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Inter-regnum. Protector, to be chofen; but also in preventing the 1656. Election of many Gentlemen of the best Families

and Fortunes b. Yet finding, nevertheless, that a September.

great Number of Members of the last Parliament, who had been the most resolute Opposers of his Mea- . sures, were return’d to serve in the present; and apprehensive he should not, therefore, be able, by a Legislative Sanction, to ratify and establith his Government, which had hitherto no Authority but what was derived from the Sword, he determined that not a Man fhould be permitted to fit in the House, without first producing a Certificate of his being approved by the Council of State.

This Tyrannical Project of Cromwell's, being the highest Infringement of the Liberties of the Nation we have yet met with, in the whole Course of these Inquiries, we shall endeavour to investigate, and bring together, every authentic Circumstance that can possibly contribute to illustrate so important a Crifis.

To this End we exhibit a List of the Members of this Parliament, distinguishing all such as were the Dependents or Relations of Cromwell; and also those who, though: duly return’d by the Sheriffs, were not permitted to fit in the House.

The b In the Fifth Volume of Thurloe's State Papers, is a Copy of a Pamphlet, intituled, England's Remembraneer, or a Word in Season to all Englithmen about their Elections of Members for the approacbing Parliament. This Piece, great Numbers whereof were dispersed all over the Nation, seems to have been calculated to spirit up the People against the Protector and his Government.

In that Collection also are several Letters from Lord Brogbill, Henry Cromwell, Monck, Tburloe, Wballey, Lilburne, Haynes, Disbrowe, Kelsey, Goffe, Berry, Bridges, &c from the Perusal of which may be form'd a just Idea of the arbitrary Measures made use of to secure a Majority of Members in the Protector's Interest, to be return'd for England, Scotland, and Ireland - -We shall give an Extract of one only, as a Specimen of the rest.

London, Aug. 22, 1656. “ All our Newes is about the Choyce of Members for Parliament. Where our honest Soldiers can appeare, a reasonable good Choyce is made, but the farther off from London the worse ; for even here amongst us, under our Noses, the Ill-affected are so bould and ingratefull, as, at Elections, to cry out, Noe Souldiers, noe Courtiers: But curst Cowes have short Hornes; and the Prudence of our Governors, by the sending for up of the rest of the Army, will doubtless fecure us against the new and old Malignants boathir

The Names of the Persons return'd to serve in the Parliament

appointed to meet at Westminster, September 17, 1656, for the several COUNTIES, CITIES, Towns, BOROUGHS, and CINQUE PORTs, of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland. c

The Members in the Italic Character were denied Admittance into

the House; and those with k prefix'd, voted for Cromwell's

being King. BEDFORDSHIRE. IR William Boteler, Knt.

S'John Harvey, Era

Richard Wagstaffe, Esq; as Captain of Foot,

1461, per Ann, and Captain of a County Troop, rool. k Samuel Bedford, Esq; one of the Receivers of

the Public Revenues, 300 l. per Ann.

Richard Edwards, Esq; Bedford T

Thomas Margets, Esq; Judge-Advocåte of the

Army, 2731. 15 s. per Ann.
BERKSHIRE. k William Trumbull, Esq;

John Southby, Esq;
& Edmund Dunch, of East-Wittenham, Esq;
k Capt. John Dunch, related to the Lord Pro.

tector by Marriage.

k William Hide, Eja; Abingdon B.

Thomas Holt, Elg;
A 2

Readc Extracted from the Fournals, Dr. Willis's Notitia Parliamentaria, the Diaries of the Times, Tburloe, &c.

The Account of the several Offices, &c. of which the Members were poflessed, with their respective Value, are taken from a Pamphlet published immediately after the Diffolution of the Parliament. This Piece, which is wrote with equal Truth and Resentment, is intituled, A Narrative of the late Parliament, (so called) their Elečtion and Appearing ; tbe Seclusion of a great Part of them; the Sitting of the rest. With an Account of the Places of Profit, Salaries, and Advantages, which they bold and receive under the present Power. With some Queries thereupon; and upon the moff material Aets and Proceedings passed by them. All bumbly proposed to consideration; published for Information of the People, by a Friend to the Commonwealth, and to its dear-bought Rights and Libertics.---It was communicated by the Rev. Dr. Birch, Secretary to the Royal Society; to whom the Authors of this work are much obliged for several valuable Materials.

d It is remarkable that some of those Members who were denied their Seats in the House, at the Opening of the Parliament, afterwards voted for making of Cromwell King. That they were at first refused Admittance, as not being approved by the Council, is confirm'd by the Journals; and yet, from the frequent Mention of their Names in those Authorities afterwards, as Tellers, 6c, it is evident they got in by some Means or other. It is not improbable, therefore, that their promising to vote for the Protector's Advancement to the Crown, was the Price of their Admaloria


Reading B.

Daniel Blagrave, Esq; BUCKINGHAM- k Rt. Hon. Bulstrode Whitlocke, as CommifSHIRE. fioner of the Treasury, 1000l. per Ann. his

Şon a Colonel in the Army, and made a

Knight by the Lord Protector, Jan. 6, 1656.
Sir Richard Piggot, Knt.
Richard Grenville, Esq;
k Richard Ingoldsby, Esq; Colonel of Horse,

474 1. 10 s. per Ann. The Protector's Kinf


k Richard Hampden, Efq; Buckingham T. k Francis Ingoldsby, Esq; a Relation to the Lord

Protector Aylesbury B. Thomas Scott, of Lambeth-House, Esq; Chipping - Wi- Maj. Gen. Tobias Bridge, Colonel of Horses comb B.

4741. 10 s. per. Ann. CAMBRIDGE- k Sir Francis Ruffel, Bart. Chamberlain of CheSHIRE. fer, 500l. per Ann. One of his Daughters

, married the Lord Protector's fecond Son. Robert Castle, Esq; Henry Pickering, Esq;

k Robert West, Efq; Cambridge Uni- Rt. Hon. Lord Richard Cromwell, Chancellor versity

of the University. Eldest Son of the Lord

Cambridge T. Richard Tymbes, Alderman.
Isle of Ely.

k Rt. Hon. John Thurloe, Principal Secretary

of State, and Postmafter of England,

William Fisher, Esq;
CHESHIRE. Sir George Booth, Bart.

Thomas Marbury, of Marbury, Esq;
k Richard Legh, of Lyme, Esq;

k Major Peter Brooke, of Reddish. Chester C. Edward Bradshaw, Esq; CORNWALL. Rt. Hon. Francis Rouse, as one of his High

ness's Council, 1000l. per Ann. and Provost

of Eaton College, 500l. Anthony Nichols, of Penrose, Esq; k Richard Carter, of Colomb Major, Esq; Thomas Ceeley, of Trevisham, Efq; William Braddon, Efq; Captain of a County Troop, 100l. per Ann.


John St. Aubyn, of Clowance, Esq;
Col. Anthony Rouse, Vice-Admiral of the

North and South Coasts of Cornwall.

Walter Moyle, of Bake, Ejq; Launceston B. Thomas Gewen, of Bradridge, Esq; Truro B. Walter Vincent, Esq; Penryn B. John Fox, Efq; Recorder of this Borough,

Governor of Pendennis Castle, and Captain

of Horse. The Protector's Kinsman. East

Echo Lewand. } # John Buller, of the Middle Temple, Efq;

CUMBERLAND. k Maj. Gen. Charles Howard, as Colonel of

Foot, 365l. per Ann. and Captain of a County Troop, 100l, also Governor of Berwick,

Carlise, and Tinmouth. k William Briscoe, Esq; Colonel of Foot, 365l.

per Ann. Carlise C. k George Downing, Efq; as one of the Tellers

of the Exchequer in England, 500l. per Ann. and, as Scout-Mafter General of Scotland,

3651. DERBYSHIRE. John Gell, Esq;

Sir Samuel Sleigh, Knt.
Thomas Saunders, Esq;

German Pole, Esq;
Derby T. k Gervase Bennet, Esq; one of the Committee

for the Preservation of the Excise and Cuftoms, 300l. per Ann. also a valuable Place in the Wine Office, and one of the Commit

tee for the Army. DEVONSHIRE. Sir John Northcot, Bart.

Sir John Young, Knt.
Robert Rolle, Efq;
Arthur Upton, Esq; a Commissioner of the Cur-

toms, supposed to be worth near Sool. per

Thomas Reynell, Efq;
William Morrice, of Werrington, Esq;
Capt. Henry Hatsel, Commissioner of the Navy

at Plymouth, 300l. per Ann.
Edmund Fowel, Esq;



A 3

John Hele, Esq;
John Dodderidge, Esq;
Thomas Saunders, Esq; Major of Foot, and

Governor of Plymouth.
Exeter C. Thomas Bampfield, Esq; Recorder of this City.

Thomas Westlake, Gent. Town-Clerk. Plymouth B. Jahn Maynard, Serjeant at Law, call’d to the

Bar by a Writ of the Lord Protector, Jan. 19,


Timothy Alsop, Merchant. Clifton, Dart- Edward Hopkins, Esq;. a Commissioner of thę

mouth, Hardness, B.

Š Admiralty, 500l. per Ann. Totness B.

Christopher Maynard, Merchant. Barnstable B. Sir John Coppleston, Colonel of a County Re

giment. Knighted by the Lord Protector,

June I, 1655 Tiverton B. Robert Shapçot, of Broadmarsh, Efq; Honyton B. Major Samuel Searle. DORSETSHIRE. Rt. Hon. William Sydenham, as one of his

Highness's Council, 1000 l. per Ann. and as a Commissioner of the Treasury, 1000 l. be

fides the Government of the Isle of Wight.
k Col. John Bingham, Governor of Guernsey.
Robert Coker, Esq;
k Col. John Fitz-James.
James Dewey, Esq;

John Trenchard, Erq;
Dorchester, John Whiteway, Efq;
Weymouth and

k Dennis Bond, Esq; Comptroller of the Re

ceipts in the Exchequer, 500 l. per Ann. Regis B. Lyme-Regis B. k Edmund Prideaux, Esq; Attorney-General to

the State. His Fee for every Patent and Pardon, 5l. each. His Place supposed worth

near 6000 l. per Ann. Poole T. Edward Boteler, Efq; one of the Receivers of

the Public Revenues, 300 l. per Ann. DURHAM, k Thomas Lilburn, of Ufferton, Esq; Captain

of Horse, 2731. per Ann.

James Clavering, Esq; Durham C. k Anthony Smith, Alderman, Master of an


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