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No. 22, NEW SERIES.-Vol. I.
No. 961, OLD SERIES.-Vol. XIX.

JUNE 9, 1855.


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In the preferable part of the Strand, near to Somerset-house.—Capital very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate about five miles from

Freehold Estate, let on lease to Mr. Eve at 1531. per annum. the Railway Station at Bishop Stortford, ten from Ware, twelve from MESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE are Hertford, and adjoining the Kennel of the Puckeridge Hounds, in instructed to SELL, at Garraway's, on Tuesday, June 12 at 12,

the parishes of Albury, Little Hadham, and Braughing, viz.:---Piggott's a very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate on the south side of the Farm, comprising a comfortable farm-house, (suitable for a hunting Strand, in the parish of St. Clement Danes, consisting of a residence and box), good garden, orchard, warm farm-yard, with extensive stabling, shop, No. 105 A, let on lease for 21 years from 1854 to Mr. Eve, tea- wheat, oat, and barley barns, cow-houses, cattle and cart sheds, and dealer and grocer, a highly respectable tenant, subject to a yearly rent

183 acres of productive arable and pasture land, lying very comof 1501., and 31. in lieu of land tax.

pact, chiefly under-drained, and partly tithe-free. The Fox licensed May be viewed by permission

of the tenant, and particulars had, ten public-house, adjoining the high road, with offices and gardens. A days prior to the sale, of Frederick Farrar, Esq., solicitor, 19, Godliman. plot of detached Arable Land, situate in Molly Chips Common. Two street, Doctors' Commons; at Garraway's; and of Messrs. Farebrother,

Inclosures in Parsonage Common, near Parsonage Farm, and abutClark, and Lye, Lancaster-place, Strand.

ting on Albury Park. A plot of Arable Land, situate in Ham's Very valuable Freehold Estates, Strand and Temple-bar, producing road from Little Hadham to Standon, and adjoining the lands of the

Common; and a very valuable inclosure of Land, abutting on the abont 6301. per annum, part of the estates of the late William Payne, Marquis of Salisbury and Mr. Chapman, known as Priory Leys. The Esq.

whole estate comprises about 196 acres, and is in the occupation of Mr.

Peter Sullens, a most respectable tenant, on lease, which will expire on directed by the Executors to SELL by AUCTION, at Garra- the 29th September, 1857, at the very low rent of 1857. per annum. way's, on Tuesday, June 12, at 12 o'clock, in lots, the following May be viewed, and particulars, with plans, had of the tenant; at the very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, viz.:--The New Barn public- Fox, on the estate; George, Bishop Stortford; Saracen's Head, Ware; house and wine-vaults, in St. Clement's churchyard, in the Strand, Salisbury Arms, Hertford; and in London, of D. S. Bocket, Esq., let on lease, expiring 1859, at 1501. per annum. Nos. 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, solicitor, 60, Lincoln's-inn-fields; at Garraway's; and at the offices of 15, and 16, Great Shire-lane, and Nos. 1, 2, and 3, Brick-court, on leases Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, 6, Lancaster-place, Strand. and agreements, at rents amounting to 1701. per annum. No. 37, Bellyard, Temple-bar, let on lease to Mr. W. Stevens, as a printing office, Islington, close to the Parish Church, in the High-street, and extending at 65l. per annum; and 39, Bell-yard, Temple-bar, let on lease to Messrs. bebind the Upper-terrace.--Highly valuable and important Building Richard Stevens and G. S. Norton, at 651. per annum. The dwelling

Land, comprising about Three Acres, and Blacksmith's Shop, &c. house and printing offices, 38, Bell-yard, and 10, Great Shire-lane, in MESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE bave

by , Garraway's ground in the rear of 41 and 42, Bell-yard. The properties inay be Wednesday, June 13, at 12, in lots, a highly valuable and important viewed by permission of the respective tenants.

PROPERTY, comprising about three acres of building land, and the Particulars are now ready, and may be had of Edward Jennings, Esq., only uncovered land so close to the metropolis, situate abutting on the solicitor, 9, Chancery-lane; at Garraway's; and at the offices of Messrs. High-street, Islington, to which there is a frontage of 300 feet, extending Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, Lancaster place, Strand.

in the rear behind Upper-terrace, and close to the parish church. The

property is copyhold of the manor of Canonbury, subject to a trifling Hammersmith.-Very valuable Copyhold Estates, producing about 1601.

quit-rent, and a fine on death or alienation of 68. 8d. per house, or per annum, part of the Estates of the late William Payne, Esq.

68. Sd. per acre for land; so is equal in value to freebold, and the cost MESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE are of enfranchisement would be nearly nominal. There is a lease upon

directed by the Executors to SELL by AUCTION, at Garra- the property, which has six years and three quarters to run; conseway's, on Tuesday, June 12, at 12, in lots, a very valuable COPY. quently the reversion after the expiration of that lease intended only HOLD ESTATE, situate in the High-street, Hammersmith, near the to be sola. Broadway, comprising three capital Houses and Shops, with large gar- The plans published with the particulars will shew the great capadens, in the occupations of Mr. Lacey, grocer, and Mr. Barker, uphol- bilities of the property for building purposes, and both may be had, sterer, at rents amounting to 1321. Ios. per annum; also a very valuable 21 days prior to the sale, at the Angel. Islington; of Messrs. Whiteside piece of Copyhold Ground, now used as a market garden, in the rear and Smith, solicitors, Lincoln's-inn-fields; of Mr. George Smith, architect, of the foregoing, and having frontage to, and entrance from, Great Mercers'-hall; at Garraway's; and at the offices of Messrs. Farebrother, Church-lane, adapted for building purposes. The property is copyhold Clark, and Lye, Lancaster-place, Strand. of the Manor of Fulham, subject to a quit-rent of 2s. per annum, and the land-tax is redeemed.

17, Montague-street, Portman-square. -A capital Leasehold Family May be viewed by permission of the tenants, and particulars had of

Residence, overlooking the Gardens of Montague-house, with CoachEdward Jennings, Esq., solicitor, 9, Chancery-lane; and at the offices

house and Stabling at the rear, with possession; also Ten Paid-up

Shares in the Polytechnic Institution. of Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, Lancaster-place, Strand.


ESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE have Essex.-In the parish of Magdalen Laver, easy distances from Harlow, received instructions to SELL, at Garraway's, on Wednesday,

and the capital Market Towns of Epping, Bishop Stortford, and June 12, at 12, a capital FAMILY RESIDENCE, in the fashionable Ongar, very desirable and compact Freehold Estate, called Spencer's locality of Portman-square, being No. 17, Montague-street, and overFarm, with upwards of 126 acres of productive Land.

looking the pleasure grounds of Montague-house. The residence is ,

entrance, contains, on the upper floor, five good bed-roomson the Wednesday, June 13, at 12, a very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE,

second Roor, three principal bed-chambers; on the first floor, a noble called Spencer's Farm, land-tax redeemed, partly adjoining the high drawing-room, communicating with a smaller drawing-room; on the road from Epping to Harlow, six miles from the former, five from the ground floor, capital dining-room, library, walting-room, entrance and latter, and six and eight miles respectively from the capital market

inner halls, stone staircase, and a second staircase, lobby, water-closet, towns of Ongar and Bishop Stortford; comprising a capital farm- house,

and bath-room; basement, kitchen, pantry, housekeeper's room, winegarden, warm yards, all suitable and well-arranged agricultural build- cellars, beer-cellar, coal-vaults, scullery, and wash-house, water-closets, ings, and 126 A. IR. 307. of productive arable and pasture land, lying back area leading to a three-stall stable and coach-house, with rooms within a ring fence. The lands are in a high state of cultivation, the

over, in Montague-mews. A well of fine spring water. Possession will pastures are bounded by a stream, and lie well for irrigation. There are be given on completion of the purchase. The annual value being 2201. several ponds on the property, and it has been in the occupation for up

per annum. Held on lease for the unexpired term of about 45 years, at wards of twenty years of the late Mr. John Larter, a highly-respectable a ground-rent of 251. per anuum. Also ten paid-up shares in the Polyand intelligent farmer, and now of his executors.

technic Institution, conferring a right of free admission. May be viewed, and particulars, with plans, had at the farm; at the

May be viewed by cards only, to be had of Messrs. Farebrother, George and Green Man Inns, Harlow; Cock, Epping: Crown, Ongar; Clark, and Lye, of whom particulars may also be had; of Messrs. WhiteWhite Lion, Sawbridgeworth; the George, Bishop Stortford; of Mr.

side and Smith, solicitors, 63, Lincoln's-inn-fields; of Geo. Smith, Esq., R. P. Browne, land agent, Great Hallingbury; and in London, of Mercers'-hall; and at Garraway's. Messrs. Denton, Kinderley, Domville, and Lawrence, 6, New-square,

This day is published, price 108., Lincoln's-inn; at Garraway's; and at the

offices of Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, Lancaster-place, Strand.

ERR'S ACTION AT LAW. Second Edition, entirely K

re-written, and brought down to the present time. Albury, Herts, five miles from the Railway at Bishop Stortford.-Free- William Henry Bond, 8, Bell-yard, Temple-bar, Law Bookseller. hold and small part Copyhold Farm, called “ Piggotts," the Fox

Bond's Catalogue of Second-hand Law Books now ready. Public-house, and sundry Inclosures of detached Lands; the whole

Just published, Second Edition, price 10$ containing 196 acres.

their Rights, Duties, and Liabilities, instructed by the Trustees to SELL BY AUCTION, at Gar- W. H. Bond, Bell-yard; Wildy & Sons, Lincoln sipn; and W. Amer, raway's, on Wednesday, June 13, at 12, in seven lots, the following Carey-street, Law Booksellers. No. 22, VOL. I., New Series.


MESSRS. PAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE have editabuilt and

definishee n as extensive frontage can be incloses; portice




Cornish, Great Thurlow, Suffolk, grocer, June 12 at half-past

11, London, aud. ac.-Thomas Salmon, Kettering, NorthBANKRUPTS.

amptonshire, ironmonger, June 13 at 12, London, aud. ac.FRANCIS BUTTER, Berkeley-street, Clerkenwell, and George Smith, Union-street, Southwark, hat manufacturer,

High-street, Islington, baker, June 12 at half-past 2, and June 11 at half past 11, London, aud. ac.-David Nutt, July 17 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Lee ; Sols. J. & T. Gole, Stratford-green, Essex, merchant, June 11 at half.past 11, 49, Lime-street, London.-Pet. f. May 23.

London, aud. ac.- Robert J. Chapman, Bedford New-road, WILLIAM SKIPP PEEBLES, East Dereham, Norfolk, Clapham, market gardener, June 12 at 11, London, and. ac. builder, June 11 at half-past 1, and July 10 at 12, London:

-Peter Stainsby, Bishopsgate-street, London; Pontesford, Of. Ass. Stansfeld ; Sol. H. A. Reed, 11, Ironmonger-lane, smelter, June 19 at 11, London, aad. ac.-Charles Abbott,

near Shrewsbury; and Parsons-green, Fulham, Middlesex, City.- Pet. f. May 29. WALTER BRETTELL, Little Marlborough-street, Regent

James-street, Long-acre, licensed victualler, June 18 at 2, street, dealer and chapman, June 8 at half-past' 11, and London, aud. ac.-- Benjamin Newton, Brighton, brush manuJuly 12 at half-past 1, London : Off. Ass. Bell; Sols.' Lau- facturer, June 18 at 2, London, aud. ac.- George Harris,

Chichester, grocer, June 19 at 12, London, aud. ac.-Thomas rance & Co., Old Jewry-chambers.-Pet. f. May 29. ROBERT BLACKLOCK and DOUGLAS BLACKLOCK, Hudson, Chobham, Surrey, grocer, June 19 at 11, London,

New-road, Wbitechapel, dealers and chapmen, June 8 ał aud. ac.-Thomas B. Lawford and Edwin Maitland, George 12, and July 12 at 1, London: Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sols. yard, Lombard-street, wine merchants, June 18 at 12, Lon. Emmet & Son, 14, Bloomsbury-square; Wavell & Co., facturer, June 20 at 11, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac.-W.

don, aud. ac.- Thomas Bell, Jarrow, Durham, alkali manoHalifax ; Rawson & Co., Bradford. - Pet. f. May 17. JAMES SMITH, Philpot-lane, London, tea-dealer, June 14 French, Bedlington, Durham, brewer, June 15 at half-past

at 11, and July 12 at 2, London: Of. Ass. Bell; Sols. 12, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac.-E. Johnston the younger Laurance & Co., Old Jewry-chambers.-Pet. f. May 24.

and Thomas Manley, Whitehaven, Cumberland, sugar refiners, THOMAS LOARING COOMBE, Lambeth-walk, Surrey,

June 15 at 11, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac. - James Sidedealer and chapman, June 8 at 11, and July 12 at half-past botham, Manchester, grocer, June 11 at 12, Manchester, aud. 12, London: Of. Ass. Bell; Sols. Phillips & Sons, 11 Ab- ac.-John Frater, Manchester, brewer, June 13 at 12, Man. church-lane,-Pet. f. Mav 26.

chester, aud. ac.-Joseph Brooks, Salford, grocer, June 14 at THOMAS FEMLETT BROWN, Woolwich, dealer and 12,, Manchester, aud. ac.-- Hugh Talbot and Hugh Popham

chapman, June 8 and July 13 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Talbot, Sidmouth, Devonshire, druggists, June 14 at 1, Exeter, Cannan ; Sols. J. F. & H. Baddeley, 48, Leman-street, and Archibald Reeves, Taunton, scriveners, June 14 at 1,

aud. ac.-John Fry Reeves, John Fred. Reeves, 0. Reedes, Goodman's-fields.--Pet. f. May 17. GEORGE JOHN HUMPHREYS, Crown-court, Old

Exeter, aud. ac. sep. est. of Archibald Reeves.-J. G. Fitze,

Exeter, bookseller, June 14 1, Exeter, aud. ac.-Wm. D. Broad-street, dealer and chapman, June 15 at 1, and July 13 at half-past 1, London: Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sols. J. Francis, Bridgewater, Somersetshire, plumber, June 14 at 1, & J. H. Linklater, 17, Sise-lane.-Pet. f. May 30.

Exeter, aud. ac.- William Reynolds Rickman, Clement's. GEORGE GENT, South-row, New-road, St. Pancras, grocer, William Aspin the younger, Morgan's-lane, Tooley-street,

lane, insurance broker, June 23 at 12, London, div. June 9 at half-past 1, and July 14 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Nicholson ; Sols. Wilan & Stephenson, 36, Bedford-row; Southwark, carrier, June 26 at 12. London, div.-George Pywell & Co., Northampton.-Pet. f. May 30.

Stringer, Chamber-st., Goodman's.fields, wholesale Italian THOMAS ROUTLEDGE and JOSEPH ROUTLEDGE. warehouseman, June 22 at half-past 11, London, div. George

Commercial-road, Lambeth, dealers and chapmen, June 3 Howes, Mortimer-road, Kingsland, licensed victualler, June 22 at 1, and July 21 at 2, London: Off. Ass. Pennell; Sols. at 1, London, div.---Samuel Walter Gillam, Tarlington-place, Sole & Co., 68, Aldermanbury.- Pet. f. May 30.

Edgeware-road, wine merchant, June 22 at 12, London, div. PEREGRINE JOYCE, Worcester, commission agent, June Middlesex, common brewer, June 22 at 2, London, div.-G.

- Frederick White, Ewell, Surrey, and North-street, Chelsea, 8 and July 7 at 11, Birmingham: Off. Ass. Whitmore; Lawrance, Abingdon, Berkshire, saddler, June 22 at 11, Sol. Bartleet, Birmingham.- Pet. d. May 26. JOHN PARKINSON the elder and JOẢN PARKINSON London, div.-Charles King Witt, New Sarum, Wiltshire,

the younger, Leicester, hosiers, June 12 and July 17 at 10, grocer, June 22 at half-past 11, London, div.-Joseph Peers, Nottingham: Off. Ass. Harris;

Sols. Stone & Paget, Lei. Ruthin, Denbighshire, scrivener, June 25 at 11, Liverpool, cester ; James, Birmingham.--Pet. d. May 22.

div.-Wm. Clarebrough, Sheffield, mason, June 23 at 10, THOMAS DAVIES, Narbeth, Pembrokeshire, leather dealer, June 23 at 10, Sheffield, dir.

Sheffield, div.-John Dyson, Sheffield, scythe manufacturer, June 12 and July 10 at 11, Bristol: Off. Ass. Acraman; Sols. Brooke & Co., Bristol.- Pet. f. May 16.

CERTIFICATES. JOHN LUPTON, Bradford, innkeeper, June 19 at 1, and to be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or July 23 at 12, Leeds: Off. Ass. Hope ; Sols. Duckit, Brad

before the Day of Meetiny. ford; Bond & Barwick, Leeds.- Pet. d. May 28.

George Bumpstead, Great Yarmouth, grocer, Jane 22 at JOHN LEAKE, Ramsden, Kirkburton, Yorkshire, dealer half-past 1, London.-Charles King Witt, New Sarum,

and chapman, June 15 and July 20 at 11, Leeds: Off. Ass. Wiltshire, grocer, June 22 at half past 11, London.-Edr. Young; Sols. Clough, Huddersfield; Bond & Barwick, Logsdon, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, baker, June 23 at half-past Leeds.-Pet. f. May 24.

12, London.- Robert Edward Barnes, Sloane-street, Chelsea, JAMES MEADOWS and RICHARD EDWIN BIBBY, wine merchant, June 23 at half-past 1, London.- Josiah Snib.

Manchester, dealers and chapmen, (under the style or firm son, Thomas Snibson, and Wm. Snibson, Manchester, wholeof Meadows & Bibby), June 12 and July 3 at 12, Manchester: sale grocers, June 29 at 12, Manchester.- Philip Greenslade, Off. Ass. Pott; Sol. Trappes, Manchester.—Pet. f. May 19. Stoke Canon, Devonshire, cattle dealer, June 21 at 1, Eseter. MEETINGS.

-John Jones Kingdon, Ridgway, Plympton St. Mary, DeLouis Diespecker, Little Moorfields, dealer in fancy articles, vonshire, saddler, June 9 at 11, Plymouth.-G. H. Morgan, June 19 at 2, London, last ex.-Wm. P. Hammond, Scott's" Hereford, builder, June 28 at half-past 10, Birmingham. yard, Bush-lane, shipowner, June 12 at 12, London, last ex. To be granted, unless an appeal he duly entered. -James Speller, High-street, Wapping, sail maker, June 12 John Stapp, Snow-hill, wholesale cheesemonger.- Edward at half-past 12, London, last ex.-R. Monti, Great Marlbo- Burnell, Houndsditch and Skinner's-place, Leadenhall. rough-street, and Princes-street, Hanover-square, sculptor, market, baker.- John Close, Stratford, Essex, baker.-J. W. June 13 at 12, London, last ex.- George C. Long, Dartford, Fisher and James Basey, Norwich, cabinet makers.-G. K. draper, June 12 at 1, London, last ex. - George Rich, Leigh, Geyelin, Victoria Wharf, Regent's-park-basin, white zinc maLancashire, joiner, June 13 at 12, Manchester, last ex.—Tho- nufacturer.-L. Benjamin, Princes-street, Leicester-square, mas Marsden and John Clayton, Wardle, Rochdale, cotton jeweller.- Edward Thos. Roe, Brighton-place, Brixton-road, manufacturers, June 21 at 12, Manchester, last ex. of Thomas oilman.-George Tapling, Wood-street, Cheapside, carpet Marsden.-C. Pennington, Manchester, builder, June 22 at warehouseman.- Julius Calisher, Norfolk-st., Strand, jewel. 12, Manchester, last ex.-James Woolley, Manchester, coach ler.-Wm. D. Francis, Bridgewater, plumber.-J. Crocker, builder, June 14 at 12, Manchester, last ex.-G. C. Stewart, Wyke Regis, and Weymouth, Dorsetshire, tallow chandler:Hackney-road, draper, June 13 at 12, London, aud. ac.-W. Benjamin Bray and Wm. Bray, Okehampton, Devonshire,

CONTENTS. London Gazettes..


COURT OF QUEEN'S Bench-(continued). Leading Article

221 Gibson v. Bradford.-(Passengers Act, 15 8. 16 Vict. General Order in Bankruptcy-Schedule of Fees 222 c. 44, 88. 49, 50- Policy of assurance-Forwarding NAMES OF THE CASES REPORTED.

passengers-Duty of master-Assurance of expenses)

520 COURT OF CHANCERY. By T. EDWARDS, Barrister at Law.

Hargreaves v. Hayes.-(Affidavit to hold to bail-1 &

2 Vict. c. 110, s. 3-Tille of affidavit-Cause of The Attorney-General v. Clapham.-(Wesleyan Me

action-Defendant's intention to go abroad) 521 thodists Construction of trust deed-Appointment of preachers-Paramount intention of the

BAIL COURT. society-Extrinsic evidence-Removal of trustees) 505

By G. FRANCIS, Barrister at Law.

Ex parte Greenwood.-(Lunatic-16 8. 17 Vict. c. 96
By MATTHEW B. Begbie, Barrister at Law.

-Medical certificate).

522 Kelly v. Rogers. — (Pleading-Demurrer-- Fraud-

COURT OF COMvox Pleas. Parties- Averments in the bill)..

514 By W. PATERSON and W. Mills, Barristers at Law. ExchEQUER CHAMBER.

Knight v. Cambers.-(Money paid-Wagering conBy G. J. P. Smith, Barrister at Law.

tract-8 & 9 Vict. c. 109-Pleading)

525 Foster v. Hayes. - (Will— Construction—" For de- Knight 9. Fitch.-(Pleading-8 8.9 Vict. c. 109– fault of such issue"-Subsequent limitation

7 Geo. 2, c. 8—Wagering contract).

526 Proviso)

515 Hayne v. Robertson - Wood v. Cox.-(Practice Court of Queen's Bench.

Common-law Procedure Act, 1854, sect. 45— Afi. By G. J.P. SMITH and W. B. BRETT, Barristers at Law.

davits in answer lo new malter-Protection order

526 Ex parte Denison.—(Erroneous doctrine--13 Eliz.

–7 & 8 Vict. c. 70, 8. 6) c. 12- Church Discipline Act, 3 & 4 Vict. c. 86–

Court Of ExchEQUER. Jurisdiction-Prohibition)..


By W. M. Best, Barrister at Law, Turner o. Christian-(Principal and agent-Wrillen Lucas v. Roberts.-(6 & 7 Vict. c. 73, s. 37-Attorinstrument-Personal liability of agent). 519 ney's bill).



it be forgotten that they will be occupied in the dis

charge of their important duties for a shorter duration LONDON, JUNE 9, 1855.

of time on each occasion, by reason of their being sum

moned more frequently. The labours of our learned The Lord Chancellor proposes that three assizes and judges will be increased, but the number of cases which eight quarter sessions should be held in each year. The they now have to try will not, perhaps, be materially object is to have more speedy justice, and there is great increased on the whole year, though they will be disneed of it. Lord Brougham stated on a recent occa- tributed over more frequent periods. If necessary, sion, that the returns of 1853 shewed 28,000 commit- however, the number of our judges could be increased tals in that year. Of these, 6200 had been acquitted, to meet the additional labour. The Bar will suffer by and the average imprisonment of these (presumably) the alteration in one view, as they will be compelled to innocent persons amounted to six weeks. This is a leave their London business eleven times during the serious grievance, which should be remedied as far as year, and to travel the same distance as at present, inpossible. Under the present system, a person may be curring the somewhat onerous expenses of lodgings, committed for trial just after the assizes in July, and dinners, &c., for a less amount of work than is afforded if the offence with which he is charged happens to be them on their present “itineraries ;” but the interests one not triable at the sessions, he may be detained in of the Bar must not stand in the way of great public prison awaiting his trial until the following March, a benefits, nor do they desire that they should. In one period of eight months; he may then be acquitted; so view, the change may not be without its advantage to that he ought not to have been subjected to any deten- the legal Profession, as, by facilitating the remedies of tion whatever, and he has no remedy for the loss of his suitors, they will resort more frequently to the triliberty, and the concomitant evils attending its loss. bunals where their remedies may be enforced. At the same time, it must be admitted that this is an The proposition of the Lord Chancellor tends to argument capable of being pushed to an extreme point, remove the existing evils to some extent, but we venbecause, as an innocent man ought to be discharged at ture to doubt whether they might not be more comonce, it affords a reason for proceeding to final investi- pletely and effectually removed by a slight modificagation and decision as soon as an alleged offender is tion of his Lordship’s plan. If only three assizes are arrested. In the administration of justice, as in other held annually, the prisoners whose cases cannot be matters involving large and varied interests, the object (and, indeed, ought not to be) tried at sessions would to be kept in view is the fair and equitable adjustment still be liable to be imprisoned for four months before of public convenience and of private rights:

trial, while the same interval would elapse before civil If more frequent assizes and sessions are held at causes could be tried. By holding eight sessions anreasonable intervals, it will be an advantage to the nually, jurors would be summoned to attend them public, who will thus be enabled to enforce their rights twice as often as they are at present. These objecmore speedily; it will be an advantage also to prisoners, tions, we think, might to a great extent be obviated who will thereby be detained for a less period in prison. by holding the assizes four times in the year, and the To that branch of the public whence our juries are quarter sessions, as at present, four times in the year, supplied there will undoubtedly be some additional in- but at equidistant periods between the assizes. By convenience, but it will not be sufficient to prepon- this arrangement there would be criminal courts sitting derate over the advantages of speedy justice; nor must throughout the country every six weeks; prisoners

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8 8



charged with offences not within the jurisdiction of ger, until the appointment of a new messenger in the sessions would be tried at intervals of three months, place of such one messenger; and until such new scale and civil causes would also be tried at the same periodsshall come into operation, the fees shall, suhject to any It would be necessary so to re-adjust the Terms as to 26th October, 1843.

further order, be taken according to the scale dated the make them subservient to these alterations.

(Signed) CRANWORTH, C. If the Lord Chancellor's proposal for eight sessions is

J. L. KNIGHT BRUCE, L. J. adopted, of what use will be the Criminal Justice Bill,

G. J. TURNER, L. J. now before a committee of the House of Commons, the


EDWARD GOULBURN. object of which is to invest two justices in petty sessions with extraordinary powers, on account of the necessity for trying prisoners more frequently? If the Lord

SCHEDULE. Chancellor's plan is carried out, the Criminal Justice Bill will be unnecessary, (unless, indeed, for the saving Petitioning Creditor's Bill of Costs to the Choice of Assignees. of some expense). If the Criminal Justice Bill

£1 0 0 Instructions for petition pass

.. 0 10 0 into a law, the increased number of sessions will be Examining witnesses as to trading

Ditto as to act of bankruptcy

0 10 0 useless, as there will be so few prisoners to be tried at

The bankrupt being the petitioner, or the act of bankruptcy them.

being a declaration of insolvency filed by the solicitor to Whatever arrangement may be ultimately made, we the petitioner, or an assignment prepared by the solicitor shall be rejoiced to see justice rendered more speedy in

to the petitioner, or default made upon a trader debtor's

summons issued by the solicitor to the petitioner, this its administration, as it has already been rendered more charge will not be allowed. The expense of an assigoment simple and less costly.

will not be allowed where a declaration of insolvency would

answer the purpose.

If solicitor reside at a distance

Writing agent to search for prior petition 3 6
TRINITY TERM.-18 VICTORIA.—June 1, 1855. Agent's writing result of search

3 6 Searching, if prior petition filed, and paid stamp 0 7 8

0 10 0 This Court will hold sittings on Thursday, the 14th Drawing and ingrossing petition for adjudication

.10 1 0 day of June instant, and on every succeeding day, (Sun, Attesting signature of each petitioner, except in case days excepted), until and including Saturday, the 23rd

of partnership

0 6 day of June instant, and will at such sittings proceed Drawing and fair copy affidavit verifying petition 06 in disposing of the business then pending in the New Attending petitioner to be sworn

0 6 8 Trial and Special Papers; and will also hold a sitting Paid oath (if paid) on Thursday, the 5th day of July next, and will at

(N. B.- This may be sworn in court). such sitting proceed in giving judgment in all matters

Affidavits are not unnecessarily to be sworn out of court, no then standing for judgment.

fee being payable when sworn in court. FREDERICK POLLOCK. Fee on petition

1 0 0 E. H. ALDERSON.

Attending to file petition and ballot for commissioner ( 6 8
T. J. Platt,

Preparing summonses and summoning witnesses, or

arranging with witnesses, for their attendance
at opening

0 13 4
Paid them

See Witnesses' Scale, post. Petitioning creditor is not to be

regarded as a witness, and is not to be paid for loss of time; GENERAL ORDER

he may claim his expenses of travelling and subsistence. MADE IN PURSUANCE OF "THE BANKRUPTCY Act, 1854.” | Attending petitioning creditor, examining particu. May 19, 1855.

lars of his account against the bankrupt to
annex to his deposition

0 6 8 The Right Hon. ROBERT Monsey Lord CRANWORTH, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, by and with the Attending to open petition when court adjudicated,

and clerk

1 5 0 advice and assistance of the Right Hon. the Lord Justice

If by agent

2 5 0 Sir JAMES LEWIS KNIGHT BRUCE, the Right Hon. the Lord Justice Sir GEORGE JAMES TURNER, EDWARD Hol

One fee only for attending on adjudication will be allowed,

unless by direction of the court at the time, and a memoROYD, Esq., and EDWARD GOULBURN, Serjeant-at-Law, two of her Majesty's Commissioners of the Court of Court fee and memorandum for house registrar (in

randum of its allowance produced to the taxing officer. Bankruptcy, doth hereby, in pursuance and execution of the powers of an act of Parliament passed in the 17 & 18 The Sherif" being in possession under an execution,

0 13 10 Victoria, intituled “An Act for regulating Appoint

(or parties being in possession under a bill of ments to Offices in the Court of Bankruptcy, and for sale), drawing and fair copy notice of adjudicaamending the Laws relating to Bankrupts," and of all tion

05 other powers enabling him in that behalf, order and Copy and service at sheriff's office, or on bailiff 05 direct, that from and after the date hereof the bills of Ditto on execution creditor or creditors costs of solicitors, and the charges and fees of messengers, Ditto on plaintiff's attorney or attorneys

0 5 0 brokers, auctioneers, and accountants, with respect to Attending to bespeak copy proceedings, and afterany proceedings or employment in matters of bank

wards for same

0 3 4 ruptcy, shall, in the Court of Bankruptcy in London, Paid for same, at 11d. per folio of 90 words and in the several district Courts of Bankruptcy, be Attending messenger, instructing him as to residence taxed, settled, and allowed according to the schedule attending the official assignee, conferring with him

of bankrupt or bankrupts, and places of business 0 6 8 hereunto annexed: provided always, that so far as relates to the country districts, this scale, with respect

on the dealings and the particulars of estate and

effects of the bankrupt or bankrupts ..013 to the messengers' fees, shall not, where there are now

In country bankruptcies (drawing adtwo messengers, come into operation until the number vertisement for provincial paper, and is reduced to one, and where there is only one messen

fair copy) ..

6 8

0 0 0

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[blocks in formation]

Attending to order and pay for inser

Where the Petition is filed by the Bankrupt himself, and tion or insertions

6 8

special Proof of Assets to the Extent of 1501. is required Paid for same..

17 & 18. Vict. c. 119, s. 20. N.B.One advertisement, or when the creditors are nume- Drawing and fair copy statement of assets, per folio ls.

rous, two-one preceding the choice of assignees, and one Drawing and fair copy affidavit in verification thereof 0 6 8 preceding the last examination; but where several con- When statement referred (as in the London district) secutive advertisements are necessary in the same paper, to the official assignee for his certificate, attend. only one attendance to order such advertisements allowed, ing official assignee thereon, and attending court and where in several papers only one 6s. 8d. for one or therewith, and filing same

0 13 4 two papers, and another 68. 8d. for a third and fourth.

Where Act of Bankruptcy is an Assignment for Benefit of Attending court at the suggestion of the official as

Creditors, (only allowed by special Order of the Court). signee, and procuring its sanction for carrying on

Instructions for assignment ..

..O 6 8 business, or for sale of such estate as may be

Drawing same, per folio ls. ordered by the court

0 13 4 Bankrupt being in custody, attending court to obtain

To the extent of 25 folios ; if longer, at the discretion of

the taxing officer. warrant to bring bankrupt up to surrender, and instructing messenger

. 0 13 4


copy, per folio 4d. Such warrant to be transmitted by the messenger Paid stamp and paper

Ingrossing same, per folio 8d.

1 15 6 through the post if at a distance.

Attesting execution, 6s. 8d. each assigning party Paid goaler's fee

11° Where the Creditor proceeds under the Bankrupt-law ConOr if brought up by gaoler's assistant (if from

solidation Act, 1849, Sect. 72, Act of Bankruptcy being a distance, to be allowed as in case of wit. nesses)

the not paying, securing, or compounding a Judgment Debt.

0 10 6 Attending on bankrupt or bankrupts surrendering

Drawing notice of demand of judgment debt and fair

0 5 0 and consenting to advertisement of adjudication, and (where necessary) attending at the expiration

Attending creditor for his signature thereto

0 6 8 of the time allowed to the bankrupt or bankrupts

Personal service thereof

0 5 0 for disputing the adjudication, such bankrupt or

Where the Creditor proceeds under the Bankrupt-law Conbankrupts not having surrendered, to appoint

solidation Act, 1849, Sect. 72, Act of Bankruptcy being the sittings

0 13 4 Disobedience of Order of a Court of Equity for Payment Perusing and examining affidavits of debt, with ac

of Money. counts and securities transmitted by creditors

Making copy of decree or order for service, per residing at a distance of ten miles or upwards

folio 4d. from the court, preparing affidavits from such

Service thereof

050 accounts and securities, sending them to the

Instructions for affidavit to ground motion to court creditor to be sworn, exhibiting same to the

to fix a peremptory day for payment

0 6 8 court, and returning securities (if any), for each

.. 0 2 6 affidavit ..

* If made by the solicitor or his clerk, no charge for instruc

tions. The gross amount of such allowance to be in the discretion Drawing same, per folio 1s. of the taxing officer. No charge to be allowed for pre- Fair copy same, per folio 4d. paring, perusing, or examining powers of attorney to vote Attending to be sworn

0 6 8 in the choice of assignees.

Paid oath
Attending court on choice of assignees, and clerk 1 5 0 Attending to file afidavit and bespeak office copy 0 6 8
Court fee and attending to pay same in London) 0 13 10 Paid for office copy
Paid for copy proceedings, as before

Brief copy decree, and affidavits for counsel, per
Attending to bespeak, and afterwards for same 0 3 4 folio 4d.
Copy and service of appointment to tax (when the

Fee to him assignees appoint a different solicitor). 0 5 0 Attending bim

0 6 8 Attending taxing 0 6 8 Attending court, order made

0 13 4 Court fee and attending to pay (in London) 0 13 10 Attending to draw up and


0 6 Attending taxation of messenger's costs, when

Paid for same thought necessary by the taxing officer 0 3 4 Copy order for service, per folio 4d. Letters, messengers, and printed forms for pro

Service thereof

0 5 0 ceedings ..

0 10 0 Where the Act of Bankruptcy is the filing of a Petition in Paid for allocatur stamp

the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors, (Sect. 74). Where the Act of Bankruptcy is the filing a Declaration of Search for petition in the Court for Relief of Insolvent Insolvency.

Debtors, bespeaking office copy thereof, and
attending for same

.. 06. 8 Attending A. B. on his affairs, when it was resolved

Paid for search to file a declaration of insolvency, drawing and Paid for office copies .. fair copy declaration

0 6 8 If two or more partners, 18. extra for each copy signed.

Where the Act of Bankruptcy is the filing Petition for Attending and attesting signature

0 6 8 Arrangement under the Bankrupt-law Consolidation Act, Paid for stamp and paper

0 2 7

1849, Sect. 76. Attending chief registrar (or registrar of district

Attending to search for petition for arrangement, and court). to file declaration of insolvency, and

for proceedings thereunder

0 6 8 afterwards for copy

. 06
Paid search stamp

0 1 If solicitor reside at a distance

Where the Act of Bankruptcy is under the Bankrupt-law Letter to agent, with declaration, and instructions to

Consolidation Act, 1849, Sect. 77, against a Member of file same

0 3 6

Parliament. Agent's letter in reply

0 3 6

Attending taking instructions to proceed under The identity of the bankrupt being required to be proved by sect. 77, against A. B., having privilege of Par. a party at a distance, his attendance may be dispensed liament

0 6 8 with, and his affidavit received and the following charge Affidavit of debt

0 6 8 allowed:

Attending to get same sworn

O 6 8 Drawing and fair copy affidavit 0 6 8 Paid oath

0 1 6 Attending to swear

0 6 8 Attending to file same in one of the superior courts Paid oath 0 1 6 at Westminster

0 3 4



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