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dear little wrist, while with the other he picked his eyelashes.

« Ashbel is easier than he was yesterday;" turning to the table where he had deposited his valise, he proceeded to deal out medicine.

Mr. Willard, observing the large portions that he was dealing out, said, ū I should think those were large enough for an adult; he is a weak little fellow, and cannot bear much."

The Doctor half angrily replied, “I think, neighbor, you had better produce your diploma before you dictate to me in my profession."

“ Pardon me, Doctor, I had no malice at heart.”

“Malice or not malice, you owe me a treat, for not boxing your ears for your sauce.”

“Well, well, walk into the bar-room, I'll pay

that debt." As the Doctor was about to take

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leave of the sick room, he turned to Mrs. Willard, “I think I had better prescribe for you before I go; I think that a sling well nutmegged will do you good,” casting a meaning glance at the hired girl, as he spoke.

Mrs. Willard affected a severe cough, and said with some hesitation, “I took cold yesterday, and I think some black strap would remove this tickling in my throat, and perhaps this soreness across me."

As they left the room, the Doctor growled to himself, “ Black strap ; I'd give you black strap, but it should be made of cowhide, if you was my wife.”

Mr. Willard, not understanding this remark, said, “Come along, old growler, and get your treat," handing him a bottle of brandy. As he was filling his glass almost to running over, Mr. Willard exclaimed, “Hold on, don't

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get so drunk that you will not be able to come, if I send for you, before Dr. Livingston gets here."

“Sent for Livingston, eh? Well, send for him, and he be d- -d for all that I care."

Mr. Willard asked Joe, as he came up,

“How is Blitz this morning ?” “Oh, he is so stiff that he can hardly move, I have been rubbing him these four hours.” “ What time was it when


left Roselle yesterday?"

“I don't know exactly, but about three o'clock."

“ And got here before two; pretty hard drive that, ten miles an hour, and eleven in succession; that is too bad, Mr. Willard, Blitz will never get over that.”

Joe looked down and continued, “I am sorry, sorry."

Joe, I am sorry too, but that is a small part of my sorrow."


“ I know that, Mr. Willard ; how is onr little pet this morning ?”

“In reality he is no better, I must go to him. But by the way, did Bob take Doll when he went for the Doctor ?"

· Yes, and it is time he was back. She is fleet as a bird—it don't take long to go eight miles with her."

“ Joe, did you give Mrs. Willard the keys while I was gone ?" “Certainly not." Do

you know where she got what she drank yesterday ?"

"I suppose I do. Agnes told me."

He hesitated, and seemed unwilling to tell.

“ Well, Joe, what did Agnes tell

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you ?"

Why she said, that she actually drank the rum that was used to wet bub's head in."

Mr. Willard turned away in disgust,

groaning to himself, “ Has it come to this, has it come to this ?”

With as much composure as possible, he returned, where he watched the changing countenance of his child, and began to think that Bob was gone a great while. At length Agnes told him that Bob had come, and that the Doctor was not at home, and would not return till next day. But he left word for him to come as soon as possible. The tears of the father fell fast; he knew that the disease was settling in his head. The mother wept several times through the day. Agnes said it was because she could not get her “bitters ;" but the husband and father did not think so. It is not easy to destroy the last vestige of confidence in one that we are desirous of loving. Mr. Willard pitied her; he knew that the appetite she had acquired held her in a most cruel


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