The American Bird Fancier; Or, How to Breed, Rear, and Care for Song and Domestic Birds: With Their Diseases and Remedies

Orange Judd Company, 1892 - 116 páginas

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Página 97 - The pouter is of large size, often measuring eighteen inches in length from the tip of the beak to the end of the tail.
Página 44 - It was wheeled in a barrow, to convey it, as it were to the hospital ; after which it flew away before the company. The seventh turned a kind of windmill ; and the last bird stood in the midst of some fire-works which were discharged all round it, and this without exhibiting the least symptom of fear.
Página 44 - One appeared dead, and was held up by the tail or claw without exhibiting any signs of life. A second stood on its head, with its claws in the air. A third imitated a Dutch milkmaid going to market, with pails on its shoulders. A fourth mimicked a Venetian girl looking out at a window. A fifth appeared as a soldier, and mounted guard as a sentinel.
Página 95 - ... the greater the breadth of which, the more it is admired. When the incrusted flesh round the eye is very thick and broad, it shows that the pigeon will prove a good breeder, and will rear fine young ones. The properties attributed to the carrier, and prized by the fanciers, are three in the head, three in the eye, three in the wattle, and three in the beak. The properties of the head consist in its being flat, long, and straight : for instance, if the head be very long, narrow and flat, it is...

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