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TO God, the mighty Lord,

I.-(1. 6, 7, 8, 9. 25, 26.)

N. v.

Through heaven He did display Your joyful thanks repeat;

His num'rous hosts of light; To Him due praise afford,

The sun to rule by day, As good as He is great.

The moon and stars by night.
For God does prove

For God does prove
Our constant friend ;

Our constant friend ;
His boundless love

His boundless love
Shall never end.

Shall never end,

He spread the ocean round

About the spacious land ;
And made the rising ground
Above the waters stand.
For God does prove

Our constant friend;
His boundless love

Shall never end.

He does the food supply

On which all creatures live :
To God who reigns on high
Eternal praises give.
For God will prove

Our constant friend ;
His boundless love

Shall never end.

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CXXXVI. (II.) PRAISE the Lord, for He is love, Who by wisdom heaven array'd, And His mercy lives for ever;

For His mercy lives for ever ; God of all the gods above,

Earth above the waters laid, For His mercy lives for ever.

For His mercy lives for ever. Lord of Lords, Him bless and own,

Who did wondrous lights ordain, For His mercy lives for ever;

For His mercy lives for ever ; Doing wondrous deeds alone,

The bright sun o'er day to reign, For His mercy lives for ever.

For His mercy lives for ever.

Praise God in His heavenly shrine,

For His mercy lives for ever;
Lord of Lords, all praise be Thine,

For Thy mercy lives for ever.

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(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 23, 24.).

N. V.
THOU, Lord, by strictest search hast known
My secret thoughts are known to Thee,
Known long before conceived by me.
Thine eye my bed and path surveys,
My public haunts and private ways;
Thou know'st what 'tis my lips would vent,
My yet unutter'd words' intent.
Surrounded by Thy power I stand,
On every side I find Thy hand :
O skill, for human reach too high!
Too dazzling bright for mortal eye!
Search, try, O God, my thoughts and heart,
If mischief lurks in any part;
Correct me where I go astray,
And guide me in Thy perfect way.


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From PLAYFORD'S Psalter. 1671.

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N, V.

LORD: my complaints to Thee ascend,
And hear my voice, when I to thee

Present my humble cry.
As incense, let my fervent prayer,

Before Thy Throne arise:
And my uplifted hands be like

The evening sacrifice.
To Thee, O Lord, my faithful eyes

In patience are address'd :
Thou art my trust, О leave me not

Forsaken and oppress'd.


(1, 2. 9, 10).
Thy wonted audience lend ;

to my cry In Thy accustom'd faith and truth

A gracious answer send.
Nor at Thy strict tribunal bring

Thy servant to be tried ;
For in Thy sight no living man

Can e'er be justified.
Do Thoa, O Lord, from all my foes

Preserve and set me free;
A safe retreat against their rage

My soul implores from Thee.
Thou art my God, Thy righteous will

Instruct me to obey:
Let Thy good Spirit lead and keep
My soul in Thy right way.

• Master of a Latheran school, and Musikdirector at Biberach in Swabla, where he was born 1752.

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1.-(1, 2, 3. 8. 13.)

N. v. THEE I'll extol, my God and King, The Lord is good, fresh acts of grace Thy endless praise proclaim;

His pity still supplies; This tribute daily I will bring,

His anger moves with slowest pace, And ever bless Thy Name.

His willing mercy flies.

Thou, Lord, beyond compare art great,

And highly to be praised;
Thy majesty, with boundless height,

Above our knowledge raised.

His stedfast throne, from changes free,

Shall stand for ever fast;
His boundless sway no end shall see,

But time itself outlast.

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