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Twins, Abortion of One of . 526
Twins in Separate Sacs, Each With
Its Own Placenta

Twins, Premature Birth of...367, 477
Typhoid, Complete Anorexia in.. 21

What Causes Chilly
Sensation in .

Typhoid Fever by Vaccination,
Control of

Typhoid Fever, The Modified
Brand Treatment in

Typhoid Fever, Paralysis in Legs

Typhoid Fever, Vaccine in Proph-

ylaxis and in Treatment of. 400
Typhoid. Some Practical Results
of Vaccination for.

Middle Ear and


Stomach and Bowels (?), Conges-
tion of the

Straightening Negroes' Hair. .303
Strangury and Cystitis.

Strychnin in Pneumonia .

Strychnin Sulfate, Incompatibili-
ties of

Strychnin Sulfate, Solvent Wanted

Stump, Pain and Referred Sensa-
tion in an Amputation..

Sulfur as a Germicide, Lime and..472
Sulfur, Liquid.

Sulphon-Methane for Hiccough. . . 153
Sunlight, Supraorbital Neuralgia
Induced by:

Sunshine for Neoplasms.. 374
Sunstroke with Great Hyperpy-

Surgeon, The Physician and. .375
Surgery of the Fingers, Surgical

Dressing, with Special Relation

.410, 467
Surgical Diseases of Children, The

Increasing Importance of the.. 75
Suture Material, Human Hair for. 488
Swiss Alcohol Problem, The..... 49
Syphilis and 606. (See Salvarsan.)
Syphilis, Central Nerve Trouble a
Sequel of Uncured..

Syphilis in Penetration of Eyeball,
Influence of..

Syphilis, Sodium Cacodylate in ... 260
Syphilis. The Wassermann Reaction
in Diagnosis of..

Syphilis, Wassermann Test for:

Syringe, The Emergency Satchel. 265


Reciprocity With Oregon.. 387
Reciprocity With Pennsylvania. .344
Rectal Valves

Cause of

Redbank Physicians' Protectiv
Association, The.

Referendum, Status of the Initia-
tiv and.

Reformer, The.

78, 158
Rest Cure, The Weir Mitchell. .270
Revolution, Progress of the ..... 491
Rexall Remedies, Formula

.114, 195

Rheumatism and an Unquestion-
able Remedy

Rheumatism, Chronic.

Rheumatism, Gonorrheal, and
Prostatic Hypertrophy.

Rheumatism, Hot Air Treatment
of ..

Rheumatism, Inflammatory
Rheumatism, Intravenous Medi-
cation in Anemia and.

Rheumatism, The Pre-eminence of

Salicylates in Acute Articular,

Rhinitis Curable? Is Atrophic... 160
Right, Fight for the.

R's, My Three

Salicylates in Acute Articular

Rheumatism Questioned, The
Pre-eminence of


14, 49, 54, 111

191, 376, 381, 424
Samuels and His Eye Water,

165, 485
Sanatogen-Its Food Value.. 308
Sanitaria for Weak-Minded. 487
Santonin, Castor Oil With. .433
Scarlatinoid Eruption, A. 387
Scarlet Fever, A Diagnostic Point

School, Summer Medical


Sectarian Associations and Col-

Sects Arouse Opposition, Why
New Medical..

Seeress, The Centenary of a. .306
Seminal Losses, A Case of.

Seminal Weakness.

72, 96
Seminal Weakness, Circumcision

Sensations in Hands and Feet,

Septicemia Following Childbirth,

Death Probably Due to. 207
Sex, Causes Determining the. .533
Sex Determination, Twin Bearing

Sexual Congress in Man or Animal,

Tuberculosis Communicated by 163
Sexual Crime, Deadly Waste of..150
Sexual Matters, Advice for Pa-
tients on....

Sexual Matters to the Young,
Teaching ..

Silver Stains, Methods for the Re-

moval of Nitrate of. .388, 425
Silver Stains, Nitrate, Aftermath
of the Symposium on..

Silver Salts, the.


104, 149
Six Hundred and Six ("606"),

Ehrlich's. See Salvarsan.
Skin Eruption, A.

Skin Inflammations and Chan-
croid, Treatment of.

Sleep, Hands That Go to.

Snake Poisons in Medicin

Snake Venom in Epilepsy? 110
Soap Formulas, Liquid ..

Society Assisting Itself, A Medical.437
Sodium Cacodylate in Syphilis. . .260
Sodium Cacodylate, Safety and
Dose of.

Solvent Wanted for Strychnin

Specialist, The Multiple.


"Spine, Railway"

Steno's Duct, Stenosis of.

Sterility, Treatment for.

Sterilization, Methods for Surgical. 474
Stillicidium Urinæ, or Dribbling of

the Urin, With Glycosuria 237
Stillingia Croup Mixtures. 486, 524
Stimulants, Intestinal.

Stock and Collection Agencies,


Ulcer After Use of 606, Intract-

Ulcer After Use of 606, Treat-
ment of.

Ulcer, Etc., New Methods
Treatment of Corneal.

Ulcer. Obstinate Leg..

Ulcers, Nervousness and Consti-

Umbilicus, Immediate Ligation of. 190

Uncinariasis, Treatment of Pella-
gra With or Without..

Urea Hydrochlorid as Local
Anesthetic, Quinin and

Urea Hydrochlorid for Operativ

Anesthesia, Quinin and.-Re-
port of Cases

Urea, Hypodermically, in Malaria,

Hydrochlorid of Quinin and.. 101
Uric Acid Diathesis, Kidney In-

sufficiency and; Treatment Sug.

Urin. Residual: Enlarged Prostate;

and Probable Vesical Atony
Incident Thereto

Urinary Cloudiness Without the

Aid of a Microscope. A Rapid
Method for Determining the
Nature of a...

Urinary Examination, Importance

Uterin Cancer Desired, Formula

for Caustic Application for
Removal of

Uterus After Childbirth, An In-

Uterus, Curetment and Cauteriza-

tion in Inoperable Cases of
Cancer of the

Uterus, Midwife Inverts a.. .367
Uterus Persisting Five Months,
Inversion of

Uterus, Inversion of, Prevented. . 103


Tabes, Treatment for...

Tapeworm and Ascites

Tapeworm in Child 22 Months Old. 162
Tapeworm, Kamala for.

Tapeworm Remedy Wanted

Which Contains No Male Fern. . 203
Tapeworm, Thymol for.

Tapeworm Treatment for Young

Tapeworms, Four

Tapeworms, The Age of. .30, 106
Tattoo Marks, Removal of 434
Teethina Powders, Moffett's. 389
Tendons. Hypertrophied Perios-
teum and Ruptured..

Tetanus Recovery, Another. 364
Tetany, A Case of .

Think in Medicin," Learn to. 42
Thoradin? Who Has Used. .528
The World a Truth Seeker

Throat. Iodin in Scarlatinal Sore .461
Thymol for Tapeworm..

Thyroid Serum..

Thyroid Therapy in Cretinism,

Information Wanted on... .342
Tobacco, Probably Intestinal Fer-

mentation Aggravated By Ex-
cessiv Use of

Tobacco l'ser Kill a Leech? Will
the Blood of a..

Tongue, Obstinately Coated .113
Tonsillitis, Camphor in

Toothache and Earache: Also for
Pterygium. A Cure for.

Torticollis, Spasmodic.

Trauma and Cancer.

Travel Talk

394, 441, 491

Tuberculosis, Dioradine a New
** Specific" for.

Tuberculosis.- Disinfection.- Pre-
mature Infant

Tuberclecide Fraud, The

Tuberculin in Phthisis

Tuberculin Test Technic Wanted. ill
Tuberculin, The Use of.

Tuberculin, The Use of: Technic. 120
Tuberculosis, A Specific Treatment

Tuberculosis Communicated by

Sexual Congress in Man and

. 163, 192
Tuberculosis? Is the Violet Ray a
Cure for..

Tuberculosis, Oxygen in.

Tuberculosis, Probably Intestinal. 114
Tuberculosis, Treatment of .462
Tuberculosis, Wishes Suggestions,

"Tuberculozyme,” Yonkerman's.. 76
Twin Bearing and Sex Determina-


[blocks in formation]


Year, The New

Yogurt, a Preparation of Bacillus

Yonkerman's "Tuberculozyme" 76

The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has
life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs like

dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops of the stones.-FROUDE.

The Medical World

58. 6d.

It was a valuable lesson, worth getting
up early and hurrying down stairs


times to learn. I have never forgotten it.
C. F. TAYLOR, M.D., Editor and Publisher. The year is new because every day in it
A. L. RUSSELL, M.D., Assistant Editor. is new, as it rolls in its turn from the

mighty hand of eternity. Then it is ours,
Eatered at the Philadelphia Post-Office as Second-Class Matter.

and only then. It is a new and precious
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: To any part of the United

gift, and it will never return. Its oppor-
States or Mexico, OnĘ DOLLAR AND FIFTY Cents per tunities will never come our way again.
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will be made; or FOUR YEARS for THREE DOLLARS in So if we do not use them while they are
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in advance; to England and the British Colonies,

While I am writing these lines the cal-
FIVE SHILLINGS Sıx PENCE per year; to other for
eign countries in the Posta! Union, the equivalent of endar still says 1910; but the days are as

Postage free. Single copies, TEN CENTS.
These rates are due in advance.

bright and new as they will be after Janu-
HOW TO REMIT: For their own protection we advise ary 1, 1911. The close of every day is

that our patrons remit in a safe way, such as by
postal money order, express order, check, draft, or

the closing of a year, and every morning
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usually reaches its destination safely, but money so
sent must be at the risk of the sender.

so. Conventionally we have agreed that
We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a num- one week after Christmas shall be the first

ber fail to reach a subscriber, we will supply another,
if notified before the end of the month.

of the year, and so we have trained our
Notify us promptly of any change of address, mentioning thoughts, date our letters, etc. This
both old and new addresses.

agreement gives us many conveniences.
If you want your subscription stopt at expiration of the

time paid for, kindly notify us, as in the absence of The Jewish New Year is early in the au-
such notice we will understand that it is the sub-

tumn; it is observed by the Jews as a re-
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tinued and we will act accordingly.

ligious ceremony, but it is more conve-
Pay no money to agents unless publisher's receipt is given.

nient for them to adopt our calendar for

practical purposes.

Naturally, in our hemisphere, the new
Philadelphia, Pa.

year should begin, it seems to me, on the

day following the shortest day-when the

No. 1

days begin to lengthen. This is about

December 23d or 24th, or practically
The New Year.

Christmas time. This season, the start-
The year is new; but the world remains ing of the sun toward the long, glorious
old; and our problems and duties remain days of spring and summer, was celebrated
the same.

The year is new because each by the pagans long before the Christian
succeeding day is new-at any season or

The date of the birth of Jesus is not
time of the year. This truth was imprest known. Christmas was successivly placed
upon me when I was working on a farm at several different dates, but it did not
as a boy. As all growing boys, I was "go" until placed in harmony with the
sleepy in the morning-and farmers rise pagan celebration above mentioned. That
early. One morning the farmer awakened time is really the beginning of the new
me and said, “Come, Charlie, get up and year. Perhaps the dates were kept a
hurry down stairs and I will show you week apart in order to make the fun last
something you never saw before.” I longer. So Christmas crowded New Year's
hurried, and seeing nothing unusual down over till a week later.
stairs I askt him what it was. Another Seasons of special good cheer, and the
day,” said he. “But I saw another day celebration of certain events, fit in very
yesterday," I said. “But you never be well with our scheme of civilization. Thus
fore saw to-day-a new day," said he. we have times of almost universal happi-


1620 Chestnut Street

ness to look forward to (specially impor- an effect in reducing mortality in those tant to the children), and certain events are cases which never manifest an alarmingly imprest upon our minds and possibly into high temperature. Its greatest effect is our lives. And December 25th is just as in the stimulation of the nervous system, good as any, and perhaps better, to cele

in the determination of the blood to the brate as the birth of Jesus. Then our peripheral circulation, in increast digestiv minds are turned to Palestine, because so powers, in checking emaciation, and in much of good came from there. But there adding to the comfort of the patient. is good in every country—let us increase it.

Dr. Thompson's practise is to use the And what a happy world we would have tub bath at 75 degrees whenever the paif Christmas would last all the year round.

tient's temperature reaches 102.5 degrees, “Every land a Palestine, and Christmas insisting on gentle and continuous friction all the year.”

of the skin by two nurses during the entire You see I have not said a word about continuation of the bath. While fifteen New Year's resolutions. If we take proper minutes is the ordinary duration of the care of each new day as it comes, the year bath, he has found it beneficial, in many will be all right. And so with every year. cases, to limit the bath to eight or ten

minutes, and to have the temperature at The Modified Brand Treatment in Typhoid 80 degrees. He gives an alcoholic stimuFever.

lant twenty minutes before the bath. Altho the so-called Brand method of Dr. James Tyson insists on having the treatment in typhoid fever has unques- patient void urin before entering the tub, tionably reduced the mortality of this and usually prefers a temperature of 70 disease in hospital practise, it has never degrees. Brisk rubbing is kept up during proven popular with the profession en- the bath, and an ice cap is kept on the gaged in private practise, nor is it appre

head. If the temperature has returned ciated by the patients who are subjected to a point as high as 102.2 degrees three to it. Brand did not originate the use of hours after the bath, it is repeated. If cold water in typhoid fever. Dr. Robert it is 102 degrees or above 101 degrees Jackson used it in 1774; Dr. Wright, a when taken three hours after the bath, West Indian physician, in 1777; James the bath is given an hour later; if 101 Currie, a ship surgeon of England, in 1797; degrees or above 100 degrees, the bath is Dr. Nathan Smith, of New Haven, in given two hours later; and if below 100 1798; and Dr. Hiram Corson, of Mont- degrees and above normal, it is given in gomery County, Pennsylvania, a graduate three hours. It is given at any time of the University of Pennsylvania, in 1828, when the temperature reaches 102.2 decontinued its use in his prac. ise for over grees if three hours have elapst after a fifty years. Brand, however, popularized previous bath. No more than eight baths it by his writings in 1861, and it was en- are ever given in the twenty-four hours. thusiastically taken up by the hospitals of Dr. Alfred Stengel's rules are: Take the world. Despite the excellent results temperature, pulse, and respiration rate recorded, it failed to gain in popularity every three hours. Use the sponge bath among the physicians in private practise, at temperature of 101.2 degrees; the tub and, in that field, has practically passed bath at 102.4 degrees. Temperature of out of use. The failure to recognize the water, 70 degrees. Ice caps to head confact that the use of water in typhoid fever tinually. The tub is only used in those is a valuable remedial agent which cannot cases presenting definitness of symptoms; be replaced by any other method or drug, those that begin in a mild way are is unfortunate. This neglect has been not tubbed unless some especial manifespartly due to the fact that many physi- tation arise. If the patient is very nervcians saw no further into the effects of the ous, or does not bear the bath well, it is cold bath than the reduction of tempera- discontinued. It is not used in case of ture, and felt that temperature could be children. reduced more easily by drugs. This habit Dr. Musser has the temperature, pulse, led to an abuse of the coal-tar line of and respiration rate taken every two chemicals, with unquestioned harm to pa- hours. He employs the sponge when temtients. Water, properly employed, in ty- perature is found at 102 degrees, and the phoid fever, has a wider range of usefulness tub bath at 103 degrees. The bath is than mere temperature reduction, and has begun at a temperature of 80 degrees, and it is then gradually reduced to 70 degrees. in either of these, sections to indicate that Ice cap to head continually. He takes the the medical freedom of any one is to be temperature during the bath, and again limited? We think no one can, for it is fifteen minutes following.

not there. An effort is being made to Leibermeister, forty years ago, advised enlist rancor on the part of the homeothe warm bath at 90 degrees, gradually paths against the bill, but we feel that cooled. Dr. Reiss, of Berlin, uses the the intelligent and progressiv homeopath warm bath at 88 degrees for several hours will not lend himself to any such chiat a time, or until the rectal temperature canery, for he knows, quite as well as falls to 100 degrees. Many use the ice cap any, how great would be the benefits of to the head as a routine measure when the a Department of Health under the control of temperature reaches 101 degrees.

the Federal Government. It is said that

the dope mixers are back of the finances The Duty of Every Physician Regarding the

of the league"; but we are quite reliably Owen Bill Now Before the U. S. Congress.

informed that the money comes from After many years of hard work by

Christian science sources. The antivivimany good and self-sacrificing men, it is

sectionists will be found opposing this bill, now possible for us to say that there is a

as will all other hysterical “anti's” who bill before Congress looking to the estab

are opposed to everything good and senlishment of a Department of Public sible, unless it is to be brought about by Health. It will not be easy to pass it,

means of their own pet fads. and every physician who loves his profes

Let every doctor write and you better sion and who seeks to do his full duty

drop a postal as soon as you have read to his fellow-man, should put his shoulder

this) to your congressman or senator, to the wheel immediately. Already there

asking for a copy of this bill. When it is determined and powerful opposition to

comes, study it well; and if you approve the passage of the bill. This opposition is of its purposes and aims (and you will), the more dangerous since it has organized again write to both your congressman under the caption of “The National

and your senators urging the passage of League for Medical Freedom," and by

the Owen bill. Don't depend on their this means is making a bid for the

having enuf sense or intelligence to see support of the ignorant. It is amazing to

that it is a good thing. Don't imagin find as officials in this “league" men who

that it is so sound a measure that it have heretofore stood for everything

cannot fail to pass.

You have no conwhich tended to benefit mankind. Their

ception of influences and pressure that, attitude in this instance is only explain

will be brought to bear on every conable on the hypothesis of ignorance, for

gressman and senator to induce him to this bill does not in any way or manner

prove recalcitrant to the interests of the propose to limit medical freedom in any

people and to vote the bill down or to manner. The only parts of the bill which

emasculate it before passage. We know, could be misconstrued into an expression

personally, that the most prominent Reindicating that it might be possible that

publican figure in the House is unalter


ably opposed to any such measure. quackery and charlatanism would be interfered with at some time, are the

radical and unreasonable is he on this second and seventh sections.

matter that he would not even argue it The second section deals with the

with the physician members of Congress. proposition to unify under a Secretary of

It is a source of gratification to many Public Health the various medical, sur

progressiv people of all parties that his gical, biological, and sanitary services,

influence in the next house will not be so which are now working under different

czar-like as it has been. Now, doctors, departments of the government.

get busy; and while you are writing, write The seventh section, which embodies

to the Committee of One Hundred on the main purpose of the bill, is as follows:

National Health, 105 East 22d St., New "That it shall be the duty and province

York City, N. Y., for any information of such a Department of Health to super

they can send you. vise all matters within the control of the Federal Government relating to public

Fifteen drops each of hydrogen peroxid and health and to diseases of animal life.”

glycerin, given every two hours, are of positiv

value in diphtheria (“membranous croup"), Can any one find any intention implied tonsillitis, and anginoid sore throat.

The Brave Stand of the “Druggists' Circular." that it will not. The concerted effort

The Druggists' Circular, in its November being made in many states to enact a law issue, contains as the leading editorial a prohibiting the physician from dispensing, dissertation "As to Dispensing by Physi- and to take from him the privilege of writcians," which we wish our subscribers ing the death certificate, and placing this could read. We do not have space for function in the hands of the druggists, it all, but reprint extracts which bear speaks too plainly to be misunderstood. strongly upon features of weight in the Preposterous and ridiculous as this movecontest now on between druggists and dis- ment is, and suicidal as it is, the drugpensing physicians. The editorial was gists seem determined on it. They seem called forth by a communication from to have learned nothing from their fatal H. Rubin, a druggist of Brooklyn, N. Y., experience with the nostrum makers, and who said, among other things:

to have determined to complete the obWe pharmacists, if we wish to amount to

sequies of the death and burial of all their anything, must unite to have a law passed pro

business interests by this supreme folly. hibiting physicians from dispe ing unless the The repeated publication, in all the leadpatient is not within reach of a pharmacy, or ing pharmaceutical papers, of Beal's scurin emergency cases. The pharmacists must rilous screed referred to on page 440 of understand that they can expect very little help from physicians, and it is up to them to

the November WORLD, proves the animus help themselves. A certain pharmaceutical now actuating them. Scarcely less foolish society has appointed a committee to devise than the pharmacist is the physician who means to help pharmacists. My suggestion to

ignores these activities, and makes no it is to see that we have legislation along the line suggested in this letter.

effort to impress upon his state represen

tativ and senator the fact that the mediThe editor replied with advice which, while intended for the pharmacist alone, facts, and that they will not tolerate for

cal profession is very much alive to the serves to reveal to the physician who reads it that there is a pharmaceutic fering with their rights or privileges.

a moment any legislativ enactment intereditor who knows what is right between

Write to them and insist that they take man and man, and who is not afraid to

a rational stand on this matter, in the urge it, even in the very face of the over

interest of all of the people, instead of the whelming sentiment now rampant among comparativly small class of druggists. the druggists. He says: Notwithstanding the fact that the drugs

Business Talk to Doctors. carried by many dispensing physicians are notoriously of a very low grade, we are of the

My Business Talk mail does not grow opinion that it is not feasible, and would not

Oil stock and mining stock be fair to the public, to have a law passed

have a law passed propositions have almost disappeared (docprohibiting a physician from administering to

tors have at last learned that almost a his patient such remedies as he might see fit, when and where and in any manner his knowl- sure way to throw away their money is to edge and skill might dictate. To speak of put it into such propositions), but many robbing the physician by law of his right to other kinds of propositions have appeared administer remedies to his patient is pueril, and to undertake to put such an idea into

to take the place of oil and mines. Wireexecution would be preposterous. The fact less was one, and many were indignant at that the physician himself is the final human my expressions concerning Wireless many arbiter of what is best for his patient makes it months ago. I wonder how they feel now difficult for the law to assume to say even what

about it. In many communities much quality of drugs he should carry in stock, and, as it seems to us, out of the question for it to money went into Wireless that should try to dictate when and in what dilution or have been used to pay doctor bills. So combination these drugs should be administered. many doctors who did not lose directly Not only does it seem to us to be useless for druggists to antagonize physicians in the matter

lost indirectly. And this is a point that of dispensing or in other matters of common

should be realized by the few doctors interest, but it seems suicidal. It will be a good who say that these Talks are of no benefit to day for the public when physicians and pharma- them, because they never put money into cists get together, and the former agree to throw

But away their stale tablets and low grade supply

such things—they are “too smart. house tinctures and extracts, and pharmacists

they are not smart enuf to know that agree to stop selling morphin-laden cough much money goes into such so-called "insyrups, fake "kidney cures," and quack gonor- vestments that should go into their rhea mixtures.

pockets. So if you don't need these Talks Will his advice be taken? We fear yourself, use them to warn your patrons

any less.

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