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treason. On the same day, 1690, died George Fox, the founder of Quakerisın.

14, 1832. Death of Charles Carroll, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence.

17, 1796. Expired at Petersburgh, Catharine II. Empress of Russia. She was considered the most blood thirsty and cruel tyrant in female form that ever lived.

20, 1497. The Cape of Good Hope was doubled by Vasco de Gama.

24, 1572. Death of John Knox, the famous Scotch Reformer.

25, 1748. On this day died Dr Isaac Watts, a learned and eminent dissenting minister. He had great reputation as a writer, both in prose and verse. The partition of Poland took place the same day, 1795.

28, 1530. Death of Cardinal Wolsey, prime minister to Henry VIII. With all his faults, he was a great and learned man.

30, 1667. Dr Jonathan Swift was born on this day. His works are of a miscellaneous kind. In verse, he wrote a great deal of familiar poetry.

DECEMBER. December takes its name from decem, ten. It is one of the inost unpleasant months in the whole year. The gloom out of doors is, however, compensated by the enjoyments of the warm fireside.


2, 1554. Death of Fernando Cortez, a Spanish

General, famous for the conquest of Mexico, but infamous for the cruelties he committed. 4, 1642

Death of Cardinal Richelieu, prime minister of Louis XIII. He was a man of great capacity and boundless ambition.

7, 1683. Algernon Sydney, a celebrated lover of his country, and an eminent political writer, was beheaded on Tower Hill.

8, 65 B. C. Birth of Horace, a celebrated Roman poet. His writings consist chiefly of satirical odes and epistles. 9, 1608.

On this day, the illustrious poet, John Milton, was born.

11, 1282. Llewellyn, the last of the Welsh princes, was slain in battle. He was a brave and intrepid prince.

17, 1831. The Liberator Bolivar died on this day at San Pedro. By a series of splendid actions, he delivered his country from the Spanish yoke. The powers of his mind were of the highest order, and his character of an ardent and lofty cast.

22, 1620. On this day the settlements in New England were commenced by the pilgrims. They landed at Plymouth, Mass. This day has long been commemorated at Plymouth.

24, 1525. Death of Vasco de Gama, a Portuguese Admiral, celebrated for his discovery of a way to the Eust Indies by the Cape of Good Hope

25. The birth-day of Christ ; it is celebrated under the name of Christmas.


There will be five Eclipses in the course of this year; three of them will be eclipses of the Sun, and two of the Moon. One of the eclipses of the sun, and both the lunar eclipses will be visible throughout the United States.

Jan. 9. — There will be a partial eclipse of the sun, but it will not be a visible in any part of the United States.

JUNE 7. --The sun will be partially eclipsed, but it will not be visible in the United States.

JUNE 21. — The moon will be totally eclipsed, and it will be visible in all parts of the United States.

Nov. 30. — The sun will be totally eclipsed, and it will be visible throughout the United States.

The following table shows the beginning of this eclipse at several places:


1 6 31
Augusta, Me.

2 45 40 Beaufort, S. C.

0 31 56 Boston,

1 22 29 Charleston, s. c.

0 35 43 Cincinnati,

0 4 35 Halifax, Nova Scotia,

2 2 45 Milledgeville, Geo.

0 14 23 New Haven,

1 12 14 New Orleans,

11 34 6 Newport,

1 21 35 Philadelphia,

1 0 1 Richmond,

0 47 59 Tuscaloosa,

11 49 8 Washington,

49 37 Dec. 15 — The moon will be totally eclipsed, and visible throughout the United States.



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