Letters to Soame Jenyns, Esq., occasioned by his Free enquiry into the nature and origin of evil: to which are added, three discourses. I. On conscience, II. On inspiration. III, On a paradisiacal state

S. Parker, 1768 - 227 páginas

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Página 126 - When you have proved that the three angles of every triangle are equal to two right angles...
Página 49 - Many in chriftian countries have formerly been fainted for long fafting, for whipping or tormenting themfelves, for fitting whole years in uneafy poftures, or expofing themfelves to the inclemency of the weather on the tops of pillars. Many at this day in the Eaft are almoft deified for loading themfelves with heavy chains, bending under burthens, or confining themfelves in chairs (luck round with pointed nails.
Página 104 - not " not of this world. If my kingdom were " of this world, then would my fervants " fight, that I mould not be delivered to " the Jews : but now is my kingdom not •* from hence.
Página 18 - Chriftians have agreed in this one point, though differing in all others ; and have all treated it as a felf-evident principle, that the...
Página 151 - Which mew the work of the law written, in their hearts, their confcience alfo bearing witnefs,. and their thoughts the mean while accufmg or elfe excufmg one another ;) 1 6 In the day when God fhall jucige the fecrets of men by Jefus' Chrift according to my gofpel.
Página 40 - ... to affirm Man could ever have been exempted, fo long as he continued to be Man. God indeed might have made us quite other creatures, and placed us in a world quite otherwife conftituted ; but then we had been no longer Men ; and whatever Beings had occupied our ftations...
Página 152 - Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, thefe having not the law, are a law unto...
Página 14 - Performance was to fhew the Excellence and Credibility of the Chriftian Religion. Such Afliftance the Chriftian Religion wants not ; and fuch paultry Efforts, to fap its Foundation, defpifes. When you affirm, " it is impoflible for Omnipotence itfelf to give a perfect Government, or a perfect Religion, to an imperfect Creature :" your affertion can only be fupported by a mere Quibble upon Terms.
Página 147 - ... good a worke was fet on foot, which in our adverfaries beget contempt and fcorn, fills me with wonder, and is the very fame objection the infolent Pagans firft caft at Chrift and his Difciples.
Página 159 - ... and fweet for bitter. The apoftle himfelf declares, fpeaking in the character of a Jew, that he had not known fin but by the law, for he had not known luft, except the law had faid, thou Jhalt not covet. That is, we mould not have known fin fo certainly and precifely, in all its minute branches, and latent principles, but by the law.

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