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or set aside execution, and may give leave to appear to the payee [or, " indorsee''] of a bill of exchange or promissory writ and to defend the action, if it shall appear to be reasonable note, of wbich the following is a copy : to the court or judge so to do, and on such terms as to the [Here copy bill of exchange or promissory note, and all court or judge may seem just.

indorsements upon it. ] 4. In any proceedings under this act. it shall be competent And if the amount thereof be paid to the plaintiff or bis attorto the court or a judge to order the bill or note sought to be ney within days from the service hereof, further proceed. proceeded upon to be forthwith deposited with an officer of ings will be stayed. the court, and further to order that all proceedings shall be

Notice. stayed until the plaintiff shall bave given security for the costs Take notice, that if the defendant do not obtain leave from thereof. 5. The bolder of every dishonoured bill of exchange or pro. I been served with this writ, inclusive of the day of such service,

one of the judges of the courts within twelve days after having missory note shall have the same remedies for the recovery of to appear thereto, and do within such time cause an appearance the expenses incurred in noting the same for non-acceptance to be entered for him in the court out of which this writ issues, or non-payment, or otherwise, by reason of such dishonour, as he has under this act for the recovery of the amount of such of such twelve days to sign final judgment for any sum pot

the plaintiff will be at liberty at any time after the expiration bill or note.

6. The holder of any bill of exchange or promissory note exceeding the sum above claimed, and the sum of £— for may, if he think fit, issue one writ of summons, according to costs, and issue execution for the same.

Leave to appear may be obtained on an application at the this act, against all or any number of the parties to such bill judge's chambers, Serjeants'-inn, London, supported by affi. or note, and such writ of summons shall be the commencemen- davit shewing that there is a defence to the action on the of an action or actions against the parties therein named re.

merits, or that it is reasonable that the defendant should be spectively, and all subsequent proceedings against such respect allowed to appear in the action. tive parties shall be in like manner, so far as may be, as if separate writs of summons had been issued.

Indorsement to be made on the Writ after Service thereof. 7. The provisions of the Common-law Procedure Act, 1852, This writ was served by X. Y. on L. M., (the defendant and the Common-law Procedure Act, 1854, and all rules made

the defendants), on Monday, the day of under or by virtue of either of the said acts, shall, so far as

18-. the same are or may be made applicable, extend and apply to

By X, Y. all proceedings to be had or taken under this act.

(B.) 8. The provisions of this act shall apply, as near as may be, In the Queen's Bench. to the Court of Common Pleas at Lancaster and the Court of

On the

day of in the year of our Lord 18– Pleas at Durham, and the judges of such courts, being judges of one of the superior courts of common law at Westminster, [Day of signing judgment.) shall have power to frame all rules and process necessary

ENGLAND, (to wit).-A. B., in his own person, [or, " by thereto.

bis attorney''], sued out a writ against C. D., indorsed 9. It shall be lawful for her Majesty from time to time, by as follows :an Order in Council, to direct that all or any part of the pro

[Here copy indorsement of plaintiff's claim.) visions of this act shall apply to all or any court or courts of and the said C. D. has not appeared : record in England and Wales, and within one month after Therefore it is considered that the said A. B. recover against such order shall have been made and published in the London the said C. D. £- -, together with L- for costs of suit. Gazette such provisions shall extend and apply in manner directed by such order, and any such order may be in like manner from time to time altered and annulled ; and in and

CAP. LXVIII. by any such order her Majesty may direct by whom any powers An Act to amend the Laws concerning the Burial of the Dead or duties incident to the provisions applied under this act sball in Scotland.

[23rd July, 1855.] and may be exercised with respect to matters in such court or courts, and may make any orders or regulations which may be

CAP. LXIX. deemed requisite for carrying into operation in such court or An Act to discontinue the taking of Toll on the Turnpike courts the provisions so applied.

Roads leading from the City of Dublin and on the Turnpike 10. Nothing in this act shall extend to Ireland or Scotland. 11. In citing this act in any instrument, document, or

Road from Kinnegad to Athlone, and to provide for the

Maintenance of such Roads as Public Roads, and for the proceeding, it shall be sufficient to use the expression, " The Summary Procedure on Bills of Exchange Act, 1855."

Discharge of the Debts due thereon, and other Purposes.



An Act for further promoting the Establishment of Free Pub. (A.)

lic Libraries and Museums in Municipal Towns, and for Victoria, by the grace of God, &c.

extending it to Towns governed under Local Improvement To C. D., of , in the county of

We warn you,
Acts, and to Parishes.

[30th July, 1855.) that unless within twelve days after the service of this writ on

Sect. I. Stat. 13 & 14 Vict. c. 65, repealed. you, inclusive of the day of such service, you obtain leave from

2. Short title of act. one of the judges of the courts at Westminster to appear, and

3. Interpretation of terms. do within that time appear, in our Court of —, in an action

4. Town councils of certain boroughs may adopt this act if at the suit of A. B., the said A. B. may proceed to judgment determined

by inhabitants. and execution.

5. Expenses of carrying act into execution in a borough to Witness, &c.

be paid out of the borough fund. Memorandum to be subscribed on the Writ.

6. Board of any district within limits of any improvement

act may adopt this act if determined by inhabitants. N. B.—This writ is to be served within six calendar months

7. Expenses of carrying act into execution by improvement from the date hereof, or if renewed, from the date of such commissioners to be charged on improvement rate. renewal, including the day of such date, and not afterwards. 8. Certain parishes may adopt this act, with the consent of Indorsement to be made on the Writ before Service thereof. (two-thirds of the ratepayers. The vestry to appoint commis

This writ was issued by E. F., of -, attorney for the sioners for carrying the act into execution, who shall be a body plaintiff, [or, “ This writ was issued in person by A. B., who corporate. resides at" (mention the city, town, or parish, and also the 9. One-third of such commissioners to go out of office name of the hamlet, street, and number of the house of the yearly, and others to be appointed, but those retiring may be plaintiff's residence).]

re-appointed. Indorsement.

10. General and special meetings of commissioners. The plaintiff claims £ principal and interest, [or, 11. Minutes of proceedings of commissioners to be entered "L— balance of principal and interest'], due to him as the l in books.

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12. Distinct accounts to be kept by commissioners, and

CAP. LXXIV. duly audited.

An Act to enable Grand Juries of Counties in Ireland to pre. 13. Expenses of executing act in any parish to be paid out sent for Payment of Expenses in certain Cases. of poor rate.

[30th July, 1855.] 14. Vestries of two or more neighbouring parishes may adopt the act.

Sect. 1. Grand jury may present for certain expenses in.
15. Rates levied not to exceed ld. in the pound. Accounts curred by treasurers of counties.
of board and commissioners to be open to inspection.

2. Continuance of act.
16. Power to council, &c. to borrow on mortgage.
17. Provisions of 8 & 9 Vict. c. 16, as to borrowing, ex.

tended to this act.

An Act to continue certain temporary Provisions concerning 18. Lands, &c. may be appropriated, purchased, or rented

Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in England. for the purposes of this act.

[30th July, 1855.] 19. Provisions of 8 & 9 Vict. c. 18, incorporated with this Whereas an act was passed in the session holden in the 10 act.

& 11 Vict. (c. 98], intituled “ An Act to amend the Law as 20. Lands, &c. may be sold or exchanged.

to Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in England," by which it was 21. General management to be vested in council, board, or enacted, that certain of the provisions therein contained should commissioners.

continue until the 1st August, 1848, and, if Parliament 22. Property of library, &c. to be vested in council, board, were then sitting, until the end of the then session of Parliaand commissioners respectively.

ment; and such provisions have been continued by sundry 23. If any meeting determine against adoption of act, no acts until the 1st August, 1855, and to the end of the then other meeting to be called for a year.

next session of Parliament: and wbereas it is expedient that 24. Act may be adopted in the city of London if two-thirds the said provisions should be further continued : be it there. of the persons rated to the consolidated rate, assembled at a fore enacted &c. that the said provisions of the said act shall public meeting, assent.

continue until the 1st August, 1856, and to the end of the then 25. Museums to be free.

next session of Parliament.
26. Extent of act.


An Act to continue an Act of the Fifth and Sixth Years of her An Act to authorise the Commissioners of the Treasury to present Majesty for amending the Law relative to Private make Arrangements concerning certain Loans advanced by

Lunatic Asylums in Ireland. [30th July, 1855.]
way of Relief to the Islands of Antigua, Nevis, and Mont-
[30th July, 1855.)


An Act to give Effect to a Convention between her Majesty
An Act for legalising and preserving the restored Standards of and the United States of America. [30th July, 1855.)
Weights and Measures.

(30th July, 1855.)

Sect. 1. The sums payable by the Government of the United Sect. I. Provisions concerning the restoration of the stand- States to be divided among the British subjects whose claims ards by reference to the pendulum, &c., 5 Geo. 4, c. 74, ss. 3, have been allowed, and to be deemed a final settlement of th 5, repealed.

2. Restored standard yard established.
3. Standard pound avoirdupois.

4. Provisions of 5 Geo. 4, c. 74, not hereby repealed, &c., An Act to reduce certain Duties payable on Stage Carriages,
to remain in force.

and to amend the Laws relating to Stamp Duties, and to 5. Copies of the old standards to continue to be legal.

Bonds and Securities to the Inland Revenue. 7. Provision for restoration of standards in case of loss, &c.

[30th July, 1855.] Sect. I. Duties on stage carriages and supplementary licenses CAP. LXXIII.


2. Reduced duties to be raised &c. under eristing An Act to extend the Period for applying for a Sale under the

power8. Acts for facilitating the Sale and Transfer of Incumbered

3. Sect. 12 of the 2 & 3 Will. 4, c. 120, repealed. Estates in Ireland.

[30th July, 1855.]

4. Paper for covers or envelopes of letters provided by Whereas an act was passed in the session of Parliament

any person may be stamped with postage stamps. holden in the 12 & 13 Vict. [c. 77), intituled " An Act further 5. Prize money orders to be chargeable with the same to facilitate the Sale and Transfer of Incumbered Estates in

duties as inland bills. Ireland :" and whereas a certain other act was passed in the 6. Sects. 195, 196, and 197 of the 16 & 17 Vict. c. session of Parliament holden in the 15 & 16 Vict. (c. 67),

107, to apply to bonds and securilies relating to intituled “ An Act to continue the Powers of applying for a

the inland revenue. Sale of Lands under the Act for facilitating the Sale and

Whereas by an act passed in the session of Parliament Transfer of Incumbered Estates in Ireland :” and whereas a holden in the 5 & 6 Vict. c. 79, certain duties contained certain other act was passed in the session of Parliament holden in a schedule to the said act were granted and made payable, in the 16 & 17 Vict. (c. 64), intituled “ An Act for continuing and amending the Act for facilitating the Sale and Great Britain; that is to say, for and in respect of every mile

and amongst others the following duties on stage carriages in Transfer of Incumbered Estates in Ireland :” and whereas the which any stage carriage shall be licensed to travel the duty of extended period within which such applications under the said 14d., and for and in respect of every such supplementary acts as are mentioned in sect. 11 of the said lastly-recited act license for a stage carriage as described in the said schedule might be made was limited to two years from the 28th July; the duty of 58.; and it is expedient to reduce the said duties as 1853 : and whereas it is expedient that the said period should hereinafter mentioned : be it therefore enacted &c. as follows: be further extended : be it therefore enacted &c. as follows :All such applications under the said recited acts or any of them charged and payable to her Majesty, her heirs and successors,

Sect. 1. From and after the 1st July, 1855, there shall be as are mentioned in sect. 11 of the said lastly-recited act, and the following redued duties on stage carriages in Great Britain ; which are by the said section anthorised to be made within two that is to say, for and in respect of every mile which any years from the 28th July, 1853, may be made within three stage carriage shall be licensed to travel id., and for and in reyears from the said 28th July, 1853 ; and all orders and prospect of every such supplementary license as aforesaid the duty ceedings by the said acts or any of them authorised, and which of 18., in lieu of the duties granted in the like cases by the said might be 'made, had, or taken upon any application made recited act : provided always, that nothing herein contained within the said period of two years, may be made, had, and shall extend to reduce or affect any duty which shall accrue or taken within the further period authorised by this act.

be incurred on or before the said 1st July.

2. The said duties by this act granted and made payable


shall be raised, levied, collected, and paid in like manner, and of adequate space in others, great difficulty is frequently found by and under the like powers and authorities, rules, and regu. in carrying into execution the above provisions, and it is expelations, as the said duties granted by the said recited act are dient that other provisions should be made : be it therefore now raised, levied, collected, and paid under or by virtue ofenacted &c. any act or acts in force.

Sect. 1. That where the guardians of any union or parish, 3. From and after the passing of this act, sect. 12 of the act or any of their officers duly authorised in that behalf, or the passed in the 2 & 3 Will. 4, c. 120, whereby the commis- overseers of any parish not under a board of guardians, shall sioners are authorised to compound with any person for the undertake the burial of any poor person, or shall contribute duties which may become payable in respect of any stage car- money or other aid towards the same, and the burial cannot riage, shall be and the same is bereby repealed.

take place in the parish where, according to the provisions of 4. And whereas by certain acts passed in that behalf the the said act, the same would have been required to take place, Commissioners of Inland Revenue are directed to provide by reason of the public burial ground of such parish having stamps for denoting the several rates of postage of letters on been closed, and no other having been provided, or where, in paper provided by the said commissioners for the covers or consequence of the crowded state of such burial ground, the envelopes of letters, and it is expedient to provide for the guardians or overseers respectively are of opinion that the stamping with such stamps paper which any person may send burial of such dead body therein would be improper, it shall to the said commissioners for that purpose : be it enacted, be lawful to bury such body in a public burial ground (some that it shall be lawful for the Commissioners of Inland Re- part of which has been consecrated) of or in some other parish venue, and they are hereby empowered, under such regulations as near as conveniently may be to the parish wherein the burial as the Commissioners of her Majesty's Treasury may from would have been required to take place according to the provitime to time make or sanction in that hehalf, to stamp paper sions of the said act : provided, that in all cases of burial under which any person may send to the said first-named commis. the direction of the guardians or their officers, or of the oversioners for the purpose of being stamped for covers or enve seers, as aforesaid, the fee or fees payable by the custom of lopes of letters with stamps provided for denoting the several the place where the burial may be, or under the provisions of rates of postage, on payment of the amount of the stamps any act of Parliament, shall be paid by the said guardians or required to be impressed on such paper, and in cases where overseers for the burial of each such body to the person or such amount shall not exceed 101., upon payment in addition persons who by such custom or under such act of Parliament thereto of such fee as the said Commissioners of her Majesty's shall be entitled to receive such fee or fees. Treasury may direct or authorise to be taken in such cases. 2. The guardians of any union or parish, or the overseers

5. And whereas under and by virtue of two several acts of any parish not under a board of guardians, may from time passed respectively, the one in the 2 & 3 Will. 4, c. 53, and to time enter into agreements with the proprietors of any the other in the 3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 29, a stamp duty of ls. is cemetery established under the authority of Parliament, payable upon orders made for the payment of prize money, or with any burial board duly constituted under the statutes in bounty money, or money upon grants due to non-commis. that behalf, for the burial of the dead bodies of any poor persioned officers and soldiers, and it is expedient in lieu thereof sons which such guardians or overseers may undertake to bury, to subject such orders to the stamp duties chargeable on inland or towards the burial whereof they may render assistance; and bills, drafts, or orders: be it enacted, that the stamp duty of thereupon the burial of any such body, under the directions of 18. payable under the said two last-mentioned acts on orders the said guardians or their officer, or of such overseers, or with made for the payment of prize money, or bounty money, or their aid respectively, in such cemetery, or in the burial ground money upon grants due to non-commissioned officers and sol. of such burial board, (unless the deceased person, or the husdiers, shall cease, and in lieu thereof all such orders shall be band or wife or next of kin of such deceased person, have subject and liable to the like stamp duties as inland bills, drafts, otherwise expressly desired), shall be lawful : provided, how. or orders for the payment of money of the same amount and of ever, that no such agreement shall be valid unless made in the like tenor or effect are now by law subject and liable to.. such form and with such stipulations as the Poor-law Board

6. And as to bonds and other securities relating the in- | shall approve. land revenue, all the powers, provisions, and regulations con- 3. The words contained in this act shall be construed in cerning bonds and other securities relating to the customs like manner as in the act of the 4 & 5 Will. 4, C, 76, and in the contained in sects. 195, 196, and 197 of the act passed in the several acts incorporated therewith. session of Parliament holden in the 16 & 17 Vict. c. 107, shall mutatis mutandis be deemed to extend and shall be applied to all bonds and other securities entered into or given, or to be

CAP. LXXX. entered into or given, by any person or persons under the An Act to ratify conditional Agreements entered into by the provisions of any act relating to the duties of excise, or to any Commissioners of her Majesty's Works and Public Build. other of the duties or matters under the control or manage

ings ; and to vest in the said Commissioners certain Pro. ment of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue, or otherwise perty situate near the College of Edinburgh, in the City of in relation or incident thereto : provided always, that in any

Edinburgh, together with the General Register House in the case in which, under the provisions of the said sections, any

said City, and all Lands held therewith ; and to enable the certificate is required to be signed, or any other matter is au

said Commissioners to acquire certain Property near the thorised to be done, by Commissioners of Customs, or any

Palace of Holyrood.

[30th July, 1855.) number of them, any such certificate or matter in relation to any bond or security concerning or incident to the inland

CAP. LXXXI. revenue shall respectively be signed and done by the Com An Act to amend the Law concerning the certifying and regis. missioners of Inland Revenue, or the like number of them. tering of Places of Religious Worship in England,

[30th July, 1855.) Sect. 1. The 15 & 16 Vict. c. 36, repealed, but places of CAP. LXXIX.

worship certified thereunder to have force, &re. An Act to amend the Law regarding the Burial of poor Per- 2. Places of worship to be certified to registrar. sons by Guardians and Overseers of the Poor.


[30th July, 1855.) 3. Places of meeting to be recorded. Sect. 1. Where burial ground of parish closed or over

4. Places of meeting already certified, save those certi. crowded, guardians or overseers may bury in

fied under the 15 & 16 Vict. c. 36, may be certified neighbouring parish.

to the registrar-general, and be recorded by him. 2. Power to enter into agreements with cemetery com

5. Fee of 2s. 6d. to be paid with certificate to superin. panies or burial boards.

tendent registrar: 3. Construction of words to be as in the 4 & 5 Will. 4,

6. Notice to be given to registrar-general of every plate c. 76, 8c.

of meeting becoming disused for the purposes for

which it was certified. Whereas by the act of the 7 & 8 Vict. c. 101, provisions 7. List of certified places to be printed. tere made for the burial of poor persons by guardians and 8. Direction to the registrar-general to cancel records overseers of the poor : and whereas, in consequence of the

of certificates of places of worship ceasing to be closing of the burial grounds in many parishes, and the want

used as such.



9. Certified places exempted from the operation of Register Office, and no such place of meeting as aforesaid shall The Charitable Trusts Act, 1853."

be certified to or registered in any court of any bishop or arch. 10. Nothing to affect churches, &c. of Established deacon, or be certified to or recorded at any general or quarter Church.

sessions; and the certifying to the said registrar-general of any ll. Certificate of place having been certified to be given. such place of meeting for religious worship of Protestant Dis12. Sums received by or on account of registrar-general senters or other Protestants, or Roman Catholics, or persons

to be accounted for, and expenses defrayed as other professing the Jewish religion, and of any place of meeting for expenses of the General Register Office.

religious worship of any other body or denomination of per13. To remove doubts as to validity of marriage. sons, sball, subject to the provisions herein contained, have 14. Extent of act.

the same force and effect as if such place had been duly cerWhereas by an act of the first session of I Will. & M. c. 18, tified and recorded, or registered and recorded, as before the and an act of the 52 Geo. 3, c. 155, places of meeting of con passing of the said act of the 15 & 16 Vict. c. 36, was required gregations or assemblies for religious worship of Protestants by law, and such act and this act had not been passed. (save as therein excepted with respect to places of worship of

4. Any place of meeting for religious worship heretofore the Established Church and otherwise) were required to be certified and registered or recorded in manner required by certified to the bishop's or archdeacon's court, or to the general law, and which continues to be used for religious worship, save or quarter sessions of the peace, and to be registered in such any such place of meeting certified to the said registrar-general court, and recorded at such sessions: and whereas by an act under the said act of the 15 & 16 Vict. c. 36, may, at any of the 31 Geo. 3, c. 32, every place of congregation or assem

time after the passing of this act, be certified in writing to such bly, for religious worship of persons professing the Roman registrar-general through the superintendent registrar of the Catbolic religion is required to be certified to and recorded at district in which such place may be situate, and shall be rethe general or quarter sessions of the peace : and whereas by corded by such registrar.general in manner hereinbefore menthe two following acts respectively, that is to say, an act of the tioned concerning places of meeting not heretofore certified and session holden in the 2 & 3 Will. 4, c. 115, and an act of the registered or recorded. session bolden in the 9 & 10 Vict. c. 59, ber Majesty's subjects

5. Upon the delivery of every certificate to the superintend. professing the Roman Catholic religion, and her Majesty's ent registrar for transmission to the registrar-general for the subjects professing the Jewish religion, in respect of their purpose of being recorded under this act, the person delivering places for religious worship, are made subject to the same laws the same shall pay to such superintendent registrar for his as Protestant Dissenters : and whereas by an act passed in the

own use the sum of 28. 6d., and it shall not be lawful to de. session holden in the 15 & 16 Vict. c. 36, places of meeting of mand or take any greater fee or reward for the same respec. congregations or assemblies for religious worship of Protestant tively. Dissenters are required to be certified to the registrar-general

6. Whenever any place of meeting for religious worship of births, deaths, and marriages in England, and to be recorded which may have been certified under the said act of the 15 & in the General Register Office, in lieu of being certified to and 16 Vict. c. 36, or this act, shall bave wholly ceased to be used registered and recorded in the bishop's or archdeacon's court of the persons who so certified or last certified the same, (as

as a place of meeting for religious worship, the person or one and at the general or quarter sessions, as hereinbefore mentioned: and whereas it is expedient that all places of religious the case may be), or the trustee or one of the trustees for the worship, not being churches or chapels of the Established time being of such place of meeting, or the owner or occupier Church, should, if the congregation should desire, but not

or one of the owners or occupiers thereof, shall, if then resi. otherwise, be certified to the said registrar-general : be it there. dent within the superintendent registrar’s district within which fore enacted &c. as follows:

such place shall be situate, forthwith give notice to the registrar. Sect. 1. The said act of the 15 & 16 Vict. c. 36, shall be Vas so ceased to be used as a place of meeting for religious

general, through such superintendent registrar, that such place repealed : provided always, that the certifying thereunder before worship, such notice to be in a form in accordance with the the passing of this act of any place of meeting for religious Schedule (B.) to this act, or to the like effect, and which form worship shall, subject to the provisions hereinafter contained, shall be provided by the said registrar-general, and may be have the same force and effect from the time of such certifying obtained (without payment) upon application to the said super, as if the same had been duly certified, registered, and recorded intendent registrar; and the person giving such notice shall as before the passing of the said act of the 15 & 16 Vict.c. 36, sign the same in the presence of such superintendent registrar was required by law, and such act and this act had not been or of his deputy, who shall forthwith transmit the same through passed. 2. Every place of meeting for religious worship of Protestant Office.

the general post to the registrar-general at the General Register Dissenters or other Protestants, and of persons professing the 7. The said registrar-general shall in the year 1856, and Roman Catholic religion, by the said acts of Will

. & M., the also at such subsequent periods as one of her Majesty's Prin. 31 and 52 Geo. 3, and the 15 & 16 Vict. c. 36, or any of cipal Secretaries of State shall from time to time in that behalf them, required to be certified and registered or recorded as

order or direct, make out and cause to be printed a list of all therein mentioned, and not heretofore certified and registered places of meeting which have been certified to and recorded by or recorded in manner required by law, and every place of him under the 15 & 16 Vict. c. 36, or this act, and the record meeting for religious worship of persons professing the Jewish of which has not been cancelled as hereinafter provided, and religion not heretofore certified and registered or recorded as shall state in such list the county and superintendent regisaforesaid, and every place of meeting for religious worship of trar's district within which each of such places of meeting is any other body or denomination of persons, may be certified situated, and the religious denomination to which the persons in writing to the registrar-general of births, deaths, and mar

for the time being certifying it belong, and shall cause a copy riages in England, through the superintendent registrar of of such list to be sent to every superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages of the district in which such place births, deaths, and marriages in England, and such list shall be may be situate; and such certificate shall be in duplicate, and open at all reasonable times to all persons desirous of inspect upon forms in accordance with Schedule (A.) to this act, or to ing the same, on payment to such superintendent registrar of the like effect, such forms to be provided by the said registrar- a fee of 18. general, and to be obtained (without payment) upon applica- 8. Whenever it shall appear to the satisfaction of the said tion to such superintendent registrar as aforesaid; and the said registrar-general, from any notice which shall have been given superintendent registrar shall, upon the receipt of such certi. to him as aforesaid, or otherwise, that any certified place of ficate in duplicate, forth with transmit the same to the said meeting for religious worship has wholly ceased to be used as registrar-general, who, after having caused the place of meet- such, the said registrar-general shall cause the record of such ing therein mentioned to be recorded as hereinafter directed, certification to be cancelled, and shall give public notice of the shall return one of the said certificates to the said superintend- cancellation thereof by advertisement in some newspaper cirent registrar, to be re-delivered by him to the certifying party, culating within the district in which such place of meeting is and shall keep the other certificate with the records of the situated, and in the London Gazette, and shall also expunge General Register Office.

the name of such place from the list of certified places so to 3. The said registrar-general shall cause all places of meeting be printed by him as aforesaid ; and after such cancellation for religious worship certified to him under this act to be recorded and publication thereof as aforesaid, such place shall cease to in a book to be kept by him for that purpose at the General I be deemed duly certified as by law required, and shall so



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remain until it shall have been duly certified afresh under this gation or assembly of person's calling themselves (hene insert act.

walini !

Protestant Dissentersu' " Independents," " Particular Bap. 9. Every place of meeting for religious worship oertified to tists," "Wesleyan Méthodists,!!! Roman Catholics;!;" Jews,'ne the said registrar-general under the said act of the 15 & 16 or other religious denomination of, or religions appellation Vict, & 36, or this act, and recorded by him as aforesaid, so adopted by the persons on whose behalf the building is certigini long as the same continues to be bona fide used as a place of fied; but if those persons decline to describe themselves by I religious worship, and the record of the certification thereof any distinctive appellation, erases the words tealling has not been cancelled as herein before is provided, shall be selves," and insert " who object to be designated by any disa a wholly, freed and exempted from the operation of an act passed, tinctive religious appellation''}; and I request that this certifi- b in the session bolden in the 16,817 Vict, c.137, intituled, cate stay be recorded in the General Register Otice, pursuant c

The Charitable Trusts Act, 1853," and shall not be subject to the said act! Dated this ***** day of, 185burde os bar or liable to any of the provisions, of the same act, save that the (Signature of the party certifying hosil brezsild mean? exempted charities may avail themselves of the 63rd and G4th - 677 [16... [Insert here, immediately under the sections of the said act, if they shall think fit.

leif" " " turer thedrcórd" minister,!!.proprietor,!1.6 ao 10. Nothing in this act shall affect or be construed to affect

trustéo,!!}" occupier,'' 4 an attendant," or much! the ehurches or chapels of the United Church of England and Prema to other words as noill clearly shew the connerion.' Ireland, or the celebration of divine service according to the bustim subsisling' between the person certifying and rites and ceremonies of the said united church by ministers of the light the place of meeting) of the place of meeting such church, in ang place hitherto used for such purpose, gr. Pivni non llabove describeda

ni budiza being now or hereafter duly consecrated or licensed by any * bio yote ya rept


Jour (£ isitue 10 siano archbisliop, or bishop, or other person, lawfully authorised to consecrate or license the same na

To the Registrac. General of Births, Deatha

, and Marriages 11. The registrar-general, on payment to him of a fee of

in England. er ilede poarseel, no 28. 6d., shall, with respect to any place cere record bwhereof being the person or one of the persons who certified for last

to him as a

I, the undersigned to in the county of als place of meeting for religious a certificate, sealed or

stamped with the seal of the General or, if the owner, or, occupier, one of the owners or Register Office, that at the time or respective times in such occupiers," (as the case may be), of) a certain building known certificate in that behalf stated the place therein described was by the name of [or, a certain dwelling-bouse, &C., duly certified and duly recorded as required by this act, and as the case may be)], that at the date of such scaled or stamped certificate the record within the superintendercaros district of 131(and

in the county af of such certification remained uncancelled, and every such being now resident within the same district], do hereby desealed or

or stamped certificate, if tendered in evidence upon any clare and give you in pursuance of an act passed in the trial or other judicial proceeding in any civil or criminal court,

year of her present Majesty, c., that the aforesaid shall be received as evidence of the said several facts therein building, [or," dwelling-house," fc.), which was on the mentioned, without any further or other proof of the same. day of


-, recorded by you as a 12. All sums to be received by or on account of the registrar- religious worship by a congregatione place of meeting for

assembly of persons

[or, "by a congregation or assembly in manner directed by the said act of the 7 Win. 4, for Roman Catholics, registering births, deaths, and marriages in England, " "wich of Friends,"

or " of persons professing the Jewish religion,

of respect to sums received by him or on his account under the (as the case may be)], has wholly ceased to be used as a place provisions of that act; and all expenses incurred" by the said for public religious worship. Witness my hand this day registrar-general, or by'any superintendent registrar, or regis- of '1837

l'im196 00-159 oa bon trár, with his sanction and acting under his direction or au

14, mob. •11, online host to prostoru ainer thority','in 'carrying this act into execution and making known

CAP. LXXXII. De of 1.109 yna its provisionís, shall be deemed to have been incurred in catry- An Act to abolish certain Payments charged on the Consoliing on the business of the General Register Office, and be de.

dated Fund in favour of the Provost and Fellows of Trinity: frayed accordingly.

College, Dublin, and of certain Professors in the said Coles 13. Notwithstanding the provisions of this or any other act; lege; and to repeal the Stamp Duties payable on Matricuda all marriages which heretofore bare been had or solemnised in ·lations and Degrees in the University of Dublin 199[dw-97 any building which has been registered for the solemnisatioti to**1717 m. spalisa mok 97 »[14th August, 1855.hary of marriages pursuant to the provisions of an act passed in the

odid T30359791 0.00191191 derwyl si 6 & 7 Will. 1, c. 83, hut which may not have been certified p05?! :1.7.5CAPLXXXIII. * nedor yd lleda quale as required by the provisions of this or any other act, shall be An Act to continue certain Acts for regulating Tumpike Rondse as valid in all respects as if such place of worship had been so in Ireland16 bor ga ni 791119 [14ch August, 1855. } wel certified.11 LWV 1998

100 cd: 10 uniemi) gaisd smi sds 14. This'act shall not extend to Scotland or Ireland! ** iba

CAP. LXXXIV. hy 6347** Tine 413

* 01 030 An Act to provide for the Performance of certain Duties of od to me to start tr Tv Tomb of Rota je 998 90 lirik

the Speaker during bis temporary Absence from the House SCHEDULES REFERRED TO IN THE POREGOING of Commonsent 178) gited get 461 {\Ath August, 1855,] 1874157779 *POLI 190 TACT. 1o luiwel Hilde 11

Sectr 101 Acts done &c. by Deputy Speaket (dupinig absence balta Aito 94812 to 297619199 of Speaker valid. rom budod mi ne orbal bus &A - { 1 911 1> To the Registrar General of Birtha, Deaths, and Marriages

2. Deputy Speaker not to appoint to any office. Iu 39958 serca in England. # t svar 1893W vuoto3. Nothing herein to affect election of Speaker, fe 1.95 I, the undersigned, [here insert the name, residence, and

O] E1199 sortudiades

Offes.SMES county in which it is situate, and the rank or profession of

DAT0197 si yehors Ho CAP. LXXXV. Uspot 345 the party certifying), or in the county of motor, An Act for carrying into effect the Engagements between her do hereby, under and by virtue of an act passed in the Tee

Majesty and certain Chiefs of the Sherbro Country near Sierra year of her Majesty Queen Victoria, intituled, An Act to Leone. in Africa, for the more effectual Suppression of the amend the Law concernjng the certifying and registering of

*Slave Trade? a po battity's 14th August, 1855.] Places of Religious Worship in England," certify that a certain

911 il building known by the name of situated at, in the

Tarot FTDE Outporn! 1. CAP. LXXXVI. bilden al.] county of within the superintendent registrar's district An Act for securing the Liberty of Religious Worship. of: (was used as a place of meeting for religious worship:

[14th August, 1855.)

$. before the 30th June1852, expunge the words within brackets], is intended to be used as heretofore, (if the building

nor lified.

Tomeilta 10 have not been preriously used as a place of worship, erase the 2. Construction of certain parts of the 2 F3 Win 4, words "as heretofore"], and will accordingly be forthwith 6924. 113, and 9 & 10 Vict, c. 59, as to places of wor. used as a place of meeting for religious worship by a congre- 16Vya9 ship of Roman Catholics and Jews. IC 5344-ganda yo

:را به 4 )

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before the code June 1992, While placerade miti Sect

. 1. No prosecution to be maintainable for assembling


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