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(Lit. Gaz.) SiGNS OF RAIN ; An Excuse for not accepting the Invitation of a Friend to make an Excursion with limAN origiNAL Pol. M., by the LATE id it. JENN, Fort.

The hollow winds begin to blow,
The clouds look black, the grass is low ;
The soot falls down, the spaniels sleep, -

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32. The mellow blackbird's voice is shrill.

33. My dog, so alter'd in his taste,

34. Quits mutton-bones, on grass to feast;
35. And see, yon rooks, how odd their flight,

36. They imitate the gliding kite,
37. And seem precipitate to fall–

38. As if they felt the piercing ball.
39. Twill surely rain, I see, with sorrow;
40. Our jaunt must be put off to-morrow.


There is preparing for publication, as we may venture to say, from the Pen of Mr. Thomas Moore, Memoirs of Captain Rock, the celebrated lish chieftain, with some Account of his Ancestors; written by himself. Mrs. Graham (relict of the late Capt. Graham; R. N.) has two distinct volumes in a forward state for publication, relating respectively to Brazil and Chili, and the revolutions in those countries. We understand that a new translation of Josephus, the Jewish historian, has lately been undertaken by a Clergyman of the established Church. A classical version of this unique and celebrated writer has long been a desideratum in English literature;


* *

and if the gentleman above alluded to suc-
ceed in his arduous enterprise, he will con-
fer no mean obligation to his language and

Sir John Malcolm's Memoirs of Central India is about to appear in the French tongue. The French critics are a little splenetic about the original; and talk of John Company's devouring twenty kingdoms, and of merchants supporting dethrened princes and paying punctually the pensions of kings.

“Queen Hynde,” an epic poem, by James Hogg, author of the “Queen's Wake,” “Poetic Mirror,” “Pilgrims of the Sun,” &c. &c. is preparing in 8vo. and forthcoming in May.



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This book should be returned to the Library on or before the last date stamped below.

A fine of five cents a day is incurred by retaining it beyond the specified time.

Please return promptly.

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