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+ GOUDIMEL'S 146th Psalm. 8, 7, 8, 7, 4, 7.

The French Psalter.

Paris, 1565.

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Gotha.' L. M.

Cantional of Gotha. 1631. soedd dd d


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The Lord will come! but not the same
The bruised, the suffering, and the dead.

7. THE Lord will come! the earth shall quake, | The Lord will come! a dreadful form,

The hills their fixed seat forsake; With wreath of flame, and robe of storm, And

, withering, from the vault of night On cherub wings, and wings of wind, The stars withdraw their feeble light.

Anointed Judge of human-kind.
Can this be He who wont to stray
A pilgrim on the world's highway,
By power oppress'd and mock'd by pride,
The Nazarene, the Crucified ?

As once in lowly form He came,
A silent Lamb to slaughter led,

Go, tyrants! to the rocks complain ;
Go, seek the mountain's cleft in vain;
But faith, victorious o'er the tomb,
Shall sing for joy—The Lord is come!

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8. 0

SAVIOUR, is Thy promise fled,

Nor longer might Thy grace endure
To heal the sick, and raise the dead,

And preach Thy Gospel to the poor?
Come, JESUS, come ! return again ;

With brighter beam Thy servants bless,
Who long to feel Thy perfect reign,

And share Thy kingdom's happiness.
Come, JESUS, come; and, as of yore,

The prophet went to clear Thy way,
A harbinger Thy feet before,

A dawning to Thy brighter day;
So now may grace with heavenly shower

Our stony hearts for truth prepare ;
Sow in our souls the seed of power,

Then come and reap Thy harvest there.
* Tune of the “Prayer by Robert Wisdome," in the English Psalter, 1563,


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TOSANNA to the living Lord!

Hosanna to the Incarnate Word!
To Christ, Creator, Saviour, King,
Let earth, let heaven Hosanna sing.
O Saviour! with protecting care
Return to this Thy House of Prayer :
Assembled in Thy sacred Name,
Where we Thy parting promise claim.
But, chiefest, in our cleansed breast,
Eternal! bid Thy Spirit rest;
And make our secret soul to be
A temple pure, and worthy Thee !
So in the last and dreadful day,
When earth and heaven shall melt away,
Thy flock, redeem'd from sinful stain,
Shall swell the sound of praise again.
• From their 'Spiritual Songs.' printed at Andernach.

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