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radiate as Motion, from a center of Stillness. As it would be absurd to try to think of a thing going in two directions at once, and as there is no universal sameness of motion as to direction, therefore there must always be a point separating motion in one direction from motion in a different direction on the same line and the same plane. This center is Stillness— the Infinite. When two bodies in motion on the same line and the same plane meet, there is a demonstration of power. For instance, when a baseball thrown through the air is struck by a bat a demonstration is made, and which was Positive power is shown by Appearances. The ball deflects, or flies back towards the sender, and Appearances show that the demonstration has proved the power in the bat to be Positive and that in the ball to be Negative. Should the metallic ball projected by a heavily charged piece of artillery strike the bat, it would demonstrate that it was propelled by Positive power. The elaboration of this point will find its place in the chapters on Mental Healing, where it will be shown that the human mind made Positive by Rightness can project itself to a point of lesion in the human body and cause a demonstration such as the projecting mind desires, the demonstration being instantly and completely as desired, or slowly and incompletely accomplished, according to the Positivity of the mind projecting the thought. All thoughts are things, all things are thoughts, made “material” by the application of power. The painter's picture is a Thing in his mind before it is put upon the canvas, and its perfection as a painting depends upon the power he puts into it—the power of conception and execution. Electricity, subtle as it is, is tangible and can be used as an illustration of the operations of Mind Force. At one time electric phenomena were regarded with awe and terror because the meaning and uses of electricity were not understood. It is not so very long ago that thunder and lightning were generally considered as the threatening voice and enraged glance of Deity. By no means the smallest benefit conferred upon humanity by scientific research has been the removal of the superstition that “He plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storm.” Perhaps emancipation from the thraldom of the superstition that the Infinite spoke to Man in the thunders of Sinai and manifested His anger by cyclones and electric disturbances has been an even greater benefit to humanity than the harnessing of electricity to light our homes and streets, convey messages instantly and afar, and propel our carriages and turn the wheels of our factories. Indeed, this mental release from the terrifying bondage seems on further scrutiny to be inestimably more worthy than the addition to our physical illumination and improvement in communication. Now no one knows what electricity really is, yet it is one of the elusive things that are every day being made more completely subservient to the uses of Man. How? Through Reason made Positive by Rightness. In other words, we are becoming wise, that is, Right, on the subject of electricity. In our homes we touch a button and instantly the room is flooded with light. The cleaner comes in, attaches a cord to the lighting apparatus, turns on the current, and the “juice,” which would have become light in the bulb, passing through this cord and the transmuter of the vacuum machine, expresses its power in motion. We talk into the transmitter of the telephone; the sound is “changed” by our thought, expressed as a transformer—a mechanical device—into electricity, conveyed to a distant place, “changed” by another transformer into sound, and our voice is heard by a friend miles away. All these electrical utilities are thoughts, “materialized” by the inventor, and few take the pains even to try to understand them, to say nothing of concentrating their attention upon the fact that they are “nothing but thoughts.” Wireless telegraphy relies still less on mechanical devices and connections, telepathy not at all, and it should seem evident to the thoughtful that we are approaching the time when by a scientific knowledge of ourselves we may render more fully operative within us the still more subtle forces of Life itself, thereby increasing our health and happiness according to the limit of what we know.



Scientists have demonstrated that the expressions of Life we see about us have developed from the simplest possible beginning. Animal life, beginning with but one cell, has become complex to the extent of a million or more cells in one organization—the protoplasm existing in slime, perhaps a million years ago, is now the splendid horse or the still more perfect man. Wonderful as this change may seem to us, the way it came about seems on examination to be simple enough outside of the Infinite Urge to Rightness, which was of course the Cause of it all. Constructing a building is simple to the competent architect who has the workmen and materials at his disposal. In his calculations he, as Nature does, begins with a unit. The atom is evidently the Creative Unit. Let us take this on the principle of mathematics, in which the numeral “one” is the basis of all calculations. Put another “one” alongside of it and what do you call it? Not “two ones,” but “eleven.” If you place one numeral under the other with the idea of simple addi

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