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Cap. 81. An Act to amend the Law concerning the certifying Cap. 111. An Act to amend the Law relating to Bills of and registering of Places of Religious Worship in Eng- Lading, (14th August, 1855)

32 land, (30th July, 1855) ..


Cap. 115. An Act to continue and amend the Public Health Cap. 83. An Act to continue certain Acts for regulating Turn. Act, (14th August, 1855)

ib. pike Roads in Ireland, (14th August, 1855) 22 Cap. 86. An Act for securing the Liberty of Religious Wor- Cap. 116. An Act for the better Prevention of Diseases, (14th

August, 1855)

.. 33 ship, (14th August, 1855)..

.. ib. Cap. 87. An Act to amend the Act for the better Care and Cap. 117. An Act for transferring to one of her Majesty's

Principal Secretaries of State the Powers and Estates Reformation of Youthful Offenders, and the Act to render Reformatory and Industrial Schools in Scotland

vested in the Principal Officers of the Ordnance, (14th August, 1855)

.. 34 more available for the Benefit of Vagrant Children, (14th August, 1855)

23 Cap. 118. An Act to repeal the Act of the Seventeenth and Cap. 88. An Act to facilitate the Erection of Dwelling-houses

Eighteenth Years of the Reign of her present Majesty, for the Working Classes in Scotland, (14th August,

for further regulating the Sale of Beer and other Liquors 1855)


on the Lord's Day, and to substitute other Provisions in lieu thereof, (14th August, 1855)

.. ib. Cap. 90. An Act for the Payment of Costs in Proceedings

instituted on Behalf of the Crown in Matters relating Cap. 119. An Act to amend the Law relating to the Car-
to the Revenue, and for the Amendment of the Proce- riage of Passengers by Sea, (14th August, 1855).. ib.
dure and Practice in Crown Suits in the Court of Cap. 120. An Act for the better Local Management of the
Exchequer, (14th August, 1855) ..

Metropolis, (14th August, 1855) ..

.. 35 Cap. 91. An Act to facilitate toe Erection and Maintenance

of Colonial Light-houses, and otherwise to amend the Cap. 121. An Act to consolidate and amend the Nuisances Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, (14th August, 1855) 25

Removal and Diseases Prevention Acts, 1818 and 1949,

(14th August, 1855) Cap. 94. An Act to impose increased Rates of Duty of Excise

on Spirits distilled in the United Kingdom ; to allow Cap. 122. An Act to amend the Laws relating to the Con. Malt, Sugar, and Molasses to be used Duty free in the

struction of Buildings in the Metropolis and its Neighdistilling of Spirits, in lieu of Allowances and Draw

bourhood, (14th August, 1855) ..

46 backs on such Spirits, Sugar, and Molasses respec- Cap. 124. An Act to amend the Charitable Trusts Act, 1853, tively; and to amend the Laws relating to the Duties (14th August, 1855)

47 of Excise, (14th August, 1855)

.. 27 Cap. 96. An Act to consolidate certain Acts and otherwise. Cap. 126, An Act for diminishing Expense and Delay in the amend the Laws of the Customs, and an Act to regu

Administration of Criminal Justice in certain Cases, late the Office of the Receipt of her Majesty's Exche.

(14th August, 1855)

.. 51 quer at Westminster, (14th August, 1855).. .. 28 Cap. 127. An Act to make better Provision for the Union of Cap. 97. An Act for the Amendment and Consolidation of

contiguous Benefices, and to facilitate the building

and the Customs Tariff Acts, (14th August, 1855) .. ib.

endowing of new Churches in spiritually.destitute Dis.

tricts, (14th August, 1855) Cap. 98. An Act to continue certain Turnpike Acts in Great Cap. 128. An Act further to amend the Laws concerning the Britain, (14th August, 1855)

.. ib.

Burial of the Dead in England, (14th August, 1855). ib. Cap. 100. An Act to amend the Law concerning the Qualifica. Cap. 131. An Act to render more secure the Conditions upon tion of Officers in the Militia, (14th August, 1855) 29

which Money is advanced out of the Parliamentary Cap. 101. An Act for the more effectual Execution of the Grant for the Purposes of Education, (14th August, Convention between her Majesty and the French Go.


.. 57 vernment concerning the Fisheries in the Seas between Cap. 132. An Act for facilitating the Erection of Dwelling

the British Islands and France, (14th August, 1855) ib. houses for the Labouring Classes, (14th August, Cap. 105. An Act to amend the Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853, 1855)

.. ib. and the Acts passed in the Ninth and Seventeenth Years Cap. 133. An Act for limiting the Liability of Members of of her Majesty for the Regulation of the Care and

certain Joint-stock Companies, (14th August, 1855). 59 Treatment of Lunatics, (14th August, 1855) .. ib. Cap. 106. An Act to suspend the making of Lists and the Bal. Cap. 134. An Act to make further Provision for the more lots for the Militia of the United Kingdom, (14th

speedy and efficient Dispatch of Business in the High August, 1855)

Court of Chancery, and to rest in the Lord Chancellor ib.

the Ground and Buildings of the said Court, situate in Cap. 108. An Act to amend the Law for the Inspection of Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, with Powers of

Coal Mines in Great Britain, (14th August, 1855).. ib. Leasing and Sale thereof, (14th August, 1855) .. 60


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Recently published, in 8vo., price 8s. 6d. boards, Hugh Jones, Chester, grocer, Jan 11 at 21, Liverpool, pr: TILSLEY'S NEW STAMP ACTS of 1850, 1853, and d.-Edward Ablewhite, South Audley-street, Grosvenor-sq., coachbuilder, Jan. 11 at 12, London, aud. ac.-B. French, all the Stamp Duties

payable after the 10th October, 1854; together with St. Mary's-terrace, Walworth-road, Surrey, stationer, Jan. 21

a Digest of Cases. By HUGH TILSLEY, Assistant Solicitor of Inland

Revenue. Sixth Edition, at 1, London, aud. ac.-James Purdy and Wm. T. Purdy,

Also, by the same Author, in 8vo., price 11. 118. King's Lynn, Norfolk, builders, Jan. 12 at 12, London, aud.

A TREATISE on the STAMP LAWS; with Tables of ac. - Wm. Burton, John Buxton, and Samuel S. Buxton, all the Stamp Duties payable in the United Kingdom after the 10th Carlisle, Cumberland, and Bradford, Yorkshire, woolstaplers, October, 1854. Second Edition. With a Supplement. Jan. 12 at 1, London, aud. ac. joint. and sep. ests.-J. Wil.

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. liams, Gravesend, pawnbroker, Jan. 12 at 1, London, aud. ac.

DART'S VENDORS AND PURCHASERS. Anthony Gibson, Lloyd's Coffee-house, Royal Exchange, un- A of derwriter, Jan. 12 at 1, London, aud. ac. —Edward Tit- VENDORS and PURCHASERS of REAL ESTATES; comcomb, Clewer, Berkshire, builder, Jan. 12 at 1, London, prising the Authorities down to the Time of Publication. 'By J. aud. ac.-William Ivory, Norwich, wholesale grocer, Jan. price 21s. boards!

HENRY DART, Esq., Barrister at Law. Second Edition. In 8vo., 12 at half-past 12, London, aud. ac. - James Barney, "In the case of Ware v. Lord Egmont the ViceChancellor referred Addle-street, Wood-street, warehouseman, Jan. 12 at 12, to this work in these terms:-A learned text-writer on this subject, London, aud. ac.Thomas Gardiner, Paul-street, Finsbury, Mr. Dart, in a book of very great merit, his 'Vendors and Purchasers,

enters into a disquisition on this judgment,' &c."-18 Jurist, p. 372. licensed victualler, Jan. 12 at 1, London, aud. ac.-Fred. N. “In conclusion, we recommend this work to the practitioner as a Baker, Southampton, timber merchant, Jan. 12 at 12, Lon- complete book, and one that will warrant his confidence, and furnish don, aud. ac.- Charles W. Taylor, Epping, Essex, draper, estates; and we think no better book can be read by students, for the Jan. 13 at 11, London, aud. ac. --John Nicholson, Walton purpose of giving them a condensed view of the subject, and enabling Lodge, West Derby, Lancashire, surgeon, Jan. 11 at 11, Li. them to see the application of those principles and rules with whick å verpool, aud. ac. ---A. Platts, Sheffield, tailor, Jan. 12 at 10, general study of the law has furnished them.”—Law Student's Ma

gazine. Sheffield, aud. ac.--Robert Turner, Worthing, Sussex, draper,

“ Mr. Dart's labours have produced in this compendium a readable Jan. 22 at 12, London, div.-James Perry, Harlow, Essex, book for the use of beginners. He has paid particular attention to the grocer, Jan. 22 at 1, London, div.-Thomas Routledge and attainment of a logical arrangement, and a clear and concise style. ... Joseph Routledge, Lett's-wharf, Commercial-road, Lambeth, also made an useful book of practice. . . The work is well worthy of a saw-mill proprietors, Jan. 23 at 11, London, div. sep. est. of place, not only in the general library, but in that selection of books Thomas Routledge. - John C. Lucas and Thomas Lucas, Al. which the working lawyer looks upon as his best tools; which come dersgate-street, wholesale druggists, Jan. 23 at 12, London, most readily to his hand, and which he gets to look upon as a part of

himself."-Law Review, May 1, 1851. div.- Henry Wylde, New Cavendish-street, Portland-place,

"The work is short, readable, and very accurate. ... With these St. Marylebone, music seller, Jan. 23 at 12, London, div.- quotations we will close our notice of a work which is obviously prepared James Balding, King's Arms-place, Old Kent-road, hat with great care, and will, we think, become a standard text-book." manufacturer, Jan. 23 at half-past 12, London, div.-Charles Jurist, March 2, 1851. White Taylor, Epping, draper, Jan. 26 at 11, London, is clearly expounded, and in every part of the treatise there is a great

"Its plan is well arranged, the cases are carefully collected, the law div.--Horatio Collier the younger, Slad Mill, Painswick, deal of learning. . The style is singularly compact."-Law Times, Gloucestershire, blanket manufacturer, Jan. 31 at 11, Bristol, March 8, 1851.

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. div.-John L. Ward, Burnley, Lancashire, cotton spinner, Jan. 22 at 12, Manchester, div.-B. Eagland and W. Cramp

SIR EDWARD SUGDEN'S TREATISE ON POWERS. ton, Bedford, near Leigh, Lancashire, cotton manufacturers,

In 2 vols. royal 8vo., price 21. in boards, Jan. 22 at 12, Manchester, div.



Right Hon. Sir EDWARD SUGDEN. The Seventh Edition. CERTIFICATES.

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street. To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or SIR E. SUGDEN ON THE LAW OP VENDORS AND before the Day of Meeting.


In 1 thick vol. 8vo., price 17. ls. cloth boards, Richard Butler, Pickering-terrace, Bayswater, ironmonger, Jan. 22 at 12, London. Edward Redwood the younger; A CONCISE and PRACTICAL VIEW of the LAW of

VENDORS and PURCHASERS of ESTATES. By Sir Windmill-street, Lambeth, china dealer, Jan. 22 at half-past EDWARD SUGDEN. 11, London.--John Grogan, Stockbridge-terrace, Pimlico,

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street. musical instrument dealer, Jan. 24 at half-past 12, London.

In 1 vol. royal 8vo., price 11. 118. 6d. cloth boards, Thomas E. King, Guildford, Surrey, bookseller, Jan, 22 at 1: A TREATISE on the LAW OF PROPERTY, as adminisplace, St. Marylebone, music seller, Jan. 23 at 1, London.- n the Jurisdiction of the House of Lords. By the Right Hon. Sir Hugh Williams the elder and John Williams, West Smith

H. Sweet, 1, Chancery. lane, Fleet-street. field, tailors, Jan. 23 at half-past 11, London.-Chas. Avery, Fenchurch-street, colonial broker, Jan. 25 at half-past 12,

SIR E. SUGDEN'S WORK ON THE REAL PROPERTY London.-J. C. Sanford, Paternoster-row, stationer, Jan. 23

In I vol. 8vo., price 16s. cloth boards, at half past 2. London.

Joseph. Brown, Weymouth Portet. AN ESSAY on the NEW. STATUTES relating to Limi. Netherexe, Devonshire, cider merchant, Jan. 24 at 1, Exe. Merger of Attendant Terms, Defective Executions of Powers of Leasing, ter.- Robert Burns, Liverpool, millwright, Jan. 23 at 11, Wills, Trustees, and Mortgagees. By Sir EDWARD SUGDEN.

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street. Liverpool.

EQUITABLE DEFENCES, &c. To be granted, unless an appeal be duly entered.

Recently published, in 12mo., price 4s. boards, George Thompson, Knaresborough, leather seller.-- James A TREATISE on EQUITABLE DEFENCES and RE: Hunter, Burscough, Lancashire, shipwright.-Henry Hudson, Huddersfield, cattle dealer.

1854. By JOHN D. MAYNE, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister


H. Sweet, 3, Chancery Jane, Fleet-street. John P. Marsh, Bishopsgate-street, wool broker.



The Second Edition, price 11. 68. cloth boards, Robert John Child and. Wm. Robert Kelly, Old Jewry. A PRACTICAL TREATISE on the LAWS, relating to chambers, attornies and solicitors.

the CHURCH and the CLERGY. By HENRY WILLIAM CKIPPS, M. A., of Lincoln's-inn and the Middle Temple, Barrister at

Law, and Fellow of New College, Oxford.

H. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street.

MANUAL of CIVIL LAW; or, Examination in the
Institutes of Justinian: being a Translation of and Commentary

In one volume, price Il. 18.

cloth boards, on that Work.

With an Introduction on the History of the Roman MR. SERJEANT BYLES'S TREATISE on BILLS of Law. By P. CUMIN, M. A., of Balliol College, Oxford, Barrister at EXCHANGE.-A Treatise on the Law of Bills of Exchange, In 12mo., price 108. 6d. cloth.

Promissory Notes,

Bank Notes, Bankers' Cash Notes, and Cheques, " The work is extremely well done."-Lau Times, April 22, 1854. The Sixth Edition. By JOHN BARNARD BYLES, Serjeant at Law. Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-ion.

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street.






THE NEWS OF THE WORLD: --London_Weekly
Paper.-Price 2d. unstamped, and 3d. stamped. - This un.

Just published, price 3s. 6d., in, rivalled Newspaper, at the head of the Press of the whole British A KEY to the METROPOLITAN BUILDING ACT,

18 & 19 Vict. c. 122; being an Alphabetieal Epitome thereof, and literary excellence, confirmed by its immense sale of 155,000 copies and of the unrepealed Clauses in the former Building Acts, the Building every week, offering immense advantages to Advertisers, and circulated Clauses of the Metropolitan Local Management Act, and the Incoramongst the most influential classes, again calls for another NEW porated Clauses of the Companies Clauses Consolidation Act. With AND SPLENDID TYPE, which will be ready for use by the first newly-arranged Schedules and Diagrams, and a verbatim Copy of the week in January.- News Agents should send their orders as early as Act itself. By WILLIAM YOUNG, Architect. they can to the Office of the News of the World, 19, Exeter-street,

Henry Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, London. Strand.


In 1 vol. royal 12 mo., price 18s, cloth boards, every kind of Information required for ready Reference in the THE PRACTICE of the COUNTY COURTS; in Eight Office, much of it copyright, is now ready. This Almanack is presented yearly to the Profession by the Law Property and Life Assurance So

Parts:- 1. Proceedings in Plaints.-2. Jurisdiction under Friendly ciety. A Copy will be given or sent by Post, free, to any Solicitor in the

and Industrial and Provident Societies Acts.-3. Jurisdiction under United Kingdom addressing the Secretary, at 'the office, 30, Essex Joint-stock Companies Winding-up Act.-4. Jurisdiction as to Insolvent

Debtors.-5. Jurisdiction under Protection Acts.-6. Proceedings against street, Strand.

Judgment Debtors.-7. Arrest of Absconding Debtors.-8. AdministraMR. BARBER'S RE-ADMISSION.

tion of Charitable Trusts. With the Decisions of the Superior Courts, Now published, price 28. 6d., by post 38.,

and Table of Fees. Also an Appendix, containing all the Statutes, a

. , based the Judgment recently pronounced by the Court of Queen's Practice and Forms. By CHARLES EDWARD POLLOCK, Esq., of Bench, granting Mr. BARBER his CERTIFICATE. With full In- the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. The Second Edition, much formation on the Matters which have been the subject of Inquiry.

enlarged. Crockford, Essex-street, Strand.

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street.

This day is published, price 17. 48. cloth,

Recently published, in 12mo., price 28. sewed, AN ELEMENTARY COMPENDIUM of the LAW of PRACTICAL DIRECTIONS for the FORMATION of shewing the Alterations in the Law to the present time. To which is Beards, in the Neighbourhood of the Metropolis, under the Statute now prefixed an Introductory Chapter, giving a concise Historical Out. 17 & 18 Vict. c. 111; with the necessary Forms, and an Abstract of all line of such Parts of the Law as have been the subject of Statutory the Metropolitan Sewers Acts. By TOULMIN SMITH, Esq., BarAlteration. By EDWARD PRIESTLEY COOPER, Esq., Barrister rister at Law; Author of "The Parish: its Obligations and Powers," &c. at Law.

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street.
Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.


In 1 vol. royal 8vo., price 11. 11s. 6d. cloth, is THE MERCHANT SHIPPING ACTS, *1 854" and 1855, A PRACTICAL TREATISE on the LAW of CON

TRACTS NOT UNDER SEAL, and upon the usual Defences (17 & 18 Vict. cc. 104, 120, and 18 & 19 Vict. c.91); with a read- Actions thereon. By JOSEPH CHITTY, Jun., Esq. The Fifth Ediable Abridgment of the former Act, and an Explanation of the Law tion. By JOHN A. RUSSELL, LL.B., of Gray's-inn, Barrister at relating to it. Also, Notes, and an Appendix containing a Selection of Law, and Professor of English Law in University College, London. the Instructions and Forms issued by the Commissioners of Customs

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street. and the Board of Trade. By G. M. DOWDESWELL, Esq., Barrister at Law.

Recently published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 14s. cloth, London: Stevens & Norton, H. Sweet, and W. Maxwell.

its its

and their Duties. With Illustrations of the Practical Working of TURING'S SUCCESSION DUTY ACT.

this Institution in all Secular Affairs. By TOULMIN SMITH, of THE SUCCESSION DUTY ACT, (16 & 17 Vict. c. 51), Lincoln's inn, Esq. Barrister at Lax.

“ Parishes were instituted for the ease and benefit or the people." for altering certain Provisions of the Acts charging Duties on Legacics Chief Justice lolt. and Shares of Personal Estates. With an Introduction and Notes. By “Cum haud pauca quæ omnino fieri necesse sit, alii autem ob innaHENRY THRING, Esq., Barrister at Law. In 12mo., price 5s.6d. tam superbiam subterfugiant, ipse sustineam et exsequar."--Bacon, De cloth.

Augmentis Sciertiarum, lib. 7, cap. 1.
Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery lane, Fleet-street.

Recently published in 1 vol. 12 mo., price 58.,
PRACTICAL PROCEEDINGS for the REMOVAL of THE ACT (16 & 17 Vict. c. 137) for the BETTER RE-

GULATION of CHARITABLE TRUSTS. With copious Notes, every Parish, Town, and Place in England and Wales, under the

and an Introductory Essay on the Jurisdiction exercised over them by

the Court of Chancery; with all the decided Cases; and an Appendix, Nuisances Removal Act, 1855, and by other course of Law. numerous Porms, and complete Instructions for the Conduct of Parish containing Precedents of Schemes, &c. By W. F. FINLASON, Esq.,

Barrister at Law. In 12mo., price 68. cloth, Committees. To which is added, the Diseases Prevention Act, 1855.

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. By TOULMIN SMITH, of Lincoln's-inn, Esq., Barrister at Law.

Henry Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane; V. & R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, FINLASON'S LEADING CASES ON PLEADING. and W. Maxwell, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

In royal 8vo., price 6s. boards, ..* Sent free by post on receipt of a post-office order (payable to either of the publishers) for 5s.


and PARTIES to ACTIONS; with Practical Notes, elucidating Now ready, price 8s. cloth boards,

the Principles of Pleading, (as exemplised in Cases of most frequent ocTHE, METROPOLIS LOCAL MANAGEMENT ACT, currence in Practice) by a preference to the earliest Authorities

and 1855.-A complete Edition of this Act; with an Introduction, designed to assist both the Practitioner and Student. By W. FINLAcopious Practical Notes, and a full Double Index. Also, a Table of SON, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Special Pleader. Qualifications for Voters, Vestrymen, Auditors, &c. By TOULMIN

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. SMITH, of Lincoln's-inn, Esq., Barrister at Law, Author of “The Parish: its Obligations and Powers; its Officers and their Duties." ALBERT LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. London: Henry Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane; V. & R. Stevens & G. S.

Established 1838. Norton, and W. Maxwell, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

Principal Office, 11, Waterloo-place, Pall-mall, London. CHITTY'S ARCHBOLD'S QUEEN'S BENCH PRACTICE.

Assurances, Annuities, and Endowments granted, and every other Now ready, Vol. 1 of the Ninth Edition of

mode of provision for families arranged.

Half the annual premiums for the first five years may remain on ARCHBOLD'S PRACTICE of the COURTC of credit for any period until death, on payment of interest at 5l. per cent. MENT, including the Practice of the Courts of Common Pleas and Ex. Partics allowed to go to, or reside in, most parts of the world without chequer. By THOMAS CIIITTY, Esq. The Ninth Edition. By extra premium. SAMUEL PRENTICE, Esq., Barrister at Law. In two thick vols. Naval and military lives, no: in active service, assured at the ordinary royal 12mo., price 21. 8s. cloth boards.

London: 11. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane; V. & R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, Policies forfeited by non-payment of premium revivable at any time 26, Bell-yard.

within six months, on satisfactory proof of health, and the payment of a The Publishers beg to assure the Profession that the Second trifling fine. Volume of Chitty's Archbold's Practice will be ready for delivery (to all Policies on the life of another secured, notwithstanding the part of the who may have purchased the first) before the end of this year, and world to which the assured may go. without further charge. The progress already made in the printing

HENRY WILLIAM SMITH, Actuary and Secretary. enables them to promise this with confidence.

Also in the press, and nearly ready, CHITTY'S FORMS OF PRACTICAL PROCEEDINGS screen, in the Parish or si. Giles-in-the-Pields, in the County of Mid

by in the COURTS of QUEEN'S BENCH, COMMON PLEAS, and EX- dlesex; and Published at No.3, CHANCERY LANE, in the Parish of CHEQUER, adapted to the Common-law Procedure Acts of 1852 and St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY SWEET, 1854, interspersed with extensive Practical Notes, &c. The Seventh residing at No.34, Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, in the County of Edition. By THOMAS CHITTY, Esq.

Middlesex.-Saturday, January 5, 1856,





CAP. V. An Act to enable her Majesty to accept the Services of the An Act to apply the Sum of Three Millions Three Hundred

Militia, out of the United Kingdom, for the vigorous Prose- Thousand Pounds out of the Consolidated Fund to the cution of the War.

[23rd December, 1854.] Service of the Year ending the 31st March, 1855. Sect. 1. Power to her Majesty to accept the voluntary offers

[5th March, 1855.] of the militia to serve out of the United Kingdom. 2. Power to allow bounties to persons making voluntary

CAP. VÌ. offers. Oath. Inrolment.

An Act to apply the Sum of Twenty Millions out of the Con3. Commanding officers shall explain that the offer is to be solidated Fund to the Service of the Year 1855. voluntary.

[5th March, 1855.] 4. The services of three field officers may be accepted with 900 men, two field officers with 600 men, and one with 300,

CAP. VII. &c., and proportion of other officers according to establish. An Act to extend to Ireland the Provisions of the Eighteenth ment of regiment.

Section of the Common-law Procedure Act, 1854. 5. Power to her Majesty to form the militia for extended

[16th March, 1855.] service into such provisional regiments or battalions, and to appoint field officers to such provisional regiments. 6. Provisions for cases where field officers volunteer and

CAP. VIII. militia officers are appointed to higher ranks.

An Act for raising the Sum of Seventeen Millions One Hundred 7. No militia officer to rank higher than lieutenant-colonel. and Eighty-three Thousand Pounds by Exchequer Bills for 8. In case sufficient officers do not volunteer, her Majesty

the Service of the Year 1855. [i6th March, '1855.] may appoint officers.

9. Her Majesty may supply vacancies.
10. Militia on extended service subject to Mutiny Act as

CAP. IX. regulars, and militia officers and officers of regular forces to

An Act to suspend the Decline of the Customs Duties on Tea sit indiscriminately on courts-martial. 11. To continue militia, and remain subject to militia regu

from and after the 5th April, 1855.

(16th March, 1855.]. lations, except as particularly provided. 12. Regulations may be made for retaining officers on the

CAP. X. establishment of the militia after the expiration of extended service.

An Act to enable a third Principal Secretary and a third Under 13. Her Majesty may make regulations for retaining officers,

Secretary of State to sit in the House of Commons. non-commissioned officers, and drummers as supernumeraries.

[16th March, 1855.] 14. Subalterns after five years may be captains without quali. Sect. 1. Power to any three of the principal secretaries and fications. 15. Notices sent by post to be good.

any three of the under secretaries of state to sit

in the House of Commons. 16. Act to extend to the miners of Cornwall and Devon.

Sect. 1. Whereas under the provisions of an act of the

6 Ann. c. 7, and of an act of the 22 Geo. 3, c. 82, not more CAP. II.

than two of her Majesty's principal secretaries of state are caAn Act to permit Foreigners to be enlisted and to serve as pable of sitting as members of the House of Commons at the Officers and Soldiers in her Majesty's Forces.

same time, and by reason of the said act of the 22 Geo. 3,

[23rd December, 1854.] c. 82, and of an act of the 15 Geo. 2, c. 22, doubts are enterSect. 1. Foreigners may be enlisted, and commissions may principal secretaries of state are capable of sitting as such

tained whether more than two of the under secretaries to the be granted to foreigners, to be formed into separate corps.

2. Men serving under this act not to be employed in United members: and whereas it would be for the advantage of the Kingdom, except for being trained &c. for foreign service, or

public service that three of such principal secretaries and three for training recruits. Such men not to be billeted &c. Num. of such under secretaries should be capable of sitting at the ber of men limited.

same time in the House of Commons: be it enacted &c., 3. Attestation on enlistment, and oath.

that any three of her Majesty's principal secretaries of state for 4. Mutiny Act and Articles of War to apply to foreigners the time being, and any three of the under secretaries for the serving under this act.

time being to her Majesty's principal secretaries of state, may 5. Officers when reduced not entitled to half-pay, but her sit and vote as members of the House of Commons, anything Majesty may make provision for such as are wounded &c.

in the said acts or in any other act or acts to the contrary not6. Continuance of this act.

withstanding; but not more than three such principal secretaries and not more than three such under secretaries shall sit

as members of the House of C mons at the same time. CAP. III. An Act to carry into effect a Treaty between her Majesty and the United States of America. [19th February, 1855.]


An Act for punishing Mutiny and Desertion, and for the betCAP. IV.

ter Payment of the Army and their Quarters. An Act to amend the Act for limiting the Time of Service in

(16th March, 1855.] the Army.

[27th February, 1855.] Sect. 1. Power to her Majesty, by Order in Council, for

CAP. XII. three years after passing of act, to lessen terms for enlistment An Act for the Regulation of her Majesty's Royal Marine and re-engagement of soldiers.

Forces while on Shore.

[16th March, 1855.]



c. 110, and not registered under the same, not An Act to explain and amend the Lunacy Regulation Act,

to affect lands, &c., unless registered within limited 1853.

[26th April, 1855.]

time. Fee for entry of judgments. Sect. 1. Lord Chancellor, in matters of lunacy, enabled to

2. Certain provisions of the 1 & 2 Vict. c. 110, extended

to common-law palatinate courts, and to equity empower committees of estates to grant leases bind.

court of Durham. ing on issue or remaindermen.

3. Certain provisions of the 2 &• 3 Vict. c. 11, and the 2. Interpretation.

3 & 4 Vict. c. 82, extended to common-law and Whereas by the section numbered 129 of an act passed in

equity courts of counties palatine. the 16 & 17 Vict., intituled “ An Act for the Regulation of

4. No judgment, &c. registered under the 3 8. 4 Vict. Proceedings under Commissions of Lunacy, and the Consolida

c. 82, to affect lands, &c. as to purchasers, &c. tion and Amendment of the Acts respecting Lunatics so found

until registered. by Inquisition, and their Estates," it was enacted, that where

5. Purchasers protected against judgments not re. a lunatic is seised or possessed of or entitled to land in fee or

registered. in tail, or to leasehold land for an absolute interest, and it ap- 6. Provision for re-registration explained. pears to the Lord Chancellor, intrusted as in the said act

7. Judgments of inferior courts, when removed, shall mentioned, to be for his benefit that a lease or underlease

be registered. should be made thereof for terms of years, for encouraging the erection of buildings thereon, or for repairing buildings

8. Extinguished judgments not revived.

9. Duties of prothonotary. Fees for registration and actually being thereon, or otherwise improving the same, or

searches. for farming or other purposes, the committee of the estate

10. No order of Court of Bankruptcy to affect lands, &c. may, in the name and on behalf of the lunatic, under order of

until registered. the Lord Chancellor, intrusted as aforesaid, make such leases

11. Legal estate vested in purchaser or mortgagee not of the land, or any part thereof, according to the lunatic's

to be taken in execution. estate and interest therein, and to the nature of the tenure 12. Life annuities and rent-charges not to affect lands, thereof, for such term or terms of years, and subject to such

&c. until memorandum left with senior Master. rents and covenants, as the Lord Chancellor, intrusted as afore.

13. Searches may be made by parties themselves. said, shall order : and whereas it has been considered that the Lord Chancellor, intrusted as aforesaid, cannot by force of the

14. Annuities, &c. given by will excepted from act. said enactment empower the committee of a lunatic tenant in Whereas an act of Parliament was passed in the 1 & 2 Vict. tail to grant leases as extensively as was intended by the said [c. 110], intituled " An Act for abolishing Arrest on Mesne enactment, which will bind his issue in tail and the remain. Process in Civil Actions except in certain Cases, for extend. dermen: and whereas it is expedient to explain and enlarge the ing the Remedies of Creditors against the Property of Debtors, power of the Lord Chancellor, intrusted as aforesaid, in the and for amending the Laws for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors matter aforesaid : be it therefore enacted &c. as follows:- in England ;” and another act in the 2 & 3 Vict. (c. 11), inti.

Sect. 1. Where a lunatic is seised of or entitled to land in tuled * An Act for the better Protection of Purchasers against tail, and it appears to the Lord Chancellor, intrusted as afore. Judgments, Crown Debts, Lis Pendens, and Fiats in Bank. said, to be for his benefit, the committee of the estate may, in ruptcy;" and another act in the 3 & 4 Vict. (c. 82], intituled the name and on bebalf of the lunatic, under order of the An Act for further amending the Act for abolishing Arrest Lord Chancellor, intrusted as aforesaid, make any such leases

on Mesne Process in Civil Actions :" and whereas the proviof the land, or any part thereof, as in the said section of the sions of the said acts respecting judgments, decrees, orders, said act are mentioned, and every such lease shall be good and and rules, and lis pendens, ought to include and be appli. effectual in law against the lunatic and his heirs, and all per- cable to the counties palatine of Lancaster and Durham, and sons claiming the lands entailed by force of any estate tail the common-law and equity courts thereof respectively: and which shall be vested in such lunatic, and also against all per whereas an act was passed in the 13 & 14 Vict. (c. 43, s. 24], sons, including the Queen's most excellent Majesty, her heirs intituled “ An Act to amend the Practice and Proceedings of and successors, whose estates are to take effect after the deter. the Court of Chancery of the County Palatine of Lancaster," mination of, or in remainder or reversion expectant upon, by force whereof the said provisions do to some extent include such estate tail, according to such estate as is comprised and and are applicable to the county palatine of Lancaster, as far specified in every such lease, in like manner as the same as regards the Court of Chancery thereof: be it therefore would have been good and effectual in law if the lunatic at enacted &c. as follows:the time of the making of such leases had been lawfully Sect. 1. Any judgment of the Court of Common Pleas of seised of the same lands comprised in such lease of a pure the county palatine of Lancaster, or of the Court of Pleas of estate in fee-simple to his own use, and had been of sound the county palatine of Durham, obtained before the coming mind, and not the subject of a commission of lunacy, and had into operation of the said act of the 1 & 2 Vict. (c. 110), and himself granted such lease ; and every person to whom from not already registered in the said courts respectively under the time to time the reversion expectant upon the lease shall be provisions of the same act, and which shall not be registered long after the death of the lunatic shall and may have such in the said courts respectively under the same provisions as and the like remedies and advantages, to all intents and pur- amended by this act on or before the 1st November, 1855, poses, against the lessee, his executors, administrators, and shall not after that day affect any lands, tenements, or hereassigns, as the lunatic or his committee would or might have ditaments in the said counties palatine respectively, as to purhad against him or them; and the powers given by sections chasers, mortgagees, or creditors, unless and until such me. numbered 130 and 131 of the said recited act shall and are morandum or minute of such judgment as is in the said act to operate as extensively as the power given by the said prescribed shall be left with the prothonotary of the court in sect. 129 of the said act as explained and enlarged by this act. which the judgment has been obtained, who shall forthwith

2. Where any of the expressions in this act are used in enter the same in manner by the same act as amended by this the said recited act, they shall receive the same interpreta. act directed in regard to judgments thereby authorised to be tion in this act as by the said recited act is imposed upon registered, and shall be entitled for every such entry to the them.

sum of 28. 6d.; and the provision for re-registration, toties

quoties, hereinafter mentioned, as explained by this act, is CAP. XIV.

hereby extended and applied, mutatis mutandis, to judgments An Act to authorise the Inclosure of certain Lands, in pursu- registered under this present provision. ance of a Report of the Inclosure Commissioners for Eng.

2. And be it declared and enacted as follows :-The proviland and Wales.

[26th April, 1855.]

sions contained in the sections of the act of the 1 & 2 Vict.

[c. 110), numbered respectively 18, 19, and 20, giving to cerCAP. XV. An Act for the better Protection of Purchasers against Judg- courts of equity, the effect of judgments in the superior courts

tain rules of courts of common law, and decrees and orders of ments, Crown Debts, Cases of Lis Pendens, and Life of common law, and constituting the persons therein mentioned Annuities or Rent-charges. [26th April, 1855.]

judgment creditors, and giving to courts of equity the powers Sect. 1. Judgments of common-law palatinate courts obtained by the same act given to the judges of the said superior courts,

before the coming into operation of the 1 & 2 Vict. I and giving to the persons so constituted judgment creditors as

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