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aforesaid such remedies as are therein mentioned, and autho- Lancaster, as the case may be, no such judgment, rule, or rising the registration of such decrees, orders, and rules as order which has already been, or hereafter shall be, so removed aforesaid, and providing for the writs to be sued out of courts shall bind any lands, tenements, or hereditaments as to purof equity, shall extend and are applicable, mutatis mutandis, chasers, mortgagees, or creditors, unless and until after such to the said counties palatine and the courts of common law removal it shall be registered, and if necessary re-registered, thereof respectively, and to the Court of Chancery of the county in like manner as, in order to bind such purchasers, mort. palatine of Durham, within the limits of their respective juris- gagees, or creditors, it must have been if originally entered up dictions, to the end that the same law in the respects aforesaid in one of the said superior courts, or in the said Court of may apply to the courts of the said counties palatine, and the Common Pleas of Lancaster, as the case may be; but from decrees, orders, judgments, and rules thereof, so far as relates to and after the passing of this act every such judgment, rule, or lands, tenements, and hereditaments within the jurisdiction of order so registered, and where necessary re-registered, shall be such courts respectively, as under the previous statutes amended binding in like manner, but not further or otherwise, as other by this act will regulate the operation of judgments in the judgments, rules, or orders of the said superior courts, or of superior courts of common law; but no judgment, decree, the said Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster respectively, order, or rule of any court shall bind lands, tenements, and and the proviso at the end of the said sect. 22 restricting the hereditaments in the said counties palatine respectively, as operation of the same is hereby repealed. against purchasers, mortgagees, or creditors, unless and until 8. Nothing herein contained shall extend to revive or resuch memorandum or minute thereof as hereinbefore is men- store any judgment which shall be extinguished or barred, or tioned shall be left with the prothonotary of the palatine court to affect or prejudice any such judgment, or any decree, order, in which are situated the lands, tenements, and hereditaments or rule, as between the parties thereto, or their representatives, intended to be charged thereby.

or those deriving as volunteers under them. 3. The provisions contained in the sections of the said act of 9. For the purposes of any registration or re-registration to the 2 & 3 Vict. [c. 11), numbered respectively 3, 4, 5, and 7, be made in pursuance of this act in either of the said counties and in the section of the said act of the 3 & 4 Vict. (c. 82), palatine, all such acts and things as under the provisions of numbered 2, respecting the particulars to be inserted in the the said several acts of the reign of her Majesty ought to be register by the Master, and respecting the re-registration of done by or left with the senior master of the Court of Common judgments, decrees, or orders and rules, and respecting the Pleas at Westminster shall be done by or left with the proregistration and re-registration of lis pendens, and respecting thonotary or deputy prothonotary of the Court of Common the protection of purchasers, mortgagees, and creditors, as ex- Pleas of the county palatine of Lancaster, or of the Court of plained or amended by this act, shall extend and are applicable, Pleas of the county palatine of Durham, as the case may remutatis mutandis, to the counties palatine and the courts of quire, or such other officer (if any) of the same courts respeccommon law and courts of chancery thereof respectively, within tively as may for the time being bave been appointed by the the limits of their respective jurisdictions.

same courts respectively, for the purpose of entering the 4. And whereas the protection afforded to purchasers, mort. judgments thereof respectively, under the provisions of the gagees, and creditors by the said act of the 3 & 4 Vict. c. 82], said act of the 1 & 2 Vict. ; and the said prothonotary, de. against judgments, decrees, orders, or rules not duly registered, puty prothonotary, or other officer as aforesaid, shall be en. any notice thereof notwithstanding, is confined to judgments, titled to the sum of 28. 6d., and no more, for the duties to be decrees, orders, or rules binding by virtue of the said act of the performed on every registration, and the sum of 18. only for 1 & 2 Vict.: and whereas the docket or register previously in re-registration ; and all persons shall be at liberty to search use has been closed, and the said provision ought not to be so all or any of the

books kept in pursuance of any of the fore. restricted : be it therefore enacted, that no judgment, decree, going provisions of this act in each court for the sum of 18. order, or rule which might be registered under the said act of 10. And whereas by the section numbered 123 of the the 1 & 2 Vict. shall affect any lands, tenements, or heredita- Bankrupt-law Consolidation Act, 1849, when any person adments, at law or in equity, as to purchasers, mortgagees, or mits (in manner therein mentioned) that he is indebted to a creditors, unless and until such a memorandum or minute as in bankrupt, it is enacted, that every order of the Court of Banke the said act in that behalf mentioned shall have been left with ruptcy for the payment by such person of the amount so adthe proper officer of the proper court, any notice of any such mitted, and costs, (if any), shall have the effect of a judgment judgment, decree, order, or rule to any such purchaser, mort- in the said superior courts, and may be enforced accordingly; gagee, or creditor in anywise notwithstanding.

and by the section numbered 249 of the same act it is enacted, 5. And whereas it is expedient that certain doubts which that the said court may in all matters before it award costs, have arisen upon some of the provisions for the protection of and that the like remedies may be had upon an order of the purchasers against judgments in the said acts contained should said court for costs as upon a rule of any of the said superior be removed : be it therefore declared and enacted as follows:

courts for costs, but the said act does not direct the registra. The provision contained in the section numbered 2 of the said tion of any such order as aforesaid : be it therefore enacted as act of the 3 & 4 Vict. extends and shall be deemed to extend follows :-- No such order of the Court of Bankruptcy for payas well to the act therein referred to as to the section num. ment of money or of costs as aforesaid shall affect any lands, bered 4 of the said act of the 2 & 3 Vict., as explained by this tenements, or hereditaments, as to purchasers, mortgagees, or act, so that notice of any judgment, decree, order, or rule not creditors, unless and until it shall be registered, and if necesduly re-registered shall not avail against purchasers, mort- sary re-registered, in like manner as, in order to bind such gagees, or creditors, as to lands, tenements, or hereditaments. purchasers, mortgagees, or creditors, it must have been if it

6. Where by the said act of the 2 & 3 Vict. re-registry of had originally been a judgment or rule obtained or entered up judgments, decrees, orders, or rules is required within such in one of the said superior courts or in the said palatine courts period of five years as is therein mentioned, in order to bind respectively, any notice of any such order to any such purpurchasers, mortgagees, and creditors, it shall be deemed suffi. chaser, mortgagee, or creditor in anywise notwithstanding. cient to bind such purchasers, mortgagees, and creditors if 11. And whereas great delay and expense are occasioned such a memorandum or minute as was

required in the

first in upon purchases and mortgages of lands in consequence of stance is again left with the senior Master of the Common judgments against mortgagees and Crown debts and liabilities Pleas within five years before the execution of the conveyance, to the Crown of mortgagees continuing to bind lands, although settlement, mortgage, lease, or other deed or instrument vest. the mortgagees have been bonâ fide paid off, and the lands ing or transferring the legal or equitable right, title, estate, or bave been actually conveyed to purchasers, or to other mortinterest in or to any such purchaser or mortgagee for valuable gagees : for remedy whereof, be it enacted as follows:- Where consideration, or as to creditors within five years before the any legal or equitable estate or interest, or any disposing power right of such creditors accrued, as directed by the said last- in or over any lands, tenements, or bereditaments, shall

, under mentioned act, although more than five years shall have ex

any conveyance or other instrument executed after the passing pired by effluxion of time since the last previous registration of this act, become vested in any person as a purchaser or before such last-mentioned memorandum or minute was left, mortgagee for valuable consideration, such lands, tenements, and so toties quoties upon every re-registry.

or hereditaments shall not be taken in execution under any 7. Where by the section numbered 22 of the said act of the writ or elegit, or other writ of execution, to be sued upon any 1 & 2 Vict. power is given to remove judgments, rules, or judgment, or any decree, order, or rule against any mortgagee orders obtained in or made by certain inferior courts into the or mortgagees thereof, who shall have been paid off prior to or said superior courts, or into the Court of Common Pleas of at the time of the execution of such conveyance, nor shall any such judgment, decree, order, or rule, or the money thereby 11. The Bank to appoint a cashier and an accountant. secured, be a charge upon such lands, tenements, or heredita- general, and the Treasury to order money to be issued to the ments so vested in purchasers or mortgagees, nor shall such cashier for payment of annuities. lands, tenements, or hereditaments so vested in purchasers or 12. Cashier to give receipt for subscriptions which may be mortgagees be extended or taken in execution, or rendered assigned before the 18th December, 1855. Cashier to give liable under any writ of extent or writ of execution or other security for paying the money he receives into the Exchequer. process issued by or on behalf of her Majesty, her heirs or 13. A book to be kept in the accountant-general's office for successors, in respect of any judgment, statute, or recog- entering contributors' names, a duplicate whereof to be transnisance obtained against or entered into by, or inquisition mitted to the Exchequer. found against, or obligation or specialty made by, or accept- 14. Subscriptions paid in part, and not completed, forfeited. ance of office by any mortgagee or mortgagees, whereby he or 15. Annuities to be deemed personal estate. they bath or have become or shall become a debtor or ac- 16. Power to Treasury to apply the money paid into the countant, or debtors or accountants to the Crown, where such Exchequer. mortgagee or mortgagees shall have been paid off prior to or 17. Accountant-general to keep books for entering transfers. at the time of the execution of such conveyance as aforesaid. Transfers not liable to stamp duties.

12. And whereas by reason of the repeal in the last session 18. Treasury to defray incidents. of Parliament of the act of the 53 Geo. 3, c. 141, requiring

19. Allowance for the expense of management. the inrolment of life annuities or rent-charges, purchasers are

20. Three per Cent. Annuities created by this act to be no longer enabled to ascertain by search what life annuities or added to the joint stock of the 31. per Cent. Consols. rent-charges may have been granted by their vendors or others : 21. Terminable annuities created by this act may be transbe it therefore enacted &c. as follows:-Any annuity or rent. ferred to and from England and Ireland. charge granted after the passing of this act, otherwise than by 22. Sinking fund, marriage settlement, for one or more life or lives, or for any term 23. Persons counterfeiting receipts for contributions, &c. of years or greater estate determinable on one or more life or guilty of felony. lives, shall not affect any lands, tenements, or hereditaments,

24. Bank to continue a corporation till the annuities hereby as to purchasers, mortgagees, or creditors, unless and until á granted shall be redeemed, or shall cease. memorandum or minute containing the name, and the usual

25, No fee to be taken for receiving contributions or paying or last known place of abode, and the title, trade, or profession or transferring annuities, on penalty of 201. of the person whose estate is intended to be affected thereby, 26. Persons sued may plead the general issue. and the date of the deed, bond, instrument, or assurance whereby the annuity or rent-charge is granted, and the annual sum or sums to be paid, shall be left with the senior Master

CAP. XIX. of the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster, who shall An Act to remove Doubts as to the Commissions of Officers forthwith enter the particulars aforesaid in a book, in alphabe- of Militia in Ireland who have omitted to deliver unto the tical order, by the name of the person whose estate is intended Clerk of the Peace Descriptions of their Qualifications, and to be affected by the annuity or rent-charge, together with the to indemnify them against the Consequences of such Omisyear and the day of the month when every such memorandum sion; and to amend the Law relating to the Militia in or minute is so left with him, and he shall be entitled for every Ireland.

[25th May, 1855.) such entry to the sum of 28. 6d., and all persons shall be at liberty to search the same book, together with the other books

CAP, XX. or registers in the office, on payment of the sum of 18.

An Act for granting to her Majesty an increased Rate of 13. The searches of the several registers, by the said recited Duty on Profits arising from Property, Professions, Trades, acts or by this act authorised to be made for the sum of 1s., and Offices.

[25th May, 1855.] may be made by the parties themselves, under proper regulations in the office, and the sum of 18. only sball be payable on

Sect. 1. Additional rate of 2d. in the pound on income tax for where such names relate to the same purchase, mortgage, to the increased rate of duty granted by this act. one search, although more names than one shall be searched to be charged from the 5th April, 1855.

2. All relief, abatement, and deduction to be proportionate or other transaction. 14. The provisions of this act shall not extend to require recited acts.

3. Duty to be assessed and raised under the provisions of the registry of annuities or rent-charges given by will.

4. Continuance of duties.

5. Continuance of act for recovery of arrears of duty, &c. CAP. XVI. An Act to authorise the letting Parts of the Royal Forests of Dean and Woolmer, and certain other Parts of the Heredi

CAP. XXI. tary Possessions of the Crown., [26th April, 1855.]

An Act for granting certain Duties of Customs on Tea, Coffee,
Sugar, and other Articles.

[25th May, 1855.] CAP. XVII. An Act to carry into effect a Convention between her Majesty

CAP. XXII. and the King of Sardinia.

[26th April, 1855.) An Act for granting certain additional Rates and Duties of Excise.

[25th May, 1855.] CAP. XVIII.

Sect. 1. Grant of duties of excise as in Schedule (A). AlAn Act for raising the Sum of Sixteen Millions by way of lowance and drawbacks as in Schedule (B). Annuities.

[5th May, 1855.]

2. Drawback on spirit mixtures to cease, except as to made

wines. Sect. 1. Contributors entitled to 1001, in the 31. per Cent. 3. Daties, &c. to be under the management of the CommisConsols, and to an annuity of 14s. 6d. for thirty years. sioners of Inland Revenue, and to be collected and paid under

2. Contributors who have made deposits to pay the remain the provisions of acts relating to excise. der of subscriptions by instalments.

4. Where contracts may have been made before, the addi. 3. Power to guardians, &c. to subscribe for infants. tional duties to be added to the price of the articles contracted

4. Contributors entitled to certain annnities payable half. for... yearly.

5. Full British daty to be paid on spirits delivered from a 5. Time at which stock may be transferred.

duty-free warehouse in Ireland for consumption in England or 6. Contributors may anticipate payments.

Scotland. 7. Commencement of dividends.

6. Spirits may be sent out or warehoused at proof strength, 8. Annuities payable and transferable at the Bank.

or within six-tenths thereof. 9. Money to be issued out of the Consolidated Fund for 7. Distillers in England and Ireland to be entitled to allow. payment of annuities and charges in respect of 16,000,0001. ance on spirits distilled from malt for home consumption as 10. And shall be charged upon the said fund.

well as for exportation.

8. Certain provisions of acts in force requiring repayment 4. Paper to be stamped for such periodical publications of 'malt allowance on spirits for consumption in England or

at the request of the proprietor or printer. DisIreland, and prohibition to remove spirits and spirit mixtures

count to be allowed on stamps in Ireland. between England and Scotland otherwise than by sea, repealed. 5. Periodical publications to be posted within fifteen 9. Distillers may remove duty-paid spirits between England

days after being published. and Scotland, in like manner as between places in the same 6. Questions as to periodical publications, how deterpart of Great Britain,

mined. 10. Duty-paid spirits may be removed from the stocks of 7. Newspapers may be registered at the General Postrectifiers and dealers between England and Scotland.

office to entitle the same to the privilege of trans11. Allowance on the cistern or couch gauges of malt

mission abroad under treaties with Foreign Powers. making for distilling purposes to be 17 per cent.

8. Transmission by post of printed papers to foreign 12. Commissioners may revoke the license of a maltster

countries. for distillery purposes, or a distiller from malt, on a second 9. Power to the Postmaster-General, with consent of conviction of any of the offences herein specified.

the Treasury, to make regulations for carrying the

act into effect.

10. Periodical publications sent by post not in confor. CAP. XXIII.

mity with this act to be charged letter rates of An Act to alter in certain respects the Law of Intestate Move.

postage. able Succession in Scotland.

[25th May, 1855.) 11. London Gazette to be evidence of the issuing of

warrants or orders. Sect. 1. The issue of a predeceasing next of kin shall come 12. Interpretation of terms. in the place of their parent in the succession to an intestate. 2. Issue of predeceasing heir succeeding to the intestate's

Whereas it is expedient to amend the laws relating to the heritage may collate, but other issue not excluded by his not stamp duties on newspapers, and to provide for the transmiscollating from claiming out of the moveable estate the differ. sion by post of printed periodical publications : be it therefore ence between the value of the heritage and the share their enacted &c. as follows :parent would have taken on collation.

Sect. 1. From and after fourteen days after the passing of 3. Father to succeed to the extent of one-half when no this act it shall not be compulsory (except for the purpose of issue.

free transmission by the post) to print any newspaper on paper 4. Where father has predeceased, mother to succeed to the stamped for denoting the duties imposed by law on newsextent of one-third.

papers, and no person shall be subject or liable to any penalty 5. Succession by brothers and sisters uterine.

or forfeiture for printing, publishing, selling, or having in his : 6. On a wife predeceasing her husband, her representatives possession any unstamped newspaper. to have no claim on the goods in communion.

2. Every periodical publication hereinafter mentioned which 7. Not to affect the rights of spouses on dissolution of mar shall be printed within the United Kingdom on paper stamped riage in certain cases.

for denoting the rate of duty now imposed by law on news8. Part of act of Parliament of Scotland, 1617, c. 14, papers shall be entitled to the like privileges of transmission repealed.

and retransmission by the post between places in the United 9. Interpretation of terms.

Kingdom, either postage free or otherwise, on the same terms

and conditions, and under and subject to the like rules and CAP. XXIV.

regulations, as newspapers duly stamped are now entitled and

subject to under any act or acts in force, but under and An Act to amend an Act of the Second and Third Years of subject nevertheless to the terms and conditions in this act

King William the Fourth, for amending the Representation contained.
of the People in Scotland, in so far as relates to the Pro-
cedure in County Elections in that Country.

3. Every periodical publication, to be entitled to any such

privilege as aforesaid, shall be printed and published at inter[25th May, 1855.]

vals not exceeding thirty-one days between any two consecu. Sect. 1. Sheriff to indorse on the writ the day on which he tive parts or numbers of such publication, and shall be subject received it, and announce the time for the election.

to the same limitations and restrictions with respect to the 2. Proviso as to Orkney and Shetland.

number of sheets or pieces of paper whereon the same shall 3. Provisions of recited act, so far as inconsistent with this be printed, and with respect to the superfices or dimensions act, repealed.

of the letter-press thereof, as by any act or acts now in force

are enacted or imposed with respect to newspapers, and sup: CAP. XXV.

plements thereto ; and every such periodical publication shall An Act to allow Affirmations or Declarations to be made in- be entitled to such privilege only on the terms and conditions stead of Oaths in certain Cases in Scotland.

following ; (that is to say), one of the sheets or pieces of paper

[25th May, 1855.) on which the same shall be printed shall be stamped with an Sect. 1. Affirmation instead of oath to be allowed in certain appropriated die, denoting the stamp duty imposed by law on

a newspaper printed on the like number of sheets or pieces of 2. Her Majesty may, by Order in Council, direct provisions paper, and of the like dimensions with respect to the superfices of this act to be applied to all courts in Scotland.

of the letter-press thereof; and on the top of every page of such publication shall be printed the title thereof, and the

date of publishing the same; and such periodical publication CAP. XXVI.

at the time when the same shall be posted shall be folded An Act to continue an Act of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth in such manner that the whole of the stamp denoting the said Years of her present Majesty, for enabling the Judges of duty shall be exposed to view, and be distinctly visible on the the Courts of Common Law at Westminster to alter the outside thereof;

also such periodical publication shall not be Forms of Pleading.

[25th May, 1855.)

printed on pasteboard or cardboard, or on two or more pieces

or thicknesses of paper pasted together, nor shall any pasteCAP. XXVII.

board, cardboard, or such pasted paper be transmitted by post An Act to amend the Laws relating to the Stamp Duties on thereto, or otherwise.

with any such periodical publication, either as a back or cover Newspapers, and to provide for the Transmission by Post

4. It shall be lawful for the proprietor or printer of any of pripted periodical Publications. [15th June, 1855.)

such periodical publication to send to the Commissioners of Sect. 1. Not to be compulsory to print newspapers on Inland Revenue, or to such officer as they shall appoint or ii stamps.

direct in that behalf, any quantity of paper to be stamped with 2. Periodical publications printed on stamps to be an appropriated die, to be provided in the manner directed by transmitted by post free of postage.

sect. 3 of the 6 & 7 Will. 4, c. 76, for denoting the rate of 3. Periodical publications entitled to free transmission stamp duty chargeable 'on newspapers; and upon payment to

by post to be printed under certain limitations and the proper officer of the full amount of the stamps required to conditions specified.. :

be impressed on such paper, the said commissioners or their



proper officer shall cause the same to be stamped accordingly : by the Postmaster-General, and any officer of the Post-office; provided always, that there shall be allowed in Ireland, in and after being opened, the same shall be either returned to respect of such appropriated stamps as aforesaid for any pe. the senders thereof, or forwarded to the place of their destina. riodical publication which shall be printed and published only tion, charged with the like rates of postage as if the same were in Ireland, the same rate of discount as by the said last-men- letters transmitted by the post: provided always, that it sball tioned act is directed to be allowed on the purchase of stamps be lawful for the Commissioners of her Majesty's Treasury, for the printing of newspapers in Ireland.

by warrant under their hands, to authorise her Majesty's Post5. Every periodical publication posted in the United King- master-General to charge in any such case such less rate of dom, to be entitled to the privilege of transmission by the post postage as to him shall seem fit. between places in the United Kingdom under the provisions 11. Any printed copy of the London Gazette in which any of this act, shall be put into a post-office within fifteen days warrant or order issued or made under or by virtue of this act, next after the day on which the same shall be published; the or purporting so to be, shall be published, shall be admitted day of publication to be determined by the date of such public as evidence by all courts, judges, justices, and others, of such cation.

warrant or order, and of the due making and issuing thereof, 6. In all cases in which a question shall arise whether a and of the contents thereof, without any further or other proof printed paper is entitled to the privilege of a periodical pub- of such warrant or order, or of the matters therein contained. lication, so far as respects the transmission thereof by the post 12. The term “periodical publication” used in this act shall under the provisions of this act, the question shall be referred be construed to mean and include a newspaper as defined by to the determination of the Postmaster-General, whose deci. the acts in force relating to the stamp duties on newspapers, sion, with the consent of the Commissioners of her Majesty's and every printed literary work or paper printed and pubTreasury, shall be final.

lished periodically, or in parts or numbers, at intervals not 7. And whereas certain treaties and arrangements have been exceeding thirty-one days between any two consecutive papers, made and entered into, and other treaties and arrangements parts, or numbers of such literary work or paper; and for all may hereafter be entered into, by and between her Majesty's the purposes of this act the islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Al. Government and certain foreign and colonial governments, for derney, Sark, and the Isle of Man shall respectively be deemed regulating the transmission of British newspapers abroad; and to be part of the United Kingdom. it is expedient to make provision for enabling her Majesty's Postmaster-General to secure for such newspapers respectively

CAP. XXVIII. the privileges and advantages of such treaties and arrange. ments: be it therefore enacted, that upon the Postmaster. An Act to provide that the Property or Income Tax payable General being satisfied that any printed publication is a news

in respect of the Income from Ecclesiastical Property in paper, or entitled to the privileges of a newspaper, within the

Ireland shall be a Deduction in estimating the Value of such meaning of such treaties and arrangements as aforesaid, it shall Property for the Purpose of Taxation by the Ecclesiastical be lawful for the proprietor or printer of such newspaper or


(15th June, 1855.] publication, if he shall think fit, to register the same at the General Post office in London, in guch form, and with such

CAP. XXIX. particulars relating to the same, and subject to the payment of An Act to make further Provision for the Registration of such fees, not exceeding. 58, respectivelyas wellion registra- Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Sootland. tion as afterwards periodically for being continued on the regis.

[15th June, 1855.) ter, as the Postmaster-General, with the consent of the Conr. missioners of the Treasury, shall from time to time direct or

CAP. XXX. require in that behalf; and thereupon such newspaperor pub. An Act to empower the Commissioners of Semers to expend lication, being printed on paper duly stamped with an appro. on House Drainage a certain Sum 'out of the Monies bor. priated die under the provisions of this act, shall be entitled to -Prowed by them on the Security of the Rates, and also to give all the privileges and advantages seoured to perspapers by any to the said Commissioners certain 'other Powers for the same such treaties and arrangements as aforesaid. 2,


[15th June, 1855.) 8. It shall be lawful for the Commissioners of hes Majesty's ** Treasury, by warrant under their hands, to allow any printed

CAP. XXXI. 9” newspaper (British, colonial, or foreign) to be transpaitted by An Act to "confirm the Incorporation of the Borough of the post between places in the United Kingdom and her Ma. jesty's colonies or foreign countries, or between any ports et


[15th June, 1855.) places beyond the sea, (whether through the Laited Kingdom

CAP. XXXII. or not), either free of postage, or subject to such - rates of postage not exceeding 2d. for each newspaper, irrespective of | An Act to amend and extend the Jurisdiction of the Stannary

Court. any foreign or colonial postage, as the Commissioners of the

. [15th June, 1855.) Treasury, or the Postmaster.General with their consent, shall Sect. 1. Process in case of mines of mixed minerals. from time to time think it is and as a condition to any British 12.Jaterpretation of terms. newspaper being transmitted by the post to any place out of 3. As to suits by pursers, &c. for contribution against nonthe United Kingdom, the same shall be printed on paper duls resident shareholders. stamped with an appropriated die under the provisions of this 4. Plaintiff may join several adventurers in one petition, &c. act, and the said last-mentioned commissioners or the Posts 5. As to suits by creditors for payment of debts of advenmaster-General may require such newspaper to be registered turers in 'a mine. at the General Post office in Londow, in, such forms and with 6. As to suits for account between adrenturers. such particulars, and subject to the payment of such fees as in 19 7. Process in spits against non-resident defendants. the last preceding section mentioned. 10

8. Service of process out of stannaries. 9. It shall be lawful for her Majesty's Postmaster: Generala . 9 Asi to éxecution of judgments and decrees of the court of with the consent of the Commissioners of her Alajesty's Trea- the vice-warden. 3 Where sach judgments cannot be conve. sury, at any time or times hereafter

, to make and issue such niently enforced, superior courts may issue process for reco. orders, regulations, conditions, and restrictions, as, he shall very of amounts due on the same. deem to be necessary or expedient for the purpose of regu- 10. Execution of decrees, &c. in equity suits in or out of lating the receipt, transmission, and delivery by post of pe. stannaries. riodical publications under the provisions of this act, or for v 11. Interpleader in equity. preventing or detecting frauds or abuses in relation thereto, 12. Adjudication to be final. and for giving effect to the purposes of this açt;

and it shall 13. Upon application by registrar, &c., action may be also be lawful for the said Postmaster-General, with the like stayed. consent, from time to time to rescind or revoke all or any such 14. Freehold, &c. not to be adjudicated upon without orders, regulations, conditions, and restrictions, and to make consent. and issue any new ones in lien thereof.

15. Ejectment in the stannaries. 10. All periodical publicationis sent by post otherwise than 16. Summary suits for small debts extended to torts. in conformity with the terms, conditions, and regulations esta- 17. Removal of certain causes from the county court. blished by or under the authority of this act may be detained 18. Pleading to jurisdiction.

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19. Power of registrar on interlocutory applications.

6. The words used in this act shall be construed in like 20. Power for vice- warden, with consent of parties, to refer manner as the words contained in the 5 Will. 4, c. 76, and cases to arbitration.

the several acts incorporated therewith. 21. Power of vice-warden to hold his court at any place within the stannaries for certain purposes. 22. Production of lists of shareholders in mines.

CAP. XXXV. 23. Power to make or adopt rules, orders, and practice of An Act to continue the Act for extending for a limited Time superior courts of law or equity.

the Provision for Abatement of Income Tax in respect of 24. Provision for illness or accidental absence of vice

Insurance on Lives.

[26th June, 1855.] warden.

25. Allowances to be made on auditing the registrar's Sect. 1. Persons having made insurances with friendly 80. accounts.

cieties to be entitled to benefits of recited acts. 26. Regulation of appeals.

2. Provisions of the 16 & 17 Vict. c. 91, to continue in 27. As to levying and application of fines.

force and be applicable to duties granted by the 17 & 18 Vict. 28. Punishment of frauds by miners in Devonshire.

c. 24, and the 18 & 19 Vict. c. 20. 29. Vice-warden to be qualified to act as a justice of the peace in the county. 30. Parts of acts repealed.

CAP. XXXVI. 31. Law clerk of the Duchy of Cornwall to act as attorney An Act to repeal the Stamp Duties payable on Matriculation or solicitor in all courts.

and Degrees in the University of Oxford. 32. Standaries of Cornwall and Devon to be united as to

[26th June, 1855.] jurisdiction. 33. The vice-warden to sit in Devonshire when sufficient

CAP. XXXVII. funds shall be provided for such sitting. 34. Collector in Devonshire.

An Act to apply the Sum of Ten Millions out of the Consoli35. Jurors to be qualified as at assizes. No sittings in dated Fand to the Service of the Year 1855. Devon till duchy council or commissioners shall direct.

[26th June, 1855.] 36. Assessment of mines and minerals in Devon. 37. Commitment of prisoners in Devonshire.

CAP. XXXVIII. $ 38. Provision for the eventual establishment of a separate An Act to allow Spirit of Wine to be used Duty-free in the court in Devonshire.

Arts and Manufactures of the United Kingdom.

[26th June, 1855.] An Act to prevent Doubts as to the Validity of certain Pro. Sect. 1. A mixture of spirit of wine and methylic alcohol ceedings in the House of Commons.

may be allowed duty-free for use in the arts or manufactures. (15th June, 1955.) 2. The mixture to be termed methylated spirit.

3. Persons (other than distillers or rectifiers) authorised to 1. CAP. XXXIV.


make methylated spirit to pay for a license for that purpose. An Act to provide for the Education of Children in the Receipt of articles for mixing, and of methylated spirit, to be made

4. Places of mixing to be approved and entered ; and removal of Out-door Relief.

[26th June, 1855.]

under the regulations of the commissioners. Sect. 1. Guardians may ayant relief to enable certain poor 5. Wood naphtha, &c. to be inspected by officer before persons to provide education for their children.

mixing, and commissioners may provide the same. 2. Poor-law Board may issue orders to regulate pro- 6. Commissioners may provide warehouses and labour for ceedings of guardians;

(bi. 91') mixing and storing methylated spirit, for a certain payment. 3. Such education not to be a condition of relief. 7. A stock account to be kept of methylated spirit in the 4. Cost of relief to be charged to the same account as possession of every maker. Excess of stock to be forfeited, the other relief:

and deficiency to be charged with duty. 5. Orphans and deserted children may be relieved.

8. Methylated spirit to be delivered only from an entered 6. Act lo be construed with the 5 Will. 4, c.76: place, and accompanied by a permit. Penalty for unlawful Whereas it is expedient that means should be taken to pro delivery or removal, 501. and forfeiture of the spirit. vide education for the young children of poor persons who are 9. Persons to be authorised by the commissioners to receive relieved out of the workhouse : be it enacted &c.,

duty-free methylated spirit for use in the arts or manufactures. Sect. 1. That the guardians of any union or any parish in * 10. Persons authorised to receive duty-free methylated spirit England wherein the relief to the poor is administered by a to give security for the proper use of it in their manufactures. board of guardians may, if they deem proper, grant - relief for 11. Enactments in former acts as to permits and certifi. the purpose of enabling any poor person lawfully relieved out cates to be applied to permits, certificates, &c. under this act. of the workhouse to provide education for any child of such ! 12. Persons ordering methylated spirit to fill up requisition person between the ages of four and sixteen in any school to and counterfoil, and produce the latter to officer when required. be approved of by the said guardians, for such time and under 13. Officers of excise may enter premises where methylated such conditions as the said guardians shall see fit. ?

spirit is used, and inspect and take samples. 2. Provided that the Poor-law Board may at any time issue 14. Commissioners may revoke authority to make or use their order to regulate the proceedings of the guardians with methylated spirit, or approval of places for making or storing reference to the mode, time, or place in or at which such relief the same. 's shall be given or such education received.

15. Makers not to supply methylated aspirit to persons 3. Provided also, that it shall not be lawful for the guar- whose authority to use the same is revoked: dians to impose as a condition of relief that such education - 16. Methylated spirit found in the possession of a person shall be given to any child of the person requiring relief. not'entitled to have the same, or in an unentered place, for

4. The cost of the relief so given for the edacation of any feited, and penalty incurred. such child shall be charged to the same account as the other 17. Commencement of act. relief granted by the said guardians to the same poor person, and may be given by the said guardians, and recovered by them as a loan, under the same circumstances and in like man

CAP. XXXIX. per as such other relief. 5. In the case of any child of such age as aforesaid relieved An Act to facilitate Grants of Land and Tenements for the

Purpose of Religious Worship, and other Purposes connected out of the workhouse, which child has been deserted by its

therewith, (Ireland).

[26th June, 1855.) parents or surviving parent, or both whose parents are dead, it shall be lawful for such guardians in their discretion, and

CAP. XL. wich the like power of regulation on the part of the Poor-law Board as aforesaid, to grant relief for the purpose of providing An Act for further promoting the Establishment of free Public education for such child in any such school as aforesaid.

Libraries and Museums in Ireland. [26th June, 1855.]

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