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My Deae Toitng Feiends,

f HE present has been a year of years. Peter Parley calls it a Sacbed Yeae, because it has been consecrated to Bkothebly Love, to Industby, and the arts of Peace. From every quarter of the globe nations have met in the bonds of affection, and, for the first time in the history of the world, united as a common family, testifying to the Divine truth that all men are brethren; and mind has been brought to mind, and heart to heart, for purposes of good. Let not this great lesson bo lost upon you my little ones; and remember that the school-room, the family circle, and even the play-ground, is a world in miniature, where wo daily make exhibitions of ourselves for good or evil. Carry out in your studies and in your play hours the spirit of the times. Live in harmony and in kindness one towards another; emulate the wonders

of the year; let your efforts in learning be conspicuous, your labour of love be abundant. Let wisdom shine in all your doings, like the Koh-i-noor—a mountain of light; and let truth be for ever springing in the very midst of your ways, like a "Crystal fountain." Thus will you obtain " golden opinions" more valuable than the ore of California. Men will caress you, and God will bless you with a peace that surpasseth all understanding; while your way in this world will be a way of joy, of happiness and light.

Such is the sincere wish of your old friend and companion,

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