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venue cases.

36. Brewer not to have raw or unmalted grain in his 29. Notice of seizure of goods. brewery, or in premises adjacent.

30. Where persons are taken before a justice for any offence 37. Malt used by brewers to be ground by metal rollers under any act relating to the Customs, or likely to abscond, only.

such justice may order them to be detained a reasonable time,

or admit to bail. CAP. XCV.

31. Penalty and costs to be stated in convictions, &c. An Act to enable the Commissioners of her Majesty's Works 32. Execution may issue after trial, out of term.

and Public Buildings to provide additional Offices for the 33. Defendant's option to remove case to superior court to Public Service in or near Downing-street, Westminster.

be exercised before the hearing commences.
[14th August, 1855.] 34. Count for harbouring &c. smuggled goods.

35. Evidence of condemnation of forfeiture.

36. Sect. 2 of stat. 14 & 15 Vict. c. 99, not to extend to reAn Act to consolidate certain Acts, and otherwise amend the Laws of the Customs, and an Act to regulate the Office of

37. Defendants in Customs cases to have choice of attorney the Receipt of her Majesty's Exchequer at Westminster.

and counsel in Scotland. (14th August, 1855.]

38. Penalty on making false declarations, signing false do.

cuments, and untruly answering questions, and counterfeiting Sect. 1. Customs duties, &c. payable to Exchequer account and using false documents. of Bank of England to be received under such regulations as 39. Persons complaining of prohibition of books in copyright the Treasury shall prescribe.

lists may appeal to a judge in chambers. 2. Importation of tobacco in packages of less than eighty 40. Declaration of truth of notice of copyright. Nothing pounds prohibited.

to prevent persons aggrieved from proceeding at law, &c. 3. Goods not reported may be detained till requisites com- 41. Soldiers, &c. not to be billeted on coast guard. plied with.

42. Declaratory explanation of term “malt.' 4. Time for perfecting entries by bills of sight may be ex- 43. Interpretation of terms. tended.

44. Acts and parts of acts set forth in schedule repealed. 5. Commissioners of Customs may permit special entries Orders, &c. under acts repcaled to be valid. in particular cases.

45. Sections of this act set forth in table incorporated in the 6. Goods not worth the duty, &c. in the Queen's warehouse Customs Consolidation Act, 1853. may be destroyed.

46. Act to be registered in the Royal Courts of Guernsey 7. Combustibles not to be deposited in the Queen's ware- and Jersey. house.

47. Commencement and short title of act. 8. Power to dispense with the re-weighing, &c. of goods on quinquennial re-warehousing, in certain cases. 9. Goods not to be shipped except on proper days and

CAP. XCVII. places, nor until entry and clearance. Searcher may open packages and examine goods.

An Act for the Amendment and Consolidation of the Customs 10. Penalty on failing to deliver shipping bill.

Tariff Acts.

[14th August, 1855.) 11. Penalty on departing without being cleared.

Sect. 1. Instead of all other duties and drawbacks of cus. 12. As to exportation of British and Irish spirits to the Isle of Man, &c.

toms, there shall be paid and allowed the duties and drawbacks

in Table A. Duties in Table B. to be levied on goods im13. Foreign ships in the coasting trade to be subject to the same rules as British ships.

ported into the Isle of Man. As to free goods in Tables A.

and B. 14. Foreign ships employed in the coasting trade not to be subject to higher rates than British ships.

2. Power to the Treasury to remit and re-impose the duties 15. Her Majesty may exercise such powers as conferred by Orders to be published in the Gazette, and laid before Parlia

levied on unenumerated articles imported into the Isle of Man. sects. 324, 325, and 326 of the 16 & 17 Vict. c. 107.

ment. 16. Powers of Commissioners of Customs as to the colonies

3. Drawbacks on sugar. extended to governors, &c. 17. The Bay Islands to be placed on the same footing as the of white clayed sugar and brown clayed sugar.

4. Commissioners of Customs to provide standard samples Bermudas. 18. Provision as to importation of tobacco, &c. into the

5. As to meteage duties on fruit. Channel Islands.

6. Entries of arms, &c. to contain the aumbers and descrip19. As to importing and exporting spirits from and to the tion of the articles. Channel Islands in ships of fifty tons and casks of twenty

7. Manufactures of Gibraltar, &c. from foreign materials

deemed foreign. gallons. Not to extend to spirits in glass bottles, or to stores ; nor to certain warehoused goods exported; nor to licensed

8. Recital of acts hereby repealed. Orders, &c. under acts boats of ten tons supplying the Island of Sark.

repealed to be valid. 20. Probibited goods not to be shipped from the Channel creased or decreased duty to be added or deducted.

9. When contracts have been entered into, amount of inIslands to the United Kingdom.

10. Short title. 21. Reward to officers for seizures in the Channel Islands.

22. The terms "governor," &c. in the Channel Islands to include jurats, sho are to have the same power.

CAP. XCVIII. 23. Goods the growth or manufacture of the Isle of Man may | An Act to continue certain Turnpike Acts in Great Britain. be imported into Great Britain or Ireland on certificate, &c.

[11th August, 1835.) 24. Isle of Man to be part of the United Kingdom for Customs purposes.

Sect. 1. All Turnpike Acts which will expire op or before 25. Certain ressels belonging to her Majesty's subjects, or

the end of next session continued to the 1st October, 1856, whereof half the persons on board are subjects of her Majesty, &c., with certain exceptions. and foreign vessels, found within certain distances of the coast

2. Acts in schedule to this act continued till tbe Ist Novemof the United Kingdom or Channel Islands with certain goods

ber, 1856. on board, forfeited, with the goods.

3. Short title. 26. Any vessel or boat arriving within any port of the

4. Extent of act. United Kingdom or of the Channel Islands having prohibited goods on board, or attached thereto, forfeited. Power to com

CAP. XCIX. missioners to waive forfeiture.

An Act to enable her Majesty to carry into Effect a Conven27. Forfeiture not to extend to ships and goods in certain tion made between her Majesiy, his Majesty the Emperor

of the French, and his Imperial Majesty the Sultan. 28. Persons on board vessels within ports of the United

[14th August, 1855.) Kingdom or the Channel Islands, with contraband articles, subject to penalty of 1091, and detention.




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8. Powers given by sect. 77 of Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853, An Act to amend the Law concerning the Qualification of to visitors of an asylum to order removal of pauper lunatics, Officers of the Militia.

[14th August, 1855.] extended. Sect. 1. Property qualifications for officers of certain ranks in

9. Powers of commissioners and visitors to continue appli. the militia.

cable to a bouse which has been licensed atter expiration of 2. The income of personal estate in possession of the officer license, while any patients are therein. to be deemed equivalent to the yearly value of land.

10. Contracts under 42nd section of Lunatic Asylums Act, 3. Persons holding certain military ranks may be appointed 1853, may be renewed. to certain ranks in the militia without property qualifications.

11. Provision for burial of pauper lunatics. 4. Existing enactments to extend to qualifications under this

12. Power to enter into agreements with cemetery company

or burial board. 5. Exceptions for the militia of London and Edinburgh.

13. Committee of visitors may convey land for burial ground 6. Extent of the act.

for lunatics, &c. dying in the asylum.

14. Pauper lunatics whose settlements cannot be ascertained,

where found in a borough which does not contribute to the CAP. CI.

county expenditure, to be chargeable to such borough. An Act for the more effectual Execution of the Convention 15. Seals of commissioners, visitors, and justices, to orders,

between her Majesty and the French Government concern: &c., dispensed with.
ing the Fisheries in the Seas between the British Islands and 16. So much of sect. 6 of the 16 & 17 Vict. c. 96, as requires

[14th August, 1855.] personal examination of patients repealed.
Sect. I. Oysters and dredges found on board fishing vessels

17. Consent of committee of management of any hospital from the 1st May to the 31st August may be seized.

sufficient to authorise a patient being sent to any place for 2. Oysters landed between the 1st May and the 31st August health. may be seized.

18. Detention of lanatics after expiration of or revocation 3. Penalties on persons in charge of British vessels for of. of license a misdemeanour. fending.

19. Act to be read with the acts amended as one act. 4. British consuls may take depositions on oath concerning offences against the fishery regulations. 5. Depositions admissible in evidence.

CAP. CVI. 6. Penalties and proceeds of sales, &c. to be paid into Es. An Act to suspend the making of Lists and the Ballots for the chequer.

Militia of the United Kingdom. [14th August, 1855.) 7. As to the term “ British consul."

Sect. I. Meetings relating to the militia of the United King8. Recited act and this act to be read together.

dom, and ballots for such militia, suspended.

2. Proceedings may be had during such suspension by Order

in Council. CAP. CII.

3. Not to extend to prevent the holding of certain meetings An Act to confirm certain Provisional Orders made under an relating to the militia.

Act of the fifteenth Year of her present Majesty to facilitate
Arrangements for the Relief of Turnpike Trusts.

[14th August, 1855.] An Act to authorise the Commissioners of the Treasury to

make Arrangements concerning a certain Loan advanced by CAP. CIII.

way of Relief to the Island of Tobago. An Act to amend an Act of the last Session of Parliament

[14th August, 1855.] relating to the Sale of Spirits by unlicensed Persons and illicit Distillation in Ireland ; and also to repeal so much of

CAP. CVIII. an Act of the third and fourth Years of his late Majesty as An Act to amend the Law for the Inspection of Coal Mines in requires Persons applying for Licenses for the Sale of Beer, Great Britain.

[14th August, 1855.] Cider, or Spirits by Retail in Ireland to enter into a Bond Sect. 1. The 13 & 14 Vict. c. 100, repealed. with Sureties.

[14th August, 1855.]

2. Power to Secretary of State to appoint inspectors

of mines. CAP. CIV.

3. No land agent or manager, &c. of coal mine to act An Act for the Regulation of Chinese Passenger Ships.

as inspector. [14th August, 1855.)

4. General rules to be observed in all coal mines.

5. Special rules to be made for each colliery, with the CAP. CV.

approval of Secretary of State. An Act to amend the Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853, and the 6. Publication of rules.

Acts passed in the Ninth and Seventeenth Years of her Ma. 7. Powers and duties of inspectors.
jesty for the Regulation of the Care and Treatment of 8. Owners of coal mines to produce maps or plans of
[14th August, 1855.]

mines to inspector. If owners do not produce Sect. 1. Any single county or borough may unite with the

maps, &c., inspector may require them to be made. subscribers to a hospital, and any committee of visitors of an

9. Notice of accidents in mines to be given to Secretary

of Slate. existing asylam may so unite. 2. The proportion of expenses between any county and bo

10. Provision for giving notice to Secretary of State of nough may be fixed with reference to accommodation likely to

holding inquests on deaths from accidents in coal

mines. be required. 3. Agreements for uniting to be hereafter entered into to

11. Penalties for offences against this act. stipulate for contribution by counties and boroughs according

12. Penalty for obstructing inspectors. to their relative populations for the time being, where not fixed

13. Penalty for defacing notice used for such publication.

14. Penalties, how recoverable. according to foregoing provision. 4. Where expenses are to be contributed in proportion to

15. Certified copy of special rules to be evidence. population, the same to be ascertained by last census for the

16. Reports of inspectors to be laid before Parliament. time being.

17. Interpretation of terms.

18. Extent of act. 5. Where there is a dissolation of a union, a new asylum to be provided.

19. Term of this act. 6. Provisions to apply to councils of boroughs where they Whereas an act of the session of Parliament bolden in the bave taken upon themselves the execution of the Lunatic Asy- 13 & 14 Vict. c. 100, was passed “for inspection of coal lums Act, 1853.

mines in Great Britain :" and whereas, with a view to the 7. Places becoming borouglis after the commencement of safety of the persons employed in such mines, it is expedient the Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853, to be deemed boroughs an- that further provision be made for the inspection and regulanexed to the counties in which they are situate.

I tion thereof: be it therefore enacted &c. as follows:


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Sect. 1. The said act of the 13 & 14 Vict. (c. 100), shall be one month from the time of such nomination appoint one or repealed : provided always, that the inspectors of coal mines more of the persons so nominated by the owner as aforesaid, appointed under such act shall continue to be such inspectors then and in such case two such mining engineers or other con. under this act, subject nevertheless to removal by one of her petent persons as aforesaid shall be appointed, one of whom Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State: provided also, that shall be named by the owner of such coal mine or colliery, and all penalties incurred under the said act before the repeal one by the Secretary of State ; and the said persons so apthereof may be proceeded for and applied as if this act had not pointed shall, before they proceed to determine the matters in been passed.

difference, and to decide what special rules shall be established 2. It shall be lawful for one of her Majesty's Principal in such coal mine or colliery, appoint a third person, being Secretaries of State from time to time to appoint any fit per- such mining engineer or such other competent person as aforeson or persons to te an inspector or inspectors of coal mines, said, to be their umpire in case of difference of opinion between and from time to time to remove any such inspector or in. | them; and the determination of such persons and the said spectors; and notice of the appointment of every such in. umpire, or of any two of them, shall be final, aud the special spector shall be published in the London Gazette.

rules shall be established accordingly: provided, that after 3. No person who shall act or practise as a land agent, or such rules are established it shall be lawful for the owner of as a manager, viewer, or agent, or mining engineer, or valuer | any coal mine or colliery (or for the Secretary of State) to pro. of mines, or arbitrator in any matters of dispute arising be pose from time to time any amendments of such rules, which tween owners of mines, or be otherwise employed in any coal amendments, if not objected to by the Secretary of State within mine or colliery, shall act as an inspector of coal mines under the time aforesaid, or owners, as the case may be, shall be this act.

established ; and in case of objection being made to any of 4. The following rules (hereinafter referred to as the general them, and of a difference arising out of such objection, the rules) shall be observed in every coal mine and colliery by the same proceedings shall be had respecting them as hereinbefore owner and agent thereof :

provided in reference to the special rules when originally sub. (1). An adequate amount of ventilation shall be constantly mitted to such Secretary of State, and objected to: provided

produced at all collieries to dilute and render harm- also, that the amount of payment to be made to all such perless nosious gases, to such an extent as that the worksons, and to such umpire so nominated or appointed as aforeing places of the pits and levels of such collieries shall said, for their services, shall be fixed by such Secretary of under ordinary circumstances be in a fit state for State, and paid in equal moieties by such owner and tbe Com. working :

missioners of her Majesty's Treasury, who are hereby autho(2). Every shaft or pit which is out of use, or used only as rised to make such payment accordingly. an air pit, shall be securely fenced :

6. For the purpose of making known the general rules and (3). Every working and pumping pit or shaft shall be pro. special rules to all persons employed in or about each coal perly fenced when not at work :

mine or colliery, the owner thereof shall cause the general (4). Every working and pumping pit or shaft, wbere the rules and the special rules for such coal mine or colliery to be

natural strata under ordinary circumstances are not painted on a board or printed upon paper to be pasted thereon, saff, shall be securely cased or lined :

and shall cause such board to be hung up or affixed on some (5). Every working pit or shaft shall be provided with some conspicuous part of the principal office or place of business of

proper means of signalling from the bottom of the the coal mine or colliery; and the general rules and special shalt to the surface, and from the surface to the boto | rules so painted or printed and hung up shall be renewed and tom of the shaft.

restored with all reasonable dispatch as often as the same, or (6). A proper indicator to shew the position of the load in any part thereof, may be defaced, obliterated, or destroyed :

the pit or shaft, and also an adequate break, shall be, and a printed copy of such general and special rules shall be attached to every machine worked by steam or water supplied to all persons employed in and about the same. power used for lowering or raising persons :

7. It shall be lawful for any inspector to enter, inspect, and (7). Every steam boiler shall be provided with a proper steam examine any coal mine or colliery, and the works and magauge, water gauge, and safety valve.

chinery belonging thereto, at all reasonable times and seasons, 5. In addition to the general rules there shall be established by day or night, but so as not to impede or obstruct the workand observed in every coal mine or colliery such other rules ing of the said coal mine or colliery, and to make inquiry into (hereinafter referred to as special rules) for the conduct and and touching the state and condition of such coal mine or col. guidance of the persons acting in the management of such coal | liery, works, and machinery, and the ventilation of such mine mine or colliery, and of all persons employed in or about or colliery, and the mode of lighting or using lights in the same, the same, as under the particular state and circumstances of and into all matters and things connected with or relating to such coul mine or colliery may appear best calculated to the safety of the persons employed in or about the same, and prevent dangerous accidents; and such special rules for especially to make izquiry whether the provisions of this act each coal mine or colliery shall be framed by the owner are complied with in relation to such coal mine or colliery; and thereof, and forthwith transmitted to one of her Majesty's the owner or agent of such coal mine or colliery is hereby re. Principal Secretaries of State; and such rules, if not ob- quired to furnish the means necessary for such entry, inspec. jected to by such Secretary of State within forty days from tion, examination, and inquiry; and if such inspector find any the day upon which they are received by him, shall be esta. of the general rules or any of the special rules established for blished; and in case such Secretary of State shall be of opi. such coal mine or colliery to be neglected or wilfully violated, nion that such rules, or any of them, do not sufficiently such inspector shall forthwith give notice in writing thereof to provide for the safety of the person or persons employed in the owner or agent of such coal mine or colliery; and if such or about such coal

mine or colliery, it shall be lawful for inspector find any part of such coal mine or colliery, works or such Secretary of State, within the forty days aforesaid, to machinery, or any aircourses, airdoors, waterways, drains, pits, propose any alterations in or additions to such special rules ; levels, shafts, or other matter or thing in or connected with and in case such owner shall not, within twenty days from the such coal mine or colliery, or the mode of lighting or using day on which such alterations or additions are proposed to him, lights in the same, to be otherwise dangerous or defective, so object to the same, the special rules shall be established with as in his opinion to threaten or tend to the bodily injury of such alterations and additions; and in case such owner shall, any person employed in or about such coal mine or coliery. within the said twenty days, object to such alterations or addi- such inspector shall thereupon, by notice in writing, summon tions, or any of them, it shall be lawful for such owner, within before him at the colliery office the manager or principal col. seven days after he shall have so objected, to nominate three or liery viewer or agent having charge of the said coal mine or more practical mining engineers or other competent persons of colliery, in order to his being heard upon the matter giving experience in the district within which such coal mine or col. rise to such finding as aforesaid; and if such manager or liery is situate, and who shall not be interested in or employed principal colliery viewer or agent do not attend after reason. in the management of such coal mine or colliery, of whom such able notice, or having attended fail to satisfy such inspector, Secretary of State may appoint one or more, to determine the then such inspector shall serve notice in writing of the par. matter in difference, and to decide what special rules shall be ticular grounds on which he is of opinion that the said coal established in such coal mine or colliery; and if such owner mine or colliery, or any part thereof, or any other of the pare shall not within such seren days nominate such mining engi- ticulars above mentioned, is dangerous or defective, on the neers as aforesaid, or if such Secretary of State shall not within owner or agent thereof, and shall also report the same to one

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of her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State ; and in case of or cause to be sent such notice as aforesaid within the time any difference arising thereupon the same shall be determined | aforesaid shall for such offence be liable to a penalty of not less in the manner hereinbefore provided with respect to proposed than 101. and not exceeding 201. alterations or additions to the special rules, and a copy of 10. Every coroner holding an inquest upon the body of any such notice, in case of no such difference as aforesaid, or of the person whose death may have been caused by any such acci. determination in case of such difference, arising, shall, if the said dent as aforesaid shall (unless some person be present on bedanger or defect be not forthwith removed or remedied, and if half of one of her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State to the Secretary of State shall so direct, be hung up or affixed on watch the proceedings at such inquest, or notice of such accisome conspicuous part of the principal office or place of business dent shall have been sent, four clear days at the least previously of the coal mine or colliery, and a copy supplied to every work thereto, through the post-office, by letter addressed to one of man to whom such notice or determination shall apply, such such Secretaries of State, and the sending of the same be copy so to be hung up or affixed as aforesaid to be removed on proved to the satisfaction of the coroner) adjourn such inquest, the certificate of the inspector of the district, or of the persons and by letter sent two days at the least before holding such by whom such determination shall have been made, that such adjourned inquest, through the post office, addressed to one of danger or defect has been removed or remedied : provided such Secretaries of State, give notice to such Secretary of State always, that so long as any copy of such notice er determination, of the time and place of holding the same: provided always, parporting that the coal mine or colliery, or any part thereof, that it shall be lawful for such coroner, before the adjourn. or any other of the particulars above mentioned, is dangerous ment of any such inquest, to take evidence to identify the body, or defective, shall remain so hung up or affixed, and the danger and to order the interment thereof. or defect notified therein shall not be removed or remedied, it 11. If after the 31st December, 1855, any coal mine or shall be lawful for any person employed in or about such coal colliery be worked, and, through the default of the owner mine or colliery to discontinue his service in any part of such thereof, special rules bave not been established for the same, coal mine or colliery to which part the said notice or determi. according to the provisions of this act, or the general rules or nation shall apply, without being therefore liable to be pro. the special rules for such coal mine or colliery, by this act ceeded against under the act passed in the 4 Geo. 4, c. 34, required to be established, have not been hung up or affixed, as for absence from his service, or misconduct in the execution or have not, after obliteration or destruction, been renewed or thereof : provided also, that unless the owner or agent on whom restored, as required by this act, or any of such general rules the notice is served as aforesaid shall within seven days of such or special rules which ought to be observed by the owner and service signify to the said inspector his objections to the same, principal agent or viewer of such coal mine or colliery be negand at the same time nominate three competent persons, as lected or wilfully violated by any such owner, agent, or viewer, hereinbefore provided in the 5th section, with a view to the de. such person shall be liable to a penalty of not exceeding 51., termination of such objection, such notice shall be considered and also, in case the default or neglect be not remedied with all good and valid, and shall be hung up or affixed as hereinbefore reasonable dispatch, after notice in writing thereof given by an provided.

inspector to the owner or agent of such coal mine or colliery, 8. The owner or agent of every coal mine or colliery to a further penalty of not exceeding 11. for every day during shall, on the occasion and for the purpose of the inspec. which the offence continues after such notice; and every person tion and examination thereof, produce and submit for exa. other than aforesaid employed in or about a coal mine or col. mination to any such inspector as aforesaid a map or plan of liery, who neglects or wilfully violates any of the special rules the workings of such coal mine or colliery, upon which map established for such coal mine or colliery, shall for every such or plan shall be delineated the several parts, aircourses, air- offence be liable to a penalty not exceeding 21., or to be impridoors, waterways, drains, pits, levels, and shafts in and con- soned, with or without hard labour, in the common gaol or nected with such coal mine or colliery; and if such owner or house of correction, for any period not exceeding three calendar agent do not produce and submit for examination as aforesaid months, or to be proceeded against and punished according to such a map or plan as aforesaid, or if any such inspector as the provisions of the act 4 Geo. 4, c. 34, intituled “ An Act to aforesaid find that any portion of any map or plan is withheld, enlarge the Power of Justices in determining Complaints beor any part of the workings of any such mine or colliery is tween Masters and Servants." concealed from his inspection, or if he find, on examining 12. Every owner or principal agent of any coal mine or and verifying any map or plan, that the same is imperfect or colliery who refuses or neglects to produce, as hereinbefore inaccurate, be is hereby en powered to require that an accu. required, a map or plan of the workings of a colliery to any rate map or plan of the actual workings of such coal mine or inspector, or to furnish to the said inspector the means neces. colliery, and the works thereto belonging, clearly delineating sary for making any entry, inspection, examination, or inquiry such matters and things as aforesaid, be made within a reason under this act, and every person who wilfully obstructs any able time, by and at the expense of the owner of such mine, on inspector in the execution of this act, shall for every such a scale of not less than two chains to one inch, or on such other offence be liable to a penalty of not less than 5l. and not scale as the plan then used in the colliery is constructed on ; exceeding 101. and every such map or plan as aforesaid shall shew the work. 13. Every person who pulls down, injures, or defaces any ings of the mine up to within six months of the time of inspec. notice hung up or affixed, as required by this act, shall for tion; and the owner or agent of the coal mine or colliery shall, every such offence be liable to a penalty of not exceeding 40s. if required so to do by any such inspector as aforesuid, mark 14. All penalties imposed by this act may be recovered in a or cause to be marked on such map or plan the progress of the summary manner before two justices of the peace, or in Scotworkings of the coal mine or colliery up to the time of his in- land before the sheriff having jurisdiction in the county or spection thereof: provided, that nothing herein contained shall place where the offence is committed, within three months of be construed to authorise any inspector to make a copy of the the commission of the same, in the manner prescribed by the whole or any part of a map or plan which shall be produced law in that behalf; and it shall be lawful for the Commisor made.

sioners of her Majesty's Treasury, upon the recommendation 9. If and when loss of life to any person employed in or of one of her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, to direct about any coal mine or colliery occurs by reason of any acci- that any penalty imposed for neglecting to send or cause to be dent within such coal mine or colliery, or any pits or shafts sent notice of any accident, as required by this act, shall be thereof, or any works or machinery connected with such pits or paid to or among any of the family or relatives of any person shafts, or if any serious personal injury arises from explosion or persons killed by such accident, as he may think tit; and, therein, the owner or agent of such mine or colliery shall, save as aforesaid, all penalties imposed by this act shall, when within twenty-four hours next after such loss of life, send recovered, be paid, for the use of her Majesty, to the sheriff or notice of such accident, under the hand of such owner or other proper officer of the county, riding, division, or place for agent, to one of her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, which the justices or other competent authority before whom and in Scotland to the Lord Advocate, and in all cases to the the penalty is recovered shall have acted. inspector of the district within which such loss of life shall 15. A copy of the special rules for the time being established occur, and shall specify in such notice the probable cause of in any coal mine or colliery, certified under the hands of one such accident, and such notice may be sent through the post of the inspectors to be a copy of the special rules established office, by letter addressed to such Secretary of State or Lord in such coal mine or colliery, shall be evidence of such special Advocate, and to the inspector of the district at his usual place rules, and of their being duly established under this act, without of residence; and every owner or agent who neglects to send I further proof.

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16. Every inspector shall, on or before the 1st March in the same, notwithstanding that such goods or some part thereof every year, make a separate and distinct report in writing of may not have been so shipped, unless such holder of the bill his proceedings during the preceding year, and shall transmit of lading shall have had actual notice at the time of receiving the same to one of her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, the same that the goods had not been in fact laden on board : and a copy of such report shall be laid before both Houses of provided, that the master or other person so signing may exoParliament.

nerate bimself in respect of such misrepresentation by shewing 17. In the construction of this act, the term “ owner" of a that it was caused without any default on his part, and wbolly coal mine or colliery shall mean the immediate proprietor, by the frand of the shipper, or of the bolder, or some person lessee, or occupier of a coal mine or colliery, or of any part under whom the holder claims. thereof; and the term “ agent" of a mine shall mean any person having, on behalf of the owner of any mine, the care or direction thereof; and the term “ inspector" or " inspectors"

CAP. CXII. shall respectively mean an inspector or inspectors of coal mines An Act to continue an Act of the Eleventh Year of her present appointed under the 13 & 14 Vict. or this act; and the term

Majesty, for the Prevention of Crime and Outrage in certain “district" shall mean that portion of Great Britain which shall

Parts of Ireland.

[14th August, 1855.) be assigned to any one of such inspectors. 18. This act shall not extend to Ireland.

CAP. CXIII. 19. This act shall continue until the expiration of five years after the passing of this act, and thenceforth until the end of An Act to extend the Provisions of an Act of the Fourteenth the then next session of Parliament.

and Fifteenth Years of her present Majesty, for rebuilding the Bridge over the River Ness at Inverness.

(14th August, 1855.) CAP. CIX.

Ad. An Act to make further Provisions for the Repayment

CAP. CXIV. vances out of the Consolidated Fund for the Erection and An Act for the Transfer of Licenses of Public-bouses in Ireland. Enlargement of Asylums for the Lanatic Poor in Ireland,

[14th August, 1855.) and to amend the Laws with reference to the Repayments in case of Change of Districts, and the Appointment of Com.

CAP. CXV. missioners of General Control and Correspondence.

[14th August, 1855.]
An Act to continue and amend the Public Health Act, 1354.

[14th August, 1855.] CAP. CX.

Sect. 1. General board to be continued for one year, &c. An Act to authorise the application of certain Sums granted

2. Power to general board to appoint, with consent of by Parliament for Drainage and other Works of public

Treasury, medical council and medical officer. Utility in Ireland towards the Completion of certain Navi. 3. Treasury to fir salaries. gations undertaken in connexion with Drainages, and to 4. Salaries, &c., how to be paid. amend the Acts for promoting the Drainage of Lands, and

5. Short title. Improvements in connexion therewith, in Ireland.

Whereas by the act of the session bolden in the 17 & 18 [14th August, 1855.)

Vict. c. 95, to make better Provision for the Administration

of the Laws relating to the Public Health," a board was con. CAP. CXJ.

stituted, to be called "The General Board of Health," and it An Act to amend the Law relating to Bills of Lading. was thereby provided that the said board should be continued

[14th August, 1855.]

for one year next after the day of the passing of that act, and Sect. 1. Rights under bills of lading to vest in consignee or thenceforth until the end of the then next session of Parliaindorsee.

ment, and by the said act the said board were authorised to 2. Not to affect right of stoppage in transitu, or claims appoint a secretary and assistant secretary, and such clerks for freight.

and officers of the board, and also so many superintending in. 3. Bill of lading in hands of consignee, &c. conclusive spectors under such board, as the Commissioners of her Ma.

evidence of the shipment as against master, &c. jesty's Treasury might think fit, every person so appointed to Proviso.

be removeable at the pleasure of the said board : and whereas Whereas by the custom of merchants a bill of lading of should have power to appoint a medical council and a medical

it is expedient that the said board should be continued, and goods being transferable by indorsement, the property in the officer : be it enacted &c. as follows:goods way thereby pass to the indorsee, but nevertheless all rights in respect of the contract contained in the bill of lading as limits the duration of the board of health shall be repealed,

Sect. 1. On the passing of this act, so much of the said act continue in the original shipper or owner, and it is expedient and the said board shall be continued for one year nest after that such rights should pass with the property: and whereas the day of the passing of this act, and thenceforth until the it frequently happens that the goods in respect of which bills end of the then next session of Parliament, and no longer. of lading purport to be signed have not been laden on board, and it is proper that such bills of lading in the hands of a bonâ of sach number of persons as the said board, with the consent

2. The said board may appoint a medical council, consisting fide bolder for value should not be questioned by the Master of the Commissioners of her Majesty's Treasury, may deem or other person signing the same, on the ground of the goods espedient, and may appoint a medical officer, and may assign not having been laden as aforesaid : be it therefore enacted &c. to such council and medical officer sach duties as the board as follows :Sect. 1. Every consignee of goods named in a bill of lading, or such officer, and appoint another person in his stead; and

may think fit; they may remove any member of such council, and every indorsee of a bill of lading to whom the property in they may diminish, or, with the consent of the Commissioners of the goods therein mentioned shall pass upon or by reason of her Majesty's Treasury, increase, the number of such council, such consignment or indorsement, shall have transferred to and vested in him all rights of suit, and be subject to the same council and to the said medical officer such fees or salaries as

3. There shall be paid to the members of the said medical liabilities in respect of such goods as if the contract contained may from time to time be appointed by the Commissioners of in the bill of lading had been made with himself. 2. Nothing herein contained shall prejudice or affect any there may be allowed, in addition to bis salary, such reason

her Majesty's Treasury; and in the case of such medical officer right of stoppage in transita, or any right to claim freight able travelling and other expenses as may be incurred by him against the original shipper or owner, or any liability of the in the performance of the duties of his off.ce. consignee or indorsee by reason or in consequence of his being such consignee or indorsee, or of his receipt of the goods by dental expenses of the said general board, shall be paid out of

4. All fees and salaries payable under this act, and all inci. reason or in consequence of such consignment or indorsement. such monies as shall be provided by Parliament.

3. Every bill of lading in the hands of a consignee or in. dorsee for valuable consideration, representing goods to have Board of Health Contincance Act, 1855."

5. This act may be cited for all purposes as “The General been shipped on board a vessel, shall be conclusive evidence of such shipment as against the master or other person sigoing

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