of the late Frederick

acres of productive land, and hop garden, situate two miles from WinLangford, of Udimore, in the county of Sussex, Esq., deceased, viz.:

chelsea, and six from Hastings and Rye, let to Mr. Austin, at £

-per Six Inclosures of rich Marsh Land, situate in Pevensey-marsh, ad

annum. A very valuable Estate in the parishes of Rye and Jeklesham, joining the road from Pevensey to Bexhill, and the Brighton and consisting of nearly 90 acres of rich marsh land, let to Messrs. Langford Hastings Railway, containing upwards of 50 acres, let to Mr. Willard,

and Austin; and about 18 acres of capital marsh land, at New Romney as yearly tenant, lat 1357. per annum. Five Inclosures of Pasture Land,

and Ivy Church, let to Mr. Hilder. adjoining the road from Sevine's-hill to Westham, and Stone-cross to

Descriptive particulars and plans are preparing, and may be had one Handcombe, and about 13 miles from the Pevensey station, containing

month prior to the sale, and the estates viewed on application to the nearly 12 acres, let to Mr. R. Britten, at 331. per annum. The Spital

tenants. Particulars also at the principal inns at Winchelsea, Rye, Barn Farm, (in three lots), situate in the parish of St. John, near the

Hastings, and Brighton; Messrs. Hooper, Green, and Hunt, solicitors, town of Lewes, on the road to Offham, and containing 70 acres, let to

Lewes; Mr. W. Figg, surveyor, Lewes; J. B. Lowndes, Esq., solicitor, John Ellman, Esq., until Michaelmas next, at 1131. per annum. The

New.inn, Strand; Messrs. Reed, Langford, and Marsden, solicitors, Beechwood Parm, about four miles from Lewes, consisting of a cot

Friday-street, Cheapside; at Garraway's; and of Messrs. Farebrother, tage, garden, yard, barn, and sheds, and 76 A. 2R. 26p, of productive

Clark, and Lye, 6, Lancaster-place, Strand. land, let to C. Langford, Esq., as yearly tenant, at 871. 7s. 6d. per Kent.–Very valuable Freehold Estates, in the parishes of Horton annum, and held for 900 years. A Freehold and part Copyhold Estate, Kirby, Farningham, Fawkham, Kemsing, and Seal, comprising nearly situate in the parish of Laughton, containing about two acres, let to 1300 acres, late the property of James Russell, Esq., deceased. Robert Pierpoint, at ull. 108. per annum; also the commuted Rentcharge of 671. 103. in lieu of tithes arising from part of the Spital lands,

MESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE are also from lands the property of the late Miss Shelley, the Earl of way's, on Thursday, June 28, at 12, the following valuable FREEHOLD

instructed by the Executors to SELL by AUCTION, at GarraAbergavenny, and the Rectory of St. John's, Lewes. Descriptive particulars, with plans, may be had fourteen days prior

ESTATES, in a most beautiful part of the county of Kent, the greater to the sale, of Messrs. Hooper, Green, and Hunt, solicitors, and Mr.

part with possession, about twenty miles from London, five from Dartford, Figg, surveyor, Lewes; at the place of sale; at the Old Ship, Brighton; Farningham, and Kemsing, divided into the following lots

, viz.:-Lot 1.

and three from Farningham, in the parishes of Horton Kirby, Fawkham, of Messrs. Reed, Langford, and Marsden, solicitors, Friday-street, A very compact Farm, known as Canada, with two cottages and farm Cheapside; J. B. Lowndes, Esq., solicitor, New.inn, Strand; at Garraway's; and at the offices of Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, Lan

buildings. The Well Pield and Beeches Wood, containing together

about 106 acres. Lot 2. Church Down Wood, containing 12 acres, caster-place, Strand.

situate near Fawkham Church. Lot 3. A valuable Farm, known as In Chancery._"Langford v. Selmes." -Lewes, Sussex.-Valuable Free- Dean Bottom, with homestead and cottages thereon, and about 40 acres hold and partly Tithe-free Lands, (including the greater portion of of very productive arable land. Lot 4. The Speedgate and Lower Fawkthe site of the ancient Priory of St. Pancras), the whole about ham Farms, including Parningham Fields, with capital slated residence, 20 acres; also a House and Premises in Star-lane.

good garden and offices, lodge, newly-erected cottages for labourers, MESSRS. . FAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE will and most extensive farm buildings in the best possible state of repair, o'clock

precisely, under an Order of the High Court of Chancery, and pation; and about 350 acres of arable, hop, pasture, and wood land. with the approbation of Vice-Chancellor Sir Wm. Page Wood, the fol

Lot 5. The Brandshatch Estate, comprising a good sporting residence, lowing very valuable FREEHOLD and PARTLY TITHE-FREE with drawing and dining rooms, five bed rooms, and excellent offices, ESTATES, (the property of the late Frederick Langford, Esq., of pleasure grounds, kitchen gardens, &c., very spacious farm buildings, Udimore, in the county of Sussex, deceased), situate in the parish of St. and sundry cottages for labourers, and 615 acres of arable, hop, and John the Baptist, at Southover, near to and on the south side of the wood land, the whole within a ring fence. Lot 6. The Little Brandscounty and market town of Lewes, forming the larger portion of the

hatch Estate, situate on Fawkham-green, abutting on the road to Ash, site of the ancient Priory of St. Pancras, founded in 1078 by the daugh

with three cottages, gardens, and stable, &c., and about 4 acres of ter of William the Conqueror and her husband, William de Warrenne, meadow land, valuable for building purposes, let to Mr. Webster at 257. and comprising the picturesque and very interesting ruins of that mo- per annum. Lot 7. The Knockmill Woods, situate close to the Portonastic establishment. Also three valuable pieces of Land, called the bello Arms, on the road from

Farningham to Wrotham and Sevenoaks, Mount-field, Drippingpan-field, and a field adjoining, with a small piece containing about 65 acres. Lot 8. A desirable Inclosure of Meadow of building ground, the whole about 20 acres. Also a Copyhold House Land, situate near to the village of Evesham, in the

parishes of Kemin Russell-row, Star-lane, Lewes, equal to freehold, being held at a fine sing and Seal, containing about 9 acres, let to Mr. Bennett at 161. per certain of 6d.

annum. Lot 9. A Cottage and large Garden, situate in the village of Particulars, with plans, may be had, 14 days prior to the sale, at Horton Kirby, with valuable frontages to the high road for building the offices of Messrs. Hooper, Green, and Hunt, solicitors, Lewes; the purposes, let to Mr. Plumb. Lot 10. Five brick-built Cottages, near the place of sale: Old Ship Hotel, Brighton; of Mr. Figg, surveyor, Lewes; preceding lot, and abutting on the Fighting Cocks, let to various tenants. of Messrs. Reed, Langford, and Marsden, solicitors, 59, Friday-street,

Lots 11 to 15 inclusive consist of Rent-charges, amounting together to Cheapside; of J. B. Lowndes, Esq., solicitor, New-inn, Strand; at Gar

above 2001. per annum, and issuing out of sundry farms and fields, &c., raway's; and of Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, 6, Lancaster- in the parish of Horton Kirby. The greater portion of the estates has place, Strand.

been for many years in the hands of the late owner and his family, and


is in the highest state of cultivation, large sums having been constantly POLLOCK'S PRACTICE OF THE COUNTY COURTS. expended in improvements; possession, if desired by a purchaser, may

In 1 vol. royal 12mo., price 188. cloth boards, be had on the 11th October next.

May be viewed, and, on application at Brandshutch, Thomas King will THE PRACTICE of the COUNTY COURTS ; in Eight shew the estate. Particulars, with plans, had at the Bull Inn, Dartford;

Parts:-!. Proceedings in Plaints.-2. Jurisdiction under Friendly

and Industrial and Provident Societies Acts.-3. Jurisdiction under Lion, Farningham; Jolly Millers, and Fighting Cocks, Horton Kirby; | Joint-stock Companies Winding-up Act.--4. Jurisdiction as to Insolvent Bell Inn, Bromley; the Portobello Arms, close to the estates; New Inn, Debtors.-5. Jurisdiction under Protection Acts.-6. Proceedings against Gravesend; Bull, Rochester; Sun, Chatham; of Benjamin Bodmin, Judgment Debtors.-7. Arrest of Absconding Debtors.--8. AdministraEsq., solicitor, 18, Cannon-street East; at Garraway's; and at the offices tion of Charitable Trusts. With the Decisions of the Superior Courts, of Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, 6, Lancaster-place, Strand. and Table of Fees. Also an Appendix, containing all the Statutes, a In Chancery.-“ Spickernell v. Hotham and others."--Oxfordshire, List of the Court Towns, Districts, and Parishes, and the Rules of within five miles of the city of Oxford. --The Shotover Estate, com- Practice and Forms. By CHARLES EDWARD POLLOCK, Esq., of prising a capital Mansion, with beautiful park and pleasure grounds, the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. The Second Edition, much Five compact Farms, sundry Cottages, and Parcels of Accommodation enlarged. and Allotment Land, the whole containing about 900 acres.

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane. MESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at Garraway's, on Wed


RULES, &c. 1854. nesday, the 4th day of July, at 12 o'clock, under an Order of the High Court of Chancery, and with the approbation of Vice-Chancellor

Just ready, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 10s. cloth boards, Sir William Page Wood, the following very valuable FREEHOLD THE COMMON.LAW PROCEDURE ACT, 1854.

(17 & 18 Vict. c. 125); with Treatises on Injunction and Relief, of Shotover and Wheatley, within five miles of the city of Oxford, ! By HENRY THURSTAN HOLLAND and THOMAS CHANDLESS. and eight from Thame, on the London high road, comprising the

Jun., of the Inner Temple, Esqrs., Barristers at Law. Also, a Treatise on distinguished mansion known as Shotover House, built by Sir Timothy Inspection and Discovery, under the above Act and the 14 & 15 Vict. Tyrrell, Bart., in the reign of Jaines I, celebrated as the place selected c. 99. By CHARLES EDWARD POLLOCK, of the Inner Temple, by Queen Elizabeth to meet the authorities of Oxford on her visit Esq., Barrister at Law. Together with Notes, Cases, Index, and the to that city. The mansion, which is stone, built in the Grecian style of New Rules and Forms of Michaelmas Vacation, 1854. architecture, is approached from the road by a carriage drive through

S. Sweet, I, Chancery-lane, London. the park, ornamented with a beautiful avenue of trees, and contains a grand entrance hall, a magnificent suite of rooms, comprising saloon,

Recently published, in 1 thick vol., 8vo., price 11. 10s. cloth boards,

THE SECOND EDITION OF drawing room, and state bed-room, a noble dining-room and arcade opening to the grounds, numerous principal and secondary bed-chambers and dressing-rooms, and well-arranged domestic offices; with good and RAILWAY INVESTMENTS. With the Cases on Comstabling, loose boxes, coach-houses, &c., lawn studded with stately pensation, Mandamus, Injunction, and Railway Rating: Remarks on chestnut and oak of large growth, and other trees, pleasure grounds the Extent of the Jurisdiction over Railways conferred on the Court of tastefully disposed in terrace and other walks, lakcs of water and fish- Common Pleas; and on the Equitable Jurisdiction in Railway Transacponds, Gothic temple, pleasure and summer houses, obelisk, &c., tions recently transferred to all the Courts of Common Law; also the kitchen gardeps, vinery, and orchard; for many years the residence Practice in Committees in Parliament on passing Railway Bills. The of George Vandeput Drury, Esq. Also the following compact Farms, Appendix contains all the Statutes, with Notes referring to the Treatise; principally let on leases to highly respectable tenants, viz. West-hill. and Precedents of Deeds, Notices, Warrants, Bonds, &c. By WILLIAM Home-hill House, Lodge, and Thornhill Farms; and in the village of HONGES, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law, Recorder of Littleworth a Farm-house, and about 25 acres of meadow and arable Poole. Second Edition. land, let to Mr. John Ring, at 45l. per annum; sundry Cottages, with London: S. Sweet, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street, Law Bookseller and gardens, several parcels of accommodation and allotuent land, with Publisher. woodland and coppices (in hand), forming an excellent preserve for game. The whole estate contains about 900 acres, and produces a

THRING'S SUCCESSION DUTY ACT. with valuable clays, particularly ochre, which is considered the finest in THE SUCCESSION DUTY ACT. (16 & 17 Vict. c. 51),

for granting to her Majesty Duties on Succession to Property, and England. A considerable income may be realised, in addition to the

for altering certain Provisions of the Acts charging Duties on Legacies above rental, from this source.

and Shares of Personal Estates. With an Introduction and Notes. By The estate may be viewed, (the mansion by cards only), and par

HENRY THRING, Esq., Barrister at Law. In 12mo., price 38. 6d. ticulars, with plans, had of the bailiff, who will shew the estate; at the

cloth. Star Hotel, Oxford; Spread Eagle, Thaine; Crown, Wheatley; and of

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. the following solicitors:--Messrs. H. and E. Willoughby, 4, Lancasterplace, Strand; Messrs. Brace and Colt, 24, Surrey-street, Strand; Messrs.

FINLASON'S CHARITABLE TRUSTS ACT. J. Gregory and Sons, 12, Cleinent's-inn; Messrs. Plucknett and Adams, 17. Lincoln's inn-fields; Messrs. Hopwood and Son, 47, Chaucery-lane THE ACT (16 & 17 Vict. c. 137) for the BETTER RE

GULATION of CHARITABLE TRUSTS. With copious Notes, Oxford; William Gray, Esq., York; at Garraway's; and at the offices of and an Introductory Essay on the Jurisdiction exercised over them by Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, Lancaster-place.

the Court of Chancery; with all the decided Cases; and an Appendix,

containing Precedents of Schemes, &c. By W. F. FINLASON, Esq., In Chancery: --"Brandling r. Plummer."-- Peremptory Sale.-The im- Barrister at Law. In 12mo., price 6s. cloth, portant Collieries of Gosforth and Coxlodge, near to Newcastle-on

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
Tyne, Northumberland.

NEW STAMP DUTIES. instructed to EELL by AUCTION, at Garraway's, on Wednesday,

Recently published, in 8vo., price 8s. 6d. boards, July that 2 in dots, pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chant TILSLEY'S NEW STAMP. ACTS

of 1850, 1853, and George Rose, one of the Masters of the said Court, the extensive and all the Stamp Duties payable after the 10th October, 1854; together with well-known COLLIERY called Gosforth Colliery, for a term of thirty- a Digest of Cases. By HUGH TILSLEY, Assistant Solicitor of Inland one years from 1852, producing about 25,000 chaldrons of round coal Revenue. Sixth Edition. annually, with all the stock used to work the said colliery, and esti

Also, by the same Author, in 8vo., price 11. 118. 6d., mated in July, 1853, to be of the value of 18,0001. Also the Gosforth Royalty in fee, producing by the before described lease upwards of

A TREATISE on the STAMP LAWS; with Tables of 30001. per annum; and five ninth parts of a Leasehold Property,

all the Stamp Duties payable in the United Kingdom after the 10th called Coxlodge or Riddell's Wall's-end Colliery, with engines, machi- October, 1854. Second Edition. With a Supplement. nery, and stock thereunto belonging. The collieries are most advan.

Steveus & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. tageously situate at an easy distance from a convenient and deep water place of shipment on the river Tyne, and are the only collieries on that CAUTION.

TO TRADESMEN, MERCHANTS, river in which any considerable portion of the Wall's-end seams remain

SHIPPERS, OUTFITTERS, &c. unwrought.

WHEREAS it has lately come to my knowledge that some unprincipled Particulars and conditions may be had in London, at the Master's person or persons have for some time past been imposing upon the Chambers, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, (on personal applica- public, by selling to the Trade and others a spurious article under the tion only); of Messrs. Baker and Co., solicitors, 52, Lincoln's-inn-fields; name of BOND'S PERMANENT MARKING INK; this is to give Messrs. Pringle, Shum, Wilson, and Crossman, solicitors, 3, King's-road, Notice, that I am the original and sole Proprietor and Manufacturer of Bedford-row; of Messrs. Blake, Tylee, and Co., solicitors, 14, Essex

the said Article, and do not employ any traveller, or authorise any perstreet, Strand; of Mr. Philipson and of Mr. Anderson, solicitors, New- son to represent themselves as coming from my establishment, for the castle-on-Tyne; Mr. Liddell, Benton Grange, near Newcastle-on-Tyne; purpose of selling the said Ink. This Caution is published by me to at the place of sale; at the Inns of the principal towns throughout prevent further impositions upon the public, and serious injury to Northumberland; and of Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, Lan. myself. caster-place, Strand.

E. R. BOND, Sole Executrix and Widow of the late John Bond, North Riding of Yorkshire.-The Egion important and highly-valuable

28, Long-lane, West Smithfield, London. Freehold Estate, intersected by the river Eske, and bounded in part

To avoid disappointment from the substitution of counterfeits, by the Whitby and Pickering Railway, the villages of Egton and

be careful to ask for the genuine Bond's Pernianent Marking Ink; and Egton-bridge, Water Corn-mili, Quarries, valuable

Rights of Fishing further to distinguish it, observe that NO SIXPENNY SIZE is or has for twenty miles, and Shooting, extending over (in addition to culti

at any time been prepared by him, the Inventor and Proprietor. vated land) 6000 acres of moor; the entire Estate embracing an area of nearly 13,000 acres.

Printed by HENRY HANSARD, at his Printing Office, in Parker

in of spectfully inform the Public that the above highly valuable dlesex; and Published at No. 3, CHANCERY LANE, in the Parish of and important FREEHOLD ESTATE will be offered for SALE by St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY SWEET, AUCTION in the Spring, unless an acceptable offer is previously made residing at No.34, Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, in the County of by private contract.

Middlesex.-Saturday, May 12, 1855,

No. 19, NEW SERIES.– Vol. I.
No. 958, OLD SERIES.-Vol. XIX.

MAY 19, 1855.


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METROPOLITAN AND PROVINCIAL LAW ASSO: This day is published, a New Edition, being the Fourth, of


CIPLES of the LAW of REAL PROPERTY; intended as a whole time to the duties of the office. He must have a good practical First Look for the use of Students in Conveyancing. By JOSHUA knowledge of law. The engagement will be in the first instance for WILLIAMS, Esq., of Lincoln's-inn, Barrister at Law. In I vol. 870., a year certain, and the salary 2001. Applications, stating age, qualifi- price 188. cloth boards. cations, and in what office the applicant has been engaged, with testi

Henry Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, London. monials and references, to be sent to the Secretary, William Shaen, Esq., at the Society's Offices, 8, Bedford-row, on or before the 1st June

Recently published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 14s. cloth, instant.

THE PARISH: its Obligations and Powers ; its Officers

and their Duties. With Illustrations of the Practical Working of LAW PARTNERSHIP.-A Gentleman of assiduity and this Institution in all Secular Affairs. By TOULMIN SMITH, of business-like habits, with high testimonials, for several years

., Managing Clerk in offices of the first standing in the country, desires a

“ Parishes were instituted for the ease and benefit of the people."PARTNERSHIP either in Town or Country. Address, G., Mr. Sweet, Chief Justice Holt. 3, Chancery-lane.

“ Cum haud pauca quæ omnino fieri necesse sit, alii autem ob inna

tam superbiam subterfugiant, ipse sustineam et exsequar."-Bacon, De SMITH'S LAW OF LANDLORD AND TENANT.

Augmentis Scientiarum, lib. 7, cap. 1.
Just published, in 8vo., price 14s. cloth,

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

SMITH'S ACTION AT LAW. Course of Lectures delivered by JOHN WILLIAM SMITH,

In 12mo.,

price Is. boards, lection of Leading Cases" &c. Notes and Additions, by FRE

of . , DERICK PHILIP MAUDE, of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister at Las.

late of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law, Author of " Leading

W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

“A Compendium of Mercantile Law," &c. Fifth Edition,

adapted to the Practice under the Common-law Procedure Acts, 1852 WARREN'S BLACKSTONE.

and 1854. By EDWARD WISE, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister

at Law. On the 1st June will be published, in 1 vol. post 8vo.,

" To the lawyer this book will be a useful remembrancer; to the law BLACKSTONE'S COMMENTARIES, carefully Abridged, student it is a necessity. Whatever Mr. Wise has contributed, and ne

and adapted to the existing State of the Law and Constitution. cessarily it is a considerable portion of the whole volume, he has done By SAMUEL WARREN, Esq., D. C. L., Recorder of Hull, and one so well that it is scarcely to be distinguished from the original. He has of her Majesty's Counsel.

caught the spirit of his master, and carried out his design very much as W. Maxwell, London; Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh; Hodges & Smith, had he been living, would have desired.”—Law Times, Nov. 18, Smith, Dublin; and to be had of all booksellers.


London: Stevens & Norton; H. Sweet; and W. Maxwell.
Published in Monthly Parts,

plete Monthly Record of the Law; comprising the Leading

This day is published, in 8vo., price 16s. cloth,

By the late JOHN mentes, and the Decisions in all the Courts, some of which are not THE LAW OF CONTRACTS. to be found in a

WILLIAM SMITH, Esq., Author of " Leading Cases,". "A Division.

Treatise on Mercantile Law," &c. Second Edition, by J. G. MAL£ 8. d.

COLM, Esq., Barrister at Law. Prepaid Subscription.

4 40

London: Stevens & Norton; H. Sweet; and W. Maxwell.
Each Division may be subscribed for separately.

Just published, in 8vo., price 7s. 6d. boards,
The Reports (without Statutes)
Common Law


FUNDS UNDER the TRUSTEE RELIEF ACT. With an Equity Bankruptcy and Insolvency.

Appendix, containing the Trustee Relief Act, the Act for the further Ecclesiastical, Admiralty, and Prize Court.

Relief of Trustees, the General Orders, and Forms of Proceedings. By

0 Sessions and County Court Cases, &c.

1 0

JOHN DARLING, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. Leading Statutes (authorised Edition)

1 1

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. Subscriptions received, by post or otherwise, at 10, Little New-street,

FINLASON'S LEADING CASES ON PLEADING. Gough-square, London, by the Agent, Mr. John Lincoln; and by ali

In royal 8vo., price 63. boards, La Booksellers.

and PARTIES to ACTIONS; with Practical Notes, elucidating THE JUDGMENT

of the COURT of QUEEN'S the Principles of Pleading, (as exemplised in cases of most frequent ocBENCH, (literal and entire), from the Short-hand Writer's Notes, currence in Practice), by a reference to the earliest Authorities; and upon the APPLICATION of Mr. W. H. BARBER for his CERTIFI- designed to assist both the Practitioner and Student. By W. PINLACATE, With new Evidence and Remarks.

SON, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Special Pleader. " It is impossible to deny that Mr. Barber has made out a case for a

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. rehearing on the question of his certificate."-Law Magazine. in a mass of new and caricas evidence, proving the extraordinary skil WORDSWORTH'S LAW OF MINING, BANKING, and

Sixth Edition. imposed upon Mr. Barber, as well as upon other persons who had better 158. boards. opportunities even than himself for detecting imposition. Not one man

London: Benning & Co., Fleet-street. in a thousand would have suspected a fraud under such accumulated proofs of apparent genuineness. Mr. Barber has now made his vindica- CAUTION.


SHIPPERS, OUTFITTERS, &c. "This is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable cases in pro- WHEREAS it has lately come to my knowledge that some unprincipled fession history. The explanations and evidence now presented can person or persons have for some time past been imposing upon the scarcely fail to satisfy impartial minds. The particulars of the con- public, by selling to the Trade and others a spurious article under the coction by Fletcher and his confederates of the frauds, as well those name of BOND'S PERMANENT MARKING INK; this is to give introduced to Messrs. Barber & Bircham's office as those previously Notice, that I am the original and sole Proprietor and Manufacturer of effected through the instrumentality of other solicitors, have been traced. the said Article, and do not employ any traveller, or authorise any perand it is now shewn that in numerous instances Fletcher had succeeded son to represent themselves as coming from my establishment, for the in imposing not only upon his own professional instruments, but also purpose of selling the said Ink. This Caution is published by me to upon those retained by the Government. The statements are fortified prevent further impositions upon the public, and serious injury to by clear evidence, and we cannot but concur in the hope expressed-we myself. believe, unanimously-by our contemporaries, that Mr. Barber may be E. R. BOND, Sole Executrix and Widow of the late John Bond, speedily restored to those professional rights from the enjoyment of 28, Long-lane, West Smithfield, London. which his singular misfortunes have so long debarred him."— The To avoid disappointment from the substitution of countereits ST Jurist.

be careful to ask for the genuine Bond's Permanent Marding Ink; and London: Crockford, Essex-street, Strand. Liverpool: Rockliffe & further to distinguish it, observe that NO SIXPENNY SIZE 15 or has Sons.

at any time been prepared by him, the Inventor and Proprietor No. 19, Vol. I., New Series.

3 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1


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A ,



CONTENTS. Leading Article

188 Vice-CHANCELLOR Wood's COURT-(Continued). Notes of the Week..

189 Ex parte The Precentor of St. Paul's.-(Lands Clauses First Report of the County Courts Commission.. 190 Consolidation Act--Application of monies in respect Sittings Papers and Cause Lists—Trinity Term... 191 of renewable leaseholds)

444 London Gazettes....



By G. J.P. SMITH and W. B. BRETT, Barristers at Law.

Roberts v. Phillips.-(Will- Attesting witness-Tes-

timonium clause" Subscribed''-29 Car. 2; c. 3,
By F. FISHER, Barrister at Law.

8. 5)

444 Jortin v. The South-eastern Railway Company.-(Pri- Marshall v. Jackson.-(Costs-Error in fact--Reversal vate acts of Parliament-Provisions in destruction

of judgment—23 Hen. 8, c. 15— Common-law Pro. of rights, how to be construed-Exchequer Loan

cedure Act, 1852, (15 & 16 Vict. c. 76), s. 148)... 447 Commissioners ActsSales under, and how far

COURT OF COMMON Pleas. valid as against mortgages having priority)...


Cottrell v. Hughes.-(Satisfied attendant terms, preBy C. MARETT, Barrister at Law.

sumption of surrender of-When to be considered In re Meyrick's Charity.–(Charity Commissioners

subsisting terms—8 & 9 Vict. c. 112, s. 1) .... College). .


COURT OF EXCHEQUER. Alston 0. Sims.-(Partnership debt--Steward— Re.

By W. M. Best, Barrister at Law. ceiver)

438 Butler v. Meredith.--(15 & 16 Vict. c. 76Ejectment VICE-CHANCELLOR STUART'S COURT.

- Defence by landlord-Security for costs)...... 450 By T. F. MORSE, Barrister at Law.


By G. FRANCIS, Barrister at Law. Ibberson o. Warth.-(Trustee and cestui que trust

Reg. v. Keith.—(Forgery– 11 Geo. 4 & 1 Will

. 4, Married woman-Precipitate proceedings-Costs paid by next friend - Legatees in America)..

c. 66, s. 18-Engraving part of a note-Com440 parison with genuine note)

454 VICE-CHANCELLOR Wood's Court.

By MATTHEW B. BEGBIE, Barrister at Law.

By J. P. DEANE, D.C.L.
Bullock v. Bennett.-(Will -Conditional gift until Bennett and Field v. Sharp.-(WillExecution-
marriage to a married woman).
443 Evidence).





upon the ground, that although they had the power to

allow the delivery before plea, they would not exercise LONDON, MAY 19, 1855.

it, except under special circumstances, as, for instance,

where the defendant makes out a case of urgent deNo class of provisions in the Common-law Procedure cessity, which he did not in the case then before the Act, 1854, have been found more useful in practice, or Court*. Considerable discussion took place regarding have been more frequently resorted to, than those the effect of the new powers conferred upon the comwhich enable parties to a cause to deliver interrogatories, one to the other. (17 & 18 Vict. c. 125, ss.

"2. Was it at the same or any other time actually delivered

to you; and if the latter, when was it so delivered ? 51—57). By thus obtaining information as to the real

** 3. Was there any consideration for such indorsement to facts of the case, surprise at the trial is in a great mea- you ; if so, state what the consideration was, and when it passed; sure avoided; the litigants may prepare with greater and if there was a money consideration, how and when it was safety for the actual conflict; or one of them, perceiving, paid, and whether in gold, notes, or by cheque ; and if by at a comparatively early stage, the hopelessness of suc- cheque, on what bank and of what date ?

4. Did you at any time indorse away the bill to any other cess, may retire from the further maintenance of his person or persons; and if so, to whom, and when, and for case. We can, therefore, well understand how it is what, if any, consideration ?

“5. Who was the holder of the bill when it became due ? that in so many actions this important privilege is

6. Did you receive any notice of dishonour the bill; exercised with considerable effect. The applications and if so, from whom, and when ? relating to this subject are generally made at chambers, 7. If you were not the holder of the bill when it became and as yet but few questions have been mooted upon due, did you take it up; and if so, when, or who took it up? it in court. Though few, however, they are impor- And did he deliver it to you after he had so taken it up; and

“8. Was it taken up by Peter Martin ; and if so, when? tant, and we propose to examine them in their order*. if so, when, and for what purpose ?

The first is Martin v. Hemming, (10 Exch. 478), “9. Did you know that the defendant and his creditors had decided in Michaelmas Term, 1854. That was an

entered into a deed of arrangement for winding up his affairs,

according to the Bankrupt-law Consolidation Act, 1849; if action on a bill of exchange by indorsee against ac

so, when did you first become acquainted with the fact that he ceptor. After declaration, but before plea, the defend- bad entered into such deed of arrangement, and how and from ant applied (under sect. 51) for leave to deliver certain whom did you learn such fact ? interrogatoriest. The Court refused the application, Martin and by the Borough Bank of Liverpool; and if so,

“ 10. Did you know that the said deed was signed by Peter

when did you first become acquainted with that fact, and by * See 18 Jur., part 2, p. 397, for an article upon this whom or in what way were you informed of it? subject, in which forms of affidavits and interrogatories were “11. What is your calling and business, and where do you submitted for use before experience had been had of the reside and carry on such business? What relation, if any, working of the statute.

are you to Peter Martin? Are you in partnership with him, † We subjoin these interrogatories as being useful in prac. or do you carry on business in the same house or office as Peter tice. In order to understand several of them, it should be Martin ?" stated that Peter Martin was the drawer of the bill :

* An application under the 50th section for the discovery of “1. When was the bill in the declaration in this cause men. documents may be made before plea pleaded. (Forshaw v. tioned first indorsed to you?

Lewis, 10 Exch. 712).

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