Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research

Society for Psychical Research., 1885
List of members in v.1-19, 21, 24-

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Página 481 - Treasurer's accounts for the past year, and report thereon to the Society, which report shall be presented at the Ordinary Meeting in February. The Auditors shall be empowered to examine into the particulars of all expenditure of the funds of the Society and may report their opinion upon any part of it.
Página 475 - That the purposes of the proposed association shall be: (1) the establishment of a Bureau of Information to regulate distribution; (2) to establish one auction-room in each city; (3) to make such auction-rooms open and free to all buyers; (4) to do all such other things as may be conducive to the Best interests of the...
Página 195 - For our own part, we regard her neither as the mouthpiece of hidden seers nor as a mere vulgar adventuress; we think that she has achieved a title to permanent remembrance as one of the most accomplished, ingenious and interesting impostors in history.
Página 200 - Mahatmas thought the saucer of importance they could make it whole. Soon after this, Mr. Damodar, who seemed to have been in the trance state, opened the door of the shrine, and drew a letter from the shelf, in which was this message: " To the small audience present, Madame Coulomb has occasion to assure herself that the devil is neither so black nor so wicked as he is generally represented : the mischief is easily repaired. — KH...
Página 250 - ... little pink note. This was stuck on to the stalk of a leaf that had been quite freshly torn off, for the stalk was still green and moist — not withered as it would have been if the leaf had been torn off for any length of time. The note was found to contain these few words : " I have been asked to leave a note here for you. What can I do for you ?" It was signed by some Thibetan characters.
Página 394 - Mesmero mania has nearly dwindled, in the metropolis, into anile fatuity ; but lingers in some of the provinces, with the gobe-mouches and chaw-bacons, who^ after gulping down a pound of fat pork, would, with well-greased gullets, swallow such a lot of mesmeric mummery as would choke an alligator or a boa constrictor, A worthy disciple, and operator on a narrow scale, (Mr.
Página 398 - My first attempt to influence the blind man was made by gazing at him silently over a wall, while he was engaged in the act of eating his solitary dinner, at a distance of twenty yards. He gradually ceased to eat, and in a quarter of an hour was profoundly entranced and cataleptic. This was repeated at the most untimely hours, when he could not possibly know of my being in his neighbourhood, and always with like results.
Página 84 - I cannot give the reason, but immediately I felt startled and ill at ease. It was not that I had the least suspicion that anything extraordinary was about to happen. I had quite forgotten young P.
Página 249 - About the end of September my wife went one afternoon with Madame Blavatsky to the top of a neighbouring hill. They were only accompanied by one other friend. I was not present myself on this occasion. While there Madame Blavatsky asked my wife, in a joking way, what was her heart's desire. She said at random and on the spur of the moment, " to get a note from one of the Brothers.
Página 345 - When we met last at Bombay I told you what had happened to me at Tinnevelly. My health having been disturbed by official work and worry, I applied for leave on medical certificate and it was duly granted. One day in September last, while I was reading in my room, I was ordered by the audible voice of my blessed Guru, M...

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