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Hospital, and one of the Registers of Mar

riages, &c. there, 200 l. per Ann. Essex. Sir Thomas Honeywood, Knt.

Dionyfius Wakering, Efq;
Henry Mildmay, of Graces, Esq;
Carew Mildmay, Esq;
Sir Richard Everard, Bart.
Robert Barrington, of Westminster, Esq; a

Relation of the Lord Protector.
Dudley Temple, Efq;
Oliver Raymond, Esq;
Edward Turner, Esq;
Sir Thomas Bowes, Knt.
Hezekiah Haynes, Esq; Major of Horse, 3581.

135. 4 d. per Ann.
John Archer, Esq;

Sir Harbottle Grimston, Bart. Golchester B. Rt. Hon. Henry Lawrence, President of the

Lord Protector's Council, 1000l. per Ann.
John Maidstone, Esq; Steward of his High-

ness's Houshold.
Malden B. Joachim Matthews, Esq; Recorder.
Gloucester- George Berkeley, Esq;
SHIRE. John Howe, Esq;

John Crofts, Esq; Captain of a County Troop,

100l. per Ann.
Baynham Throckmorton, Esq;

William Neast, Esq;
Gloucester C. Rt. Hon. Maj. Gen. John Disbrowe, made

his Election for Somerset fire. In his Place,

k James Stephens, Alderman.

Thomas Pury, jun. Esq; Tewksbury B. Francis White, of Westminster, Esq; Colonel

of Foot, 365l. per Ann. Cirencester B. k Capt. John Stone, of Westminster, as Teller in the Exchequer, 500 l. per Ann. as Re

. ceiver-General of the Taxes, 300l. and as Comptroller of the Excise and Customs, 400 l. also a Commissioner of the Wine

Office. HereFORD- Major-General Berry, made his Election for SHIRE. Worcestersire.


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Edward Harley, Esq;
Bennet Hoskins, Esq;, one of the Welch Judges

for the Shires of Pembroke, Carmarthen, and

k Benjamin Mason, Efq; Lieutenant of a

County Troop.
Hereford C. Col. Wroth Rogers, Governor of this City,

and Captain of a County Troop.
Leominster B.. John Birch, Efq;
HERTFORD- & William Earl of Salisbury.

k Sir Richard Lucy, Bart.
Sir John Wittewrong, of Harding, Knt.
Sir John Gore, Knt.

Rowland Litton, of Knebworth, Esq;
St. Albans B. Col. Alban Cox, Captain of a County Troop,

100l. per Ann.
Hertford T. Isaac Pulter, Esq;
HUNTINGDON- k Rt. Hon. Edward Montagu, as one of his
SHIRE, Highness's Council, rodol. per Ann. as a

Commissioner of the Treafury, 1000 l. and

General at Sea, 1095%.
k Col, Henry Cromwell, jun. of Ramsay. The

Protector's Nephew.
Nicholas Pedley, Efq; a Commissioner of the

- Wine-Office at Westminster. Huntingdon T. John Barnard, Esq; of this Borough. Kent, John Dixwell, Esq;

William James, Esq;
Henry Oxenden, Esq;
Sir Thomas Style, Bart.

John Boys, of Betteshanger, Esq;
Lambert Godfrey, Esq; Recorder of Maidstone,
Richard Beale, Elg;

John Selliard, Elgi
Ralph Welden, Esq;
Richard Meredith, Efq;

Daniel Shatterden, E9;
Canterbury C. Thomas St. Nicholas, Esq;

Vincent Denn, Efq;
Rochester C. Hon. John Parker, one of the Barons of the

Exchequer, 1000 l. per Ann.
Maidstone B. John Bankes, Efq;


Queenborough B. Gabriel Livesey, Efq;
LANCASHIRE. Sir Richard Houghton, Bart.

k Col. Gilbert Ireland, Captain of a County

Troop, 100 l. per Ann,
Col. Richard Holland.

Col. Richard Standish.
Lancaster T. Major Henry Porter.
Preston B.

Col. Richard Shuttleworth. Liverpool B. Tbomas Birch, Ela; Manchester B. Richard Radcliffe, Efq; LEICESTER Col. Thomas Beaumont, of StoughtonSHIRE,

Grainge. k Francis Hacker, of Oakham, in Rutland

shire, Efq; Colonel of Horse, 4741. 105. per

William Quarles, of Enderby, Esq;

Thomas Pochen, of Barkely Thorpe, Esq; Leicester T. Sir Arthur Haflerigg, of Nofely, Bart.

William Stanley, Esq;
LINCOLNSHIRE. Thomas Hall, of Dunnington, Efq;

Thomas Lifter, of Colby, Ē/9;
Thomas Hatcher, of Carleton, Efq;
Edward Rossiter, of Somerby, Esq;
Charles Hall, of Kettlethorpe. Efai
William Woolley, of Well, Esq;
k Francis Clifton, alias Fiennes, of Great Stour-

ton, Esq; Captain of a County Troop, 100 1.

per Ann.

William Savile, of Newton, Esq;
William Welby, of Denton, E/?;

Charles Hussey, of Hunnington, E/g;
Lincoln C. Origen Peart, Esq;

Humphrey Walcot, Esq; Boston T. Sir Anthony Irby, Knt. Grantham B., William Ellis, Efq; Solicitor-General to the

State, worth about 3000 l. per Ann. Stamford B.

John Weaver, Esq; Grim by.

William Wray, Efq; MIDDLESEX. Sir John Barkitead, as Captain of Foot, 1461.

per Ann. Major-General for Middlesex and Westminster, 6661. 135. 4 d. and as Lieutenant of the Tower, 250 1, Salary, besides.


the Perquisites of that Office, about 2000 1. per Ann. more. Knighted by the Lord Pro

tector Jan. 19, 1655. k Sir William Roberts, Knt. as one of the

Committee for Preservation of the Excise and
Customs, 300l. per Ann. and as Comptrol-
ler of the Exchequer, 600l. also a Com-
mifsioner of the Wine-Office, and one of

the Committee for the Army.
Chaloner Chute, Esq;
Col. William Kiffen, Captain of a County
Troop, 100 l. per Ann.

. Westminster C. Col. Edward Grolvenor, Quarter-Master Ge

neral, 4191. 10 s, per Ann. Edward Carey, Esq; Deputy to the High Stew

ard of this City and Liberties. London C. k Thomas Foot, Alderman.

k Sir Christopher Packe, Alderman, Knighted

by the Lord Protector September 20, 1655-
Thomas Adams, Alderman.
Richard Brown, Elq;
Theophilus Biddulph, Esq;

John Jones, Eja;
MONMOUTH- Major-General Berry, made his Election for

Worcestershire. In his Place, Nathaniel
Waterhouse, of Westminster, Esq; Steward
to the Lord Protector for his Highness's

Lands in Wales,
Capt. John Nicholas, Governor of Chepstow

Castle, Captain of Foot, also of a Militia
Troop, and Treasurer-General of South-

Wales. He married the Lord Protector's Niece, k Sir Edward Herbert, Knt. Overseer, or Chief

Bailiff, of the Lord Protector's Lands in Wales. NORFOLK. Rt. Hon. Charles Fleetwood, as one of his

Highness's Council, 1000l. per Ann. Lord Deputy of Ireland, 3640 1. Colonel of Horse there, 474 1. 10 s, and of Foot, 3657. Also Colonel of Horse in England, 4741. 10 s. and Major-General of the Counties of Oxford, Buckingham, Hertford, Cambridge and 'Ile of Ely, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk; the Protector's Son-in-Law, having married his

ford, c In order to carry this Election many of the Soldiers threw: off their Uniform, put on other Clothes, and polled as Housekeepers.

Narrative before cited.

eldeft Daughter, Bridget, Ireton's Widow. Sir John Hobart, Bart. Sir William D'Oiley, Knt. Sir Ralph Hare, Bart. Sir Horatio Townshend, Bart, Philip Woodhouse, Esq; k Coi. Robert Wilton. k Col. Robert Wood. k John Buxton, Esq;

Thomas Sotherton, Ela; Norwich C. Bernard Church, Eig;

Yohn Hobart, Esq; Lynne T.

Major-General Disbrowe, made his Election

for Somersetshire. In his Place, Guibbon

Goddard, Efq; Recorder.
Rt. Hon. Philip Skippon, as one of his High-

ness’s Council, 1000 l. per Ann. and Major

General of London, 6661. 13s. 4 d. Great Yarmouth Charles George Cocke, one of the Judges of T.

the Admiralty, 500 l. per Ann. and as Com

missioner of the Prerogative Court, 300l.

Major William Burton. NORTHAMP- Rt. Hon. Sir Gilbert Pickering, Bart. as one

of his Highness's Council, 1000 l. per Ann. also Chamberlain of the Court, and High

Steward of IVestminster. k Rt. Hon. John Lord Cleypole, Son-in-Law

to the Lord Protector, having married his second Daughter, Elizabeth; and Master of

the Horse to his Highness. William Boteler, Efq; as Major of Horse, 3581.

135. 4 d. per Ann. and Major-General of
the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Rut-

land, and Huntingdon, 6661. 135. 4.d.
James Langham, of Cottesbrooke, Esq;
Thomas Crew, of Stene, Esq;
Alexander Blake, Esq; one of the Receivers of

the Public Revenues, 300 l. per Ann. Peterborough C. Francis St. John, Esq;



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