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attractive to the public; and have also opened. On the first Sunday there made some preparations for a bazaar: was an attendance of three in the several ladies are working for it with morning, and eight in the afternoon. spirit.

We have now on the books more

than two hundred, and we register 3. OLD KENT Road.-From the Rev.

an average attendance of one hundred James Bransom.-November 29th, 1872. and sixty. The school, too, is -About twelve months ago there efficiently worked by a goodly band of was no organized Methodism within

young men and women, who, without a distance of more than two miles exception, have been furnished from of this mission-centre ; so that there the congregation. The chapel is not were ten or more square miles of nearly large enough for the convenient London streets and London popu- management of the school, to say lation without Methodism in any shape nothing of its inadequacy as to classwhatever : the desert being relieved of accommodation. On this account its dreary aspect only slightly by the the new chapel scheme must be activities of other Churches. On a hastened. A site, a most excellent very eligible piece of unoccupied land, one, has been secured. It fronts in taken at a yearly rental, a temporary part to the Old Kent Road, and is in chapel, capable of holding three hun. the heart of the population among dred persons, was built with the sanc- whom we are working. The effort tion of the home-missionary committee. will be a great one ; but there is about A congregation soon began to gather, the people a determined spirit, which and the seats to be taken. For some is a good augury. A building on the time past, the chapel has been too small Hatcham Manor-works, about a mile for the numbers desirous of attend. from our iron chapel, which has been ing; after allowing for a proportion used by a clergyman as a school-chapel, of the seats for the Sunday-school and has been thrown upon the hands of the poor, they are all, or nearly all, let. the proprietors. They are anxious

The congregation takes its character that the place should be used for the from the neighbourhood, representing moral and religious advantage of the all classes in it. To irquire into the neighbourhood; and, provided this be history of the religious life of the con- done, they are not at all disposed to gregation, down to the opening of the make a monetary profit out of it. chapel, would lead to the conclusion Only a nominal rental will be charged, that it consisted, for the most part, of for the purpose of keeping it in repair. those who went nowhere, and of those This place, with these conditions, was who went anywhere. Of both classes, offered to us; and although our hands but more especially the latter, there are full with the project just named,

many whose early associations we regarded the circumstance as a were connected with Methodism; but providential one, and were not disposed who, coming to London, and finding to let the opportunity slip. We took no Methodist chapel within a moderate the place, therefore, and are making distance, did not go regularly to any arrangements for commencing our place of Divine worship. It is surely mission-work among the surrounding something to have brought these back population. Should our plans succeed, to a settled home, as well as others Methodism will have between Dept. who have been won from the wreck of ford and Southwark chapels, and in an almost wasted life.

one of the main arteries of the There are now meeting in class some metropolis on this side the river, three seventy persons. An interesting fea- living churches, namely, New Cross, ture of the work, is the Sunday-school. Old Kent Road, and Manor Street, At the commencement of 1872, it was where, but a short time ago, she had announced that a school would be only a name.


4. SANDHURST, BERKS.–From the chapels are secured, and in part paid Rer. R. W. Allen.—November 29th, for. 1872.–The Sandhurst home-mission A flourishing day-school has been Circuit consists of six places, whose established at Sandhurst, and a new importance and general character may building to accommodate it is now be inferred from the fact, that they are being erected, at a cost of £200, the grouped around great public institu- foundation-stone having been laid not tions, such as the Wellington College, long ago by Lord A. Churchill; and, the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asy- better than all, a Church-membership lam, the Sandhurst Military College, now exists in the Circuit, numbering and the Staff College. Originally small eighty consistent, and in many cases villages, by the establishment of these devoted, people. institutions they have come to be This year, this infant Circuit raises places of considerable and increasing £65 for the maintenance of the minispopulation. Nine years ago, there was try; whilst during the past two years, scarcely any, if any, Methodism exist- it has raised, either for the minister's ing in them, and the general condition maintenance, or for school and chapel of the inhabitants may be gathered extension, no less a sum than £502. from the fact, that in Sandhurst there There is no need to comment on such is a public-house to every fifteen houses facts as these; they speak for them. in the parish.

selves, and bear witness that, even in Into this district-first by the faith. the “Methodist wilderness" of these fulness of a few godly people who had southern counties, the soil is not un. been members of our Societies else- congenial; that, rather, like some rich where, aided from Reading, and then tract, desert only because uncultiby the indefatigable efforts of my pre- vated, it is waiting the labour of the decessors at Aldershot-Methodism husbandman to return an abundant has been introduced and vigorously harvest. established. Two years ago last Con- But, as in all such cases, to succeed ference, the first home-missionary is only to develop fresh necessities. minister, the Rev. J. B. Alger, was There is a pressing need for chapels appointed. The results are, I venture in the places where sites have been to think, almost unprecedented, even already secured. The liberal and selfamong the many and great successes denying people on the spot, none of that have attended the revival of them wealthy,-far indeed from that, home-mission enterprise amongst us. -have done, and are doing, what they Where nine years ago there was no can. They not unnaturally look to organized activity belonging to Meth- the Methodist public, and seek from it odism, there now are two admirable

some aid at least to build their chapels chapels, on valuable freehold sites, the at these places. Let this aid be given, chapels alone worth £1,150, and paid and soon there will be raised up for within a few pounds which still churches, which, in added wealth of remain on the smaller erection. prayers and offerings, shall repay the In addition, there are four other Connexion a hundredfold its timely preaching-places, in three of which and fostering liberality. eligible sites for the erection of


[The extracts which appear in our pages under the head of "General Religious Intelligence," are carefully taken from the most trustworthy sources at our command. We cannot undertake, however, to answer for the propriety, in all cases, of their literary style ; to guarantee, in every instance, the accuracy of dates, or of the names of persons and places; or to endorse all the views which, on particular subjects connected with evangelical enterprise, agents of the various Religious Societies and Committees may advance.]

PROTESTANT CARISTIANITY IN JERU- orphan asylums have been opened for SALEM.—Bishop Gobat, in a letter sent the admission of nearly two hundred to the London Society for Promoting children, who have either lost both Christianity among the Jews, reviews parents, or have only a destitute the missionary work done in Palestine mother; and at least one hundred during the twenty-five years which more have been refused admittance have passed since his arrival in Jeru- for want of room. salem. Earlier attempts had been The results of all these educational successful only in gathering a small and benevolent efforts are to be found band of Jewish proselytes, and in open- in the number of those who have ing an hospital for the same people, joined the Church. A large number Bishop Alexander had tried to open a love and keep the truths they have school, but had failed. The American learned, yet remain in the sects or missionaries had been there for some Churches of their parents, carrying years, labouring without sufficient light into those centres of lifeless results to warrant their stay; and so religion. Many have been benefited, they had withdrawn altogether. There not only in their intellectual and moral was not a single school of any Chris- condition, but in their outward cirtian denomination in all Palestine, cumstances of life. They are employed and only one native Protestant, who as catechists, school-teachers, drago, lived at Safed, in Galilee.

men, merchants, tradesmen, and The Bishop opened his first Chris- farmers. Besides these direct results, tian school at Jerusalem, in 1847, with there is to be included the establish. nine children of both sexes, which ment of at least one hundred schools within three years increased so much by the Greek, Roman, and Armenian in numbers, that it was divided into priests, in self-defence, and for the two schools, one for boys, and the other purpose of holding their ground against for girls. These, too, have so increased Protestant advance. Still, in commuin size and number, that at the present nities of Greek or Roman Catholics, time there are five in Jerusalem, the Evangelical schools outnumber the attended by over four hundred chil- others. It is a remarkable and encouragdren of both sexes; and in all Palestine ing fact that, though the parents know there twenty-five Protestant little of the truths of the Bible, they schools, in which about one thousand are impressed with what they do know, scholars are taught, from the five and what their children bring back to Christian denominations, and also them from school; and so they want from Jews, Samaritans, Moslems, and their children to know more of the Druses. So faithfully is the Word of God Scriptures, believing such knowledge inculcated in these schools, that they to be of the highest benefit. Thus is are called by the natives Bible-schools, the Gospel preached among a great after the expression employed by the part of the people.Christian Work. Greek patriarch in cursing Bishop Gobat's school at Nablous, in 1848. DECLINE OF ROMANISM IN MEXICO.In addition to these schools, three The following summary of missionary


Fork done in and aronnd the city of Assistance has been rendere i towards Muxieo will be read with interest, espe- the fitting up cf chapels in Tlalmancially by those who remember how short alco, Cocoticlan, and Tizayuca ; rural a time has elapsed since not a voice congregations have been stimulated to was there raised, or would have been extend the Gospel work to new fields; allowed to be heard, in behalf of the and when persecution has arisen, pure Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. measures have been taken to bring This summary has reference to the the subject before the general governyear 1872 :

ment and to secure its protection.In the city of Mexico the Gospel has New York Christian World. been regularly preached in four places of worship. The two most important Speaking of the progress of the are the church of the ex-convent of Gospel in Mexico, the “ American San José de Gracia and the chapel of Messenger ” says: ex-San Francisco, both of which have

No work of modern missions, espe. now become Protestant churches. At cially in Roman Catholic lands, has both of them there are large congrega- surpassed in interest and hopefulness tions. The other two places of wor- the progress of the truth in Mexico. ship are missions, one in a house in But a few years since there was not a the street Manzanares, and the other single Evangelical church in that in the national prison.

Republic; now there are scores. A mission has been maintained in Then Presbyter Manuel Aguas was the the town of Joquicingo, of which Mr. great preacher of the Roman cathedral Hernandez is pastor. Here the con- at the capital; now he is the eloquent gregation numbers over one hundred Protestant pastor of a large congregaand fifty, and there is in connection tion in an immense church bought by with it a boys' school.

American Christians in that same The department of Christian pub. capital. Then Romanism controlled lications has received continued at the political, civil, social, and domestic tention. As far as funds would allow, relations of the people; now its power pamphlets, tracts, and occasional is broken, its prestige gone, and its papers of a suitable character have priesthood vainly struggling with the been prepared for the different congre- advancing wave of freedom. Aguas, the gations in Central Mexico. A deposi. Gavazzi of Mexico, gives the following tory has also been maintained for the account of his conversion in writing to sale of Bibles and tracts, and systematic a New York gentleman who had contridistribution has been pursued. The buted largely to the work in Mexico :depository is situated in the best street “ Allow me heartily to thank you for in the Mexican capital.

what you have done in our behalf. Part A Sunday-school, a large and very of your contribution for Mexico was consuccessful boys’ school and a Christian verted into Christian pamphlets that school for girls have all been well were widely and effectively circulated maintained in the city of Mexico. here. One of these arrived at my sad

A Young Men's Christian Association dwelling, where I was despairingly has accomplished much good at the suffering because I had not been able capital; and some efforts have been to find peace for my soul, finding my. pat forth towards educating young self as I then did in the darkness of men for the Christian ministry. Roman idolatry; but from the time

While the numerous Christian that I read that Christian pamphletcongregations in the surrounding little esteemed by the worldly, but country have been encouraged so far most precious to me as containing the as possible to depend upon their own Divine truth-the Lord commenced to resources, aid has in various ways lead me little by little, in a manner at been accorded to some of them. once sweet and powerful, without in

the least wounding my free-will, until years, constitute foundations, in con. He guided me into the glorious light formity with their institutions, from of faith, where I find myself so happy, the profits of the churches belonging and where, in spite of my littleness, to them. When the two years' term by the Lord's help, with the Bible in has expired, the government will no my hand, I have succeeded in making longer recognize their civil individual. the Roman magnates in this capital ity, but will treat with the foreign tremble with dread and consterna

governments whose subjects they are, tion."

to determine what is to be done with

their property. Their immovable ITALY: SUPPRESSION OF RELIGIOUS property will be sold, and the proORDERS IN ROME.-The Italian Parlia ceeds formed into a treasury for the ment opened on the 20th of November payment of the pensions, under the last. A Bill for the Suppression of control of the ministry.-Evangelical Religious Corporations was introduced Christendom. by the Minister of Justice on that day. It declares that the laws of 1866, 1867,

THE JESUIT MISSION TO THE FREED. 1868, and 1870, relative to the suppres

MEN OF AMERICA.-The foes upon us are sion of religious corporations and the

the Jesuits and their allies. Expelled conversion of their property, shall be

from Europe, they confront us on this

side the water like an invading army. applied to the province and city of Rome. The bill, however, maintains

Perfectly organized and disciplined, the houses of the directors of those

and under the command of a single head corporations that have a director or

-the “ Black Pope"-whose visit to deputy director in the city of Rome.

this country is announced, they advance The original property of such houses

to the attempted conquest of our land. may be retained, but cannot be in

Now a powerful column is turning its creased, and they will not enjoy civil

point upon the Freedmen, and it is

time the watchmen, through the rights. The property of the suppressed corporations will continue to be religious press and the pulpit, should applied to the charitable purposes for give the alarm. In some of the secular which they were originally established.

papers were published some time

since such facts as should be known The edifices appertaining to the religious establishments in Rome will by all friends of the Freedmen. The

facts are as follows:remain at their disposal until such

Tue Jesuits have for a long time time as the pensions to be granted entertained the idea of a mission to shall have been decided upon, which

the Negroes of North America, and decision must be arrived at within

after various delays the Pope, through twelve months. The property of the

the Propaganda at Rome, has confided religious corporations in the city of the work to the English Catholics. Rome will be converted into inalien.

Archbishop Manning is the prime able public rentes. The minister, fin

He and the Jesuits, the course of his speech, added that

satisfied with what they are doing to the total net revenue of the corpora Romanize England, have in charge tions amounts to seven million one

special foreign missionary society calle hundred and ninety-two thousand the St. Joseph's Society. For th francs.

purpose of raising up the missionarie The Bill provides for the pensioning a foreign missionary college is in fu of the members of the suppressed operation near London. The pris convents at rates varying om one cipal of this college is Dr. Vaugha hundred and fifty lire to six hundred the editor also of the London "Tablet lire per annum. The foreign religious the organ of the Roman Church bodies, which are included in the England, Dr. Vaughan in the “ Table Expropriation Bill, may, during two thus sets forth the project :



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