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action at common law; it is sufficient to say they were judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, in having considered adequate by Sir W. P. Wood, V.C., who refused the appellant, Mrs. Bishop, to conduct a testamade a decree in his favour. That learned judge, in

mentary suit in formâ pauperis. The husband, a soli

citor's clerk, was an uncertificated bankrupt, and from the course of his very able judgment, expressed his

nis his salary could only procure the necessaries of life: the entire concurrence with the principles laid down by wife was entitled to an annuity under a will, but there Parke, B., in the Exchequer Chamber. After ad was no prospect of its early payment. Under these verting to the mistaken analogy to marine and fire circumstances the judgment below was reversed, the assurance set up in Godsall v. Boldero with respect to Court distinguishing the case from others that were

cited, on the ground that the husband was an uncerlife policies, his Honor made the following observa

tificated bankrupt. tions:-“The policy never refers to the cause or reason for effecting the assurance, the annual premiums being The payment of the deposit by an allottee of shares calculated by the company upon the value which they upon the day specified for payment in the letter of

allotment is a condition precedent to his right to sue think ought to be paid in order to make the postponed

the postponed for non-delivery of the shares. (Lucas v. The Port T'enpayment, without reference to any other circumstance, Inant Patent Fuel Company, Feb. 7. Exch., Nisi Prius. whether of one event or of another event: that is a per Pollock, C. B., after consulting the other judges of matter of entire indifference to the company--it is no the Exchequer). part of their contract; they have founded their calcu- Acts of cruelty on the part of a husband had been lation upon the probable duration of human life, and condoned; he afterwards maliciously deserted his wife: they get paid the full value of that calculation. On it was held by Sir John Dodson that the acts of cruelty what principle, then, can it afterwards be said, that were not thereby revived, so as to afford a ground for

separation à mensâ et thoro, upon the prayer of the wife. because somebody else is good enough to satisfy the **

1 (Hart v. Hart, Arches Court, Feb. 7). The learned object which the party had in effecting the assurance, judge stated, that by the law of several of the United they should be released from the contract?And in States, malicious desertion in itself affords a ground for reference to stat. 14 Geo, 3, c. 48, he observed further, divorce, referring, as his authority, to Bishop on Marthat he could not fairly say that the contract was either riage and Divorce, which he described as a valuable within the words or the spirit of the enactment: no

book, thing like a fraud upon the statute had been attempted The Insolvent Court orders the release of insolvents by the plaintiff, whose conduct she wed perfect bona who have been committed by a county court judge fides throughout the transaction: and further, the con

while they are in possession of the protection of the Intract, and the contract alone, as between the parties, takes place after they have been discharged, under the

solvent Court, but refuses to do so when the committal must be looked to: it was not void in reference to 1 & 2 Vict. c. 110. (Re Woraker, Feb. 7, per Mr. public policy, nor ought the amount to be received to Commissioner Murphy). be cut down by the operation of the statute, by reason

In Underwood v. Wing, the Lord Chancellor, assisted of the event upon which the legacy became payable by two common-law judges, has held (Feb. 5) that happening some short time before the termination of where persons perish by a common calamity, there is the policy.

no legal presumption of survivorship. Mr. and Mrs. Independently of the natural satisfaction felt at the

Underwood were swept off together from the deck of defeat of what we cannot but consider a most unjust

The Dalhousie by a large wave, and they were never

seen again. The claimant's title was dependent upon attempt on the part of the “ Indisputable” office to

one having survived the other. The onus of proof repudiate their own deliberate contract and the expresslying upon him, and there being nothing from which terms of their prospectus, the judgment of Sir W. P. the Court could infer survivorship, judgment was given Wood, V.C., will, we are convinced, meet with the against him. Upon this interesting question we refer unanimous approbation of the Profession, as a clear and

our readers to the observations made by Mr. Best in distinct statement of the law as now settled, and giving where it will be seen that the views suggested by him

his “Principles of Evidence," pp. 479—481, 2nd ed., the coup de grace, if such were needed, to that decision have been fully confirmed in the above case. of Godsall v. Boldero which has so long burthened our text-books, and cast a slur upon the commercial policy of England, as expounded by our judges. Further. The following appointments have been made during comment upon the case would be unnecessary, as we the past week: Thomas Mackenzie, her Majesty's have so recently discussed the subject in our remarks Solicitor-General for Scotland, to be one of the Lords upon Dalby v. The India and London Life Assurance

of Session in Scotland, in the room of Patrick Robert

son, deceased; Valentine Fleming, to be Chief Justice Company. We will merely add, that it is matter of con

of Van Diemen's Land; Sydney Smith Bell, to be gratulation that both sides of Westminster Hall have boldly construed the act of Geo. 3 in an enlarged and Judge of the Cape of Good Hope: and Arthur Bigge.

Puisne Judge, and John Watts Ebden, second Puisne liberal spirit, and no longer rendered necessary the

to be a Police Magistrate and Justice of the Peace for interference of the Legislature for the purpose of

the borough of Brighton. amending that statute, in accordance with the ordinary practice of assurance offices and the present demands The Right Hon. Sir John Jervis, Knt., Lord Chief of society.

Justice of her Majesty's Court of Common Pleas at

Westminster, has appointed the following Gentlemen NOTES OF THE WEEK.

to be Perpetual Commissioners for taking the acknowledgments of deeds to be executed by married women:

George Lockett Robinson, of Longton, Staffordshire, in A curious question came before the Judicial Com- and for the county of Stafford; John Houchen the mittee of the Privy Council in Bishop v. Wildbore, younger, of Thetford, Norfolk, in and for the county of (Feb. 7); which was an appeal from the decision of the Norfolk.

Thursday .. March 1 Appeals.


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Friday .........

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Saturday ....... 24 Appeals.
Court Papers.

Monday........ 26
Tuesday ........ 27' Third Seal.--Appeal Motions.

Wednesday .....

o Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy, Friday .........

and Appeal Petitions. Court of Chancery.

Saturday ....... 3)

| Monday........ Appeals.
Before the LORD CHANCELLOR, at Lincoln's Inn.

F S First Seal.--Appeal Motions and Ap. Wednesday
Thursday .... Feb. 8{ first se

1 peals.


Fourth Seal.- Appeal Motions. Friday ......... 9 Petitions and Appeals.

S Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy,

and Appeal Petitions. Saturday ... Monday....

Saturday.. 10 Tuesday...


12 Wednesday 14 > Appeals.


13 > Appeals. Thursday

Wednesday 14 | Friday ....

Thursday 15 ] Saturday ...

165 Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy,

Friday ....... 19 Second Seal.- Appeal Motions and

1 Monday....

and Appeal Petitions. Appeals.

Saturday ..... 17 Appeals. Tuesday ...

Monday ........

19 Fifth Seal. --- Appeal Motions. Wednesday

Tuesday........ Thursday


21 Appeals. Friday ..... 23 Appeals.

Thursday Saturday .....

s Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy,

Friday ......... Monday ......

? and Appeal Petitions. Tuesday........

2 S Third Seal.-Appeal Motions and Ap Saturday ......

Monday........ 26

26 > Appeals. Wednesday ..... 287

Tuesday........ 27 Sixth Seal. ---Appeal Motions.
Thursday .. March 1
Friday .....

Notice.-The days on which the Lords Justices shall be Saturday ........ 3 > Appeals.

engaged at the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council are Monday .........

Tuesday ......
Wednesday .....
Thursday ......

S Fourth Seal.-Appeal Motions and
? Appeals.

Before the Right Hon. the MASTER OF THE Rolls, at Friday ........

Saturday .....

Thursday .... Feb. 8 First Seal.

Friday ......... 97 Wednesday 14 Appeals.

Saturday ....... 10 Thursday

Monday........ 12 Friday ...

Tuesday.. ...... 13 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Saturday ... 17j


Further Directions, and Exceptions. Monday...

10 Fifth Seal.- Appeal Motions and Ap Thursday


Saturday .. Wednesday

Monday... .. 19 Second Seal. Thursday: 22 } Appeals.

Tuesday... 20) Friday .........

Wednesday 21 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Saturday ....... 24 J

Thursday 22? Further Directions, and Exceptions. Monday...... .. 26 Petitions and Appeals.

Friday ..
Tuesday ........

o Sixth Seal.-Appeal Motions and Ap. Saturday .. 24 General -

Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,
Monday........ 26

4 Further Directions, and Exceptions. Notice.-Such days as his Lordship is engaged in hearing Tuesday ....... 27 Third Seal. Appeals in the House of Lords excepted.

Wednesday ..... 287
Thursday .. March 1
Friday .........

Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,
Saturday .......

Further Directions, and Exceptions. Before the LORDS JUSTICES, at Lincoln's Inn.

Thursday .... Feb. 8 First Seal.- Appeal Motions.

Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy,

Friday .......
and Appeal Petitions.

Thursday .. 8 Fourth Seal.
Saturday ....

Saturday .....
Tuesday.... 13 Appeals.

Monday...... Wednesday ..

Tuesday........ 13 | Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,

Wednesday ... 14? Further Directions, and Exceptions. Thursday ...

1 Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy, Thursday Friday ....... "

16 and Appeal Petitions.

Friday .........

Saturday ....... Saturday ..... 17 Appeals.

Monday ......

h Seal. Monday..

19 Second Seal.-Appeal Motions. Tuesday.... 207

Tuesday ........ 207 Wednesday 21 Appeals.

Wednesday .....

Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,

Thursday ....... Thursday

Further Directions, and Exceptions. on Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy, |

Friday ......... Friday ..... 1 and Appeal Petitions.

Saturday ....... 24]

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...... 27


Monday ........ 26 General Petition-day.

Tuesday........ 20 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Tuesday ........ 27 Sixth Seal.

Wednesday ...

Claims, and Further Directions.

Thursday ..... N.B.-Short Causes, Short Claims, Consent Causes, Un.

Friday ......

Petitions and General Paper. opposed Petitions, and Claims every Saturday. The Unop

Short Causes and Claims, and General posed Petitions to be taken first.

Saturday .......

Paper. Notice.-Consent Petitions must be presented, and copies


26s Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, left with the Secretary, on or before the Thursday preceding

4° Claims, and Further Directions. the Saturday on which it is intended they should be heard. Tuesday........ 27 Third Seal.-Motions and Causes.

Wednesday ..... 28 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,
Thursday .. March 1 ) Claims, and Further Directions.

Friday ......... 2 Petitions and General Paper.
Before Vice-Chancellor Sir Richard T. KINDERSLEY, at

Short Causes and Claims, and General Lincoln's Inn.

Saturday ....... 34 Paper. Thursday .... Fels First Seal. — Motions and General

| Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Tuesday........

I Friday .........

Claims, and Further Directions. 9

Wednesday ...
Petitions (unopposed first).
Saturday. 10 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.

& Causes. | Thursday ....

8 Fourth Seal.—Motions and Causes. Monday.. 127

Friday ........

9 Petitions and General Paper. Tuesday........ 13 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,

10 Short Causes and Claims, and General

Saturday Wednesday 14 | Further Directions, and Exceptions.

Paper. Thursday 15)

Monday........ Friday ... 16 Petitions (unopposed first).

13 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Saturday ... 17 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Wednesday 14? Claims, and Further Directions.

10 S Second Seal.-Motions and General | Thursday. Monday......

15 ** Paper.

Friday ......... 16 Petitions and General Paper. Tuesday......

1 Short Causes and Claims, and General Wednesday

20 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Saturday ....... Thursday 6 Further Directions, and Exceptions.

19 Fifth Seal.-Motions and Causes. Friday ..... 23° Petitions (unopposed first).

Tuesday ........


| Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Saturday ....... 24 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. / Wednesday .....

Claims, and Further Directions. Monday......

26S Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Thursday ..
" 404 Further Directions, and Exceptions. Friday ......... 23 Petitions and General Paper.
on Third Seal. - Motions and General

Saturday .......

w Short Causes and Claims, and General

į Paper. Wednesday ..... 28 ) Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Monday........ Thursday .. March 1 Further Directions, and Exceptions.

207 Claims, and Further Directions. Friday ...

.... 2 Petitions (unopposed first). . Tuesday........ 27 Sixth Seal.-Motions.
Saturday ....... 3 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.

Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,
Wednesday .....

; Further Directions, and Exceptions. | Before Vice-Chancellor Sir W. P. Wood, at Lincoln's Inn. Thursday ...... Fourth Seal.-Motions and General

Thursday, Feb. 8 { First Seal. - Motions and General 8 Paper.

0.Paper. Friday ......... 9 Petitions (unopposed first).

S Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Friday ......... Saturday ....... 10 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.

9 Claims, and Further Directions. Monday,....... 12

10 Petitions, Short Causes and Claims, Tuesday...

Saturday ....... 13 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,

"2 and General Paper. Wednesday ..... 14 | Further Directions, and Exceptions. Monday........ Thursday ..


u Friday ......... 16

Wednesday .....

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Petitions (unopposed first).

Claims, and Further Directions. Saturday ....... 17

.. 17 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. | Thursday ......


10 Fifth Seal. -- Motions and General | Friday ......... Monday........ 19 " Paper.

Petitions, Short Causes and Claims,

Saturday ....... Tuesday....

and General Paper. 61 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Wednesday.

10 Second Seal.--Motions and General 12 Thursday ....... 22J

Monday ........
Further Directions, and Exceptions.

Friday ....
23 Petitions (unopposed first).

Tuesday...... Saturday ....... 24 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Thursday ...... 22 Monday........ 26S Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,

Claims, and Further Directions. 20. Further Directions, and Exceptions. Friday Tuesday........ 27 ons Sixth Seal.-Motions and General

Saturday .....

J Petitions, Short Causes and Claims, Paper.

and General Paper.

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, N. B.-Petitions will be heard on Petition-days only. Monday........

Claims, and Further Directions. Tuesday........ 27

ons Third Seal. - Motions and General

“ Paper. Before Vice-Chancellor Sir J. Stuart, at Lincoln's Inn.

Wednesday ..... 287

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Thursday .. March 1}

Claims, and Further Directions. Thursday .... Feb. 8 First Seal.--Motions and Causes. Friday ......... Friday ......... 9 Petitions and General Paper.

Petitions, Short Causes and Claims,

Saturday ....... Saturday ....... 10 Short Causes and Claims, and General

oland General Paper. "2 Paper.


Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Monday....

Tuesday...... Tuesday........ 13 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Wednesday .....

Claims, and Further Directions. Wednesday 14? Claims, and Further Directions.

Fourth Seal.-Motions and General Thursday 15

Thursday ......

Paper. Friday ....... .. 16 Petitions and General Paper.

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Short Causes and Claims, and Generall Friday .......

1 Saturday .......

Claims, and Further Directions. " Paper.

1 Petitions, Short Causes and Claims, Monday........ 19 Second Seal.-Motions and Causes. Saturday ....

1 and General Paper..








1. Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Collinson o. Lister (Cause) Hodgson v. Smithson (M for Monday.....

Claims, and Further Directions. Cookson v. Bingham icon decree) Tuesday......

Same v. Elliott grau.) Hannah v. Kilner (Cause) Wednesday .... 14 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, M‘Mullen o. Rea (M for dec.) Leisinger v. Winter (M for deThursday

r Claims, and Further Directions. Att.-Gen. v. Harman (M for cree) Friday ......... 16


Davis v. Earl of Dysart (M for Saturday

Petitions, Short Causes and Claims, Att.-Gen. v. Moor (Cause) decree) " and General Paper.

Turner o. Ramsey (Cause) Att.-Gen. v. Barrow (Further 10 Fifth Seal. - Motions and General Jones v. Dickson (M for dec.) consideration). Monday........ " Paper.

Hooper v. Barry (Further con- | Art.-Gen. o. Maclean (F D, C) Tuesday 20


Higham o. Bolt (M for dec.) Wedaesday 21 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, | Hambly o. Michell (Further | Higham v. Bott (M for dec.) Thursday 22? Claims, and Further Directions. consideration)

Alexander v. Simms (Further Friday .........

Stockley o. Pearson (Further consideration)
Petitions, Short Causes and Claims, consideration)

Worthington o. Wiginton (E, Saturday ..... l and General Paper.

Allan v. Ruyssenaers (Cause) FD, C)
Ś Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Carew v. Yates (Cause) Antram v. Harvey (M for de-

'1 Claims, and Further Directions. Dania v. Hollows (Further cree)
Sixth Seal. - Motions and General consideration)

Bold v. Hutchinson (Cause) Tuesday, ....... 27 21 Paper.

Johnson v. Cammell (M for Palmer v. Newell (Cause) decree)

Bell v. Hornby (Further conEdwards v. Bayley (M for de sideration) cree)

Paul v. Hare (Cause) EQUITY CAUSE LISTS, AFTER HILARY Watts v. Shrimpton (Cause) Towne v. Towne (Cause) TERM, 1855.

Freeman v. Stone (Cause) Portus v. Street (CI)

Collins v. Collins (M for dec.) 1 Soame v. Rogers (Cause) *,* The following abbreviations have been adopted to St. Aubyn v. Humphreys (Fur Scawin v. Jordan (M for dec.) abridge the space the Cause Papers would otherwise have occu. ther consideration)

Collard v. Wiseman (Cause) pied-A. Abated-Adj. Adjourned-A. T. After Term-Ap. Orrett v. Corser (M for dec.) Pennell v. Bradley 1 (Fur.con., Appeal-C. D. Cause Day-Cl. Claim-C. Costs--D. De.

Gregory v. Faulkner (M for Pennell v. Peases Ptn) murrer-E. Exceptions—. D. Further Directions—M. Mo.

1 decree)

Hill o. Taine (Supr. claim) tion-P. C. Pro Confesso-Pl. Plea—Ptn. Petition-R. Re

Att.-Gen. o. Johnson (F D, Melhuish o. Bulpin (M for de. hearing-S. O. Stand Over-Sh. Short.

Same v. Seddon c .cree)

Minet v. Leman (M for decree) Higgins v. Pettman (M for Court of Chancery.

Stephens o. Wanklin (Caus.)


Same v. Salway (Caus.) Bentley v. Taylor (CI)

Att.-Gen. v. Corporation of Drax v. Burton (M for decree)

Hatch v. Hatch (Special case)

Great Yarmouth (Cause) Woodgate r. Archer Burton /

Griffin v. Clowes (Further con- Cragoe v. Mager (Further conWoodgate r. Archer Burton Neale v. Farrer.


Coard v. Holderness (M for Rodney o. Rodney (4) (F D,


Cowling v. Bowstead (Further Douglas v. Douglas (3) (F D,

consideration) APPEALS.

Haigh v. Hepworth (Further | Pepper v. Pepper (Cause) Penney u. Goode Walters v. Northern Coal consideration)

Brace o. Pepper (M for decree) Penney r. Goode

mining Co.

Lingard v. Lingard (M for Stewart v. Sturgis (SuppleDuncan v. Cannan Maynell v. Surtees (2)


mental cause) Smith v. Pawson (Part heard) Harrison v. Mayor of South- (Tew v. Austen (CI)

Inglis v. Inglis (Further cons.) Manning v. Purcell (2) I ampton

Rendlesham v. Norman (Fur. Hindle v. Taylor (Sp. case) Alexander v. Brame (2) Lancellat v. Ballachey

ther consideration)

Bent u. Buckley (E) Hope o. Hope

Raby v. Ridehalgh (5) Band v. Fardell (Further con. Berington v. Berington (Fur. Nicholson o. Whalley (3) (Ori. Carver v. Burgess


ther consideration) sh ginal causes)

Jenkinson v. Harcourt Bicknell v. Boulcott (Further | Bassett v. Hider (CI)
Thomas o. Cooper
Dormer v. Phillips


Eyre v. Nicholson (CI) Davison v. Mason

Myers v. United Guarantee | Dorman v. Buckley (Cause) Griffith o. Owens (Ň for dec.) Daniel v. Gosset Feb. 13

Life Assurance Co.

Bradbury v. Ward (M for dec.) | Moore ». Perry (CI) Sh Daniel . Gossets

United Guarantee and Life Thomas v. Woodhouse (M for | Hedley o. Williamson (Cause) Williams v. Hodgson Assurance Co. v. Cleland decree)

Att.-Gen. o. Cheney 1 (FD, Burrows v. Walls Farley v. Woodman

Moore v. Brookes (F D, C) / Same o. Same I c). Schofield o. Schofield

CAUSE. Miller o. Chapman | Aveling v. Martin,

Before Vice-Chancellor Sir Richard T. KINDERSLEY.

CAUSES, &c. | Birley v. Owen (CI) Before the Right Hon. the MASTER OF THE ROLLS.

Angell v. Angell (D)

Clements v. Pulman (Cause) CAUSES, &c.

Hollingsworth v. Woodhead Saunders v. Ďruce (Pl) Yeates v. Roberts (M for dec.) Davis v. Earl Dysart (E) 1 (Cause)

Lord o. Colvin (Cause) Colvin 0. Lord (Cause) Edmonds o. Millett (M for Pullen v. Fairthorne (M for Bush v. Peterson (Cause, part Maybery v. Brooking (Red.) decree, part heard) decree)


Upton v. Forster (Cause) Wilson o. Harley (Cause, part Rogers ó. Rogers (Cause) Fisher v. Baldwin (Cause) Gough o. Lewis (Canse)

heard) Not until mentioned Caledonian Railway Co. v. Gossip v. Wright (Cause) Blunt o. De Mallets (Cause) · Woodrow (Cause)

Darvell v. Roper (M for dec.) Summers v. Summers (CI) Watson o. Cleaver (M for de- Arkell v. Henly (Cause) Wallace v. Blackwell (Cause) Other v. Iveson (M for decree) cree)

Henly v. Henly (Cause) Att.-Gen, v. Vansittart (Cau.) Pollard v. Doyle Lic Brady v. Morgan (M for dec., Capell v. Hyatt (M for decree) | Coombs v. Mansfield liaj | Kearns v. Doyle so part heard)

Davies v. Hallett (M for dec., Coombs v. Herniman (Cao) Houlding v. Cross (Sp. case) Robinson v. Anderson (Cause) Pun)

Nixon v. Masterton (M for Gurney v. Gurney (CI) Harford o. Lloyd (Cause) Bensley v. Riches (M for dec.) decree)

Fawtrop o. Craven (Sp. case) Child o. Child (Cause) Brocklebank v. Johnson (M | Lukey v. Higgs (CI)

Twining v. Twining 1 (F D, Jefferies o. Michell (Cause) ! for decree)

Sutcliffe v. Crosse (M for dec.) | Twining v. Holmes / c)



Gough o. Lewis (Cause)

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Thornber v. Wilson (Cause) | Lawley v. King (M for decree) | Crawley v. Orchard (M for | Basham o. Smith (Cause) Creed v. Corner (M for dec.) | Adlington v. Chippendale decree)

Buxton v. Roberts (F D, C). Tomson v. Judge (Cause) 1 (Further consideration) Pennell v. Hume (Cause) Lewarne v. Collins (Cause) Newman o. Stone (CI) Holmes v. Holmes 1 (FD, C,

Before Vice-Chancellor Sir J. Stuart. Moodie v. Bannister (Cause) Same v. Same s Ptn)

Pleas, DEMURRERS, Causes, &c. Campbell v. Lord Stafford (M

. Johns

Goode v. Hollier (Cause) S O Wheatley v. Bastow (2) (Cau.) for decree) Wood v. Wood (CI)

Wiggins v. Peppin (4) (FD,C) Orford v. Ardern. (Furtber Rogers v. Hooper (Cause) , Henderson v. Cook (Cause) I decree)

Howard v. Lloyd (M for dec.) I consideration) Tennant v. Parker (Cause) Fletcher », Moore (Supplem.

Vincent v. Godson (F D, C, Mullens v. Bush (M for dec.)

Pon) Williamson v. Wootton (CI) | Cause)

Pound v. Vickers (Cause) Wardle v. Marsden (M for de- | Moseley v. Glen(M for decree)

Franklin v. Franklin (Cause) Holt v. Bailey (Cause)

Fowler v. Holt (F D, C) Warde v. Leigh (2) (P D, C) cree)

Sealy v. Waugh (M for decree) Bean v. Dawson (M for dec.)

Clarke v. Cope (P D, C) Gay v. Tudor (Further cons.) Chester v. Brown (Cause) Ramball o. Poole Shew v. Marsh (M for decree)

Casley v. Goodridge (CI) Clark v. Chappell (Further (FD.C) Rumball v. Peachy Pownell o. Miller (Cause)

Gibson v. Fairlamb (Further consideration) Williams v. Hughes (Cause)

Morgan v. Lucking (CI)

consideration) Ball v. Freeman (Cause) Greene o. Norton (4) (FD, C), Weston v. Hobson (F D, C)

Perry v. Walker (E, 2 sets, F | Hope v. Mayor, Aldermen, Hudson v. Whimpole (Fur


and Citizens of Gloucester Baynard v. Woolley (M for ther consideration)

Weston v. Tompson (Cause) (Cause) decree)

Stockin v. Lane (Cause) Elder v. Maclean (3) (E, FD, Wearing v. Baynard (Cause)

Andrew v. Andrew (4) (F D,

Brayshaw v. Preston (Cause) C)

Jones v. Lodge (4) (F D, CÍ
Barton v. Dixon (7) (Subseq.

Roberts v. Vercoe (Cause) Wilson v. Gill (Cause)
Wood v. Taylor
FD, C)

Same o. Lords

of }(F D, C) Gage v. Gage (Further cons.) Anderson v. Norton (M for Mott v. Jóllye (Cause)

Plumbe v. Straford (M for de. decree)
Carter v. Sanders (Further
Kent v. Porter (Cause)


Crosby v. Bell (F D, C) consideration) Greenwood o. Taylor (5) (E, Eckford v. Roome (F D, C)

Russell v. M'Culloch (2) (Ca.) M Intoch v. Great Western FD, C)

Corke v. Higgins (F D, C) Railway Co. (Cause)
Shelley v. Clarke (FD, C)
Thompson v. Jeves (Cause)

Evans v. Brown (Cause) Hudson v. Pickett (CI)
Turner v. Goodrich (M for
Hitchman o. Stewart (Fur.

Hatwill v. Rimell (Further Blackman v. Light (Further

decree) Trail v. Stewart s cons.) Fagge o. Sandys (M for dec.)


consideration) Evans o. Kinsey (Cause) Miller v. Pridden (Further

Green v Morris (Canse) Savory v. Barber 1 (Subseqt. Bowles v. Field (Cause)


Rittson v. Stordy (F D, C) Lucas v. Hoffman) (F D, C) Garner u. Moore (Cause) Whittingstall o. Field (Fur

Ramsbottom v. Brierly (Cau.) | Smith v. Smee (M for decree) Boughen v. Farrer (Sp. case) | ther consideration)

Clibron v. Craven (Further

Burton v. Sills (Further cons.) | Ramsden v. Hirst (M for dec.) | Wearing v. Baynard (Cause)

Crow v. Colombine (2) (F D, consideration) Harley v. Moon (Further con. Aspland v. Watte (Cause)


Jones v. Williams (M for dec.) sideration) Christ's Hospital v. Granger

Paddon v. Richardson (Cause) Rawlins ». Druitt (M for dec.) Monro . Proctor (F D, C)

(FD, C)

Beaumont v. James (F D, C) Nicholas v. Nicholas (3) (FD, Rogers v. Dicks (M for dec.) Pattenden v. Hobson (Fur. Sh Pattenden v. Churchcons.)

| Earl of Mansfield v. Ogle (6) Collier v. Nicholas (2) (F D, Lacon v. Allen (Cause) Bloor v. Bloor (4) (Further

(E, 2 sets) Wild v. Booker (Further con

Lewis v. Lewis (4) (E,F D, C) Tanner v. Barton (F D, C)

consideration) sideration)

Anderson v. Sandeman (2) (F Keedwell v. Cook (F D, C) Price v. Hamblett (2) (Cause) Berry v. Charnock (M for de

D, C)

Tucker v. Hernaman (Further Vigurs v. Vigurs (3) (F D, C) cree)

consideration) Nicholls v. Hoblyn (E) Earl of Haddington v. Crosse Dolman v. Curling (Cause) 1

Thorne v. Button (M for dec.) (F D, C)

Martindale v. Challis (C1)
Ashcroft o. Powell (3) (Cause) Bunner'
Bunney v. Bunney (2) (M for

Wood v. Ordish (6) (Ě D, C, Lloyd v. Evans (M for decree) Patch v. Graves (M for dec.)

Ptn) decree)

Slight v. Adey (2) (Cause) Countess of Mornington v. Baker v. Taylor (M for decree)

Spink v. Hutton (6) (F D, C, Hoyes v. Kindersley (2) (F D, 'Greenly (M for decree)

Ptn) Seabrook v. Hadden (F D, C) I Stephenson v.Popple }(Caus.)

Foster v. Cautley (Further Dean v. Setchfield (Further
Judson 0. Judson (Further
Same v. Same


consideration) Welch v. Coles (F D, C) Perkins v. Lees (Cause)

Evans v. Nixon (M for decree) Kay v. Kay (M for decree) Sh Dickenson v. Peacock (Fur.

Rippon v. Baker (CI)

Lonergan v. Scholefield (2) Smeedley v. Potter Lic ther consideration)


* }(Cause) Shelton 0. Potter

(FD, C) au

Wyatt v. Fisher (3) (Further Mayne o. Mayne (Cause) Mays v. Dean (F D, C)


Brown v. Oliver (M for dec.) Dolman v. Nokes (Cause)

Jones v. Richards (M for dec.) Spencer v. Storr (Cause) Sh Remnant v. Lozell (Cause) Smith o. Banbury (F D, C, Halsey v. West (M for decree)

| In re Kirby's Trust 1 (Further Weller v. Brown (M for dec.) Ptn) Povey v. Gregory (5) (FD, C)

Phillips v. Kirby ] consid.) 'Massey v. Massey (Cause). Attorney-Gen. v. Drapers Co. Brumbridge v. Burton (M for (Cause)

decree) Gibson v. Homes (Cause) Hope v. Hope (Special case)

Before Vice-Chancellor Sir W. P. Wood. Sturcb v. Bolton Licence Pargeter v. Pargeter (Further

Causes, &c. | Lawrie v. Bankes (M for dec.) Same v. Same (Cause)


Leyson o. Wood (E to answer) | Watson v. Freeman (M for Shelford v. Kane (Cause) Fryer v. Rogers (2) (Further Chaffers v. Day 1 (E to Dresser v. Hoare (M for dec.)

Chaffers v. Day) answer) | Woodhouse v. Herrick (Spe. Wiles v. Gresham (Further Essex v. Essex (Cause)

Forsyth v. Ellice 1 (F D, C) cial case) consideration)

Mortimer v. Fisher (Cause) Same v. Same SO | Wale v. Ráckstraw (Cause) Morland v. Isaacs (Cause) | Myers v. Perigal (2) (F D, C)

Pierce v. Beanland (M for de- | Allport v. Stephens (Cause) Banks v. Braithwaite (F D, C) | Olney v. Bates (Further con

cree, part heard)

Cropper v. Babb (Cause) Att.-Gen. o. Baines (F D, C)| sideration)

Attenborough v. Attenborough Chappell v. Atkinson (M for Barnes o. Carter (CI) Mayberry v. Miller (CI)


decree) London and South-western Riley v. Dickinson (M for de Sands v. Handley (CI)

Bullock ó. Bennett (Sp. case) Railway Co. v. Humphrey cree)

Mills v. Birch (M for decree) Horsfield v. Ashton (FD, C) (Cause)

Greatrex v. Duffield (3) (FD, Baker v. Armitage (M for de. Att.-Gen. v. Queen ElizaAubert v. Aubert (Cause)


beth's College (Cause) Taylor v. Portington (M for Atherton v. Mather (CI) Scott ó. Bentley (M for decree) Lee o. Head (Special case) decree) Huddlestone v. Saurey (M for Thompson 0.

Thompson o. Wedlake (Cause) Desborough v. Harris (Cause) Pogson v. Burton (F D, C) I decree)

| Alderson v. Dalton (Cause) | Phipps v. Kelson (CI)





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