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N. V.


(7, 8, 9, 10, 11.) 0

GOD, my heart is fix'd, 'tis bent,

Its thankful tribute to present;
And with my heart my voice I'll raise
To Thee, my God, in songs of praise.
Awake, my glory; harp and lute,
No longer let your strings be mute;
And I, my tuneful part to take,
Will with the early dawn awake.
Thy praises, Lord, I will resound
To all the list’ning nations round :
Thy mercy highest heaven transcends,
Thy truth beyond the clouds extends.
Be Thou, O God, exalted high;
And, as Thy glory fills the sky,
So let it be on earth display'd,
Till Thou art here, as there, obey'd.

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I.—(1. 4, 5.)

N. v. 0

GOD, my gracious God, to Thee

My morning prayers shall offer'd be ; For Thee my thirsty soul doth pant : My fainting flesh implores Thy grace, Within this dry and barren place,

Where I refreshing waters want.

My life, while I that life enjoy,
In blessing God I will employ,

With lifted hands adore His Name :
My soul's content shall be as great
As theirs who choicest dainties eat,

While I with joy His praise proclaim.

When down I lie sweet sleep to find,
Thou, Lord, art present to my mind;

And when I wake in dead of night:
Because Thou still dost succour bring,
Beneath the shadow of Thy wing

I rest with safety and delight.

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II. O GOD! Thou art my God alone,

Thee, in the watches of the night, Early to Thee my soul shall cry; When I remember on my bed, A pilgrim in a land unknown,

Thy presence makes the darkness light, A thirsty land whose springs are dry. Thy guardian wings are round my head. Yet, through this rough and thorny maze, Better than life itself Thy love, I follow hard on Thee, my God!

Dearer than all beside to me; Thine hand unseen upholds my ways,

For whom have I in heaven above, I safely tread where Thou hast trod. Or what on earth, compared with Thee ?

Praise with my heart, my mind, my voice,

For all Thy mercy I will give;
My soul shall still in God rejoice,

My tongue shall bless Thee while I live.

From RAVENSCROFT's AUDI ISRAEL. (OldTen Commandments Tune.”) L. M. «Songs Spiritual,' 1621.

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II.-(9, 10, 11. 13.) N. v. LORD, from Thy unexhausted store

Thy rain relieves the thirsty ground; Makes lands, that barren were before,

With corn and useful fruits abound. On rising ridges down it pours,

And ev'ry furrow'd valley fills; Thou mak'st them soft with gentle showers,

In which a bless'd increase distils. Thy goodness does the circling year

With fresh returns of plenty crown; And, where Thy glorious paths appear,

Thy fruitful clonds drop fatness down. Large flocks with fleecy wool adorn

The cheerful downs; the valleys bring A plenteous crop of full-ear'd corn,

And seem for joy to shout and sing.

Our sins, though numberless, in vain,

To stop Thy flowing mercy try ; Whilst Thou o'erlook’st the guilty stain, And washest out the crimson dye.

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