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Página 45 - is the title of the latest publication issued by the Experiment Farm of the North Carolina State Horticultural Society at Southern Pines, N. C. This book, neatly bound and illustrated in plain and concise manner, discusses the value and uses of this important crop, the Cow Pea.
Página 46 - ... Culture By FA WAUGH. A complete manual for fruit growers, nurserymen, farmers and gardeners, on all known varieties of plums and their successful management. This book marks an epoch in the horticultural literature of America. It is a complete monograph of the plums cultivated in and indigenous to North America. It will be found indispensable to the scientist seeking the most recent and authoritative information concerning this group, to the nurseryman who wishes to handle his varieties accurately...
Página vi - The President, and in his absence, the Vice-President, shall preside at all meetings of the Association.
Página 88 - The fore wings are light brown, variegated with patches of greenish white and with wavy dark brown lines, two of which enclose a small whitish space near the shoulders ; there is a short blackish mark near the middle ; the tip and the outer hind margin are whitish, tinged with red in the males ; and near the outer hind angle there are one small...
Página 112 - Wuz a-gittin' there like me, And June was eternity! Lay out there and try to see Jes' how lazy you kin be ! — Tumble round and souse yer head In the clover-bloom, er pull Yer straw hat acrost yer eyes And peek through it at the skies, Thinkin' of old chums 'at's dead, Maybe, smilin' back at you In betwixt the beautiful Clouds o
Página 108 - ... wash basin, and into each wash basin should be poured the proportionate amount of water and sulphuric acid. It may be well to place under each wash basin a thick layer of newspapers, in order to avoid damage to carpet or rugs by the possible spattering of the acid acting upon the cyanide. All windows must be closed, and if they are not tight they should be calked with thin paper or cotton batting. Then the operator, beginning at the top of the house, drops the proportionate amount of cyanide...
Página 113 - Some at least of the forest reserves should afford perpetual protection to the native fauna and flora, safe havens of refuge to our rapidly diminishing wild animals of the larger kinds, and free camping grounds for the ever-increasing numbers of men and women who have learned to find rest, health, and recreation in the splendid forests and flower-clad meadows of our mountains.
Página 45 - It is a practical and reliable treatise on the saving of the seed, raising of the plants, selection and preparation of the soil, planting, cultivation, manuring, cutting, bunching, packing, marketing, canning and drying insect enemies, fungous diseases and every requirement to successful asparagus culture, special emphasis being given to the importance of asparagus as a farm and money crop. Illustrated. 174 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. - $0.50 The New Onion Culture By T.
Página 115 - ... Methods By WILLIS G. JOHNSON. A timely up-to-date book on the practical application of the new methods for destroying insects with hydrocyanic acid gas and carbon bisulphid, the most powerful insecticides ever discovered. It is an indispensable book for farmers, fruit growers, nurserymen, gardeners, florists, millers, grain dealers, transportation companies, college and experiment station workers, etc. Illustrated. 313 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth $1.00 Diseases of Swine By Dr.
Página 89 - The in•cision is made in the median line of the posterior vaginal cul-de-sac with scissors, and from an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half in length, the latter preferable.

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