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such medical aid and such accommodation as may be

required : An Act for the better Prevention of Diseases.

And from time to time, in like manner, may revoke, renew, [14th August, 1855.]

and alter any such directions and regulations as to the said Sect. I. Short title.

board appears expedient, to extend to all parts in which the 2. Local authority for execution of act.

provisions of this act for the prevention of disease shall for 3. Expenses of act.

the time being be put in force under such orders as aforesaid, 4. Power of entry.

unless such directions and regulations be expressly confined to 5. Power to Privy Council to issue orders that pro- some of such parts, and then to such parts as therein are speci

visions herein contained for prevention of discases fied; and (subject to the power of revocation and alteration heremay be put in force.

in contained) such directions and regulations shall continue in 6. Power lo General Board of Health to issue reyula force so long as the said provisions of this act shall, under such

tions to carry out such provisions. Local extent order, be applicable to the same parts.
and duration of regulations of yeneral board.

7. Every such direction and regulation as aforesaid, when 7. Publication of such regulations.

issued, shall be published in the London Gazette, and the 8. The local authority to see to the execution of such Gazette in which such direction or regulation was published regulations, &c.;

shall be conclusive evidence of the direction or regulation so 9. And may direct prosecutions for violating the same. published to all intents and purposes. 10. Orders of Council, directions, and regulations to be

8. The local authority shall superintend and see to the exelaid before Parliament.

cution of such directions and regulations, and shall appoint and 11. Order in Council may extend to parts and arms of pay such medical or other officers or persons, and do and prothe sca.

vide all such acts, matters, and things, as may be necessary for 12. Medical officer of unions and others entilled to costs mitigating such disease, or for superintending or aiding in the

of attending sick on board vessels, when required execution of such directions and regulations, or for executing by orders of General Board of Health.

the same, as the case may require. 13. Authentication of directions and regulations of Ge. 9. The local authority may from time to time direct any neral Board of Health.

prosecutions or legal proceedings for or in respect of the wilful 14. Penalty for obstructing execution of the act. violation or neglect of any such direction or regulation. 15. Certain provisions of the Nuisances Removal Act to 10. Every order of her Majesty's Privy Council, and every apply to this act.

direction and regulation of the General Board of Health,

under this act, shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament, Whereas the provisions of the Nuisances Removal and forthwith upon the issuing thereof, if Parliament be then sitDiseases Prevention Act, 1818, amended by the Nuisances ting, and if not, then within fourteen days next after the comRemoval and Diseases Prevention Amendment Act, 1819, in mencement of the then next session of Parliament. so far as the same relate to the prevention or mitigation of 11. Orders in Council issued in pursuance of this act, for epidemic, endemic, or contagious diseases, are defective, and putting in force the provisions for the prevention of disease in it is expedient to substitute other provisions more effectual in the said Nuisances Removal and Diseases Prevention Acts that behalf: be it therefore enacted &c, as follows:

contained, in Great Britain, may extend to parts and arms of Sect. I. This act may be cited for all purposes as The the sea lying within the jurisdiction of the Admiralty; and the Diseases Prevention Act, 1855."

Board of Health for England may issue under this act direc2. The local authority for executing this act shall be the tions and regulations for cleansing, purifying, ventilating, and local authority acting in cxecution of any general act in force disinfecting, and providing medical aid and accommodation, for the time being for the removal of nuisances.

and preventing disease in ships and vessels, as well upon arms 3. The expenses incurred in execution of this act shall be and parts of the sea aforesaid as upon inland waters. borne out of the rates or funds administered by such local au- 12. Whenever, in compliance with any regulation of the thority, under the provisions and for the purposes of any such General Board of Health which they may be empowered to general act as is referred to in the preceding section.

make under this act, any medical officer appointed under and 4. The local authority and their officers shall have power of by virtue of the laws for the time being for the relief of the entry for the purposes of this act, and for executing or super poor shall perform any medical service on board of any vessel, intending the execution of the regulations and directions of the such medical officer shall be entitled to charge extra for any general board issued under this act.

such service, at the general rate of bis allowance for his ser5. Whenever any part of England appears to be threatened vices for the union or place for which he is appointed, and with or is affected by any formidable epidemic, endemic, or such charges shall be payable by the captain of the vessel, on contagious discase, the Lords and others of her Majesty's most behalf of the owners, together with any reasonable expenses Honourable Privy Council, or any three or more of them, (the for the treatment of the sick; and if such services shall be Lord President of the Council or one of her Majesty's Prin- rendered by any medical practitioner who is not a union or cipal Secretaries of State being one), may, by order or orders parish officer, he shall be entitled to charges for any service to be by them from time to time made, direct that the provi- rendered on board, with extra remuneration on account of sions herein contained for the prevention of diseases be put distance, at the same rate as those which he is in the babit of in force in England, or in such parts thereof as in such order receiving from private patients of the class of those attended or orders respectively may be expressed, and may from time and treated on shipboard, to be paid as aforesaid ; and in case to time, as to all or any of the parts to which any such order of dispute in respect of such charges, such dispute may, where or orders extend, and in like manner, revoke or renew any the charges do not exceed 201., be determined summarily, at such order; and, subject to revocation and renewal as afore- the place where the dispute arises, as in the case of seamen's said, every such order shall be in force for six calendar months, wages not exceeding 501., according to the provisions of the or for such shorter period as in such order shall be espressed; law in that behalf for the time being in force; and any justice and every such order of her Majesty's Privy Council, or of before whom complaint is made shall determine summarily as any members thereof, as aforesaid, shall be certified under the to the amount which is reasonable, according to the accushand of the Clerk in Ordinary of her Majesty's Privy Council, tomed rate of charge within the place for attendance on paand shall be published in the London Gazette; and such pub- tients of the like class or condition as those in respect of whom lication shall be conclusive evidence of such order to all intents the charge is made. and purposes.

13. The directions and regulations of the General Board of 6. From time to time after the issuing of any such order as Health under this enactment shall be under the seal of the said aforesaid, and whilst the same continues in force, the General board, and the band of the president, or two or more members Board of Health may issue directions and regulations, as the thereof; and any copy of such regulations purporting to bear said board think fit

such seal and signature, whether the said signature and seal be For the speedy interment of the dead :

respectively impressed and written, or printed only, sball be For house to house visitation :

evidence in all proceedings in which such regulations may For the dispensing of medicines, guarding against the spread come in question.

of disease, and affording to persons afficted by or threat- 14. Whoever wilfully obstructs any person acting under the ened with such epidemic, endemic, or contagious diseases I authority or employed in the execution of this act, and whoso


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ever wilfully violates any direction or regulation issued by the for the sale of beer, wine, spirits, or other fermented or disGeneral Board of Health as aforesaid, shall be liable for every tilled liquor or liquors; and every person who shall refuse to such offence to a penalty not exceeding 51., to be appropriated admit or shall not admit such constable into such house or in or towards the defraying the expenses of executing this act. place shall be deemed guilty of an offence against this act.

15. The provisions of any general act in force for the re- 5. Every person who shall offend against this act shall be moval of nuisances, with regard to the service of notices, the liable, upon a summary conviction for the same before any jns. proof of orders or resolutions of the local authority, and the tice of the peace for the county, riding, division, liberty, city, recovery of penalties, shall extend and apply to this act. borough, or place where the offence shall be committed, to a

penalty not exceeding 51. for every such offence, and every

separate sale shall be deemed a separate offence. CAP. CXVII. An Act for transferring to one of her Majesty's Principal Se. cretaries of State the Powers and Estates vested in the Prin.

CAP. CXIX. cipal Officers of the Ordnance. [14th August, 1855.) An Act to amend the Law relating to the Carriage of Pas. Sect. 1. Powers, &c. vested in the principal officers of the

sengers by Sea.

[14th August, 1855.) Ordnance to be transferred to her Majesty's Secretary of State Sect. 1. Commencement of this act, and repeal of the forfor the War Department.

mer act, except as to existing liabilities, and except as to an 2. All lands, &c. vested in such officers vested in the said Order in Council dated the 16th October, 1852. Secretary of State.

2. Short title of this act; and in legal proceedings reference 3. Contracts, &c. made by the principal officers relating to to sections of this act by number to be sufficient. the public service to be enforced by such Secretary of State. 3. Definition of terms used in this act.

4. Powers given by the 10th and 18th sections of the 5 & 6 4. To wbat vessels and voyages this act extends. Vict. c. 94, to bodies corporate, &c. to sell, to be exercised by 5. Penalty on fraudulently using certificates or using fraudasuch Secretary of State.

lent certificates. 5. Such Secretary of State to be described in conveyances, 6. Commissioners of Emigration to carry this act into exe&c. as “ Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the cution. War Department.'

7. Emigration Commissioners may sue and be sued in the

name of their secretary, &c. Commissioners, &c. exempt CAP. CXVIII.

from liability. An Act to repeal the Act of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth 8. Emigration officers and assistants to act under tbe com

Years of the Reign of her present Majesty for further regu- missioners, &c., but existing appointments to continue until lating the Sale of Beer and other Liquors on the Lord's revoked. Day, and to substitute other Provisions in lieu thereof. 9. Duties of emigration officer may be performed by bis

[14th August, 1855.] assistant or by officer of customs. Sect. 1. The 17 & 18 Vict. c. 79, repealed.

10. Facilities to be given to the proper officers for the in2. Licensed victuallers prohibited from opening houses spection of all ships fitting for passengers. Penalty on master

for sale of beer, &c. during certain hours on Sun. failing to comply &c.
days, &c.

11. No passenger ship to clear without certificate from emi. 3. Houses of public resort prohibited being opened gration officer, nor until bond be given to the Crown. for sale of liquors during certain hours on Sun.

12. Forfeiture of ship if master proceeds to sea without days, &c.

certificate of clearance, &c. Such ship to be dealt with as if 4. Power to constables to enter houses.

seized under laws relating to customs. 5. Penalty for offences against this act.

13. Where passengers may be carried.

14. Rule for determining the number of passengers to be Whereas the act now in force for further regulating the sale carried. 'Tonnage check. Space check. Penalty. of fermented and distilled liquors on the Lord's Day has been 15. Notbing to extend to repeal the 16 & 17 Vict. c. 84. found to be attended with inconvenience to the public : be it 16. Passengers’ lists to be delivered in duplicate by the therefore enacted &c. as follows :-

master before clearance. Sect. 1. That the act of Parliament passed in the 17 & 18 17. Lists of passengers embarked after clearance to be deli. Vict. [c. 79), intituled " An Act for further regulating the vered by master. Penalty on non-compliance. Sale of Beer and other Liquors on the Lord's Day," be and 18. Penalty on persons found on board ships without con. the same is hereby repealed.

sent of owners, &c. 2. It shall not be lawful for any licensed victualler, or per- 19. All passenger ships to be surveyed before clearing out. son licensed to sell beer by retail, to be drunk on the premises, Penalty on non-compliance. Power to owners to appeal against or not to be drunk on the premises, or any person licensed or surveyors' report of ships not being seaworthy. authorised to sell any fermented or distilled liquors, or any 20. As to the construction of beams and decks. person who by reason of the freedom of the mystery or craft of 21. Arrangement and size of berths. vintners of the city of London, or of any right or privilege, 22. Single men to be berthed in a separate compartment. shall claim to be entitled to sell wine by retail, to be drunk or As to numbers and sexes in one berth. Penalty. consumed on the premises, in any part of England or Wales, 23. Berths not to be removed till passengers landed. to open or keep open his house for the sale of beer, wine, spirits, 24. Space to be allotted as an hospital. Penalty. or any other fermented or distilled liquor, between the hours of 25. Regulation as to construction of privies. three and five o'clock in the afternoon, nor after eleven o'clock 26. As to light and ventilation. Penalty on non-com. in the afternoon, on Sunday, or on Christmas-day, or Good pliance. Friday, or any day appointed for a public fast or thanks- 27. Regulations as to the carrying of boats ; of life-boats ; giving, or before four o'clock in the morning of the day follow and of life buoys, anchors, and fire engines, &c. ing such Sunday, Christmas-day, Good Friday, or such days 28. Regulations as to carrying an eflicient crew. of public fast or thanksgiving, except to a traveller or to a 29. Certain articles prohibited as cargo and ballast. Stowlodger therein.

age of cargo, stores, and luggage to be approved by emigration 3. No person shall open any house or place of public resort officer. for the sale of fermented or distilled liquors, or sell therein 30. Computation of voyages. such liquors, in any part of England or Wales, between three 31. Before clearance, provisions and water to be surveyed. and five o'clock in the afternoon, or after eleven o'clock in the Provisions for the crew not to be inferior to those for the pasafternoon, on Sunday, or on Christmas-day, or Good Friday, sengers. Penalty. or any day appointed for a public fast or thanksgiving, or 32. Power to emigration officer to reject and mark bad pro. before four o'clock in the morning of the day following such visions, and direct the same to be landed, and if reshipped Sunday, Christmas-day, Good Friday, or such other days apparties liable to a penalty. pointed as aforesaid, except to travellers.

33. Water tanks or casks to be approved by cmigration officer. 4. It shall be lawful for any constable at any time to enter 34. Provision for touching at intermediate ports to fill up into any house or place of public resort in England or Wales I water.

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35. Dietary scales of provisions. Penalty on non-com.

71. Contract tickets for cabin and other passengers. pliance.

72. Penalty for inducing any one to part with contract 36. Size of messes. Provisions to be issued daily, and ticket. articles which require cooking to be cooked.

73. Summary remedy for breach of contract. 37. Power to Emigration Commissioners to authorise an 74. Penalty on cabin passengers and on masters, &c. omitalternative dietary scale. Power to commissioners to alter ting to produce contract tickets. dietary scale.

75. Penalty on persons acting as runners without license 38. Asto passengers' stewards. Penalty on non-compliance. and badge, and on passage brokers employing them.

39. As to passenger cooks and cooking apparatus. Penalty 76. Mode of licensing and registering runners. on non-compliance.

77. Emigrant runner's license to be renewed annually. 40. In wbat cases interpreters to be carried. Penalty. 78. Penalty on runner for certain acts of misconduct. Pe41. In what cases a medical man must be carried. Penalty. nalty on persons using badges not lawfully issued to them. 42. Qualification of medical man. Penalty.

79. How fresh badges may be obtained in case the old ones 43. Medicines and medical comforts. Penalty.

are lost or mutilated. 44. Medical inspection of passengers and medicines, &c. 80. Runners not entitled to commission from any passage Penalty.

broker unless acting with his authority, nor from emigrants 45. Relanding of passengers on account of sickness or for for procuring their passage. purifying ships. Penalty.

81. List of runners to be exhibited by brokers, and sent to 46. As to return of passage money to passengers relanded emigration officers. on account of sickness, &c.

82. Trustees of docks may pass bye-laws for regulating the 47. Subsistence money to be paid to passengers relanded. landing and embarkation of intending emigrants, and for

43. Return of passage money and compensation to pas- licensing emigrant porters. Bye-laws to be approved by Sesengers where passages not provided for them according to cretary of State, and published in the London Gazette. contract.

83. Penalty for falsifying documents to obtain passages from 19. Subsistence in case of detention.

Emigration Commissioners, and for personation. 50. Ships putting back to replenish provisions, &c. Penalty 84. By whom penalties are to be recovered. By whom on master for default. Ships putting back to be reported to passage, subsistence, and compensation monies may be recoemigration officer. Penalty on master for neglect.

vered. 51. In case of wreck or damage passengers to be provided 85. Tribunal for adjudicating on offences and complaints with a passage by some other vessel, and maintained in the under this act. Proviso where no forms of proceeding are meantime. In default, passage money to be returned. Power prescribed by this act. to remove passengers from ship; penalty on passengers re- 86. Police and stipendiary magistrate, and in Scotland she. fusing.

riff, &c., to have the same powers as justices of the peace. 52. Secretary of State, &c. may pay expenses of taking off 87. No objection to be allowed, nor convictions to be passengers at sea.

quashed for want of form. 53. Governors or consuls may send on passengers if the 88. Application of penalties. Justices may award compen. master of the ship fail to do so.

sation out of penalties to party aggrieved. 54. Expenses incurred under the two preceding sections to 89. Burthen of proof to be on persons claiming exemption be a Crown debt. Passengers forwarded by governor, &c. not from act. Proof of negatives. entitled to return of passage money.

90. Proof of a party being an emigration officer, 55. Assurance of passage money not to be void on account 91. Passengers suing not incompetent witnesses. of the nature of the risk.

92. Tender of amends. 56. Penalty on wrongfully landing passengers.

93. Limitation of actions against officers executing the act. 57. Passengers to be maintained for forty-eight hours after Defendant may plead the general issue, &c. Costs. arrival. Penalty.

94. Limitation of legal proceedings generally. 58. Passengers' right of action preserved.

95. Colonial voyages defined. 59. Her Majesty may, by Orders in Council, prescribe rules 96. 'This act to apply to all colonial voyages, except as refor purposes herein described. Gazette and copies printed by lates to matters herein named. If any colonial voyage be less Queen's printer to be evidence of orders, &c.

than three weeks, this act not to apply to subjects herein 60. Surgeon or master to exact obedience to rules and regu- named. lations. Penalty on refusal.

97. Governor of colonies may, by proclamation, declare 61. Emigration Commissioners to prepare an abstract of act length of voyage, and prescribe scale of diet, medicines, and and orders in Council; such abstract to be posted up in each medical comforts. Copies of proclamations to be received as ship. Penalty on master for neglect, and on person defacing evidence. abstract.

98. Provision for survey of ships in the colonies, and for 62. Sale of spirits prohibited on board passenger ships. appointing surgeons thereto. Penalty.

99. Power to the Governor-General of India in council, by 63. Bond to be given by masters of British and foreign pas- any act to be passed for that purpose, to adopt this act for senger ships.

Iodia, and to make rules respecting food, passengers, sur64. Counterpart of bond to be certified, and sent to the geons, &c., and to declare in what manner penalties, &c. may colony to which the ship is bound, and to be received in evi- be sued for and recovered. Indian act may be enforced in the dence without further proof of execution.

colonics in like manner as this act. 65. In the absence of agreement to the contrary, the owner 100. List of passengers brought into the United Kingdom to be responsible in respect of default.

to be delivered by the master of the ship to the emigration 66. No person to act as a passage broker without a license. officer. Penalty for neglect. Returns of births and deaths at Emigration Commissioners and agents of passage brokers ex- sea to be made to the registrar-general. empted from this section. Passage brokers to be responsible 101. Penalty on masters for having on board a greater for their agents.

number of persons than prescribed by sect. 14 of this act. 67. How passage brokers' licenses may be obtained. Justices 102. Provisions and water to be issued to passengers brought to give notice to Emigration Commissioners of license granted. into the United Kingdom the same as in ships carrying pasNotice to be given to Emigration Commissioners of intended sengers from the United Kingdom. Penalty for default. application for licenses. Power to justices to order licenses to 103. Schedules to be part of the act. be forfeited, who shall give notice of the same to Emigration Commissioners. As to application for licenses in Scotland. 68. Existing licenses to continue in force until the 1st

CAP. CXX. February, 1856.

An Act for the better Local Management of the Metropolis. 69. Passage brokers to employ no agents except those ex.

(11th August, 1855.] pressly appointed by them. Agents to produce their appointments on demand.

Sect. 1. The 1 & 2 Will. 4, c. 60, repealed, so far as regards 70. Penalty on persons fraudulently inducing others to en- parishes in Schedules (A.) and (B.) gage passengers.

2. Vestries in parishes named in either of the Schedules (A.) and (B.) to consist of not less than 18 or more than 120 52. Meetings of the metropolitan board. persons qualified and elected as after provided.

53. Chairman to preside at meetings. In case of vacancy, 3. Such parishes with more than 2000 rated householders to &c., a temporary chairman to be chosen. be divided into wards.

54. Disqualifications of members of metropolitan board, of 4. Power to Secretary of State to appoint persons to set out district boards, of vestries of parishes in Schedules (A.) and the wards, and apportion number of vestrymen to be elected. (B.), and of auditors.

5. If relative amounts of population of wards vary in any 55. Members of metropolitan and district boards, and of future census, the numbers of vestrymen may be altered. vestries of parishes in Schedule (A.) or (B.), may resign. 6. Qualification of vestrymen.

56. Retiring members of boards and vestries may be re7. As to the first election of vestrymen under tbis act. elected.

8. The full number of vestrymen to be chosen at first elec. 57. No resolution of metropolitan or any district board, or tion, and existing vestries superseded.

of any vestry, to be revoked at a subsequent meeting, unless 9. As to the term of office of vestrymen elected at first elec- under certain circumstances. tion, and as to future elections.

58. Committees may be appointed. 10. Vacancies to be filled up at annual elections.

59. Powers of committees. 11. Appointment of auditors of accounts for parishes in 60. Minutes of proceedings of metropolitan and district Schedules (A.) and (B.)

boards and of vestries to be entered. 12. As to the term of office of auditors.

61. All books to be open to inspection. 13. Notice of elections.

62. Power to metropolitan board, district boards, and res. 14. Churchwardens to appoint persons to preside at ward tries to appoint officers. elections.

63. Clerk and treasurer not to be the same person. 15. Rate collectors to assist at the elections.

64. Penalty on officers, &c. being interested in contracts, 16. Form of proceeding at elections.

or exacting fees. 17. Power to demand a poll, which shall be taken by ballot. 65. Officers, &c. intrusted with money to give security for 18. Duty of inspectors of votes.

duly accounting for the same. If officer fail to render account, 19. Provision for case of equality of votes.

&c., justices may commit offender to prison. Power to levy 20. If in the interval between elections the vestry of any by distress. parish be reduced below two-thirds, the vacancies to be filled 66. Metropolitan and district boards and vestries to provide up as berein named.

proper offices, and to cause daily attendance to be given. 21. Penalty for forging or falsifying any voting paper or ob- 67. “ Vestry" in following provisions to mean vestry of a structing the election.

parish in Schedule (A.) 22. A list of persons elected vestrymen and auditors by pa- 68. Sewers (except main sewers) vested in vestries and dis. rishioners to be published.

trict boards. 23. Penalty on inspector for making incorrect return.

69. Vestries and district boards to repair &c. all sewers 24. Vestries to provide places for holding elections, and pay vested in them, and from time to time to construct new ones, expenses of taking poll, &c.

&c. 25. As to parishes having no churchwardens.

70. Power to vestries and district boards to do works of 26. How notices and lists to be published.

improvement in sewers, &c., the expense of which to be divided 27. Churchwardens, &c. not complying with act guilty of between the party liable and the parish or district. misdemeanour.

71. Gullyboles, &c. to be trapped. 28. Quorum of vestries.

72. Vestries and district boards to cause sewers to be cleansed 29. Meetings not to be holden in the church.

&c. 30. Meeting to elect a chairman.

73. Vestry or district board in certain cases may compel 31. Parishes in Schedule (B.) to be united, and form dis- owners, &c. of houses to construct drains into the common tricts, and district boards constituted.

sewer. Penalty on owner, &c. for neglect. 32. Vestries to elect members of district boards.

74. Provision for combined drainage of blocks of houses. 33. If relative numbers of inhabited houses in parishes in 75. No bouse to be built without drains constructed to the any district vary on any future census, the numbers of mem. satisfaction of the vestry or district board. bers may be altered.

76. Notice of buildings to be given to the restry or district 34. As to the term of office of members of district boards board before commencing the same. elected at first election, and as to future elections.

77. Power to branch drains into sewers constructed by me35. Elections to be held annually for supplying vacancies tropolitan board, or any vestry or district board, under certain occasioned by expiration of term of office.

regulations. Penalty. 36. Provision as to parishes not electing as many as three 78. Power to metropolitan board, or vestry or district board, members of a district board.

to branch private drains into sewers, at the expense of the 37. Provision as to casual vacancies.

party to whom they belong. 38. Powers of district boards to be exercised at meetings, 79. Vestry or district board may agree to make house drains not less than seven members being present.

at the expense of owners or occupiers. 39. Ordinary meetings of district boards.

80. Vestry or district board may order a contribution to. 40. Special meetings of district boards.

wards construction of sewers in certain cases. 41. Chairman to be elected at meeting of board.

81. Penalty on erecting or rebuilding houses without proper 42. District boards and vestries of parishes in Schedule (A.) waterclosets, &c. Power to vestry, &c. to require owners, &c. incorporated.

to provide suflicient waterclosets, &c. If owners fail, vestry, 43. Metropolitan board of works constituted and incor. &c. to cause the work to be dove at their expense. porated.

82. Power for vestries and district boards to authorise in44. Three members of metropolitan board to be elected for spection of drains, privies, and cesspools.

83. Penalty on persons improperly making or altering drains. 45. Vestries of single parishes and district boards to elect 84. Where no default found, expenses to be paid by vestry members of the metropolitan board.

or board. 46. Boards for districts of Plumstead and Lewisham united 85. Vestry or district board to cause drains, &c. to be put for electing a member of metropolitan board.

into proper condition, &c., where necessary. 47. The parish of Rotherhithe and district of St. Olave 86. Vestry and district board to cause offensive ditches, united for electing a member of the metropoli tan board of drains, &c. to be cleansed or covered. Where works interfere works.

with any ancient mill, &c., compensation to be made, or rights 48. As to the term of office of members of metropolitan therein purchased. board elected at first election, and as to future eler :tions. 87. Power to vestries and district boards to fill up ditches

49. Elected members of metropolitan board to elect a by the side of roads, and substitute pipes. chairman.

88. Power to vestries and district boards to provide public 50. As to appointment of chairman on any vacancy.

conveniences. 51. Powers of metropolitan board to be exer cised at meet. 89. Vestries and district boards may transfer their powers ings, not less than nine members being present.

as to sewerage to the metropolitan board of works.

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the city:


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90. All powers relating to paving, &c. to be vested in ves- 130. Vestries and district boards to cause streets to be tries and in district boards.

lighted. 91. Saving as to baths and washhouses, metropolitan burials, 131. No slaughter-house to be licensed under the & 15 markets, and Charitable Trusts Acts.

Vict. c. 61, without notice to restry or district board. 92. Expenses incurred under existing powers relating to 132. Vestries and district boards to appoint medical officers paving, &c. to be deemed expenses incurred in execution of of health. this act.

133. Appointment of inspectors of nuisances. 93. As to the transfer of property.

134. Vestries and district boards to be the local authorities 91. Existing contracts, &c. to remain valid.

to execute the Nuisances Removal Acts. 95. Existing commissioners, &c. under local acts continued 135. Main sewers vested in the metropolitan board of in office until commencement of this act.

works, and power to such board to make sewers. 96. Powers and duties of surveyors of highways, and pro- 136. Before works for intercepting the sewage are comperty vested in them, transferred to vestries and district boards. menced, plans, &c. to be submitted to commissioners of works.

97. Provision as to rates already made in parishes men- 137. Metropolitan board may declare sewers to be main tioned in Schedule (A.)

sewers, and take under their jurisdiction sewerage matters 98. Vestry or district board to cause streets to be paved. under jurisdiction of vestries and district boards. 99. Owners possessing freehold of courts, &c. to pave the 138. Metropolitan board to make orders for controlling

vestries and district boards in construction of sewers, &c. 100. Owners of courts to drain them, and keep the pave. 139. Metropolitan board may direct appointments to be ment, &c. in repair. Penalty on owners for neglect.

made for two parishes or districts jointly. 101. Vaults and cellars under streets not to be made without 140. Or may place a street in different parishes under the tbe consent of the vestry or board.

management of one vestry, or part of a parish under the ma102. Vaults, &c. under streets to be repaired by owners or nagement of vestry of adjoining parish. occupiers.

141. Metropolitan board to regulate naming of streets and 103. Provisions as to the occupation of under-ground rooms numbering of houses. as dwellings.

142. Register to be kept of alterations in names of street. 101. Power to district surveyors to enter under-ground 143. Buildings not to be brought beyond line of street. rooms and cellars. If admission refused, justice may issue 144. Power to metropolitan board to make improvements. an order.

145. Powers of metropolitan commissioners of sewers to 105. Provisions for paving new streets.

106. Vestry or board may declare their intention of repair- 146. Actions, &c. not to abate, but to continue for or against ing any street, not being a highway. Proviso.

metropolitan board of works. 107. Act not to authorise the making any thoroughfare 147. Rates made by metropolitan commissioners of sewers without the consent of the proprietor of the estate.

to be recoverable under this act. 108. Vestries and district boards may place fences, &c. to 148. Property vested in metropolitan commissioners of footways.

sewers (except sewers transferred to vestries and district 109. Notice to be given by companies to vestries and district boards) transferred to the metropolitan toard of works. boards wben pavement, &c. is required to be taken up.

149. Power to boards and vestries to enter into contracts 110. Streets not to be broken up, except under the super- for carrying act into execution. Power to compound for peintendence of vestry or board. Streets broken up to be re- nalties in respect of breach of contracts. instated without delay.

130. Power to boards and vestries to purchase lands, &c. 111. Penalty on persons taking up pavements neglecting to for the purposes of this act. reinstate them, and to place lights during the night-time to 151. Certain provisions of the 8 & 9 Vict. c. 18, incorprevent accidents.

porated with this act. 112. Vestry or district board to direct pavements injured by 152. Lands not to be taken compulsorily, except by metrowater or gas pipes to be repaired by company. Penalty for politan board with consent of Secretary of State. neglect.

153. Previous notice to be given. 113. Company opening the ground to repair a pipe dis- 154. Power to dispose of lands or property not wanted. covered to belong to another company, to give notice to such 155. Owners of land may on sale reserve a right of precompany, and to be reimbursed expenses.

emption. 114. Power to vestry or district board to reinstate pavement, 156. Penalty for withholding property transferred to metroand charge the expenses to the parties.

politan board, or any vestry or district board. 115. Power for vestry or district board to contract with 157. Regulations as to breaking up turnpike-roads. company for restoring pavements.

158. How sums to be raised by vestries and district boards 116. As to the watering of streets.

for defraying their expenses. 117. Vestry or district board to cause footways to be 159. Vestries and boards may exempt parts not benefitted cleansed.

by expenditure from payment. 118. Vestries and district boards may appoint and pay

160. Provisions for cases where a part of a parish is placed crossing-sweepers.

under the management of the vestry or board of adjoining 119. Owners, &c. to remove future projections, on notice parish or district. from vestry or district board. Penalty for neglect.

161. Overseers to collect the rate in the same manner as the 120. Vestry or district board may remove existing pro- poor rate. jections, and make compensation for the same.

162. Public buildings and void spaces now rateable (except 121. Hoards to be erected during repairs. Penalty on not churches and burial grounds) to continue rateable. erecting boards.

163. Land to be rated to the sewers rate at one-fourth part 122. No hoard to be erected without license from vestry or of its annual value. district board.

161. Existing exemptions in respect of sewers rate to be 123. If board be erected or materials be deposited in any allowed. manner otherwise than to the satisfaction of the vestry or dis- 165. Existing exemptions of land from lighting rates to be trict board, the same may be removed.

allowed. 124. Providing against accidents in laying out new streets, &c. 166. Overseers, on non-payment of the rate, shall be dis125. Vestries and district boards to appoint scavengers. trained upon ; and in default of sufficient distress the arrears

126. Penalty for obstructing scavengers in performance of may be levied on the parish. their duty.

167. Provision for cases where the vestry of any parish in 127. Refuse collected to be vested in vestry or district Schedule (A.) make the poor rate. board, who may dispose of the same towards defraying their 168. Special persons may be appointed to levy rates in cerexpenses.

tain cases. 128. Owners or occupiers to pay scavengers for removal of 169. Provision for deduction by tenants of sewers rate. refuse of trades.

170. Sums to be assessed upon the city and other parts of 129. Dispute as to what is refuse of trade, &c. to be deter. the metropolis by metropolitan board for defraying expenses. mined by justices.

171. Power to metropolitan board, or any one authorised by

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