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Infinite Life—Universal Mind—is the Supreme Power. It is the essence of a Force comparable to nothing else, which, through Reason caused to be Positive by Rightness, can be made more fully operative within us, and thus bring us Health and Happiness Here and Now as well as There and Then. It is the purpose of this work to show how Reason can be made Positive in Rightness.

This is a dear, good old world, much as in moments of misery we may think or say to the contrary. We know that the universe is not misbegot. ten or misconducted, for everything in it is right but ourselves. We are the only things capable of reasoning, and as we are the only things that get out of gear with the universe it must be our Reason that is at fault. Our mistakes we call sins, and we suffer for them. We try, oh! so hard, and fail, or seem to fail, yet the Universal Urge to Rightness that we see working so perfectly in everything about us is also in US. There must be a way for us to arrive at Rightness. Come let us reason together and we will find it.

Over half a century ago, when the writer was but a “wee bit laddie,” his maiden aunt was in the habit of paying an annual visit to the farmhouse in which

he was born. Welcome as was her coming, it is to be feared that she would not have been so eagerly looked for had it not been for the box of presents which she never failed to bring from the city for us children. We were permitted to open the box for ourselves and to select our own belongings. What joy Every toy, every trinket, every book, was a treasure of art. Is it not possible for you to look into a new book with something of the same expectancy as we peered into Auntie's box * The Great Philosophy asserts that unless we become as little children we can in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven—the State of Harmony. We cannot physically or mentally return to the state of childhood, but we can retain, or bring back if we have lost it, our faculty of Image Making. We can hold communion with unseen familiars as do children. We can be expectant to the point of believing that that which is so intensely hoped for is already ours. We can, in fact, become so aware of what Is as to know It without the aid of, indeed in spite of, our physical senses. It is to be hoped you will read this book in such a spirit. What is a book but a parcel of thoughts, things wrapped up in printed words? The container may be crude, but undo the wrapping carefully and you will find something in it for YOU. has its vocabulary—its jargon. As little as possible of this sort of thing has been used without becoming tiresome to the specialists, who express in one word what would require an explanatory paragraph.

This book may be small, but it will be found far too large for those who do not try to understand it; it will seem just the right size to those who grasp and appreciate its meaning, and it will not be too large for those who become interested and determined to weigh its statements by reading it ovel and over again.

The thoughts themselves have come out of the fire of years of suffering, and should be as pure as they are joyous in their release. Do not open this book with a yawn or a sneer. If you are in a mood which makes you feel like tearing something, put The Thinking Universe aside till you are in a humor to have a real good think. That you will then find that everything in it is for YOU is the wish of




At the outset let us see together. In order to see alike we must take the same viewpoint and know that we are looking at the same thing. We are about to look at Life and its Phenomena. Life and Living are by no means identical. Life is the Infinite, the Immobile, the Unchanging, the Allpowerful, the All-wise, the Omnipresent, the Absolute, the Ultimate. This we will examine later on, after we have looked at things about which we are more accustomed to reason. While Infinite Life is motionless, Expressed Life is all and always in motion. We and all things distinguishable by the senses, as well as everything that exists, even in the most intangible form, such as light, heat, sound, electricity, and our unsensuous bodies, not discernible by our physical faculties, belong to Expressed Life. Admitting for the moment what later will be proved, that everything is Mind, everything must think, as that is what Mind does. Mind and Life are identical. When we live, we think; when we think, we live.

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