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N. v.



II.-(1.3, 4.7.)
ISRAEL'S Shepherd, Joseph's Guide,

Our prayers to Thee vouchsafe to hear;
Thou that dost on the cherubs ride,

Again in solemn state appear.
Do Thou convert us, Lord, do Thou

The lustre of Thy face display ;
And all the ills we suffer now,

Like scatter'd clouds, shall pass away.
O Thou, whom heavenly hosts obey,

How long shall Thy fierce anger burn?
How long Thy suff'ring people pray,

And to their prayers have no return ?
Do Thou convert us, Lord, do Thou

The lustre of Thy face display;
And all the ills we suffer now,

Like scatter'd clouds, shall pass away.

Rev. W. JONES. Died, 1799.

The original melody and harmony; transposed C. M.

from the key of Bb.*

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GOD, our strength, to Thee the song And Thou, O ever gracious Lord,
With grateful hearts we raise ;

Wilt keep Thy promise still,
To Thee, and Thee alone, belong

If, meekly hearkening to Thy Word, All worship, love, and praise.

We seek to do Thy will. In trouble's dark and stormy hour

Led by the light Thy grace imparts Thine ear hath heard our prayer,

Ne'er may we bow the knee And graciously Thine arm of power

To idols, which our wayward hearts Hath saved us from despair.

Set up

instead of Thee.
So shall Thy choicest gifts, O Lord,

Thy faithful people bless,
For them shall earth its stores afford,

And heaven its happiness.

* As printed (for the 23rd Psalm) in " Ten Church Pieces for the Organ, with four Anthems, for the use of Nayland Church, in Suffolk; and published for its benefit by William Jones, M.A., F.R.S., author of a Treatise the Art of Music, &c., Opera II.” With a Dedication to Lady Rushout, dated "Nayland, March 25, 1789."

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N. v.


I.-(1, 2. 4, 5.)
O GOD of hosts, the mighty Lord,
Where Thou, enthron'd in glory, show'st

The brightness of thy face !
My longing soul faints with desire

To view Thy bless'd abode;
My panting heart and flesh cry out

For Thee, the living God.
O Lord of hosts, my King and God,

How highly bless'd are they
Who in Thy temple always dwell,

And there Thy praise display!
Thrice happy they, whose choice has Thee

Their sure protection made:
Who long to tread the sacred ways
That to Thy dwelling lead !


II.—(9, 10, 11, 12.) N. V. BEHOLD, O God, for Thou alone

Canst timely aid dispense; On Thy anointed servant look,

Be Thou his strong defence : For in Thy courts one single day

'Tis better to attend,
Than, Lord, in any place besides

A thousand days to spend.
For God, who is our Sun and Shield,

Will grace and glory give;
And no good thing will he withhold

From them that justly live.
Thou God, whom heavenly hosts obey,

How highly bless'd is he, Whose hope and trust, securely placed,

Is still reposed on Thee !

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ZION, glorious things to come

Of thee thy prophets sing,
Thou dwelling-place and earthly rest

Of heaven's eternal King.
Dark Egypt's sons and Babylon

To thee shall soon be known;
The Tyrian and the Philistine

Be number'd with thine own.
Lo! from Arabia's shores afar,

The region of the morn,
New names to Zion's mount are come,

New souls to God are born.
The birthright of thy citizens

Glad strangers now shall share,
All born anew to God, who builds

Their home of comfort there.

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(1.3, 4. 12.)

N. V.
O LORD, the Saviour and defence

Of us Thy chosen race,
From age to age Thou still hast been

Our sure abiding-place.
Thou turnest man, O Lord, to dust,

Of which he first was made ;
And when Thou speak’st the word “ Return,”

'Tis instantly obey'd.
For in Thy sight a thousand years

Are like a day that's past,
Or like a watch in dead of night,

Whose hours unminded waste.
So teach us, Lord, the uncertain sum

Of our short days to mind,
That to true wisdom all our hearts

May ever be inclined.

* Lither Psalm may be sung to either Tune.

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