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be formed, by mixing together spermaceti 26,880 children born, no less than 9,751 cerate and finely pulverized supertartrate were bastards; or more than 36 illegitiel potass, in such proportions as to make it mate children out of every 100: the marof a very firm consistence; of which a piece riages were 7,157, and the deaths 23,269 : the size of a nutmeg, or larger, according in every instance there is, in these returns, to the extent of the surface affected should a pear approach to equality between the be well rubbed on the part with the palm males and the females, except as to the of the hand, every night, for three or four still-born children, of which 792 were minutes ; the head should be well washed males, and only 626 females, which seems with soap and water every third night, pre- a singular result. , viously to the application of the ointment.

SPINNING MICE. Internal medicines are seldom requisite They laugh at every thing in France. in this advanced stage, except where the The recent calculation as to the possibility character of the affection is irregular, or of employing mice in spinning cotton, has there is a peculiarity in the constitution of produced the following facetious paragraph the patient; in which cases some modifica.

in one of the French provincial Papers :tion of treatment will necessarily be re- « It has been announced thas a mouse emquired : these variations will readily be ploved in treading a little wbeel for the made by any respectable practitioner.

purpose of spinning cotton, and in doing The above plan, if diligently pursued for so, making as many steps in a day as are from three to six weeks, will rarely disap- equal to four post-leagues, would produce a point the expectations of those who try it, profit, clear of all expenses, of eight francs even in the most inveterate cases.

a year; and it has been asked, "What Aug. 15, 1823. Joseph Houlton. might not be accomplished by two or three RATS.

thousand mice? This new impelling pow. The brown or Norway rat, which abowds er will forin an epoch in the present age of in the Hebrides, after a shower, goes down industry.'-"A few feet from me is a squir upon the rocks, while the limpits are crawl. rel, whose size and the quickness of whose ing about, and, by a sudden push with its revolutions would, if I mistake not, make nose, detaches them from the rock for him worth a hundred mice, for such a purfood. Should the first effort fail, another pose ; putting out of the question the much is never attempted against the same indivi- larger spindle that be would turp. Accorddual, now warned, and adhering closely ing to my calculation, which is founded on to the rock ; but the rat proceeds instantly that respecting mice if 100 mlce would yield to others still off their guard, until enough an annual profit of 800 francs, a single squirof food has been procured.

rel would yield as much ; and if a manufac-.

turer were to employ 100 of these working THE PIGEON POST Office,

quadrupeds, his annual gains would be established in Belgium, and which was 80.000 francs ; besides their wages paid to set up to rival the telegraphic system, has them in food. -Should that sum be thougbt experienced a severe check. Of 63 of too lar

too large, I consent to its reduction to a these winged messengers, which set out on half, which would still be a handsome pro. the 9th of August from Lyons, for Verviers fit. 'It is evident, therefore, that if tbe la. (near Liege), one only arrived the same bour of mice is compared with that of squirday at its destination. Four more have rels, the advantage is in favour of the latter. since appeared ; but nothing has been seen in publishing this important discovery. I of the remaining sixty. It is thought (says may perhaps draw upon myself the ani. the foreign writer who tells the story), that madversion of mice, but cats will do me jus. preferring repose to the love of country, tice." these voyager-pigeons, in spite of them.

VILLAGE LIBRARIES. selves, have fallen into the hands of mas

We are glad to see plans of Village and ters who will not use thein as they would

Neighbourly Libraries again afloat, and horses.

we once more recommend them to the zea. MR. BELZONI.

lous support of our readers. They comThe Cambridge Chronicle announces a plete the education of the people. The nasubscription having been set atoot in that tional schools commence a systein of gene. University for defraying the expenses of ral instruction, which these perfect. The Mr. Belzoni's journey to Fez, where his good effects of schools are lost if books are further progress to the South was so umac- not provided for subsequent amusement countably stopped after the sairest pros- and instruction ; and these may be intropects of appears that letters duced into every village or meighbourly have reached the friends of that gentleman, circle for ten or twelve guineas, and kept from Tenerife, dated so recently as the

up at a guinea or two per annum The 25th of July, in which he expresses a de- books should not be of a canting or gloomy termination not to turn his face towards Eu

description, but should illustrate History, ropc, happen what may, till lie has reached Geocraphy Biography Natural Knoil. the intended point of his Expedition.

cage, and Voyages and Travels. We have MORALS IN FRANCE.

seen a computat on that there already exist From an official return published of the in the United Kingdown not less than 340 births, marriages, and deaths, occurring in permanent subscription libraries, 1900 book Paris in the year 1822, it appears, that of societies of circulation, and double the number of village libraries, the annual purchase

CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. of books by the whole exceeding sixty The good effects of Mr Martin's Law thousand pounds, and supplying one hur- against cruelty to animals begins to be actdred thousand persons, with reading of a ed upon through the nation, and must tend solid and instructive character. Besides to produce sentiments of humanity among these means of enlightening the public, persons who hitherto have treated aniinals there are above 1000 circulating libraries, as they would blocks of stone. Rational which supply sentimental reading to the beings, as they call themselves, are neverfeinale sex; and, in the three kingdoms, theless so irrational as never to reflect on not short of 2,500 shops, which subsist the love of life and the feelings of creatures wholly or chiefly by the sale of books. All not exactly in their own form; and this tothese serve more or less as antidotes to su tal absence of the faculty of thinking in perstition and political slavery ; and, while nine of every ten of the human race is the they exist and flourish, a million of men in cause of the numberless cruelties practised the liveries of power, the corruptions of on beings as sensitive as ourselves. To the parliament, and the chicanery of law, can- immortal honour of Mr. Martin, he has, unnot cheat us of those rights and privileges aided, been indefatigable in carrying bis ou which depend our pational energies and own Law into action, and has brought to social prosperity. Behold this true picture punishment some of the brutal bipeds who of Britain, all ye foreign nations who sigh abuse cattle in Smithfield, and who ill. for liberty, and seek to enjoy it in paper treat that noble animal the horse. We are constitutions. These may please the eye sorry to find that even Christians, who afof speculative philosophy, but the genius offect to respect the great moral law, suffer it freedom will never fix her abode except to operate only in regard to objects whose among an educated population ; and, when- reaction they fear. They generally do as ever a paper constitution is promulgated, they would be done unto when men as powit should be accompanied simultaneously erful as themselves, and under equal proby the instruction of the whole population, tection of the law, are concerned; but, and by the multiplication and activity of when the object is defenceless, and under printing presses. If France had thus been no legal protection, they then skin, boil, iostructed by Napoleon, the vile Cossacks and roast alive, without remorse, and inwould never have polluted her soil : flict other tortures too horrible to describe. and, if Spain had been educated, her po- The God of all must view these matters difpulation would have risen en masse on the ferently. armed banditti who now spread desolation through her fertile provinces.-Mon. Mag. Balloon speculators are again in activity, SHOOTING.

but managed with such small dexterity, as A son of W. Thurman, of Catten, tailor, to prove, either that the parties were preabout 15 years of age, being about eight tenders, or that the art retrogrades. The weeks ago employed in shooting small birds plan of filling with gas from the street. which were in the upper branches of a tree pipes much facilitates and cheapens the on his father's premises, the barrel of the process, yet several failures in time, or as. piece burst, by which he was struck to the cent, have recently taken place, and even ground: and the report of the explosion cominon accidents have not been guarded being heard, he was found by some of the against. Nevertheless it appears, that,

however high the parties ascend, and howfamily apparently lifeless. On removing him into the house, it was perceived that ever low the barometer falls, the gas is still

licolas: suicient for the purposes of respiration : he was not dead; and the best medical as sistance being promptly resorted to, it was and the most remarkable, and perhaps un

accountable phenomenon, is the rapidity of discovered that one of his eyes had been

od progress compared with the ascertained forced in by some part of the gun, and

vclocity of winds, one of our recent aerothough animation was restored, he was in

nauts having gone over thirty-five miles in capable of speech; and any kind of nourishment was with difficulty forced down. In eighteen minutes. this painful and perilous state he continu

ENGRAVING. ed during the space of five weeks, at the Lithogsaphy and engraving on wood are end of which time the part of the gun which working great changes in the general feathe explosion had forced into his eye, made tures of literature. We have just seen a its way through into his mouth, and by put. small map from the ofice of Mr Willich, ting in his fingers he brought it away ; from writing on stone, which proves the when, to the astonishment of all who wit.

great capabilities of that art in a new line. nessed it, there was the breech of the bar- And in regard to wood, in which Mr. BErel. the screw, and part of the wood WICKE, the reviver, was a few years since of the stock, the whole of which had, ever the only artist, there are now in London since the accident, been making its way twenty or thirty masters, and twice as mathrough the internal cavities of the nostrils, ny apprentices, in full work. Stecl engray. and which, on being weigher, was found to ing, introduced by Messrs. PERKINS and be of the weight of nearly two ounces; HEATH, is also becoming general for school since which time (except the loss he has and popular books, which require tens of sustained of one of his eyes) he is in a fair thousands of impressions ; and we are inway of recovery.

- debied to Mr. Rred for the introduction

a metal harder than copper, and not so ble) to the Abyssinian coast, and the susceptible of the action of oil, from which islands about Bab-el-Mandeb. After 10 or 20,000 good impressions may be tak. eo of delicate subjects. In fact, between

this they will go to Suakim ; and, if stone, wood, and steel, and Read's hard me circumstances permit, they will endeatal, the old material of copper plates seems your again to penetrate to Nubia and likely to be abandoned. The great work Sennaar, in order to make themselves of “Mature Displayed," which has just ap- h peared, contains no less than 260 plates ;

better acquainted with the fruitful but the whole are fine specimens of steci, countries, which they saw there on their hard metal, or wood, and calculated to first journey, and of which they only yield fifty thousand good impressions, partially skirted the frontiers. They whereas copper would not have afforded

purpose then to return to Cairo by way above 2000. Hence we get richly orna. mented books 100 per cent. cheaper than of Cosseir and Gineh. heretofore.


The name of the forthcoming Waverley At the time when Matthews is making novel is announced to be St. Ronan's Well. the world laugh with his Longbow stories,

Capt. Parry's Journal of his Second the following parallel may amuse :-“ A Voyage for the Dicovery of a North-West friend, (says the relator,) lately returned Passage, is already in the press, and will froin abroad, calling on me one morning, I be published, with maps and numerous inquired if he had seen any thing very par- plates, in December. ticularly interesting in his travels? He re- A new work, from the pen of Miss Porplied, i No ; with the exception, perhaps, ter, author of " Thaddeus of Warsaw," of a curious mode they have in Siberia of &c. will shortly appear, in three volumes, procuring the skin of the Sable. Their fur entitled Duke Christian of Luneberg, or is in the greatest perfection in the depth of Traditions from the Hartz. winter, at which time the hunter proceeds Mr. Roscoe has been long engaged on a to the forest armed with a pitcher of water, variorum edition of Pope, and it may be es. and some carrion-meat; he deposits the bait pected to make its appearance the ensuing at the foot, and climbs himself to the top of winter. a high tree. As soon as the animal, at. The Library of Napoleon was lately sold tracted by the scent, arrives, the man drops in London. Many of the books had notes some water on his tail, and it instantane. by himself, and they fetched high prices, ously becomes frozen to the ground! On His ornamented walking-stick fetched thir. which, descending from his situation with ty-seven guineas. incredible rapidity, his pursuer with a sharp At the sale of Mr. Nollekin's works, his koise cuts him transversely on the face. head of Sterne fetched 58 guineas, and of The Sable, from the excess of pain, taking Fox 145 guineas.

straordinary suring forward, runs off. The Golden Cross, Charing Cross, and and (bis tail being fast to the ground) out the adjoining buildings, are to come down, of his skin, of course, leaving it a prey to and a splendid building erected on its scite the hunter!! Upon expressiog a slight like the Pantheon at Rome. doubt as to the probability of this mode of The Assembly of Rabbis and Elders of skinning the animals, my friend assured me Plosko, in Poland, came lately to a deterthat he never could have believed it bad he mination to allow the Jews to celebrate not frequently beheld it himself."

their Sabbath on the Sunday. The Polish

Berlin, August Israelites are generally allowed to surpass Dr. Ehrenberg and Dr. Hemprich, their brethren of other couptries in intellithe Prussian naturalists travelling in gence, attending to moral and useful ioEgypt, are not now coming back to

struction, rather than to cabalistical and

talmudical dogmata. Europe, as some journals have report

AMERICAN BOOKS. ed. On the contrary, they are on the The shops of Messrs. Millen and of point of undertaking a new expedition, Souter, who import American books, which they have been enabled to do by prove, by the variety and importance of the the farther support given them by his be not iron bom ...

novelties which they exhibit, that American

literature is beginning to stand on its own Majesty the King of Prussia. In a let- legs. Thus far it could not be avoided that ter from Suez, dated June 8, this year, the transatlantic presses should merely rethey give the following outlines of their flect the literature of the mother country; plan. They intend first to visit the but the improved capital of American book

sellers begins to enable them to encourage coasts of the Red Sea, and to make the

original works, and, although the names of longest stay at Tor and Akaba. They the writers are seldom classical, and their will then embark for Mocha, from pronomens are often puritanical, consisting which place they will make excursions

of Zacharialis, Emanuels, Elkapahs, Jedi(carrying with them as little baggage

diahs, Hezekiahs, and the like, yet their or incumbrance of any kind as possi- of liberty do the rest.

good sense and originality, and the genius





(Lit. Gaz, Nov.)


MPLE as was our account of this in February, tho’ traces of their dweln interesting Expedition in our for- lings, many of them recent, had been mer number, it may readily be suppo- observed every where about the islands. sed that many little anecdotes and curi. Yet when they first came into contact ous particulars, which could not all be with the strangers, they betrayed no remembered at once, will continue to fears or suspicions ; but came boldly occur to the voyagers, and be commu- on board the vessels, one of them even nicated to their friends. As such ma- carrying an aged man upon his back terials come into our possession, we to show him the amazing sight. When shall feel a pleasure in laying them be- the triiling presents, on which they set fore our readers ; and accordingly now so high a value, were given to them, continue, by way of supplement, the they leaped and shouted like mad-folks brief history of the Esquimaux, &c. for uttering the oddest noises. Of course the beginning of which we have been equal confidence was displayed by our gratified by so many cheering testimo- countrymen, who immediately returned nies of public approbation.

the visit to the huts of their new neighAmong the wonders carried out by bours, about a three miles' walk, and our ships, the two which excited the were received with similar demonstragreatest astonishment and delight in tions of joy by men and women. Thus the breasts of the ignorant Natives, began the intercourse, which lasted till were the loadstone and a scaramouch the Expedition left these frozen shores ; of six or eight inches in length. The not, we must tell, however it may shock attraction of needles, &c. by the former rigid morality, without leaving memowas an object of never-failing surprise ; rials of their voyage in the shapes of and the dancing of the latter, by pull- some half dozen little Anglo-esquimaux, ing the string between its feet, was still whose descendants will perhaps puzzle more a matter of never-ending delight, philosophers five hundred or a thousand

The Esquimaux loved much to see it years hence. We are not informed made to perform ; but if allowed to whether any sailors' uniforms were because its evolutions with their own queathed, to distinguish these Parvenus hands, their raptures were extravagant, when they grow up ; but the natives and they would play the puppet for themselves are not without the vanity hours together.

of dress, and some paternal cares of After leaving Hudson's Bay, with this kind would have been grateful to the exception of one family seen by the lovely mammas of the semi-tars. the boats, none of these people were We remark that they paid some regard Allt with till the tribe of 50 appeared to dress, because, when they were ma


king their first visit to the ships, the par- who, of course, remained in their snow ties appeared in borrowed habiliments huts while their friends were parading from those of the tribe whose ward- in their gayest suits. robes were finer than their own, and

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With all their apparent clownishness, we have adorned this paper. These if we use that term in preference to stu- drawings are taken from Native models pidity, the Esquimaux are an ingenious now in our possession. race. We have already related several They are curiously made of skins, instances of this ; but the chef-d'œuvre the same as the Esquimaux' own clothof their talents it was not in our power ing, partly with the hairy side outwards to illustrate till to-day. By far the and partly not. The man's dress conmost remarkable examples of their skill sists of a coat, having the fur inside, in the Fine Arts form the subjects of with a hood over his head, and coming the two wood Engravings with which close round the chin. In front it fits

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