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[Bishop Sanderson's inmost Thoughts. ]

[Want of the Bible in Paris.] SUT since I have thus ad- “During the peace of Amiens, a com

ventured to unbowel my- mittee of English gentlemen went over to self, and to lay open the Paris for the purpose of taking steps to

very inmost thoughts of my supply the French with the Bible in their

a heart in this sad business own language. Of this committee Mr. H. before God and the world; I shall hope to (Hardcastle) was one, and he assured me find so much charity from all my Christian that the fact which was published was litebrethren as to show me my error, if in any rally true that they searched Paris for thing I have now said I be mistaken, that several days before a single Bible could be I may retract it; and to pardon those ex- found."-SILLIMAN's Travels, vol. 1, p. 167. cesses in modo loquendi, if they can observe any such, which might possibly, whilst I was passionately intent upon the matter, unawares drop from my pen ;-civilities

[Religious Improvement.] which we mutually owe one to another, In a dialogue or familiar talk by Michael damus hanc veniam, petimusque vicissim, con- Wood, 1554, it is said “ Who could twenty sidering how hard a thing it is, amid so years agone say the Lord's prayer in Engmany passions and infirmities as our cor- lish? Who could tell any one article of rupt nature is subject to, to do or say all his faith? Who had once heard of any of that is needful in a weighty business, and the Ten Commandments? Who wist what not in something or other to over-say and Catechism meant ? Who understood any over-do:

: yet this I can say in sincerity of point of the holy baptism? If we were my heart and with comfort, that my desire sick of the pestilence we ran to St. Rooke, was (the nature of the business considered) if of the ague to St. Pernel, or Master John both to speak as plain, and to offend as Shorne. If men were in prison they prayed little as might be.”—Preface to Sermons.

to St. Leonard. If the Welshman would





have a purse he prayed to Darvel Gathorne. that pleaseth God, nor that God requires ; If a wife were weary of her husband, she but is a thing that God doth tolerate for offered oats at Poules, at London, to St. the weakness of men. For as the father Uncumber."—WORDSWORTH's Ecc. Biog. contenteth his child with an apple or a vol. 1, p. 166.

hobby-horse, not because these things do delight the father, but because the child,

ruled by affections, is more desirous of [Dr. Martin and Dr. Luther.]

these things than the father is rejoiced in “I HAVE read of two that meeting at a

the deed; so Almighty God, condescending

to the infirmities of man and his weakness, tavern, fella tossing their religion about as

doth tolerate material churches, gorgeously merrily as their cups, and much drunken discourse was of their profession.

built and richly decked, not because he re

One protested himself of Dr. Martin's religion, STRYPE's Cranmer, p. 108.

quires, or is pleased with such things.'”. the other swore he was of Dr. Luther's religion,-whereas Martin and Luther was one man."-ADAMS's Divine Herbal.

[Necessity of speaking in a Tongue under

stood by the People.] [Chancels no Popery.]



" there is a diligens “ The use of the Chancel for the Com- negligentia, an useful negligence, proper in munion service is so far from being Popery this case to Ecclesiastical teachers, who that the Papists and Popish Impropriators must sometimes condescend to improprieties in England, permit the Chancels where they of speech, when they cannot speak otherwise are concerned to lie the most disorderly and to the apprehensions of the vulgar. As he ruinous of any other, as I myself have seen

notes that they were used to say ossum inin several places, they are not careful to stead of os, to distinguish a mouth from a repair or clean them; nor can they be bone in Africa, to comply with the underbrought to contribute to the Reformation of standing of their hearers. And for this Churches but by mere compulsion, and they reason, I doubt not, there are so many Afriwould be well enough satisfied to see all

canisms, or idioms of the African tongue, the Chancels and Churches in England lye in St. Austin, because he thought it more in ruin, for this would be the most certain commendable sometimes to deviate a little way to overthrow the Reformation and from the strict grammatical purity and probring in Popery, which being planted again priety of the Latin tongue, than not to be by Authority would soon oblige that party

understood by his hearers." — BINGHAM, to rebuild the Churches.—BISHOP OF LIN- | vol. 14, p. 4. & 19. Cola's Charge, 1697, p. 22.

Uniformity in Religion preserved by Force. [Drum's Idea of a Material Church.]

“Do they keep away schism ? if to bring Drum, one of the six preachers, and a numb and chill stupidity of soul, an unwho afterwards “fell away into Papistry,' active blindness of mind upon the people was presented to Archbishop Cranmer for by their leaden doctrine, or no doctrine at preaching among other erroneous and dan- all; if to persecute all knowing and zealous gerous notions, that the material church Christians by the violence of their Courts, is a thing made and ordained to content be to keep away schism, they keep away the affections of men, and is not the thing schism indeed : and by this kind of disci

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