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contains Epigrammes, , The Forrest, The Under-Wood, Miscellany (lots of songs) Leer comentario completo


To the Reader 7
To King James 8
To Alchymists 9
To my lord Ignorant 10
ent at the hearing 122
A Song 123
In the person of Woman kind 124
Another In defence of their incon stancie 125
A Nymphs Passion 126
The Houreglasse 127
My Piccure Left in Scotland 127
The Dreame 129

To Doctor Empirick 11
On Courtworme 12
To the learned Critick 13
On Sir Cod the perfumed
To John Donne 15
To Sir Annual Tilter page 17 XXIX To Sir Annual Tilter Xxx To Person Guiltie 18
To the Same 19
To the Ghost of Martial 20
On Old Colt 21
On Giles and Jone 22
On Chuffe Bancks the Usurers Kinsman 23
To Sir Lucklesse Wooall 24
To Sir Cod 25
To Censorious Courtling 26
On Chevril 26
On Baudes and Usurers 28
To William Lord Mounteagle 29
To Sir Henrie Cary 32
On Playwright 33
On CourtParrat 34
To Thomas Lord Chancelor 35
On Lippe the Teacher 36
To one that desired me not to name him 37
Of Life and Death 38
To a Friend 39
To the same 40
On English Mounsieur 41
On Mill my Ladies Woman 42
To Sir Horace Vere 43
To Sir John Radcliffe 45
xcy To Sir Henrie Savile 46
Inviting a friend to supper 50
To William Earle of Pembroke 51
To Mary Lady Wroth 52
To Sir Edward Herbert 54
To true Souldiers 55
To Sir Henry Nevil 56
To the same On the same 57
To a weake Gamster in Poetry 58
To Mrs Philip Sydney 59
To Sir William Jephson 60
On Groyne 61
To Sir Raph Shelton 62
To Benjamin Rudyerd 63
Epitaph on Elizabeth L H 64
To Sir William Uvedale 65
To William Roe 66
To Mime 67
Why I write not of Love page 76
Epistle to Elizabeth Countesse
Ode To Sir William Sydney on
His discourse with Cupid page 116
Desert 117
mending the former 118
Urging her of a promise 119
Dictamen 120
An Epistle to Sir Edward Sacvile Now Earle of Dorset 131
An Epistle to Master John Selden 135
An Epistle to a Friend to perswade him to the Warres 138
An Epitaph on Master Philip Gray 144
An Elegie 145
An Ode to James Earle of Desmond 152
A Sonnet To the Lady Mary Wroth 156
England 159
Elsmere For a poore Man 160
An Epigram to the Councelloûr that pleaded and carried the Cause 161
An Epigram To the small Poxe 162
An Epitaph 163
An Epistle to a Friend 164
An Elegie 165
An Execration upon Vulcan 176
A speach according to Horace 183
Squib 186
An Epigram on Sir Edward Coke when he was Lord Chiefe Justice of England 187
An Epistle answering to one that asked to be Sealed of the Tribe of Ben 188
The Dedication of the Kings New Cellar To Bacchus 190
An Epigram To the Honourd
Lord Bacons Birthday 195
My Answer The Poet to the Painter 196
An Epigram To William Earle of Newcastle 197 Newcastle
Epistle to Mr Arthur Squib 198
Epistle To My Lady Covell 199
To Master John Burges 200
Epigram to my Bookseller 201 LVII Epigram to my Bookseller LIX An Epigram To William Earle of Newcastle 201
An Epitaph on Henry L Laware To the Passerby 202
An Epigram 203
An Epigram To K Charles for a 100
An Epigram To K Charles On his Anniversary Day 1629 205
An Epigram on the Princes birth 1630 206
An Ode or Song by all the Muses In celebration of her Majesties birth day 1630 207
An Epigram to the Household 1630 209
To the L Weston An
The Humble Petition of Poore Ben
To the King on the Christning
Dialogue of Horace and Lydia
of Trees and Herbes page 259
In Authorem Nicholas Breton 260
Peace 261
Author Ad Librum 262
Ode Enthousiastike 263
Proludium 264
Ode Allegorike 265
To the Author Thomas Wright 269
Song From The Masque of Beautie 270
To the Worthy Author M John Fletcher 271
Charme From The Masque of Queenes 272
Epitaph On Cecilia Bulstrode 273
To the London Reader on the Odcombian Writer 274
XXL Satyres Catch From Oberon 276
Cyclopes Song From Mercury Vindi
Song From Neptunes Triumph 287
Song From The Sad Shepherd page 320

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