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Georgia ........
Kentucky ........
Louisiana ............
Maryland. ...........
Mississippi ...

Missouri ...........
North Carolina...
South Carolina...
Tennessee ....
Texas .......
West Virginia ...

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Meth. Episcopal.
Roman Catholic.

:::::wani-win Presbyterian.

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APPENDIX C.–TABLE IV.- Secondary Instruction for 1886–87.
Public Schools.

Partly Public Schools.
No. of Fe-

No. of Fe-
Number male Stu-

Number male Stu-
dents prepar-

dents preparStudents. ing for

Students, ing for College.


Private Schools.

No. of Fe-
Number male Stu-

dents prepar-

ing for College.




NUMBER OF Schools.





:: | Scientific.




| Scientific.






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Alabama ...
Arkansas . ..
District of Columbia... ......

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Georgia ..........
Kentucky ........
Louisiana ........
Maryland ......
Mississippi ..........
North Carolina......

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South Carolina.

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Virginia ... West Virginia ...

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To Article VII.- Woman in Medicine.




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