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sins; but now, O Lord, we desire to turn from our evil ways, and to return to Thee with all our hearts, seeking Thy face; O hide not Thy face from us, nor cast Thy servants away in displeasure. Forgive and put away all our offences and abominations, for the merits and satisfaction of Thy dear Son; in Him be reconciled unto us; and restore us again to Thy grace, that our eyes may see Thy salvation. And now, O Lord, we go to our beds as to our graves, and know not but that we may awake in another world; live or die, we commend ourselves to Thy mercy and goodness, beseeching Thee to receive us under the wings of Thy protection, where we may rest safe and secure from all evils. And with ourselves, we recommend unto Thee all whom any relation or occasion hath made near or dear unto us; (especially * * * *). Thou keeper of Israel, who dost neither slumber nor sleep, receive us all into Thy keeping, and preserve our souls in perpetual peace and safety; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Dr Hammond.)


MOST gracious God and loving Father, who

knowest our down-lying and our up-rising, and art near to all that call upon Thee in truth and sincerity; we wretched sinners most heartily beseech Thee to look upon us with the eyes of Thy mercy, and let Thy Holy Spirit work in us such serious repentance, that we may with sorrow lament our sins past, with sincerity of heart be humbled for our sins present, and with all our endeavours resist the same for the time to come.

And now, O Lord, we bless Thee for our health, food, raiment, and prosperity; and more especially that Thou hast defended us this day now past from all dangers and perils both of body and soul, furnishing us with all necessary good things that we stand in need of: sanctify unto us, we beseech Thee, this night's rest and sleep, that we may enjoy the same as Thy blessing and benefit, that this dull and wearied body being refreshed with moderate sleep, we may thereby be better enabled to walk before Thee, doing all such good works as Thou hast appointed, when it shall please Thee of Thy goodness to awake us in the morning. Keep our hearts, O Lord, in Thy fear, and guide all the course of our lives by Thy favour, and prepare us for the hour of death and dissolution, that if Thou shouldest this night make our bed in the dark, and turn our sleep into death, we may die unto Thee who livest everlastingly. These mercies and all other blessings which Thou, O holy and merciful Father, knowest to be necessary or expedient for us, or any that belong

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unto us, for whom we are bound to pray (especially

) we humbly beg of Thee, in the name and for the sake of Jesus Christ, who hath taught us thus to pray:

OUR Father, which art in Heaven, &c.


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