The planter's guide: or, A practical essay on the best method of giving immediate effect to wood, by the removal of large trees and underwood


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Página 370 - With mazy error under pendent shades Ran Nectar, visiting each plant, and fed Flowers worthy of Paradise, which not nice art In beds and curious knots, but nature boon Pour'd forth profuse on hill, and dale, and plain...
Página 369 - But rather to tell how, if Art could tell, How from that sapphire fount the crisped brooks Rolling on orient pearl and sands of gold, With mazy error under pendant shades...
Página 495 - He was by no means ambitious to remove the largest possible Trees, but to attain the greatest possible success, in those which he did remove. In respect to size (he added), if his principles were only followed out, that was a mere matter of expenditure ; because one Tree could be removed just as well as another, provided that the owner did not grudge the cost.
Página 502 - ... transplantation of grown trees belongs to the fine arts rather than those which have had direct and simple utility for their object, and that the return is to be expected rather in pleasure than in actual profit : ' Value, no doubt, every proprietor acquires, when he converts a bare and unsightly common into a clothed, sheltered, and richly ornamented park. But, excepting in the article of shelter, he has no more immediate value than the purchaser of a picture.
Página 130 - Manure is ineffectual towards vegetation, until it become soluble in water ; and it would remain useless in a state of solution, if it so abounded as utterly to exclude air ; for in that case, the fibres or mouths of plants would be unable to perform their functions, and they would soon drop off by decay.
Página 501 - ... setting the one on the right hand and the other on the left — and to distinguish and gather out the tares from amongst the wheat. Many of the servants of the owner of the...
Página 235 - During the putrefaction of urine the greatest part of the soluble animal matter that it contains is destroyed, it should consequently be used as fresh as possible ; but if not mixed with solid matter, it should be diluted with water, as when pure it contains too large a...
Página 513 - THE BOOK OF THE FARM. Detailing the Labours of the Farmer, Farm-Steward, Ploughman, Shepherd, Hedger, Cattle-man, Field-worker, and Dairymaid, and forming a safe Monitor for Students in Practical Agriculture. By HENRY STEPHENS, FRSE 2 vols. royal 8vo, £3, handsomely bound in cloth, with upwards of 600 Illustrations. " The best book I have ever met with.
Página 514 - Seven Lithographed Designs. For the ImproveMENT OF FARM COTTAGES AND STEADINGS. With Descriptions, Specifications, and Estimates ; Remarks on the Accommodations required under the modern System of Husbandry, and the defects of existing Farm Buildings. By JAMES CUNNINGHAM, Surveyor. Large 8vo, price 6s. 6d.
Página 513 - The Practical Planter: Containing Directions for the Planting of Waste Land and Management of Wood, with a new Method of Rearing the Oak.

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