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Senate bill 276, for the relief of Mrs. Ambroise Brou....
Memorial of the city of New Orleans, asking confirmation of title to one-half of

certain lands devised by John McDonough to that city, &C........
Senate bill 327, to affirm certain entries of land in the State of Louisiana....
Petition of Claude Samory...

Henry M. Fleury, of Louisiana-8. bill 45).

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Reports from the Committee on Indian Affairs.

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Petition of William B. Trotter-S. bill 52...

W. Y. Hansell, William H. Underwood and Samuel T. Beecker, ad-

ministrators of Samuel Rockwell-S. bill 135.......

and papers of John B. Hand, of Mississippi-S. bill 136.
Memorial of Anson Dart......

David Gordon, in behalf of himself and others--S. joint resolution 21
Papers in the matter of the application of Daniel S. Ryan and Benjamin C. Wiley,

administrators of R. D. Rowland, deceased, and of James M. Crook-S.

bill 262....
Sebate bill 181, for the relief of Anson Dart....
Memorial and joint resolution of the State of Iowa, ir behalf of James B. Thomas

and family......
of George Stealey--S. bill 403.

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Reports from the Committee of Claims.

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Memorial of Jonas P. Keller-S. bill 67...

and accompanying papers of Elias Hall-S. bill 68...
Petition of George A. O'Brien-S. bill 92....
Claim of Xahum Ward-S. bill C. C. 93..
Petition of Ephraim Hupt-S. bill 107...
Claims in the case of 0. H. Berryman and others-S. bill C. C. 108.....
Case of David Myerlo-S. bill 120....
Case of Sturgess, Bennett & Co.-S. bill C. C. 121...
Petition of Henry Hubbard—S. bill 123....

George Phelps-S. bill 128.
Samuel V. Niles
William Nason, and others—S. bill 137
James Suddard-S. bill 148......

George H. Howell—S. bill 149
Memurial of Josbua Shaw-S. bill 156...
Petition of Mrs. Jane M. McCrabb-S. bill 164
Memorial of Eleazer Williams-S. bill 166

Anthony S. Robinson-S. bill 158
Pecition of Mary Petery-S. bill 173
Claim of Charner T. Scaife-S. bill C. C. 183......
Case of Jobn Robb-8. bill C C. 181.....
Petition of A. W. McPherson-S. bill 187

Rufus Dwinel-S. bill 189.....
Joseph Hardy and Alton Long-S. bill 198.

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Memorial and papers in the case of John Hastings-S. bill 207
Petition and papers of Joseph C. G. Kennedy-S. bill 209.
Memorial of Joseph C. G. Kennedys. bill 212 .
Potition of Mary B. Renner...

Robert A. Wainwright....
Claim of Seth Belknap......
Petition of the heirs of Jabez B. Rooker...

Ann Mathieson....
Memorial of George Jewett, executor of Luther Jewett-S. bill 245.

George M. Weston-S. bill 250.....

Ambrose Whitlock.......
Petition of the widow of Rinaldo Johnson...
Claim of Richard G. Dove.......
Memorial of Aaron Haight Palmer-S. bill 263
Petition of Bernard M. Byrne--S. bill 282
Memorial of James Maccaboy--S. bill 283...
Petition of C. E. Habicht, administrator of J. W. P. Lewis–S. bill 284....
Petition of Miles Divine-S. bill 288..
Memorial of Franklin Peale--S. bill 293
Petition of O. H. Browne...

William L. S. Dearing .

James Hendebert
Memorial of Isaac Varn-S. bill 303......
Petition of Samuel H. Taylor-S. bill 306
Memorial of Daniel J. Browne....
Petition of R. W. Clarke-S. bill 324 ...
Memorial of Mrs. Ann P. Derrick-S. bill 325...
Claim of Stephen R. Rowan-S. bill 330
Petition of P. S. Duval & Co, of Philadelphia-S. bill 331
Memorial of Louis F. Tasistro
Petition of Ann L. Rogers—S. bill 310.

John Grayson-S. Joint R. 38

Elias E. Ogden-S. bill 368
Memorial of Hezekiah Miller....

Dona Guadalupe Estudillo de Arguello—S. bill 370
Petition of Anthony W. Bayard-S. bill 371 ......
Cases of Letitia Huniphreys, administratrix of Andrew Atkinson, deceased, and

of Robert Harrison; and, also, memorial of said Harrison to Congress-

S. bill 373....
Case of George J. Knight-S. bill 374
Memorial of William Money-S. bill 398
Petition of Miles Judson-S. bill 407

Joseph G. Heaton....

George W. Bluford....
Memorial of Captain Jobn B. Montgomery-S. bill 418
Petition of John B. Bartlett-S. bill 422 ....

Ebenezer Ballard and Rishworth Jordan
Case of Michael Nourse.....

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Petition of Charles Vinson

James Meyer-S. bill 428 .....
Jane J. Wingerd-8. bill 429...

James T. V. Thompson--S. bill 435
Claim of Joseph Clymer-S. bill 438.
Petition of Charles M. Perry-S. bill 439
Papers in the case of J. M. Pammores-8. bill 442
Memorial of Riggs & Co .....
Petition of Charlotte Taylor
Papers in the case of Dr. James A. Mott
Petition and papers of Charles Kohler
Senate bill 420, for the relief of James Collier
Memorial of John R. Nourse......

Reports from the Committee on Revolutionary Claims.
Petition of Elizabeth Montgomery, daughter of Captain Hugh Montgomery–S.

bill 30.......
Memorial of Nathaniel Champe, heir of Sergeant Major John Champe..
Petition of the heirs of Lieutenant Nathan Weeks—S. bill 113 ..
Memorial of the legal representatives of James Bell, late of Chambly-S. bill 125.
Petition of Jennett H. McCall, only child of Colonel James McCall—S. bill 130.

the legal representatives of Charles Porterfield, deceased—S. bill 203.
Memorial of Susannah Hayne Pinckney, sole heir of Captain Richard Shubrick-

S. bill 205 .....
Petition of Sarah Smith Stafford, only daughter of James B. Stafford
Memorial of the heirs of Colonel Samuel Hammond.

Jane M. Kean, Mary A. Reynolds, and Catharine E. Kean, heirs of

Roger Kean..
Petition of Lucretia Bell, heir of Jane Van Deen, widow of Abram Van Buskirk.
Petition of Virginia Rose, for herself and the heirs of Captain Alexander Rose-

S. bill 243 ....
Petition of the legal representatives of James Purvis.....

John W. Pray, one of the heirs of John Pray.......
Papers in support of the claim of Catharine Keller to a pension....
Petition of John Mason, and others, heirs of Jeremiah Gilman.

Elizabeth A. Middleton ...
Nancy Hammond, daughter of James Dennison ....
Catbarine Lydia McLeod, only surviving heir of Ebenezer Markham.

Reports from the Committee on the Judiciary.
Protest against the election of the Hon. Graham N. Fitch and the Hon. Jesse D.

Bright, as senators in Congress from the State of Indiana; together with

part 2, being the views of the minority on the same...
Resolution of the Senate in relation to the admission of James Shields to a seat

in that body, as a senator from the State of Minnesota...
Petition of William Cruikshank and others-S, bill 260

Francis D. Pons ....
Memorial of the democratic members of the legislature of Ohio....
Senate bill, No 234, for the remission of fines, penalties, and forfeitures—S. bill



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Vol. No.
Resolution of the Senate, in relation to the expediency of conferring on the

district courts of California the powers given to the courts of the United
States by the judiciary act of 1789, under certain circumstances

2 267
Credentials of Graham N. Fitch and Jesse D. Bright, senators from the State of

2 275
Memorial of the Magnetic Telegraph Company and the New England Union

Telegraph Company; also the memorial of the American Telegraph Com-
pany, in answer thereto; and a further memorial of the Magnetic and
New England Telegraph Company, by way of reply......

2 313
Reports from the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads.
Memorial of John Scott-S. bill 118

1 39
Petition of William Moss.....,

the legal representatives of George Mayo, deceased

1 45
Memorial of Amold Harris and Samuel F. Butterworth-S. bill 237.

1 151
John M. Hinton

1 154
Petition of Sherlock & Shirley, contractors

2 202
Memorial of John Frink, contractor

2 231
Petition of S. Van Sickell, J. R. Bellerjean, and George C. Leidy, route agente.

Petition of John Wightman, a contractor....

2 260
Memorial of Daniel B. Hibbard, of Michigan-S. bill 447......

2 312
Marshall 0. Roberts and others, trustees of A. G. Sloo, contractor-
S. bill 455.....

2 326
House bill No. 652, in relation to certain post roads, approved June 14, 1858....

2 330
Reports from the Committee on Pensions.
Petition of Michael Kinney-S. bill 35..

1 9
and papers of John McVey-S. bill 53..

1 34
of Jeremiah Pendergast-S. bill 116......

1 37
William Allen...

Isaac Blauvelt

1 40
Albert G. Hopper et al., heirs at law of Garnet A. Hopper, deceased. 1 41
John Wentworth

1 42
Elijah Roath....

1 43
Thomas Joh neon

1 59
and papers of Jane Stoneham...

1 63
of Jane Baker, widow of Thomas Baker........

1 69
Mrs. Eliza A. Merchant, widow of Brevet Captain Charles G. Mer-
chant-S. bill 163.....

1 84
Joseph Dowd.

1 95
Senate bill No. 56, in relation to bounty land to certain officers and soldiers in the
military service of the United States, approved March 3, 1855....

1 136
Petition of John S. Devlin....

1 137
William R. Brownlee...

I 138
Senate bill No. 23, for the relief of Robert Dickson.

1 140
Petition of Thomas R. Carman....

1 153
John Brest ....

1 155
Memorial and accompanying papers of Mrs. Nannie Denman, widow of First
Lieutenant Frederick J. Denmad, deceased..

1 159


Vol. No.
Peticion of Joseph Paul...

1 160
Memorial of Alexander B. Hagner and Daniel R. Hagner, guardians of the

infant children of the late Major J. R. Hagner, of the United States army, 1 161
Petition of Charles West....

1 162
Anthony Caslo or Castlo...

2 177
Dr. Adam Hays

2 181
Memorial of citizens of Michigan, praying that the pension granted to the Hon.
Thomas Fitzgerald be extended to bis children....

Petition of G. Alonzo Breast....

Application of Webster S. Steele—S. bill 291.....

Petition and proofs of James A. Glanding—S. bill 292...

2 205
of Lemuel Worster-S. bill 294...

2 207
Catharine Jacobs-S. bill 298..

2 213
William Blake ..

2 217
James Smith-S. bill 302.

2 218
Memorial of Tbomas Watts..

2 222
Petition of Charles Grampp

2 223
Papers in support of the claim of Adam Bener to a pension..

2 224
Petition of John B. Miller-S. bill 309......

Resolution of the legislature of Iowa in relation to the pension of Catharine Dick-
er800—S. bill 326 ....

2 236
Memorial of Jobn Pickell--8. bill 328..

2 237
Petition of Joseph Haydes..

2 211
Papers relative to the claim of Abner Merrill-S. bill 335

2 246
House bill No. 225, to increase the pension of John Richmond..

2 262
Petition of Daniel Hay, of Illinois-S, bill 230.

2 263
Joseph Vance, and also Senate bill 239. granting a pension to Joseph

2 264
Elizabeth Uber; of Andrew Chapman; of Dolly Lincoln, Margaret

Smith, and Linda Sexton; of Cynthia Bisbop; of James Hudgins :
of George Walters; of Thomas Stephens; of Jerathmiel Doty; of
Deborah Burlingham; of Charles T. Bruckner; and the joint reso-
lution directing the Secretary of the Interior to pay certain pension
clains therein specified—Joint Res. 45....

2 278
Ebenezer Ricker-S. bill 411....

2 250
John Leach....

2 290
Mrs. Appa M. McKenney.....

2 295
Senate bill No. 395, to authorize the increase of invalid pensions in certain cases.


Reports of the Committee on the District of Columbia.

Memorial of the directors of the Columbia Institution for the instruction of the

deaf and dumb and the blind, and of sundry citizens of the
District of Columbia, praying for the aid of Congress to said

institution--S. bill 99
the National Institution for the promotion of science, at Washington

city .......
the Corporation of Georgetown-8. bill 163..

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