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Moore, T., 239
Patchett, R., 258
Redward, J., 398

Sedgley, W., 256
More, W. S., 313
Paterson, H., 397
Reed, J., 360

Sedgwick, G., 438
Morecraft, A., 98

J., 484

T., 360

Self, E. G., 50
Morgan, J., 264
Pattenden, N., 481
Rees, R., 5

Sergeant, W., 177
J., 274
Paton, E., 109
Reeves, C., 18.

Serjeant, J., otherwise Sers
M., 26
Pauling, W., 529
Reeves, W.A., 501

jeant; J. N., 16
W. P., 149
Pavant, J., 1501
Reid, J., 114

Shackell, C., 170
Morris, G., 107
Pavis, J., 306
Rewcastle, J., 101

Shackel, W., 217
J., 217
Paynter, F., 571
Reynolds, E., 472

Sharman, J., 239
J., 399
Peachey, J., 109.
Rich, Sir G., 157

Sharp, G., & Fluder, R. L.,
N. D., 200

J., 33
Richards, J., 399

T., 282
Peacock, A., 155
Richardson, C., 187

Shaw, J., 312
Morrison, J., 466
Peake, J., 491
Richardson, G. L., 167

T., 361
Morton, G., 228
Pearce, C. T., 428

W. H., 312

W., 258
Mose, A., 109
Pearson, T., 109

Richbell, T., 4381 Shelford, J., 502
Moses, J. M., 126

W., 527,,,
Ridge, W., 217

Shephard, M. J., 170.
Moss, B., 85

W. S., 33
Ridsdale, H., & Chauncey,

S., 493
Moulton, J., 27, 467
Peckmore, J., 135

H. C. S., 107

Sheward, W., 493
Mullen, S., 456
Peet, H., 981
Rimell, V., 109

Shiell, A., 325
Mumford, E., 255
Penn, C., 325

Ripley, A., & Thorp, C., 167 Shoolbred, M. B., 399
Munn, E., 230
Perkins, W., 2883
Rippon, C., 117 VAS

Shouler, J. B., 177
Munson, M. L., 230
Perks, E., 26

Robberds, J. W., 126 Sida, J., 280
Murray, R., 135
Perrers, L., 123
Robbins, O., 450

Siely, B. C., 219
Mycock, J., 110.

Perrett, J., & Garton, C., 200 Roberton, C., 450. Sill, S., 200 7 Perriam, J., 85

Roberts, G., & Roberts, R., Silvester. J., 241 ..!! Perry, J., the younger, 189 288

Sim, J., Sim, J., & Sim, D.,

W., 304
Roberts, H., 78

Pettit, G. B., 274

J., 306

Simmonds, P. L., 26 Nairne, E., 313 *) Philipson, J., 242

J., 167

Simmons, W., 98
Nash, J., 54
Phillipps, J., 200, 207

P., 418

Skill, F., 75
Neuens, E., 448
Phillips, W., 175

R., 114

Skinner, J., 312 Newbold, G., 123 .Philpotts, J., 54

S., 155

R., 484
J., 26
"Pickering, E., 219
Robins, G. J., 474

- W., 101
Newton, H., 85
Pierce, J., 24
Robinson, J., 63

Slater, D., 417
J., 484
Pilgrim, J., 8

J., 491

J., 187
W., 242
Pitfield, W., 126

S., 399

T., 46
Nicholls, J. R., 49
Plant, G., 419

T., 187

Sloper, T., 228
Nichols, J., 258
Pocock, T. G., 33
Robson, J., 242

Smallwood, E., 398
Nicholson, J., 231
Ponting, W., 266
Roden, W., 57

Smart, W. R., 378
W., 200
Potter, T., 24
Roe, M., 99

Smiles, R. W., 54
Nixon, C., 297
Potts, C., Potts, A., & Potts, Rogers, H., 200

Smith, C., 149
Noak, J., 289
J., 78

W., 348

C. S., 378
Noble, R., 484
Powell, M., 282
Rollison, J. S., 189

D., & Smith, F. D.,
Noden, S., 23
Price, G., 8
Ross, T., 456

146 Nokes, T., the elder, 101

J. R., 18
Row, G., 137

G., 109
Norman, M., the younger, 123 Prior, J. W., 450

Rowan, T., 502

G., 399
North, G.,
Prince, A., 126
Rowett, W., 419

H., 319
S., 187
Pritchard, C., 177!!
Rowland, C., 350

J., 126
Nott, R., 200
M. L., & Dale, Rowles, I., 474

J., 378
R. N., 207, 274
Rudge, L., 46

J., 419
Nye, G., 239.
Procter, T., 264
Rushbrook, J. C., 338

Pulbrook, L., 458
Rushforth, T., 36

J., 295
Pugh, C. E., 474
Russell, G., 241

J., 295
Puleston, W., 502

H., 295

J., & Darbyshire, W., Pulham, J., 258

J. B., 398

Oakes, T., 266
Pullen, W., 155
Rust, E., 481

J., 288
W., 200
Pullin, J., 33 I!

W. E., 474

J., & Smith, R., 458 Occleshead, T., & Cummins, Pym, J., 317.

Rutter, E., 85

R., 107, 126 C., 99

Ryder, E., 450

R., 474 O'Neill, F., 50

E, H., 456

Smithies, R., 117
Orchard, W., 228

Ryley, J., 484.

Sneezum, C., 63
Osborn, T., 419

Soden, W., 228
Osborne, A., 157
Quigley, J., 217.

Solomon, H., Smith, J., & Oswin, C., 107


Galer, J. D., 419 Owen, J., 147

W., 57 Owen, R., 50

Sage, W. J., 450

Sorby, John, 297 Oxley, J., 5.

Saker, G. W., 418

Sowden, J., 200
Raby, R., 295
Sanderson, C., 465

Sparrow, J., 377
Rackham, G., 109
Saner, J., 314

Spence, C. J., 24
Radford, T., 134
Saull, J., 198

Spencer, J. B., 313
Raisbeck, E., 207
Saunders, J., 465

J., 494
Paine, A., & Davies, G. F., Rait, G., 101

S. W., 418 Spikins, J., 8
Ramsden, B., 187
Savage, G., 217

Springbett, W., & Springbett, Palmer, F., 441

Sawtell, T., 466

T., 54
W., 101
Ramskill, J. S., 304.
Saxton, R. E., 256

Spurway, H. H., 75
Pardington, W., 250
Randall, W., 502
Scott, J., 75

Squire, G. 264
Parfitt, W., 296
Rann, J., 289

J. B., 55

Staddon, J., 66
Parfrement, T., 288
Raphael, J., 509

W., 66

Stafford, Z., 527
Parr, J., 426
Raynes, M. N., 472
Scriven, R., 198

Stainton, J., 150
Parrott, W., 16
Read, A., 33
Search, H., 474

Stanley, T., 36
Pass, E., 54
Redington, J., 114
Seal, S., 149

States, C., 282



Nunn, T.,

J. B.,



Steane, W., 484
Tidy, T., 417
Wardle, J., 294

Williams, J., 502
Steele, J., 155
Tily, J., 88
Warren, C. H., 167

J., 527
Stenlake, B. C., 167
Tindle, T., 175
Warwick, W. A., 98 -

J., & Rust, W. E.,
Stevenson, J., 282
Tipson, T., 85
Waterhouse, G. P., 338

474 Stock, J., 458 Tomlinson, W., 147

W., 217

R., 137
J., & Stock, W.,
W., 295
Waterman, W., 26

R., 200
Stocker, R., 88
Townley, W., 360
Watkin, H., 217

S., 26
Stokes, J., 209
Towns, W., 26
Watkins, P., 418

T., 8
Stone, S., 200
Towse, W., 217
Watson, H. T., 501

· W. B., 272
Storey, W., 491
Treffry, T., 450

· W., 231

Wills, H. P., 57
Stott, J., 282
Truby, T., 241
Watts, A. A., 317

Wilson, C., 155
Strong, R., 501
True, F., 155

H., 23

C. E., & Wilson, H., Stroud, H. V., 24 Truelove, W., 126 Way, E., &Bennett, J.M., 377

350 Strutt, J., 123 Truswell, R., 397

G. H., 304

G., 484
Stubbing, J., 49
Tuck, H. E., 529

J., 167

H., 350 Stulpner, J.H., & Lomer, D. Tuhey, J., 350

Webb, G., 361

J., 107
C. H., 85
Turnbull, J., 187

J. 325

S., 448
Sturley, C.W., 250
Turner, J., 306

R., 426

T., & Corbett, H., 200 Sturt, G., 256, 306

R., 33
Webber, P. H.,Webber, B.J.,

W., 248
Suter, W. H., 228
Turnill, J., & Waterhouse, W., & Webber, H., 26

Winder, J., & Fisher, R., 147 Sutton, W. R.. 228

Webster, F., 456

J. A., 324
Swan, H., 167
Turnpenny, W., 336

R., &Webster, R. 66 Winter, G. T., 282
Sweett, R. C., 426
Tyer, W., 348
Weekes, W., 491

T., 256
Swift, A. J., 46
Tyrer, H. J., 117.
Weeks, J., 219

Wintle, J., 26
Srindell, J., 54.

Weguelin, J. C. R., 338 Wise, S., 109
Wells, J., 325

Wisking, T., 281
Welton, W., 117

Withers, J. P., 32

Wesson, J., 107

T., 98
Ulph, H. H., 63

T., 101

Wood, J., 149
Tabb, J., 288
Underwood, J., 231

West, E., & West, A. H., 474 T., 379
Tappenden, H., 281
Upton, J., 209.
Westley, A., 66

W., 274
Tapson, E., 217

Weston, J. J., 88

Woodgate, E., 209 Taverner, J., 158

Wetherilt, C., 483

Woodhams, J., 75 Taylerson, R., 272


Whalley, E.,

Woodhouse, J., 126
Taylor, J., 149

Wheeler, T., 467

Woodruffe, E., 274
J., 170
Vaughan, J., 167
Wheelhouse, G., 220

Woods, W., 398
R., 266

R., 510
Whiles, T., 220

-W., & Thomas, S., 458
R., 336
Verney, R., 317
White, A., 198

Woolfrey, A., 481
- T. P., 109
Vernon, A., 50

J. H., 85

Woolhouse, H., 26
Tebbit, T., 109
Verly, J. D., 50

T., 26

Woollatt, S. S., 49 Temperley, G. C., 54 Vertue, T., 448

Whitehead, P., 8

Woolley, P., 78
Terry, I., 177
Viner, A., 348

Whitfield, H., 36
Thomas, M. F., 466

Womersley, J., & Womersley,
G., & Viner, H., 272 Whittaker, M., 110

W., 23
R., 493
Vines, S., 241.
Whittle, L. L., 157

Wooster, H. F., 418
- S., 458

Wiggins, J., 146

Wrede, H., 317
W., 110

Wigglesworth, N., 456 Wright, B., 146
Thompkins, F., 8

Wilbraham, J., 418

J., 49
Thompson, B., 158

Wilcox, H., 101

J., 228
H. A., 258 Wade, T. B., 134

Wild, J., 147

J. R., 220, 231
J., 397
Waite, J., 107
Wilkinson, J., 248

T., 146.
T., 33
Walker, H., 189

W., 241
T., 46

P., 419

Willcox, E., &Willcox,J., 265
Thomson J., 49

· W. G., 88
Williams, A., 117

Thorney, G., 209
Walley, T., & Hardwick, P.

A., 466
Thornley, W., 16
W., 377

E., & Williams, J. Yates, E., 175
Thorp, C., 167
Ward, J., 493

502 Tibbett, M. T., 146

Yell, J. W., 32 · W., & Ward, J., 85


Yeomans, J., 379
Tidmarsh, J., 398
Warden, S., 274

J., 117

Yorke, C., 378.

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No. 627-VOL. XIII. JAN. 13, 1849. Price 1s., with Supplement, 28. *** The following are the Names of the Gentlemen who favour The JURIST with Reports of Cases argued and

decided in the several Courts of Law and Equity:House of Lords {la (A. GORDON, Esq. of the Inner

CG.J. P.Suth, Esq. of the Inner Court of Queen's Bench

Temple; and

W. B. BRETT, Esq. of Lincoln's Privy Council

Inner Temple, Barrister
at Law.

Inn, Barristers at Law.
The Lord Chancellor's S A. GORDON, Esq. of the Inner Queen's Bench Bail Court

Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.
Temple, Barrister at Law.

Court of Common Pleas,) W. PATERSON, Esq. of Gray's Master of the Rolls Court


Inn; and
Temple, Barrister at Law. Appeals under Registra- (J. R. Bulwer, Esq. of the Inner

tion of Voters Act. ..., Temple, Barristers at Law. Tenison EDWARDS, Esq. of the Vice-Chancellor of Eng- Inner Temple, and

W.M. Best, Esq. of Gray's Inn, land's Court

Inner Temple, Barristers at Law.

Ecclesiastical and Admi- SJ. P. DeAne, D.C.L. of Doctors
ralty Courts

Bruce's Court....

W.W. COOPER, Esq. of the Inner

Cases in Bankruptcy....
Temple, Barrister at Law.

Temple, Barrister at Law. Vice-Chancellor Wigram's SF. FISHER, Esq. of Lincoln's

ROBERT R. PEARCE, Esq. of Court {Ipin Barrister dat iem! Crown Cases Reserved..

Gray's Inn, Barrister at Law.


Court of Exchequer .... { "Barrister at Law.

Knight {


the rule originally took its rise from this, that as in

equity you have a right to ransack the defendant's THERE are some rules of practice, both at law and in conscience, so as a set-off you shall believe what the equity, so contrary to modern reason, that no one can defendant says until the cause is at issue, and that, as conceive how they ever came to be rules, and that the a consequence, all counter-evidence would be useless, Courts are continually compelled to make fine distinc- because it could not be believed; or whether the rule tions in order to elude the rule as far as possible. Of took its rise from some imagined difference between this character is the rule of Courts of Equity, that, on the solemnity of swearing an answer and that of swearan interlocutory proceeding, such as a motion for a ing an affidavit, it is now difficult, nay impossible, to receiver, or an injunction, or to compel the defendant ascertain. Why the rule should still be retained, when to pay money into court, the title must be wholly it is execrated by judges, and serves at this day no taken from the answer; and that not only can no affi- purpose but to entangle and complicate interlocutory davits be read against the answer, but that they cannot applications, it is as difficult to understand. A defendeven be read to substantiate facts ignored by the an- ant's answer is evidence, nothing more. It is the deswer, if directly or indirectly they affect the title. liberate assertion on oath of a person entitled to credit,

We have more than once heard judges, in admini- unless he be discredited. So is an affidavit. Affidavits stering this rule, apparently simple, but complicated in are admitted as to matters of fact; why should they its application, wonder how it ever came to be the rule; not be as to matters of title? Suppose a cestui que and Lord Eldon, who, great judge as he was, delighted in trust files a bill for the appointment of new trustees, a legal absurdity, if it was but refined enough, and incon- and for a receiver, and the trustee admits the plainsistent enough with substantial justice, put the absur- tiff's title, but denies the misconduct : an affidavit may dity of the rule in its most glaring light when he be read against the answer as to the misconduct; but refused to revive an injunction which had been dis- if the trustee denies the identity of the plaintiff, or solved upon the answer, though the grand jury had the execution of the instrument under which he claims, found a true bill on an indictment for perjury on that then an affidavit cannot be read against the answer. very answer. For, said his Lordship, “the grand jury What possible rational ground can be assigned for this may have believed, and in most cases must have be- distinction? If it be said, that, by receiving and believed, those very persons upon their oaths for that lieving affidavits on the question of title, the Court purpose, whose depositions this Court would not per- might be, in fact, wrongfully ejecting the defendant, mit to be read for the purpose of discrediting the an- the answer is, so it might by hearing affidavits as to swer." (Clapham y. White, 8 Ves. 35).

acts of misconduct. If a man is wrongfully turned out So that the rule of practice is, that the defendant's of possession, it cannot matter to him whether it is answer is of such conclusive credibility, that nothing because the Court wrongfully believes he never had can be allowed to be heard but it, even though you title to be in, or because it wrongfully believes have the strongest evidence that it is false. Whether that he has so behaved that he must be turned Vol, XIII,



Saime v. Grehwin}

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"} .

Court Papers.

Weigbman o. Powell So Morehouse v. Newton (E,FD)
Kent v. Underhill

Savery v. Savery
Capper v. Same

Same v. Same

Attorney-Gen. v. Harvey (F Harward v. Gainer
D, C)

Lee v. Delane
12 VICT. 1849.

Stephens v. Richards

Rees v. Chilton * The following abbreviations have been adopted to Stanley v. Bulkeley

Harris v. Hamlyn abridge the space the Cause Papers would otherwise have occu- Wilkinson v. Candlish

Trelawny v. Mostyn pied :-A. Abated- Adj. Adjourned-A. T. After Term-Ap.

Mortimer v. Hartley (FD, C)

SO Appeal-C. D. Canse Day-C. Costs—D. Demurrer-E. Ex- Same v. Green

Robertson v. Makeham ceptions-F. D. Further Directions—M. Motion-P. C. Pro Stronger v. Hawkes

Vicq v. Le Bailly (F D, C) ConfessoPl. Plea-Ptn. Petition-R. Re-hearing-S. 0. Hawkes v. Hawkes

Cowell v. Watts Stand Over-Sh. Short,

Paterson v. Mills SO

Twyford v. Massey

Alexander 0. Bushby (F D, Penrice v. Penrice (F D, C) Court of Chancery.

Ptn, part heard)

Wynne v. Price

Dawson o. Robinson

Steele v. Parsons (F D, C)
Cowan o. Hymers

Galloway v. Ridley

The Mayor, &c. Rochester v.
Hodgkinson v. Hodg-

Aglionby v. James (F D) Clark v. Cook (E)
Lee (Ap, M) To fix a day


Humpfrey v. Gery (F D, C) kinson

Fyson v. Pole (Ap)

Same v. Jackson
Davis v. Kingsford (Ap)

Dixon v. Linn (3 causes, F D) Griffith v. Parr Sh
Cutts v. Riddell so

Middleton v. Youden
Allfrey v. Allfrey (Ap) Lord Brooke v. Earl of War.

Hughes v. Scarborough Dunn Gardner o. Dunn Gard. Stewart v. Forbes (Ap, Ptn) wick (Ap)

Gardom v. Williams

ner (4 causes, F D, C) Davis 0. Chanter (9 causes, Battershall v. Bishop of

Ackers v. Williams

Nisbitt v. Fisher

(Ap) Foligno v. Goldner

Watts v. Cowell
Cochrane v. Cochrane (Ap) Follett v. Same

Barraclough v. Hull

Howard v. Howard
Lord v. Colvin
Battershall v. Same
Nunn v. Truscott

Brander v. Bull
Attorney-Gen. v. Wilson (Ap) | Penny v. Watts (Ap)

Sharp v. Giblett

Hulbert v. Hulbert

Fowell v. Dodson (2 causes) Billing v. Webb (F D, C) Before the VICE-CHANCELLOR OF ENGLAND.

Howard v. Carr

Howkins v. Jackson Pleas, DEMURRERS, Causes, EXCEPTIONS, AND FURTHER Browne v. Milne (F D, C) Andrew v. Andrew (E, 2 sets) DIRECTIONS.

Brown v. Mundy

Daniel v. Daniel (E)
Dobson v. Lyall (F D, part Miller v. Priddon
Attorney-Gen. v. Finch (2

Before Vice-Chancellor WIGRAM.
Robinson v. Sollory

Causes, FURTHER DIRECTIONS, AND Exceptions. Ashburner v. Wilson (F D, C) Surtees v. Hopkinson (F D, SO


Chandler v. Corke Last day of Chant v. Brown (E) Dunston v. Dunston (3 causes, James v. Jones

Trinity Term

Same v. Same (E)

Nesfield v. White Trin. Term White v. Godmond (F D, C) FD) SO Alt v. Gregory SOG

Morgan v. Bosvile Boycott v. Morse (2 carises) Dudley v. Burrage

Butler v. M.Kenzie

Same v. Same
Jan. 25
Field v. Jennings

Same v. Same
Digby v. Boycott (3 causes) Watts v. Symes (2 causes)

Green v. Green
Jan. 25
Marks v. Solomons (F D, C)

Marshall v. Carter SO Baxter v. Abbott (3 causes,

Martinez v. Winstanley


Lander v. Ingersoll (F D, Edge v. Duke (2 causes) SO F D, C)

Bull v. Bengough Jan. 20
Bodington v. The Gt. Western Banner v. Strachan (F D)
Railway Co.
Same v. Same (Cause)

part heard)

Same v. Hope
Nash v. Ridge Jan. 15

Chambers v. Artis
Gregory 0. Wilson So Baker v. Salmon Jan. 11
Willis v. Jones (F D, C)

Holland v. Lushington (F D, Same v. Same
Shelton v. Watson (F D, C)
Myers v. Perigal (FD, C) S O Rowland v. Witherden

Coleman v. Mellersh

Earl of Balcarras v. Hudson
Robinson v. Williams
Ligoure v. Marryatt (F D, C)

Rolls Court.
Thornton v. Knight

Wiseman v. Barratt (F D, C)
Dykes 0. Taylor (E)
Worthington v. Morgan

JUDGMENTS RESERVED. Hooper v. Salman ? (Part Drever v. Maudsley(7 causes, Coleman v. Fielder

Smith v. Earl of Effingham Tugwell v. Hooper / heard) FD) Rowe v. Leyland

(As to costs)

M Michael v. Kipling (E, Ptn) Simkins v. Webb Palmer v. Goren

Norfolk Railway Co. v. Wode. Hemming v. Archer (Re-h., Smith v. Pincombe (2 causes) Dixon v. Wilkinson

house (Cause)

Hemming v. Archer part Glover (otherwise Gordon) v. Morisson v. Moxon


Hemming v. Archer heard Hall Aked v. Aked (F D, C) Dean of Ely v. Gayford (6 Pls) Raworth v. Archer

Hemming v. Archer Easter Chipchase v. Simpson Briggs v. Deveroux


Elkington v. Aplen (2 causes) Same v. Brenton

Gas Light and Coke?
Holloway o. Collier
Same v. Stansfeld
Lewis v. Baldwin (On deft.'s

Co. v. Symonds
Chambre v. Flight
Barker v. Wylde (3 causes, F

objection forwant of parties) Symonds v. Gas Light |(F D, Walter v. Corpe

D, C)
SO until hearing

and Coke Co.

Duff v. Chester
Daintree v. Day
Mitchell v. Kæcher (D)

Stillman v. Gas Light
Worsley v. Woodford
Preece v. France


and Coke Co. Boothby v. Boothby

Woodhams v. Woodhams (3 Churchman v. Capon (F D, Christy v. Courtenay After T. Onslow v. Wallis

causes, F D, C)

Churchman v. Capons C, pt. Baynton v. Hooper S O to Comlinson v. TroughElsam v. Hall (F D, C)

heard Easter Term) Baynton v. Hooper / amend (F D, ton Hutton o. Hayley

Stourton v. Jerningham To Wilson v. Eden (FD, C) SO C) Haydockv.Tomlinson Whitchurch v. Whit

present petition

Bennett v. Cooper (F D, C) fones v. Francis (F D, C) church

(F D,
Hooper v. Denoon

Biggs v. Naylor After Term

Moorley v. Smith
Same v. Parrott

Williamson v. Gordon

Hemming v. Archer (F D, Fox v. Roberts
Before Vice-Chancellor Knight BRUCE.

Hemming v. Archer C, Att.-Gen. o. Brook (Re-hear.)

Hemming v. Archer pt. hd.) Easter Term CAUSES, FURTHER DIRECTIONS, AND EXCEPTIONS.

Hemming v. Archer so till v. way Co. (D) (2 Ds)

Re-hearing disposed of | Johnson v. Thomas

Evans v. Protheroe } (FD,C)
Fyler v. Mories }(F D, C)

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Fox v. Roberts } After Term

regson v. East Anglian Rail- | Yetts v. Norfolk Railway Co. Kaworth... Archerer) Pontif Smith •: Oliver }(FD, C)

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