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IMPORTANT TO SOLUCITORS AND OTHERS. | LAW FIRE INSURANCE SOCIETY.-Offices, Nos. 5 Large Consumers of Stationery.may effect a "Saring of at least Thirty

and 6, Chancery-lane, London.-Subscribed Capital, £5,000,000, per Cent." by purchasing at:


The Right Hon, the Earl of Devon.

The Right Hon. Lord Truro. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL STATIONERY WAREHOUSE, The Right Hon. the Lord Chief Baron.

The Right Hon. the Lord Justice Knight Bruce. No. 1, CHANCERY LANE, (removed from Nos. 127 and 128).

The Right Hon. Sir John Dodson, Dean of the Arches, &c.

William Baker, Esq., late Master in Chancery.
The largest, cheapest, and best-assorted

Richard Richards, Esq., Master in Chancery.

Insurances expiring at Michaelmas should be renewed within fifteen

1 days thereafter, at the Offices of the Society, or with any of its Agents in the Trade,

throughout the country. : **Orders over 20s. carriage paid.

This Society holds itself responsible under its Fire Policy for any daOFFICE PAPERS.

Per ream. mage done by explosion of gas. E. BLAKE BEAL, Secretary.

8. d. Good Fine Draft ..

CAUTION.-TO TRADESMEN, MERCHANTS, Super Satin ditto ." .. *78., 73, 92., and 8 3

SHIPPERS, OUTFITTERS, &c. Thick Super Satin ditio, P. & C.'s own manufacture-a first-rate

WHEREAS it has lately come to my knowledge that some unprincipled article ..



.. 8 8 9 1 person or no


person or persons have for some time past been imposing upon the Best Ruled Draft

. 108, and 110 public, by selling to the Trade and others a spurious article under the Outsides Draft--for office copies, &c., (all perfect sheets) , 60 name of BOND'S PERMANENT MARKING INK; this is to give Good Lined Brief .. .

.. 13 6 Notice, that I am the original and sole Proprietor and Manufacturer of " Superfine ditto.. . "15s. 68., 168.6d., and 17 6

the said Article, and do not employ any traveller, or authorise any perVery best ditto, (none better made, usually charged by many son to represent themselves as coming from my establishment, for the houses 24s.) .. .. . .

. 18 6 | purpose of selling the said Ink. This Caution is published by me to Blue Ruled Brief or Abstract

17 6 prevent further impositions upon the public, and serious injury to Fine Laid Foolscap

myself. Extra superfipe ditto, (a first-class paper)

17 6

E. R. BOND, Sole Executrix and Widow of the late John Bond, Best Ruled Foolscap, for Bills of Costs, Agency, and other pur

28, Long-lane, West Smithfield, London. poses .. .. .. .. .. ..

.. 19

* To avoid disappointment from the substitution of counterfeits, Large Blue Wove Note . . . Ss. 90., 48. 6d., and 5 6 be careful to ask for the genuine Bond's Permanent Marking Ink; and Ditto ditto Letter..

78. 6d., 88. 6d., 98. 6d., and 10 6 further to distinguish it, observe that NO SIXPENNY SIZE is or has Fine Cream Laid Note

28. 3d., 23. 6d., 3s. 6d., and 4 6 at any time been prepared by him, the Inventor and Proprietor. Extra Super Thick ditto, (a splendid paper, made exclusively for P. & C., and unequalled)

THRING'S SUCCESSION DUTY ACT. Super Cream Laid Letter... 6s. 6d., 78. 60., 85. 6d., 98. 6d., and 10 6

THE SUCCESSION DUTY ACT, (16 & 17 Vict. c. 51), Extra Large Cream Laid Letter, 128. 6.; ditto Note

1 for granting to her Majesty Duties on Succession to Property, and Thick Blue Laid Note (unglazed) .. .. ..

for altering certain Provisions of the Acts charging Duties on Legacies Very best Pink Blotting, 5 quires for 48., or

and Shares of Personal Estates. With an Introduction and Notes. By White , 58., or ..

6 HENRY THRING, Esq., Barrister at Law. In 12mo., price 58.69. Cream Laid Black Bordered Note, 5 quires for 2s., or 76 cloth, Cream Laid Black Bordered Envelopes, ls, per 100, or 9s.

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. per 1000. Partridge & Cozens' Envelope Note Paper, Blue or Cream Laid, “best

FINLASON'S CHARITABLE TRUSTS ACT. quality," 78. 6d. per ream.

MHE ACT (16 & 17 Vict. c. 137) for the BETTER RE. Royal Cartridge, 18. per quire, or 5 quires for 48. 6d.

1 GULATION of CHARITABLE TRUSTS. With copious Notes, Large size, fine and thick ditto, 28. per quire, or 5 for 8s. 6d.

and an Introductory Essay on the Jurisdiction exercised over them by .. Brown Paper, 5 quires for 48. 6d.

the Court of Chancery; with all the decided Cases; and an Appendix, Best stout ditto, 5 quires for 78.

containing Precedents of Schemes, &c. By W. F. FINLASON, Esq., Copying Paper, for the Machine, 48. 6d. per ream.

Barrister at Law. In 12mo., price 6s. cloth, Copying Books, half-bound, strong basil, index and type-paged, &c.,

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. 58. each., 500 leaves. ENVELOPES.

FINLASON'S LEADING CASES ON PLEADING. Good Cream Laid Adhesive, all warranted well gummed, 4s.6d. per 1000.

In royal 8vo., price 68. boards, Thick superfine ditto, either stamped with initials or from private dies,

A SELECTION of LEADING CASES' on PLEADING, without extra charge, 78. 6d. per 1000.

and PARTIES to ACTIONS: with Practical Notes, elucidating Thick Blue Laid, 78, 6d. and 88. 6d. per 1000.

the Principles of Pleading, (as exemplified in Cases of most frequent ocFoolscap official-size 84 by 32, 28. per 100, or 16s. 60. per 1000.

currence in Practice). by a reference to the earliest Autborities, and Demy superfine ditto, 10by 31. 38. 6d. per 100.

designed to assist both the Practitioner and Student. By W. FINLA Draft Cartridge, open at end, 10, by 5, 38. 6d. per 100.

SON, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Special Pleader.
Brief, ditto, ditto, 141 by 51, 58. per 100.

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
Deed, ditto, ditto, 11, by 98, 6s. 6d. per 100.
Cloth-lined Envelopes at the same low rate of charges.



Institutes of Justinian: being a Translation of and Commentary These Pens are all made of the purest Steel, and selected with the on that Work. With an Introduction on the History of the Roman greatest care, and, at the very moderate price at which they are Law, By P. CUMIN, M. A., of Balliol College, Oxford, Barrister at charged, command an universal sale. “Nearly twenty millions sold Law. In 12mo., price 108. 6d, cloth. nnually."

"The work is extremely well done."-Law Times, April 22, 1854. The Correspondence or Drafting Pen, only 18. 3d. per box of twelve

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. dozen. The Fine Point, for light writing, 18. 3d. per ditto.

JARMAN ON WILLS. The Broad Point, for ingrossing, &c., a good pen for parchment, I Just published, in 2 vols. ruyal 8vo., price 31. 38. cloth boards, Is. 6d. per ditto.

A TREATISE on WILLS. BY THOMAS JARMAN, Extra Broad Point, a very easy pen, will write with comfort on brown A Esg. The Second Edition. By E. P. WOLSTENHOLME, paper, ls. 6d. per ditto.

M. A., and S. VINCENT, B. A., of Lincoln's-inn and the Inner Polished Cedar Holders, fit any pen, 6d. per dozen, or 59. per gross. Temple, Barristers at Law. PARCHMENT.

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-sireet. “ Best quality-London manufacture."

Just published, a New Edition, being the Fourth, of Indentures for 20 or 30 folios, machine-ruled and printed, 178. per doz., I WILLIAMS'S LAW of REAL PŘOPERTY.-PRIN. or 80s. per roll.

CIPLES of the LAW of REAL PROPERTY: intended as a Followers, ruled, 158. per doz., or 708. per roll.

First Book for the use of Students in Conveyancing. By JOSHUA Memorials or Records, 58. 6d. per doz., or 258. per roll.

WILLIAMS, Esq., of Lincoln's-inn, Barrister at Law. In I vol. STO. Plain Skins, any size, at the same low scale of charges.

priec 18s. cloth boards. Books.

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street. "Letter-book," strongly bound, 500 pages, 6s. “Waste-book," ditto ditto, 68.

CHITTY'S (JUN.) LAW OF CONTRACTS NOT UNDER LEASE. "Ledger," ditto ditto, 6s. 6d.

In l vol. royal 8vo., pr.ce Il. lls. 6d. cloth, “Call-books," 18. and 1s. 6d. Note-books, 4d. and 6d. each.



Actions thereon. By JOSEPH CHITTY, Jun.. Esg. The Fifth D Best Red Tape-narrow, 9d.; middle, 18.; broad, 1s. 4d. per dozen pieces. tion. By JOHN Á. RUSSELL, LL.B., of Gray's-inn, Bartiste

Cror inn. Barrister at Narrow Green Silk, 18.; Green Silk Cord, ls. per piece.

Law, and Professor of English Law in University College, London. Runners, from No. 5 to 14, 1s. Id. each ; Bodkins or Piercers, with or

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street. without eyes, 9d. each. Strong Blue Bags, 28. 6d. each.

Printed by HENRY HANSARD, at his Printing Office, in Park Very best Wax, 38. 9d. per lb.; Super ditto, 2s.6d.; Parcel Wax, 1s. Elastic Bands, Is. per box of six dozen, various.

Street, in the Parish of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, in the County of

dlesex; and Published at No. 3, CHANCERY LANE, in the Paris Terms, Cash. Catalogues post free.

St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY SW Observe--PARTRIDGE & COZENS, Stationers, and Paper Makers, 1 residing at No. 34, Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, in the County No. 1, Chancery-lane, (entrance in Fleet-street, opposite the Temple). Middlesex.-Saturday, October 6, 1855.


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MORRIS, JOHN M., Esq., Moorgate-street-chambers,

CHURCH, JOHN THOMAS, Esq., Bedford-row.
DONNE, S. EDWARD, Esq., Streatham-hill.

FONBLANQUE, J. S. M., Esq., St. John's-wood.

MURRAY, WILLIAM, Esq., London-street. JONES, WILLIAM, Esq., Crosby-square.

TORR, JOHN SMALE, Esq., Bedford-row. LOUGHBOROUGH, THOMAS, Esq., Austin-friars.

WILLAUME, T. B. T., Esq., New Broad-street, MAYNARD, JONAS ALLEYNE, Esq., Temple.

WITHALL, W., Esq., Parliament-street. MOURILYAN, J. N., Esq., Gray's inn.

WOOLRYCH, EDMUND H., Esq., Temple. The attention of the Profession is invited to the advantages offered by this Office to Solicitors and their Clients, which will be found to be greater than in most other Life Offices. ADVANTAGES TO THE ASSURED.

ADVANTAGES TO THE PROFESSION. 1. Four-fifths of the Profits are divided triennially amongst the Commission of 101. per cent. is allowed on the first year's premium, Assured.

and 51. per cent. annually afterwards; and, as an additional advantage In some Offices the Assured may not be entitled to a Bonus until to persons introducing business, the Shareholders have by the Deed of the expiration of ten years from the time of effecting the Policy, whilst Settlement given up half of their Profits for the benefit of such persons in this Office three years is the utmost limit.

as extra Commission. 2. At the first division of Profits in May, 1853, a Reversionary Bonus, The extra Commission paid in 1853 to persons introducing business averaging 451. per cent., was declared on all Participating Policies. In

was as follows: some cases the Bonus exceeded 611. per cent. on the premiums paid.

Ordinary Commission paid.

Extra Commission paid, On reference to the Prospectuses of some of the principal Oflices,

£75 16 0

£54 12 11 it will be found that the Bonus on their first division was much less,

188 93

135 7 3 viz. 291. per cent.

63 6 6

45 13 0 3. The next division of Profits will be declared in May, 1856, when all

41 12 2

29 190 Policies effected in 1855 will participate.

139 8 1

100 100 In most Offices Assurers do not participate in the Profits until after

69 14 0

50 50 payment of from three to five annual premiums, but in this Office

Board days, Thursdays, at half-past Two o'clock. they may participate on payment of a single premium.

C. J. GILL, Secretary.


Just published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 10s. 6d. cloth,
Just published, in 2 vols. royal 8vo., price 21. 168, cloth,

THE NEW COMMON-LAW PROCEDURE, founded A TREATISE on the LAW of EVIDENCE, as adminis. | 1 on the Acts of 1852 and 1854; including the New Rules on Prac

1 tered in England and Ireland; with illustrations from the Ame. tice and Pleading, with Notes of Cases decided thereon, Forms, Tables, rican and other Foreign Laws. By JOHN PITT TAYLOR, Esq., of and Index. By PHILIP FRANCIS, of the Middle Temple, Esq., the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law.

Barrister at Law.
W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
Just published, Vol. 1, royal 8vo., price 17. 88., (to be completed

This day is published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 17. cloth, in 4 vols.),


Second Edition,
Second Edition.-PRECEDENTS and FORMS in CONVEY.

W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
ANCING. With an Introduction and Practical Notes. By CHARLES

Just published, in 1 vol. post 8vo., price 188. cloth, at Law.

BLACKSTONE'S COMMENTARIES, systematically W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

1 Abridged, and adapted to the existing State of the Law. By

SAMUEL WARREN, of the Inner Temple, Esq., D. C.L., Recorder SMITH'S (JOHN WM.) LAW OF LANDLORD AND TENANT.

of Hull, and one of her Majesty's Counsel. Just published, in 8vo., price 14s. cloth,

William Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn; William Blackwood THE LAW of LANDLORD and TENANT: being a & Sons, Edinburgh; and Hodges & Smith, Dublin.

Course of Lectures delivered by the late JOHN WILLJAM
SMITH, Esq., Author of “A Selection of Leading Cases," &c. With PRIDEAUX'S LAW OF JUDGMENTS


In 1 vol. 12mo,, price 7s. cloth, Fourth Edition, rister at Law.

THE LAW of JUDGMENTS and CROWN DEBTS, " With this long commentary, suggested by the peculiar features of

1 as they affect Real Property. By FREDERICK PRIDEAUX, this volume, but of general application, we close it with a hearty com

Esq., of Lincoln's-inn, Barrister at Law. mendation of its contents to the perusal of all students and of all practi

W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. tioners who do not feel themselves to possess a sufficient mastery of the principles of the Law of Landlord and Tenant, and of the broad out

Shortly will be published, in 1 vol. 12mo., lines of its practice."-Law Times.

THE LIMITED LIABILITY ACT, 1855, (18 & 19 Vict, " The volume before us will be found fully to sustain the great reputation of its deceased author; and as regards the notes and references

1 c. 133), with concise Forms of a Deed of Settlement for consticontained in it, which have been respectively prepared and selected

tuting a Company under the Act, and of a Deed of Alteration for with much care and discernment, to confer very considerable credit on

enabling an existing Company to register under the Act; and Practical its learned editor."--Law Magazine.

Notes on the Application of the Act, and the Precedents. By

THOMAS HENRY HADDAN, M.A., of the Inner Temple, BarW. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

rister at Law, Vinerian Law Fellow, and late Fellow of Exeter College, BAKER'S LAWS RELATING TO BURIALS.

Just published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 5s. cloth,

William Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
THE LAWS relating to BURIALS in ENGLAND and
1 WALES. With Forms and Practical Instructions. By T. BAKER,

In 1 vol. 12mo., price 188. cloth, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law, of the Burial A

TARMAN'S NEW CHANCERY PRACTICE. Second W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

J Edition, considerably enlarged and extended, so as to form a

complete Practice of the Court. Just published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 4s. 6d.,

" It is most ably executed."-Law Magazine. WILLSS VESTRYMAN'S GUIDE.-A Treatise on the " The author has ably arranged his work, which presents at a view

Powers and Duties of Parish Vestries in Ecclesiastical Matters; the various proceedings in a suit now requisite to be taken under the being a Vestryman's Guide. By ALFRED WILLS, Esq., Barrister new system."-Sun. at Law.

W. Maxwell; S. Sweet; and Stevens & Norton, Law Booksellers and
W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

No. 40, Vol. I., New SERIES,



10 at half-past 10, Birmingham, div.-George Armitage, John Frankish, William Frankish, and Thomas Barker, Sheffield, railway carriage manufacturers, Oct. 27 at 12, Sheffield, div.

John Etheridge and George Monck Berkley Michell, LiverBANKRUPTS.

pool, insurance brokers, Oct. 29 at 11, Liverpool, div. sep. est. HENRY BULL and JOHN JAMES HARPER, London.

of G. M. B. Michell.Mary Jackson and Thomas Heyrood, street, Greenwich, upholsterers, Oct. 22 at 2, and Nov. 16

Droylsden, Lancashire, skein printers, Oct. 26 at 12, Manat 12, London: Off. Ass. Graham ; Sols. Lloyd & Rule,

Rule, chester, div. 26, Milk-street, City.-Pet. f. Oct. 4.'

CERTIFICATES. GUSTAVE LOUIS LONGFILS, Pilgrim-street, Ludgate. hill, dealer and chapman, Oct. 16 at 2, and Nov. 15 at 12,

To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or London: Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sol. Brewer, 3, Philpot-lane.

before the Day of Meeting. -Pet. f. Oct. 4.

James Standing, Batten's-terrace, High-street, Peckham, CYPRIAN JAMES COTTERELL, Abingdon, Berkshire, china dealer, Oct. 26 at 1, London.-Wm. Charles Goode,

dealer and chapman. Oct. 19 at ul. and Nov. 19 at 12High-street, Borough, warehouseman, Oct. 26 at 2, London. London : Off. Ass. Lee; Sol. Jones, 15, Sise-lane.—Pet.

Thomas Hutchins, Hungerford, Berkshire, butcher, Oct. f. Sept. 24.

26 at half-past 12, London.-John Grover, Strand, stationer, WILLIAM FISHER, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, Oct. 26 at half-past 1, London.-Thomas Philps, Green.

grocer, Oct. 19 and Nov. 16 at 11, Birmingham : Off, Ass. lanes, Highbury-park, carpenter, Oct. 26 at 2, London.-C. Christie ; Sols. Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon; Hodgson, Bir

Horsnell, Chelmsford, Essex, ironmonger, Oct. 26 at 1, Lonmingham. Pet. d. Sept. 27.

don.--Harriet Joseph, Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire, vicJOSEPH BRAITHWAITE, Stafford, miller, Oct. 17 and tualler, Nov. 12 at 11, Bristol.--Samuel Howarth and Noah Nov. 7 at half-past 10, Birmingham : Off. Ass. Bittleston; Howarth, Radcliffe, Lancashire, dyers, Oct. 26 at 12, ManSols. Robinson, Eccleshall, Staffordshire; E. & H. Wright, chester. Birmingham.-Pet. d. Oct. 4.

To be granted, unless an appeal be duly entered. JOHN MAY, Barnstaple, Devonshire, dealer and chapman, Samuel How. Liverpool, broker.-Andrew Oct. 18 and Nov. 21 at 1, Exeter : Off. Ass. Hirtzel; Sol. I chester, garden-net manufacturer.

Hall, Man.
Stogdon, Exeter.-Pet. f. Oct. 1.
HENRY LEE FRY, Plymouth, carver, Oct. 13 and Nov.
12 at 1, Plymouth: Off. Ass. Hirtzel; Sols. Edmonds &

TUESDAY, Oct. 9.
Sons, Plymouth ; Stogdon, Exeter.-Pet, f. Oct. 1.
GEORGE THOMPSON, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, leather

seller, Oct. 19 and Nov. 16 at 11, Leeds : Off. Ass. Young; WILLIAM COURTNEY, Houndsditch, clothier, Oct. 19
Sols. Kirby, Knaresborough; Harle, Leeds. - Pet. d. and f. at half-past 11, and Nov. 15 at 1, London: Off. Ass. Bell;
Oct. 2.

Sols. Messrs. Harrison, 5, Walbrook.--Pet. f. Oct. 4. HENRY WILLIAM JEFFREE, Kingston-upon-Hull, cot. WILLIAM ATTWOOD, Old Dorset-place, Clapham-road,

ton spinner, Oct. 17 and Nov. 14 at 12, Kingston-upon Surrey, dealer and chapman, Oct. 19 at 2, and Nov. 22 at Hull: Off. Ass. Carrick ; Sols. Wells & Smith, Kingston 12, London : Off. Ass. Bell; Sol. Murrough, New-inn, upon-Hull.-Pet. d. Sept. 26.

Strand.-Pet. f, Oct. 9. THOMAS SMITH, Kingston-upon-Hull, grocer, Oct. 17 CHARLES WATKINSON, Bedford, dealer and chapman,

and Nov. 14 at 12, Kingston-upon-Hull: Off. Ass. Car. | Oct. 18 at 11, and Nov. 13 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Edrick; Sols. Wells & Smith, Kingston-upon-Hull.-Pet. d. wards; Sols. Lepard & Co., 9, Cloak-lane, Cannon-street. Sept. 26.

-Pet. f. Oct. 28. MEETINGS.

CHARLES GROSSMITH, Wellington-street, Strand, and Thomas Dixon, Crook, Durham, grocer, Oct. 11 at 12, 135, Strand, dealer and chapman, Oct. 17 at 2, and Nov. 20 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, last ex.-John Durrant, High Holborn, at 1, London: Off. Ass. Stansfeld ; Sol. Downes, 1, Three victualler, Oct. 15 at 12, London, aud. ac.-William Little, King-court, Lombard-street.-Pet. f. Oct. 5. Deptford, builder, Oct. 15 at 1, London, aud. ac.- George C. EBENEZER BOLTON, Weymouth-street, Portland-place, Postans, Newmarket All Saints, Cambridgeshire, grocer, Oct. soda water manufacturer, (carrying on business under the 15 at 1, London, aud. ac.—Daniel Culhame, Dartford, Kent, style or firm of Thomas Devine & Co.), Oct. 17 at half. apothecary, Oct. 17 at 1, London, aud. ac.; Oct. 24 at 1, last past 2, and Nov. 20 at 12, London: Of. Ass. Stansfeld ; ex.-H. Hirschberg, Cheapside, merchant, Oct. 30 at 12, Lon Sol. Rushbury, 2, Surrey-street, Strand.-Pet. f. Oct. 5. don, aud. ac, and div.-Wm. Kemp, Guildford, draper, Oct. 29 EDWARD ASHWELL, Gosberton, Lincolnshire, dealer and at 2, London, aud. ac.—Thomas Davies, New Quay, Cardi. chapman, Oct. 23 and Nov. 15 at 10, Nottingham : Off. ganshire, ship builder, Oct. 25 at 11, Bristol, aud. ac.- John Ass. Harris; Sols. Sargent, Birmingham; Wiglesworth, Burton and Robert Edward Rees, South Hamlet, Gloucester. Donington, Spalding, Lincolnshire.- Pet. d. Oct. 8. shire, barge builders, Oct. 18 at 11, Bristol, aud. ac.--Herbert

WILLIAM THOMAS STANIFORTH, Sheffield, Yorkshire, Room, Birmingham, metallic bedstead manufacturer, Oct. 29 cutlery manufacturer, Oct. 20 and Nov. 24 at 12, Sheffield: at half-past 10, Birmingham, aud. ac. and div.- John Weston, Off. Ass. Brewin; Sol. Smith, jun., Sheffield.-Pet. d. Market Harborough, Leicestershire, tailor, Oct. 24 at half Sept. 22. past 10, Birmingham, aud. ac.-William Grainger, Dudley, JAMES HOWARTH, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, Worcestershire, builder, Oct. 29 at half-past 10, Birmingham, dealer and chapman, Oct. 19 and Nov. 23 at 12, Manaud. ac.—Richard Bartlam, Wolverhampton, grocer, Oct. 24

chester : Off. Ass. Hernaman ; Sols. Mellor, Ashton-underat half-past 10, Birmingham, M Carthy, Aston,

Lyne; Sale & Co., Manchester.- Pet. f. Sept. 29. near Birmingham, publican, Oct. 29 at half-past 10, Birming

MEETINGS. ham, aud. ac.--James Dyson, Huddersfield, draper, Oct. 18

Wm. Skipp Peebles, East Derebam, Norfolk, builder, at 11, Leeds, aud. ac.-John Ellis Watkinson, Halifax, grocer, 1 Oct. 24 at 12, London, aud. ac.-J. Dawson, E. Butterworth. Oct. 18 at 11, Leeds, aud. ac.-Peter Claussen, Newman- and Jas. Butterworth, Spotland, Rochdale, and Manchester, street, Oxford-street, manufacturer, Oct. 29 at 12, London,

calico printers, Oct. 19 at 12, Manchester, aud. ac. ; Nov. 2 div.-James Smith, Philpot-lane, tea-dealer, Oct. 30 at 11,

at 12, div.--John Manley, Manchester, machine maker, Oct. London, div.-William Winder, Haymarket, tavern-keeper,

19 at 12, Manchester, aud, ac.- John Hammond, BirmingOct. 30 at 1, London, div.-William Kemp, Guildford, draper,

ham, builder, Nov. 16 at 11, Birmingham, aud. ac.- Henry Oct. 29 at 2, London, div.---George Boss, Brighton, livery

Thomas, Walsall, Staffordshire, saddler, Nov. 16 at 11, Bir. stable keeper, Oct. 29 at 11, London, div.- Walter Bretteli,

mingham, aud. ac.--Wm. Davies, Birmingham, shoe manaLittle Marlborough-street, printer, Oct. 30 at 2, London, div.

facturer, Nov. 16 at 11, Birmingham, aud. ac.-Eli Wise Jacob Connop, New Finchley-road, St. John's-wood, bill

Peters, Coventry, wine merchant, Nov. 2 at 11, Birmingham, broker, Oct. 26 at 12, London, div.--John Forbes, Robert

aud. ac. and div.-Wm. Leedham and Wm. Alfred Wild, Allen Crawford, and David Shene, Broad-street, merchants,

Sheffield, opticians, Oct. 20 at 12, Sheffield, aud. ac.-Thor. Oct. 26 at 2, London, fin. div.-William Birch Price and John Edwards, Shrewsbury, bankers, Oct. 31 at half-past 10,

Tyler, Wood-street, Cheapside, warehouseman, Oct. 30 at Birmingham, div.--George Newey, Birmingham, grocer, Dec. | [For continuation of Gazette, see p. 401].

. 13


CONTENTS London Gazettes..........

COURT OF QUEEN's Bench. Leading Article


By G. J. P. Smith and W. B. Brett, Barristers at Law. Consolidation of Statute Law-Commissioners' Report 398 Moller v. Young.--(Charterparty-Part delivery of

cargo-Refusal to deliver residue till payment of NAMES OF THE CASES REPORTED.

freight-Damages for detention of ship-Bill of Rolls COURT.

lading referring to charterparty-Liability of conBy G. Y. Robson, Barrister at Law.

signee) .................................... 934

COURT OF COMMON PLEAS. Palmer v. Newell.--(Double portions-Intention

By W. PATERSON and W. Mills, Barristers at Law. Parol evidence) ........ ................ 929 || Jones v. Orchard.—(Bail on removal of indictment

for misdemeanour into Queen's Bench-Implied Vice-Chancellor STUART's Court.

indemnity by defendant to bail against costs of proBy T. F. MORSE, Barrister at Law.

secution) ............................. .... 936 Salter 0. Adey.-(Ship's husband, right to commis.

Court of ExcHEQUER. sion of-Settled accounts-Verbal partnership

By W. M. Best, Barrister at Law. Agreement - Custom)....

Johnson v. Diamond.-(17 & 18 Vict. c. 125, 88. 61,

8c.--Foreign attachment-Bond-Set-off)...... 938 Vice-CaANCELLOR Wood's COURT.

By Matthew B. BEGBIE, Barrister at Law.

By G. FRANCIS, Barrister at Law. Martindale v. Martindale.-(Partnership-Variation Reg. v. Eagleton.-(Fraud at common law-False pre. of contract) ........ ::::............ 932

tences—7 8. 8 Geo. 4, c. 29, 8. 53-Breach of conWright v. Vanderplank.-(Fraud-Undue parental in.

tract - Attempt to obtain money-Obtaining credit fluence-Laches preventing relief on fraud)...... 932 in account) ................................ 940

...... 930

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true owner, under circumstances calculated to enable

the bankrupt to obtain a false credit by inducing the LONDON, OCTOBER 13, 1855.

world to look on him as the true owner.

2. That the question whether goods are in the posThe doctrine of reputed ownership has undergone session, &c. of a bankrupt may depend on the usage of considerable modification in recent times — a result some particular trade, which may vary at different achieved mainly by the Court of Exchequer. It was times and places. formerly used in many instances as an instrument for 3. That where property is left by the true owner in the transfer to a bankrupt's creditors of property which a shop, warehouse, or other place where goods are nonever belonged to their debtor, and which probably had toriously left for other purposes than for sale, the not in any manner influenced the amount of the credit proprietor of the shop, &c. is not reputed owner of them given to him. It was paying the debts of A. with the within the statute. goods of B., who had been unfortunate enough to leave The bankrupt in Bell v. Hamilton was a clockmaker, them in A.'s hands for a few days, it might be for con- and kept clocks in his shop for sale, and also clocks bevenience or security; B. himself, perhaps, believing A. longing to other persons for repair. In July, 1853, to be a man of substance from the very credit which the plaintiff bought a clock of him, but desired it to he was obtaining from those men who now divide be kept until he moved into a new house. In March, amongst them B.'s goods.

1854, he purchased two more clocks, and left them After having decided that goods whereof the bank with the bankrupt to be cleaned, which might have rupt is reputed owner do not pass to the assignees under been done in three days. On the 7th April the bankthe Bankrupt-law Consolidation Act without a special ruptcy took place, at which time the three clocks were order of the Court of Bankruptcy for that purpose, in the shop. They were held not liable to seizure by (Heslop v. Baker, 6 Esch. 740; 8 Exch. 411; see also the assignees. Quartermaine v. Bittlestone, 13 C. B. 133), the Court On their behalf it was urged that the bankrupt had of Eschequer has, with a liberal appreciation of the once been owner of the clocks, and that the change of requirements and at the same time the varying cir- property had not been sufficiently indicated.' Reference cumstances of trade, laid down rules upon the subject, was made to Knowles v. Horsfall, (5 B. & Al. 134), in which on the one hand render caution in the giving of which casks of brandy, which had been purchased of credit to “outward appearances” more advisable than a spirit merchant, and left on his premises for conveever, and on the other hand tend to preserve unto each nience, passed to the assignees; and Lingard v. Mesman his own property, instead of distributing it by a siter, (1 B. & Cr. 308), in which machinery, of which kind of legal spoliation for the benefit of third persons, the bankrupt had once been the real owner, had been We allude to the case of Bell v. Hamilton and Others. I purchased by the defendant, and then demised by him (18 Jur., part 1, p. 1109; S. C., 24 L. J., Ex., 45), to the bankrupt at an annual rent, the defendant's. from which the following propositions may be de- / initials having been first marked upon it; and it was duced :

held that it passed to the assignees. 1. That in order to render goods in the possession, With regard to the former case, Parke, B., said that order, or disposition of a bankrupt, two things must the seller kept only his own brandies for sale, and there, concur—first, they must be in his possession under such fore all in his vaults appeared to be his, and that it circumstances as to render him reputed owner of the would have been otherwise if it had been shewn that goods; and, secondly, they must have been left in his the merchant was in the habit of receiving into his pospossession through some impropriety or laches of the session the goods of other people. And Alderson, B., said that it was then rather a question as to the con-1 CONSOLIDATION OF THE STATUTE LAW. clusion which the Court ought to draw from the facts, and he almost regretted having reported the case. Lin

| EXTRACTS FROM THE APPENDIX TO THE REgard v. Messiter was disposed of by the remark that

PORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS. the value of a decision is affected by the change of cir

(Continued from p. 392). cumstances, and that if rightly decided at the period

British Newspapers “ shall mean newspapers printeil of its occurrence it would not be so decided now, as “it is notorious that machinery is often hired, and there- stamp duty, and duly stamped.”

and published in the United Kingdom" liable to the

(7 Will. 4 & 1 Vict. fore there is no presumption that machinery in the pos- 1 c. 36, s. 47). session of a manufacturer is his own; so, carriages are British Newspaper's “ shall mean newspapers printed now notoriously hired. . . . Family plate in the pos- and published in the United Kingdom liable to the session of a silversmith ought not to pass to his stamp duties, and duly stamped, and also newspapers assignees.”—Per Pollock, C. B. Parke, B., said that ? ogcionang"_Per Pollock CB Parke B id that printed in the islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney,

“ Sark, or Man, although not liable to stainp duties." he had always considered Lord Redesdale's exposition

(3 & 4 Viet. c. 96, s. 71).....

s of the subject in Joy v. Campbell (1 Sch. & L. 328) as

320) as British Postage “shall mean the duty chargeable on the best he had met with. It is this—" That clause letters transmitted by post from place to place within refers to chattels in the possession of the bankrupt, the United Kingdom, or, if transmitted to or from the ‘in his order and disposition* with consent of the true United Kingdom, chargeable for the distance which owner.' That means where the possession, order, and they shall be transmitted within the United Kingdom, disposition is in a person who is not the owner, to

to and including also the packet postage, if any." (7 Will.

14 & 1 Vict. c. 36, s. 47). whom they do not properly belong, and who ought not

Colonial Letter « shall mean a letter transmitted be

a to have them, but whom the owner permits unconscien-tween any of her Majesty's colonies and the United tiously, as the act supposes, to have such order and dis- Kingdom.” (Ib.) position. The object was to prevent deceit by a trader Colonial Newspapers “ shall mcan newspapers printed from the visible possession of property to which he was and published in any of her Majesty's dominious out not entitled: but in the construction of the act the of the United Kingdom.” (Ib.) nature of the possession has always been considered.” I Colonies (Her Majesty's) “shall include every port This view was acquiesced in by the other learned

and place within the territorial acquisitions now vested

in the East India Company in trust for her Majesty, judges of the Exchequer, and it will be found to per- ' the Cape of Good Hope. 'the islands of St. Helena, vade each of their judgments. It subjects the whole Guernsey, Jersey, and Isle of Man, (unless any such doctrine of reputed ownership to simple and intelligible places be expressly excepted), as well as her blajesty's tests, and removes from it the hardship and injustice other colonies and possessions beyond seas.” (Ib.) with which it was chargeable. The loss of property Colonies (Her Majesty's) “shall include every port under its influence is now a penalty for misconduct, and place within the territorial acquisitions now vested rather than a punishment for not foreseeing that which

in the East India Company in trust for her Majesty,

the Cape of Good Hope, the island of St. Helena, the no one else foresaw, and for indulging in a confidence Ionian Islands, and Honduras, as well as her Majesty's which was shared by those very creditors who divided other colonies and possessions beyond the seas, (the his goods amongst them.

islands of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, and Sark Before quitting this subject we should observe that only excepted).” (3 & 4 Vict. c. 90, s. 71). in Graham v. Furber (14 C. B. 131) it was held that Convention Posts “shall mean posts established by the true owner has a right, at any time before the fiat,

on the list the Postmaster-General under agreements with the in(or petition for adjudication), to take back his goods, .4

habitants of any places.” (7 Will. 4 & 1 Vict. c. 36, provided he does so without notice of any prior act of

prior act of Delivery to a letter-carrier, or other person authorised bankruptcy, it being a “ transaction” with the bank- to receive letters for the post, “shall be a delivery to the l'upt within the meaning of sect. 133 of the 12 & 13 Post-office; and a delivery at the house or office of the Vict. c. 106; and in Brewin v. Short and Others person to whom the letter is addressed, or to him or to (1 Jur., N. S., part 1, p. 798) the Court of Queen's his servant or agent, or other person considered to be Bench went further, by holding, that if before the

authorised to receive the letter according to the usual date of the fiat or petition, and before notice of an act | livery to the person addressed."

manner of delivering that person's letters, shall be de

(Ib.) of bankruptcy, the true owner bonâ fide demands pos- Double Letter ( shall mean a letter having one insession of the goods, and, communicating with the closure.(Ib.) bankrupt, does that which shews that the goods no 1 Double Postage « shall mean twice the amount of longer with his consent remain in the possession, order, single postage." (Ib.) or disposition of the bankrupt, the title of the true East Indies “shall mean every port and place within owner is not defeated by a prior act of bankruptcy, the territorial acquisitions now vested in the East India

Company in trust for her Majesty, and every other port

or place within the limits of the charter of the said The Queen has been pleased to appoint William

company, (China excepted), and shall also include the

| Cape of Good Hope.” (Ib.) Johnstone Ritchie, Esq., to be one of the Puisne Judges

Express “ shall mean every kind of conveyance emof the Supreme Court of New Brunswick.

ployed to carry letters on behalf of the Post-office other

than the usual mail.” (Ib.) * The words used in the statute are, “ possession, order, or Foreign Country “shall mean any country, state, or disposition;" but Pollock, C. B., said that he should read “or” kingdom not included in the dominions of her Majesty." as "and."


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