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Tyne T.

Northampton T. Francis Hervey, of Weston-Favell, Efq; NORTHUMBER- William Fenwick, of Wallington, Ésq; Master LAND,

of Sherborn Hospital. Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas Widdrington, Knt. Re

corder of York, as Speaker of the House, 351. per Week, besides 5h. for every private Act passed, and 5l. for every Stranger naturaliz’d; also a Commiffioner of the Trea

sury, 1000 l. per Ann.

Robert Fenwick, of Bedlington, Esq; Newcastle upon Rt. Hon. Walter Strickland, as one of his

Highness's Council, 1000 l. per Ann. also
Captain of his Grey-Coat Foot-Guard at

Berwick T. Col. George Fenwick, of Brenkborne, Governor

of Leith. NOTTINGHAM- Edward Whalley, Esq; as Commiffary-General SHIRE, of the Horse, 2731. 15 s. per Ann. as Colo

nel of a Regiment of Horse, 4741. 10 s, and as Major-General of the Counties of Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, Warwick, and Leicester,

666 1. 13 s. 4d. Edward Cludd, Esq; one of the Committee for

the Army. Edward Nevil, Esq;

Peniston Whalley, Esq; Nottingham T. Col. James Chadwick, one of the Judges of

the Peverel Court at Nottingham, an old oppressive Office newly revived by the Lord


William Drury, Alderman. OXFORDSHIRE. Lord Deputy Fleetwood, made his Election for

Norfolk. k William Lenthall, Esq; late Speaker of the

Long Parliament, Master of the Rolls, worth

about 2000 l. per Ann. k Robert Jenkinson, Esq; k Miles Fleetwood, Efq; one of the Clerks of

the Privy-Seal, about sool. per Ann. .

k Sir Francis Norris, Knt. Qxford Univer- k Rt. Hon. Nathaniel Fiennes, as one of his fity. Highness's Council, 1000l. per Ann. 'a


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Commissioner of the Great-Seal 1000 l. and, as Keeper of the Privy-Seal, supposed 1000l.

Oxford C. k Richard Croke, Erg; Recorder.
Woodstack B. Major. General William Packer, as Colonel of

Horse, 474 1. 10 s. per Ann.
RUTLAND- William Shields, Esq;

Abel Barker, Esq;
SHROPSHIRE. Thomas Mackworth, Esq; Farmer of the Ex-

cife in Lancashire.
Philip Young, Esq;
Col. Samuel Moore.

Col. Andrew Lloyd.
Shrewsbury. Col. Humphrey Mackworth, Governor of the

Garrison there.

Samuel Jones, Esq;
Bridgnorth B. Edward' Waring, Esq; Captain of a County

Troop, 100l. per Ann, and a Farmer the

Ludlow B. k John Afton, Elai
SOMERSET- Rt. Hon. Major-General John Dilbrowe, as

one of his Highness's Council, 1000 l. per
Ann. General at Sea, 10951. Col. of Horse,
4741. 10 s. as Major-General of the Coun-
ties of Gloucester, Wilts, Dorset, Somerset,
Devon, and Cornwall, 6661. 13 s. 4d. He

married the Lord Protector's Sifter, John Buckland, Esq; Alexander Popham, Elgi Robert Long, Esq; k Col. John Gorges, Captain of a County

Troop, 100l. per Anna Francis Luttrell, Esq; k John Alhe, Esq; John Harrington, Esq; k Sir Lislebone Long, Recorder of London.

Knighted by the Lord Protector Dec.15,1665.
William Wyndham, Esq;

Francis Rolle, Efq;
Bristol C.

k Robert Aldworth, Esq;

John Dodderidge, Esq;
Bath C. James Alhe, Efq; Recorder.


Wells C. John Jenkyn, Esq; Captain of Horse, 2731. pet

Ann. Taunton B. Robert Blake, Esq; as General at Sea, 1095 l

per Ann. besides other Advantages. Col. Thomas Gorges, one of the Commis

fioners for the Taxes upon new Buildings

about London and Westminster. Bridgewater B. k Sir Thomas Wroth, Knt. SOUTHAMP- Rt. Hon. Lord Richard Cromwell, made his TONSHIRE.

Election for the University of Cambridge.
Major-General William Goffe, as Colonel of

Horse, 4741. 10 s. per Ann. and as Major-
General of the Counties of Sussex, Southamp-

ton, and Berks, 6661. 13$. 4 d.
Robert Wallop, of Hursley, Esq;
Richard Norton, of Southwick, Esq; Colonel of

a Regiment of Foot, and Governor of Portf

Thomas Cole, of Liss, Esq;
John Bulkley, of Over-Burget, Esq;
Richard Cobb, of King's Gate-Street, Efq;

Edward Hooper, of South-Stoneham, Esq; IVinchester C. John Hildesley, of Hinton, Efq; a Commiffioni

er of the Prerogative Office, 300 l. per Ann.

and one of the Committee for the Army. Southampton T. & Rt. Hon. John Lifle, one of the Commission

ers of the Great Seal, 1000 l. per Ann. Portsmouth T. k Thomas Smith, Esq; Commissioner of the

Navy, 300l. per Ann. Ife of Wight. Col. William Sydenham, made his Election

for Dorfetshiré. In his Place, Roger Hill, Efq; one of the Baroñs of the Exchequer,

1000t: per Ann. * Capt. Thomas Bowerman, Deputy-Governor

of the Ife of Wight, with the Command of the Castles of Sandown and Weymouth, also

a Captain of Foot. Andover B. Thomas Hussey, of Hungerford-Park, Esq; STAFFORD- k Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Wolseley, Bart. as one

of his Highness's Council, 1ooo l. per Ann. Thomas Crompton, Eiq; ke Thomas Whitegrave; Efq; Captain of a



Litchfield C.
Stafford T.

County Troop, 100l. per Ann.
Thomas Minors, Esq;
k Martin Noel, of London, Scrivener. Has a

Share in the Post-Office with Secretary

Newcastle un

der Line. SUFFOLK.

Lincon } John Bowyer, Eja;

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Sir Henry Felton, of Playford, Bart.
Sir Thomas Barnardiston, of Keddington, Knt.
Henry North, of Wyckombrook, Ela;
Edmund Harvey, of Wyckombskeyth, Esq;
Edward Le Neve, of Brettenham, Ela;

John Sicklemore, of Ipswich, Esq;
"Villiam Bloys, of Ipswich, Esq;
William Gibbes, of Stoke-Nayland, Esq;
k Robert Brewster, of Wrentham, Efq;
Daniel Wall, of Stratford, Esq;
k Nathaniel Bacon, Efq; quests to his Highness


Masters of the Re&

isool. per Ann. each. Samuel Moody, Esq; John Clarke, Esq; as Colonel of Foot, 3651.

per Ann. as a Commissioner of the Admiralty, 500l. He married Secretary Thurloe's

Francis Brewster, of Wrentham, Elq;
Col. John Fothergill.
* Sir Richard Onslow, Knt.
Arthur Onslow, Esq;
k Francis Drake, Esq;
Maj. Lewis Audley, a Place in the Ordnance-

Office, 300 l. per Ann. Captain of a County
Troop, and a Deputy-Major-General for

this County and Kent.
k George Duncombe, Esq;
Capt. John Blackwell, Treasurer of the Army,

bool, per Ann. Samuel Highland, Esq; k Peter De la Noy, Esq; Maj. Gen. Kelsey, made his Election for Do

ver. In his Place, John Hewson, Esq; Colonel of Foot, and Governor of Dublin.


Dunwich B. Sudbury B. SURREY.

Southwark B.

Guildford B.

Ryegate B.

Sir Thomas Pryde, as Colonel of Foot, 365 1.

per Ann. besides his great Profit as Brewer to
the State. His Daughter married a Nephew
of the Protector, who knighted him Jan. 19,

SUSSEX. Herbert Morley, of Glyne, Esq;

Sir John Pelham, Bart.
John Fagg, of Whiston, Esq;
John Stapley, Esq;

George Courthorpe, of Tysehurst, Esq;

Sir Thomas Rivers, Bart.
Sir Thomas Parker, Knt.

Samuel Gott, Elq;
Chichester C. Henry Peckham, Ejq;
Lewes B. Anthony Stapley, Esq;
East-Grinstead B. k John Goodwin, Elai.
Arundel. B. k Sir John Trevor, Knt. A Relation of the

Lord Protector.
WARWICK- k Richard Lucy, Esq; a Commissioner of the

Prerogative Office, 300 l. per Ann. and one

of the Committee for the Army. Sir Roger Burgoyne, Knt.

Edward Peyto, Esq; ico

Joseph Hawksworth, Esq; Governor of War

wick Castle, and Captain of Foot. Coventry C. k Major Robert Beake, a Commissioner of the

Admiralty, 500l. per Ann.

Col. William Purefoy.
Warwick B. k Clement Throckmorton, Esq;
WESTMORE Christopher Lister, Esq; one of the Tellers of

the Exchequer, 500l. per Ann.

Thomas Burton, Elas
WILTSHIRE. Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, Bart.

Sir, Walter St. John, Bart. i
Sir Alexander Popham, Knt.
Thomas Grove, Esq;
Alexander Thistlethwaite, Efq;
John Bulkley, Esqi.
Richard Grubham Howe, Esq;
William Ludlow, of Clarendon-Park, Esq;
Captain of a County Troop, 100l. per Ann.



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