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LREAT is the Lord, and greatly praised, The eyes of all Thy bounty wait, ,
His greatness hath no bound;

Thou givest them their food;
Age shall to age Thy works declare, And from Thy open'd hand each thing
And mighty deeds resound.

That lives is filld with good.
The Lord the weak and failing feet The Lord is righteous in His ways,
Doth by His grace

His works are holy all;
And those that human frailty bows, And nigh is He to all whose lips
He raises up again.

On Him sincerely call.
My mouth the praises of the Lord

Shall to the world proclaim ;
And let all flesh for ever bless

And magnify His Name.



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(1, 2. 5, 6. 10.)

N. V.

PRAISE the Lord, and thou, my soul,

For ever bless His Name;
His wondrous love, while life shall last,

My constant praise shall claim.
Thrice happy he, who Jacob's God

For his protector takes ;
Who still with well-placed hope the Lord

His constant refuge makes.
The Lord, who made both heaven and earth,

And all that they contain,
Will never quit His stedfast truth,

Nor make His promise vain.
The God that does in Sion dwell

Is our eternal King:
From age to age His reign endures;

Let all His praises sing.

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II. PRAISE the Lord, ye hosts above! Kings! your Sovereign serve with awe; Spirits perfected in love;

Judges ! own His righteous law; Sun and moon! your voices raise, Princes! worship Him with fear ; Sing, ye stars ! your Maker's praise. Bow the knee, all people here! Earth! from all thy depths below, Let His truth by babes be told, Ocean's hallelujahs flow;

And His wonders by the old ; Lightning, vapour, wind, and storm, Youths and maidens ! in your primc, Hail and snow! His will perform. Learn the lays of heaven betime.

High above all height His throne,
Excellent His Name alone;
Him let all His works confess,
Him let every being bless.

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