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ception, he alone having the gift of Reason, the faculty of finding his own Rightness. Expressed Life is a pure democracy, a Government by the consent of the Governed; it being Mind, it Thinks and has a Will, but it always Thinks and Wills as it was intended by Positive Life that it should Think and Will, except in Reasoning Man. We find this in its instant obedience to all the physical laws that science has discovered. The stone thrown into the air drops to the ground in obedience not only to the will of the governor, but of the governed.

Let us always bear as distinctly and strongly in mind as possible that Infinite Life is motionless, while causing all motion; that it is without substance, consistency, while causing all so-called substance; that while being of no substance it is indivisible, that is, incapable of being divided into segments; that socalled substances pass through Infinite Life without the slightest resistance. As it is of primary importance that you should be clear on this point, let us illustrate it. You pass a large tube open at both ends through water, and it meets with slight resistance, the water passing in and through the tube and out of the other end of it without obstruction. All the resistance found is that caused by the substance of the tube itself displacing a small amount of water. A ton of steel passing through Infinite Life would not cause the slightest displacement, as the Infinite Life would occupy the steel as easily and completely as if the space apparently taken up by the steel were empty. The importance of this point is that the reader shall at no time be misled by the thought that he or she contains and carries about with him or her a segment of Infinite Life. No matter where you go, the body you are conscious of is always filled with Infinite Life, but as you move about it remains where it was when it was in you, but you are still and always full of Infinite Life. It is Expressed Life which you carry about with you and is especially yours, though the Infinite Life in you is yours, and is the Infinite YOU. It may seem to you that you are continually changing the Infinite Life within you as you move about. It would be so if it were a substance, but as it is not a substance you cannot speak of the Infinite Life that is in you at this moment as being different from the Infinite Life that was in you when you were a mile away, as everywhere and always Infinite Life is absolutely the same. Your corpse will be as full of Infinite Life as your healthy body now is, urging the disintegration of the useless tissue as it urged through your Expressed Life your operative tissue to perfect action. While your corpse is still filled with Infinite Life, your unsensuous, or spirit, body which has moved away from its earthly tenement will be just as full of Infinite Life as was your former sensuous body, and it will be just as much you, the Infinite you, as it was the Infinite you when you were in the flesh. In following this thought do not lose the identity of your perfect spiritual body—the Infinite Life within you. It is the real YOU, and is constricted in its operations in connection with you by your Consciousness as much as if it had always been a segment of Infinite Life—if such a thing were possible—and had always existed in you as you. By this you will understand that the Infinite Life within you, your perfect spiritual body, only affects you as it is called upon by your Consciousness, your Reason. That the Infinite Life in your corpse works disintegration and decay instead of urging it to upbuilding and progress, is because your Consciousness and Subconsciousness have removed themselves from the disused body and no longer direct the working of the Infinite Life within it, and the Infinite Life proceeds with the residue, the corpse, as if you had never lived in it. This is in pursuance of the unchangeable order of things, that combinations called Subconsciousnesses are subject to disintegration in order that the so-called material of which they are composed can be freed for the nourishment of other Expressions which have not become morbid.



There cannot be two Infinites—if there were, one would be greater than the other, or they would be equal. If one were less than the other, the lesser one could not be Infinite, because it could not control the greater. If two were equal, neither could be Infinite if one could not control the other. Why, then, some may ask, speak of Positive and Negative Life? What we cannot consider in terms of Time and Space cannot be considered. We have already thought of Life having been Alone, of its possession of everything, including Positive and Negative qualities, then Unexpressed. Until Expressed neither of these qualities had a name, as neither existed separate from the other. How Life polarized itself and expressed its Negative quality must remain in the same shroud of mystery as the origin of Life itself. That it did so is evident, or there would have been nothing, and consequently nothing would have been Positive, nothing Negative, in this so-called material world. As everything has its Positive and Negative, we know that such an Expression was made. In order not to confuse ourselves in considering the subject, we adhere to the nomenclature in ordinary use in discussing the two extremes, calling Expressed Life the Negative, and Unexpressed Life the Positive. They are in no sense both Infinite, Positive Life indisputably dominating the Negative; therefore we are in the presence of the Infinite and its First Expression. In considering the question of Power and its origin we may as well in advance meet a similar objection which may occur to minds given to superfine criticism. Life, being Infinite, can have no dimensions, and that without dimensions cannot have extremes. The Positive and Negative poles are extremes, therefore Life cannot have extremes and cannot have poles. This would appear to be an unanswerable argument if mathematics could be applied to the qualities as well as to the extent of Life. We know that Infinite Life has no dimensions, but we know that it has the qualities out of which things of dimensions arose; therefore we must consider it, if we consider it at all, as always possessing the Extremes—the poles—necessary to the expression of Power.

Power is not Infinite, but an expression of the Infinite. Having its origin in the Infinite, it of course always proceeds from and is directed by the Law, the Urge, of the Infinite. In other words, power must

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