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the sequel. A brother, who listened to the first lessons of holiness that trembled on her lips, is preparing for the ministry ; others are devoted, useful Christians; and one of the scholars is already on missionary ground. Verily, "she hath done what she could."

Dear reader, will you not be stimulated by such examples as these ? At the commencement of another

year, when past mercies and present obligations lie fresh in your memory, will you not ask with renewed seriousness and solicitude, the question "Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do ?

And if you do ask, a reply will assuredly be given. Only, you must not be disappointed if it is not instantaneously vouchsafed. "Arise and go into the city,” said our Saviour to the inquiring Saul, “ and it shall be told thee what thou must do." And there he had to wait three days before the answer came. And so it is perhaps with you; you have not yet received a definite reply. And you are disposed to be restless and discontented. Guard against this temptation, for it is a temptation. Satan finds that he cannot lessen the ardour of your zeal, and therefore he is trying to fan it into a spirit of fretfulness. He is endeavouring to make you think that you cannot be growing in the spiritual life, unless you are always acting, always talking, always doing.

Remember, God's activity is not Satan's restlessness. Lou must combine patient waiting with earnest seeking. It is through the diligent and prayerful use of appointed means

that God generally gives His directions; look for them through that channel, and it will not be long before you hear a voice saying unto you, "This is the way, walk thou in it."

And the happiness which results from loving and self-denying efforts in the service of Christ, can be understood only by those who have experienced it. It is a joy so pure, so deep, that those who have once

tasted it, are never willing to part with it; and while health and strength are continued to him, the Christian labours with unwearied ardour to promote the advancement of Christ's kingdom. And even with life's failing powers, how reluctant he is to give over his active exertions. The late Rev. John Campbell, in attending one morning the early committee meeting of the Religious Tract Society, met an old friend leaning on the balustrade that led to the breakfast-room, and unable to proceed from a difficulty of breathing. “Why, Mr. Townsend," exclaimed Mr. Campbell, “is this you? You ought not to have come in this state to our meetings. You have attended them for a long time, and you should now leave that work for younger men.” Looking upon his friend with a countenance brightened by the thought that was struggling for utterance, Mr. Townsend rejoined with his characteristic energy;"Oh Johnny, Johnny, man, it is hard to give up working in the service of such a Master!”

Dear reader, are you working for that gracious Master ?

C. c.

Ah! lovely, mournful Calvary ;
No spot on earth can sweeter be
So sad or comforting to me,

As Calvary.
When 'neath the cross I lonely lie,
Upwards I lift my glistening eye
To Him who came to bleed and die

On Calvary.
He gently calms my troubled breast,
And lulls my rising fears to rest,
And soon I feel serenely blest

On Calvary.

When I forsake my dearest Lord,
And hear the threat'nings of His word,
Sweet thoughts of peace

will He afford

From Calvary.
When I'm bereft of earthly friends,
To me His gracious help He lends,
And healing promises He sends

From Calvary.
When sickness doth my peace invade;
When on a bed of death I'm laid,
I'll turn me to thy soothing shade,

Sweet Calvary
I'll dying, clasp the accursed tree,
Where Jesus hung in shame for me,
And gained o'er Death the victory,

On Calvary.
Oh! when Thou art by sin o'erprest,
And guilty fears shall fill thy breast,
Then turn, and thou shalt find thee rest

On Calvary.
West Ham.

H. E. W.


Be wise to-day—'tis madness to defer ! “ TO-DAY if


will hear his voice, harden not your hearts." These striking words are addressed to all sinners, but especially, at this season, to the YOUNG, for “ TO-DAY” seems to mark some peculiar period; and certainly the first day of the year is a period peculiar and eventful. It reminds us of past mercies received, and of new mercies required. Mercies singular and countless : life continued, health preserved, supplies afforded. The voice of Scripture, God's own voice, calls to gratitude and praise: what numbers have been called out of time into Eternity! Here a widow laments the loss of her husband, there a father records his tears at the death of a son! Yet we are preserved, spared a little longer !


The New Year's voice calls for CONSIDERATION. Think, my dear young friends, what you are—sinners, rebels against God, depraved by the contaminating influence of sin, liable to the penalty of Eternal Condemnation! How long have you lived in this state, and perhaps without God, without Christ, and consequently without hope in the world; a slave to the desires, and passions, and tempers, and maxims, and pursuits of this vain, sinful, perishing world! What! have you never prayed to God; never felt alarm on account of your sins; never sought the salvation of your precious soul through the atoning blood of Jesus; never reflected on the incalculable value of your soul! Is it possible that you, who were born of pious parents, and instructed by them in the ways of piety, that you, who have heard so many gospel sermons,


you, who have been so often invited to come to Christ, to repent of your sins, to turn unto the Lord, to prepare for death; is it possible that you have arrived at your present age, and are still following the course of this world, still indifferent to the GREAT CONCERN, the salvation of your immortal, never-dying soul? Then

“ Stop, poor sinner, stop and think,

Before you further go ;
Will you sport upon the brink

Of everlasting wo?”

óć Wilt

Oh! what a merciful voice is that which now addresses you in the morning of your youth: hearken, how mildly and yet how powerfully it speaks. thou not from this time, from this new year, cry unto me, My Father, Thou art the guide of my youth?” “I love them that love Me, and they who seek Me early shall find Me.” Here there is no ambiguity, no doubt, no uncertainty. It is the Lord's gracious invitation to sinners, and, in an especial manner, to

young sinners, blooming, fresh, and gay, but frail and weak, and exposed to the ravages of time and death! The voice

says, “Hear!”—“ Hear ye now what the Lord saith.” If our beloved Queen Victoria were to send a message to you, would you be indifferent, regardless, and inattentive?-oh no, you would receive it with transport, and attend to it with cheerful promptitude. But it is ONE infinitely greater than Queen Victoria, it is your Creator, your Preserver, your Judge; it is the LORD that addresses you, at whose presence angels bow, and devils tremble. Hear His voice-hear it with wonder, with love, with obedience. Hear it now, this day; you may never hear it again. To-morrow you may be in Eternity! what will then be your condition? for,

“ A point of time, a moment's space,

Removes you to that heavenly place,
Or shuts you up in hell!”

How forcibly this word speaks. “Now! Now!" Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation. -“The day”—a short period-soon gone! It says, while it pauses and looks on us, “What thine hand findeth to do, do it with thy might, for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave, whither thou goest." Thou goest, goest daily, hourly, constantly; while thou art laughing, talking, mocking, following the world, at the play-house, the card-table, the ball—thou art going to the grave!!

“ Whate'er we do, where'er we be,

We're travelling to the grave.”

And what after the grave? What when the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible ? Oh, my beloved young readers, consider -after death the Judgment! the decision-the sentence-Come ye blessed, or, Depart ye cursed !

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