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56. To tell a falsehood is like the cut of a saber; for though the wound may heal, the scar of it will remain.-Sadi.

57. For right is right, since God is God,

And right the day must win;
To doubt would be disloyalty,

To falter would be sin.-Faber.

58. Were I, O God, in churchless lands remaining,

Far from all voice of teachers and divines, My soul would find, in flowers of thy ordaining,

Priests, sermons, shrines.Horace Smith.

59. Be kind to thy mother, for when thou wast young

Who loved thee so fondly as she ? [tongue, She caught the first accents that fell from thy

And joined in thy innocent glee. —Anon.

60. Have Love! Not love alone for one;

But man as man, thy brother call;
And scatter, like the circling sun,

Thy charities on all.—Schiller.

61. He who does one fault at first,

And lies to hide it makes it two.- Watts.

62. Your voiceless lips, O flowers ! are living

preachers, Each cup a pulpit, and each leaf a book, Supplying to my fancy numerous teachers

From loveliest nook.-Horace Smith.

63. O'er the darkest night of sorrow,

From the deadliest field of strife,
Dawns a clearer, brighter morrow,

Springs a truer, nobler life.-J. Fagan.

64. Traverse the desert, and then ye can tell

What treasures exist in the cold, deep well;
Sink in despair on the red parched earth,
And then ye may reckon what water is worth.

-Eliza Cook,


How dreary would the meadow be

In the pleasant summer light,
Suppose there wasn't a bird to sing,
And suppose the grass was white.

-Alice Carey.

66. Duty points, with outstretched fingers,

Every soul to action high;
Wo betide the soul that lingers,

Onward ! onward is the cry.-J. Fagan.

67. Ours is the seed-time; God alone

Beholds the end of what is sown;
Beyond our vision, weak and dim,
The harvest time is hid with Him.- Whittier.

68. Have Hope! Though clouds environ round,

And gladness hides her face in scorn,
Put thou the shadow from thy brow,-

No night but hath its morn.-Schiller.

69. Howe'er it be, it seems to me

'Tis only noble to be good;
Kind hearts are more than coronets,
And simple faith than Norman blood.

- Tennyson.

70. 'Tis sweet to think, when struggling

The goal of life to win,
That just beyond the shores of time

The better years begin.— Curry.

71. Wisdom, with our stature, grant us,

Goodness for each growing year, —
Nor let folly's wiles enchant us
From our duty's sacred sphere.

-Mrs. Sigourney. 72. Look upon the bright side of your condition; then your discontents will disperse. Pore not upon your losses, but recount your mercies. — Watson.

73. Be kind to thy father, and let on his brow

No traces of sorrow be seen; O well may'st thou cherish and comfort him now,

For loving and kind hath he been.—Anon.


Dare to do right! dare to be true!
For you have a work no other can do;
Do it so bravely, so kindly, so well,
Angels will hasten the story to tell.—Anon.

75. Small service is true service while it lasts;

Of friends, however humble, spurn not one; The daisy, by the shadow that it casts, Protects the lingering dew-drop from the sun.


76. There's not a leaf within the bower,

There's not a bird upon the tree,
There's not a dew-drop on the flower
But bears the impress, Lord, of thee.

-Mrs. Opie. 77. The world has a spirit of beauty,

Which looks upon all for the best,
And, while it discharges its duty,

To Providence leaves all the rest:
That spirit's the dream of devotion

Which lights us through life to its close,
And sets, like the sun in the ocean,
More beautiful far than it rose.

-Geo. P. Morris

78. We see but dimly through the mists and vapors

Amid these earthly damps,
What seem to us like sad funereal tapers,

May be Heaven's distant lamps. —Longfellow.

79. How doth the sweet and quiet eye

Look through its fringes to the sky,
Blue,-blue,-as if that sky let fall
A flower from its cerulean wall;
I would that thus, when I shall see
The hour of death draw near to me,
Hope, blossoming within my heart,
May look to heaven as I depart.Bryant

80. 'Tis greatly wise to talk with our past hours, And ask them what report they bore to heaven.


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