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assuriog yourself that it will at all times be as much my pleasure as my duty to cooperate with you in executing the trusts reposed in us: and although the law has not given me the corresponding right to call in return for your counsel and advice, I pray you to supply this obvious defect, by favoring me from time to time with such observations and statements in relation to the wholo matter given us in charge, as your good judgement and increasing experience may enable you to form, and the proper and economical administration of the criminal law of the Commonwcalth shall warrant and require. With much respect and esteem, Your most obedient servant,

JAMES T. AUSTIN. To the District Attorney.


Of the Official Duties performed from 1 June, 1832, to 31 October, of the same year, inclusively, by




Commonwealth, by indictment, vs. Stephen Jones.

Forgery. Convicted, and sent to the House for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders. Supposed age of convict, 15 years.

Commonwealth, by indictment, vs. Charles Leonard.

Passing counterfeit bills. Convicted. Sentenced to the State Prison for one day solitary confinement, and two years hard labor.

Commonwealth, by indictment, vs. William F. Gragg.

Aggravated Larceny. Trial by jury, who could not agree on a verdict. Second trial and conviction. Sentence, fine of $100.

Commonwealth, by indictment, vs. Elisha Brister. Ag

gravated Larceny. Verdict, not guilty.

Commonwealth, luy indictment, vs. Pelatiah W. Gordon. Larceny privily from the person.

Defendant absconded, and his surety defaulted.

Commonwealth, by indictment, vs. Richard West. Ag

gravated Assault. Continued on defendant's motion.

Commonwcalth, by indictment, vs. Nathan Lang. Sell

ing a Lottery Ticket. Continued on defendant's motion. Next term, trial by jury. Verdict, guilty. Sentence, a fine of $100 and costs. Appeal claimed and allowed.

Commonwealth, by indictment, vs. Nelson Carter. Same

offence. Convicted and fined $100 and costs. Fine paid to the Sheriff.

Commonwealth, by information, vs. Joseph Hall-as a

convict for the third time in the State Prison. Verdict against him. Sentenced to an additional confinement of ten years and one day.

Commonwealth, by indictment, vs. John B. Gray. As

sault and Battery. Jury could not agree. Continued.

Commonwealth, by indictment, vs. John W. Quinn.

Forgery. The witnesses having gone to sea, the prisoner was discharged on his own recognizance.

Commonwealth, vs. Noah E. Chase, John B. Thorn,

and Walter Russell. Riot and Assault. Verdict, guilty on second count. Sentenced to pay a fine of $50 each, and if not paid in ten days, to suffer three months imprisoninent in the House of Correction.

Commonwealth, by information, vs. Henry Wood.

Three times a convict in State Prison. Verdict against him. Sentence, imprisonment in the State Prison for his life.

Commonwealth, by indictment, vs. Thomas A. Murry

Forgery. Defendant not arrested. Continued.

Commonwealth, by complaint, vs. Robert Hanson. For

gery. No bill returned by Grand Jury.

Commonwealth, by complaint, vs.

Richard West. Fraud. No bill returned by the Grand Jury.

Commonwealth vs. Solomon Hayes, appellant. Assault

and Battery. Original judgment affirmed.


Commonwealth vs. Andrew Leach. Threats.

charged, paying costs.

Commonwealth vs. Simon Bothwell. Threats. Dis


Threats and

Commonwealth vs. George Parkman.

Assault. No bill.

Commonwealth, sci. fac. vs. Franklin Dexter, bail of

P. W. Gordon. Defendant confessed forfeiture and prayed to be heard in Chancery. Still pending.


Supreme Judicial Court.

Commonwealth vs. Williams Roby. Murder. Trial.

Verdict, guilty. Motion for a new trial argued, over

ruled. Sentence, death. Commonwealth vs. James Jordan. Murder. Prisoner

arraigned, and the indictment continued at his motion.

Commonwealth vs. Susan Page. Present aiding and

abetting in murder with Jordan. Prisoner arraigned, and the indictment continued at her motion.




Commonwealth vs. Lorin Carter.



Commonwealth vs. Elijah Williams. Perjury. This

case was tried before the Chief Justice at Greenfield. Verdict, not guilty.

Commonwealth, sci. fac. vs. David Canada. Special

plea in bar filed by defendant. Demurrer on part of Commonwealth. Ordered on the law docket.

HAMPSHIRE. Commonwealth, vs. Peter Ingraham. Continued by or

der of court.

Commonwealth, sci. fac. vs. David Canada. Argued to

the whole Court on the Demurrer, and continued for advisement.

WORCESTER. Commonwealth vs. Lewis Bigelow, on complaint before

a magistrate, for Rape.

The examination of complainant and witnesses for Commonwealth being finished, the Attorney General signified his consent that, with the magistrate's permission, the defendant should be discharged; and he was thereupon discharged.

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