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±\ Preston,
ailbert Leonard,
John R. Grymes,
Felix Garcia,
Duncan F. Kenner,
Thomas Pugh,
C. Voorhies,
Thos. H. Lewis,

B. B. Brazeale,
Solomon W. Downs,
Piere Porche,

J. Sellers,

Thomas W. Chinn,

Wm. B. Scott,

A. G. Penn, «

Thomas W. Scott,

Thomas M. Wadsworth,

A. Legendre,

C. Roselius,

W. C. C. Claiborne,
John Culbertson,
Adolph Mazereau,
Pierre Soule",
George Eustis,
J. P. Benjamin,
Bernard Marigny,
H. B. Cenas,
Chas. M. Conrad,

0. St. Amant,
A. Boudousquie,

A. B. Roman,

B. Winchester,
H. B. Trist,
Miles Taylor,

1. Garrett,
Jacob Humble,

M. Bourg,
J. C. Beatty,
Justin Aubert,
George S. Guion,
V. P. Winder,
Z. Labauve,
Amasa Read,
A. Waddill,
Jas. McCalop,
Cyrus Ratliff,
J. B. Wederstrand,
A. M. Dunn,
Lafayette Saunders,
W. Burton,
A. H. McKay,
W. Brumfield,
Terrence Carriere,
A. R. Splane,
Phanor Prudhome,
Zenon Ledoux, Jr.,
R. J. Chambliss,
Paul Briant,
J. B. Derbes,
D. 0. Brian,
W. M. Prescott,
S. M. Wikoff,
Green Hudspeth,
G. R. King,
R. Taylor,
Pierre Couvillion,
W. B. Prescott,
R. C. Hinson,
James F. Brent,
D. Stephens,
Thomas C. Porter,
George Mayo,
G. W. Peets.

ERRATA. Page 88, under the head of "Members of the House of Representatives," Parish of Ascension, insert J. A. Richard, Representative. Page 96, read Thomas Askew, Tax Collector, instead of Asken.

Page 111, read B. F. Cauthon, Clerk of Court, Parish of Washita, instead of Cuuthom.

Page 104, read John A. McHugh, Justice of the Peace, Baton Rouge, instead of John A. Messeugh.

Page 93, read Joint Committee for Revision of the Statutes of the State, instead Joint Committee.

Page 134, read United States Land Offices and Officers, instead United States and Officers.


Assessed Value of Property, City and Parish of Orleans, 97

Acts of Congress relating to Louisiana, 20

Auctioneers in New Orleans, 99

Academies and Institutes in New Orleans, 100

Amount paid for Public Schools for the year 1853, 121

Apportionment of Representation for the year 1854, 124

Adults who can neither read nor write in the State, 131

Amount Coinage of the United States, 139

Appropriation for Public Schools, 120

Banks in New Orleans, 98

Board of Administrators of the Charity Hospital, 96

of Administrators of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind

Asylum of Baton Rouge, 93

of Currency, 93

of Swamp Land Commissioners, 88

Cultivation of Sugar, 94

Constitution of the United States, 5

Constitution of Louisiana, 1812, 25

Constitution of Louisiana, 1845, 39

Constitution of Louisiana, 1852, 60

Churches in New Orleans, 99

Churches and Church Property in the United States, 136

Commissioners to take Testimony in other States, 112

Census of Louisiana, 1853, 114

Churches in the State, 126

Classification of Population, 130

Charge de Affaires, 135

Consuls, Foreign, New Orleans, 135

Census of the State fre;n 1810 to 1850, 128

Custom House, New Orleans, 97

Courts, Supreme, United States, 134

State, 88

District, 90

United Statos District 134 Charitable Institutions, New Orleans, '100


Committee, Joint, for Revision of the Statutes of the State, 93

City and Parish of Orleans, 96

Deaths, Resignations, and Vacancies Filled, 142

Debts, outstanding, different States, 136

Debts, Louisiana, 93

District Courts, State, 90

District Courts, United States, 134

Educable Children, 1851 and 1853, 119

Executive Department, SUte, 87

United States, 134

Foreign Ministers, 135

Consuls, New Orleans, 135

Harbor Masters, New Orleans, 97

Historical Sketch of Louisiana, 82

Insane and Idiotic in United States, 138

Insurance Companies, New Orleans, 99

Iron Statistics, 140

Justices Courts in New Orleans, 96

Joint Committee for Revision of Statutes of the State, 93

Judiciary, Supreme Court, 88

Land Offices in Louisiana; 134

Lands, Unsold, in United States, 137

Mortality of Louisiana, 1853, 127

Ministers, Foreign, 135

Resident, 135

Members of General Assembly, 88

Militia Officers, 92

Mint, Branch, United States, 97

Members of the Convention of 1845, 159

Newspapers in the State, 127

Notaries, Public, New Orleans, 99

Property subject to Taxation, , 94

Population from 1810 to 1850, 128

»" 1853, 114

Progress of the United States, 143

Professions and Occupations, 132

Penitentiary, Louisiana, 93

Post Office, New Orleans, 97

Presidents of the United States, 133

Revenue of the State, 1853, 115

Bail Roads, 97

Revenue, Post Office Department, 137

State Assessors, New Orleans, 96

State Census, 1853, 114

School Apportionment, 120

State Government, 87

Senators and Representatives in Congress, 90

Swamp Land Commissioners, 88

State Debt, 93

Supreme Court, 134

State Tax Collectors, Orleans, 96

Treaty of Cession by France to the United States, of Louisiana.. 17

United States Courts, 134

Land Offices, 134 *

Vote for President of the United States in 1852, 141

Valuation of Real and Personal Property in the United States, ..131

Parish of Ascension, 101

Assumption, 101

Avoyelles, 101

Bienville, 101

Bossier, :102

Caddo, 102

Calcasieu, 102

Catahoula, '. 102

Caldwell, , 102

Carroll, 103

Claiborne, 103

Concordia,' 103

De Soto, 103

East Baton Rouge, 104

East Feliciana, 104

Franklin, 105

Iberville, 105

Jackson, 105

Jefferson, 105

Lafayette, 105

Lafourche, 106

Livingston, 106

Orleans, 96

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