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despojaronle primero

sur vestidos y colores, y estava como cordero levantado en el madero

por nosotros peccadores ?

Que heria con mas furia y mas violencia ;
De suerte que ninguno, y yo con ellos
Podiamos tener el pie tan firme
Que pisada la arena seca y rezia
Debaxo de los pies no deslizase.
Que si fuera la tierra de la Libia
Un poco mas pesada, dura y fuerte
Que tuviera unas cuevas cavernosas
Donde este viento y otro se encerraran,
Al mundo lo sacaron de sus quicios :
Mas no hallando en la arena resistencia
Estable permanece eternamente,
O sea ya menguante, o ya creciente.


la braveza deste viento En el suelo tendidos nos echavamos, En el cuerpo apretando los vestidos, Abraçando la arena como suelen EI agna


que nadan peligrosos. Estavamos assi seguros deste Daño presente; pero vino tiempo Que el Boreas proceloso trastornava Grandissima monton de seca arena, Que del suelo forçava a levantarnos, Y a vezes nos cercava en torno a todos, Teniendonos en prensa y apretados, Que parece que estavamos tapiados. “ Şucedionos milvezes por el ayre Ver columnas venir, y venir piedras Sobervias de edificios, y bolando Caer a nuestros pies no se de donde.

Respuesta. “Señor no soy obligado

a saber vuestra intencion, mas segun tengo pensado de algun ansaron asado

quesistes hazer mencion. En el huevo fue nascido, y

del huevo fue sacado, muerto, pelado y vendido

despues en palo espetado.”

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[Noble Instinct in the Canine race.]
“ Como es costumbre ser muy favoridos
Los dueños de los perros Baleares,
Teniendo tan agudos los sentidos
Que los guardan por asperos lugares,
Ellos velan, y siendo acometidos,
Aunque sean de muchos centenares,
Defienden a su dueño hasta la muerte,
Con el valor mostrando su alta suerte."

Nic. ESPINOSA. 2 part. de Orlando

Furioso, canto 11, p. 55.

“ Vaxel, jara, serpiente, salamandra,
Sulcando el mar de España a vela y rema,
Bolando por el ayre a dar el blanco,
Trepando por un marmol o una peña,
Passando por las llamas abrasantes,
Mes señal y camino dexan hecho
Que equel que en arena parecia.
Y estavamos dudosos a que mano
Pudiessemos echar, o azia que parte."

Juan YAGUE DE Salas, canto 11, p. 302.

On the wall of the staircase in the Town House of Toledo these verses are inscribed.

“ Nobles discretos varones
Que gobernais a Toledo,
En aquestos escalones
Desechad las aficiones,
Codicias, amor, y miedo:
Por los comunes provechos
Dexad los particulares :
Pues vos fizo Dios pilares
De tan altissimos techos
Estad firmes у derechos."


[Los 400 Respuestas.] " Quien es el


fue nascido dos vezes, y condenado

innocente sin peccado, y por dineros vendido ;



“ When the curtain drew up, the first [Influence of Woman.]

scene presented a view of the clouds, where ¿ Qué peso puede hacer en la balanza a figure, like a Chinese Mandarin, seated in Que los reynos levanta o los inclina, a chair, was like an arbiter or judge, placed De una flaca muger la resistencia." between St. Michael and Satan. Satan ac

QUINTANA. cuses Michael, and Michael scolds like an

oyster whench, and at last kicks Satan on

the head, and tumbles him down out of [Supremacy of Virtue.]

sight, telling him to go to hell for his impu

dence. The Chinese-like figure then walks " El Todosabio nunca en desconsuelo,

about the stage, and repeating the words nacion alguna tiene abandonada,

of the Latin Bible, creates the world. When de la amable virtud sin los exemplos." he orders the sun to govern the day, a lanVARGAS Y PONZE.

thorn, with a round glass in it circles over the stage, which is darkened ; in like man

ner the moon and stars appear; the waters [Señores Españoles ?]

next appear, with fishes' heads jumping

through them ; but when land animals are “ SENORES Españoles ? que la hicistes

to be made, real sheep and dogs are proAl Bocalino o boca del infierno,

duced through the trap-doors, one of which Que con la espada y militar gobierno

latter entertained the audience by barking Tanta ocasion de murmurar le distes ?

at the sheep, and was like to have been rude El alba con que siempre amanecistes

to his supposed maker, had not a leg proNoche quiere volver de escuro invierno, jected from behind the scene given him a Y aquel Gonzalo y su laurel eterno

kick, which sent him off howling. Adam Con quien a Italia y Grecia escurecistes.

is next made, he rises through the stage, Esta frialdad de Apolo y la estafeta

walks about a while, lies down to sleep, and No se que tenga tanta valentia,

the Chinese figure pulls Eve out of his side, Por mas que el decir mal se la prometa;

and gives them their charges : these two Pero se que un vecino que tenia

are quite naked, but much smaller, and no De cierta enfermedad sano secreta,

way to be compared in excellence to the Poniendose un raguallo cada dia.”

puppets of Opera. The next scene presents TOMÉ DE BURGUILLOS, p.


an orange-grove, a serpent climbs a tree, talks to Eve, and gives her an orange of

his teeth, which she takes and tempts Adam. [Safeguard of Innocence.]

The next scene presents the Mandarin figure calling upon Adam, who

appears "En essa misma forma, cosa es verdadera,

with Acometio a Eva de Adam compannera.

his spouse in their fig leaves; they are conQuando mordieron ambos la devedada pera : walked erect, falls flat on his belly: Adam

demned, and the serpent, who till now Sentimosla los mortos aún essa dentera.” GONZALO DE BERCEO. S. Dom. p. 330.

and Eve are now presented in sheep-skins, he with a spade, and she with a distaff; Adam laments dolefully, but Eve comforts

him, and puts him in mind that they were The following characteristic account of a to beget children. Cain and Abel next apPortugueze sacred drama, as represented pear, offer sacrifices, and Cain kills his broat Lisbon in the year 1780, is given by ther, and kicks him sadly; the Mandarin MICKLE in a letter first printed in the Li- figure condemns Cain, and ascends the terary Panorama for March, 1809.

clouds; the mouth of hell then





the jaws of a great dragon, amid smoke and then go and get them, for I have not ten lightning vomits up three devils, one of them half farthings for you !' and never was a with a wooden leg; these take a dance round low joke better relished in the days of GamCain and are jocular; one of them invites mar Gurton's needle, than I was witness to him to hell to drink a dish of brimstone cof- the reception of this, from a crowded aufee, another asks him to make up a party at dience that would have done no disgrace to whist; Cain snarls, and they tumble him and the pits of either Drury-Lane or Coventthemselves together headlong into the squib- Garden. After this comes the story of Hovomiting mouth. The next scene presents lofernes, the birth of Christ, and the masthe Mandarin figure ordering Noah to build sacre of the children of Bethlehem ; with an ark; Noah sends his servant to engage which the piece closes. Besides the few I a carpenter, but where do you think? why have mentioned, innumerable are the low to Lisbon, to Antonio de somewhat, allusions of this performance. Before the the King of Portugal's head ship-carpenter, massacre of Bethlehem, Herod is repre(and the name of the present gentleman of sented in the dress of a Turkish Moor, the that office is always introduced.) The scene old enemy of Portugal, walking about in now represents the streets and night-hu- great agitation; lies down on a couch to mours of modern Lisbon. The messenger, sleep; the dragon jaws of hell again appear, who is in no hurry, stops at different ta- vomiting devils, and flashes of fire; the deverns (things like our London chandler- vils make a merry dance to music round shops, where the caraille drink; for except the sleeping tyrant, and often whisper him; one French and one English house or two, they vanish, he awakes, and gives his orthere is not anything like a decent tavern der, &c. and with a curious puppet reprein all Lisbon,) and everywhere he attempts sentation of grim-whispered soldiers tearto be the buffoon : ergo, he meets a dog, ing children from their mothers and killing the dog barks at him, and he lectures the them, and the mothers scratching the soldog on the vices of his master, whose ill- diers, the admirable piece was at last manners, he says, lie is imitating; then he brought to a conclusion.” meets an Irish woman, with a squalling child in her arms; he asks his way to the carpenter's, and she asks him to tell her her way home again; both complain of the

[Dispensations.] child's bawling, and he gives her a bit of In a General Chapter of the Dominicans sweetmeat he had just picked up in a cor- held at Salamanca in 1551. The Friars ner to put in its mouth; but this joke ends in the Indies were dispensed from the obdirtily. After meeting and talking with the ligation of wearing woollen next the skin, variety of street-walkers, he arrives at the and were allowed to substitute under garcarpenter's house, which discovers a scene ments of Melinge ?-Cañamaso ?—or Leno like the inside of an English village wheel-basto ? wright's shop and kitchen; the carpenter “ Oy passan en cantidad," says FR. JUAN bargains hard, and is willing to take Noah's DE MELENDEZ, “Anascotes, Lanillas, y Esnote of hand, but his wife wants ready mo- tameñas, y Estameñas de que se pueden haney, and insists upon paying her debts be- zer: pero si es lo mismo no averlas, que vafore she is drowned. And how much do ler caras, y si esto basta para que aya penuyou owe?' says Noah's messenger, 'I have ria, y subsista el motivo de aquella dispengot a trifle about me at your service.' 'So sacion, otros lo jusguen, que yo no me atrevo much—no more?' Yes, so much more!' |à das parecer en materia de tanto escrupulo." • Joseph — Maria — Jesus - no more! Yes, —Tesoros VERDADEROS LAS YUDIAS. ten thousand moidores will do.' 'Ha, ha, vol. 1, p. 137.





They were likewise allowed to eat meat This passage has never been condemned instead of fish, because in all the interior | by the Inquisition. The Romish Church of Peru fish was extremely dear, and also not what blasphemy it sanctions por la debilidad de la tierra, y poca virtud against God, nor what treason against the en general de todos los alamentos.-Ibid. best interests of man, so long as its own

power is not in question.

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[Barbarous Cruelty of K. Jayme.] K. JAYME el Conquistador, was a good

[Golden-disease.] deal molested by a suit which D. Teresa “I AND my fellows," said Cortes to the Vidaure preferred against him at Rome, first Mexican ambassadors," have a certain affirming that he was married to her. The disease of the heart, and gold helpeth us." Bishop of Girona, who had formerly been -Conquest of the Weast India, p. 57. the King's confessor, was called upon to give his testimony, which he did in secret, and it proved the assertion to be true Jayme sent for him, he was seized as soon

[Los 400 Respuestas.] as he entered the palace, and carried into a

“ De rabo de puerco remote apartment, where his tongue was


que nunca buen virote." cut out.—MIEDES, 1. 14, c. 19.

T. 1, ff. 142. This, I suppose, is equivalent to our proverb, that there is no making a silk purse

of a sow's ear. Because Jayme was advised not to prosecute

the siege of Valencia, Miedes, his historian, takes occasion introduce the following rascally remarks.

Education. “It is full lamentable to see kings and “DIERONLE sus cartiellas a ley de monaciello, princes, in weighty affairs of government, Assentose en tierra, tollósse el capiello, refer to the opinion of others, without say- Con la mano derecha priso su estaquiello, ing or doing anything themselves: it so be- Priso fastal titol en poco de ratiello.” ing, that kings with the sceptre which they D. GONZALO DE BERCEO, V. de S. Domingo receive from the hand of God, have some

de Silos, p. 36. thing divine communicated wherewith to

“ Los monges que madurgan a los gallos govern well, and being kings, may there

primeros fore discourse better than other, and almost Trasayunar non pueden como otros obreros.” prophesy that which is to come. For it

Ibid. p. 458. was not in vain that Solomon said, speaking upon this subject, the heart of kings is in the hand of the Lord ;' by whose favour every kingdom hath its particular

[Noble Ladies' Lamentation.] guardian angel appointed to be its watch ; “ Ay mezquinas y que sera de nosotras, que and it is certain that this angel accompa- ora por fuerça, ora por grado, auremos de nies a king, and directs his proceedings to entrar en religion, y ser de orden,"—is the good end. And so a king ought, having lamentation of the noble ladies during the heard the opinion of others, to state his civil wars at the commencement of the faown, and follow it, though it be against the bulous Chronicle of D. Rodrigo. advice of many.”—L. 11, c. 3.



Quien de Marlota i Capellar ornado
George de Montemayor.

Piensa, mientras se mira i se compone “No

muy lexas deste valle, hazia la parte El azul estrellado terciopelo donde el sol se pone, esta una aldea en me- Que esta vestido de un sereno Cielo. dio de una floresta, cerca de dos rios que

“Quien el alfanje saca, i la fineza con sus aguas riegã los arboles amenos,

Haziendo alguna prueva en el, admira, cuya espessura es tanta, que desde una casa

Quien la lavor alaba, la riqueza a la otra no se paresca. Cada una dellas

Quien solamente con cudicia mira, tiene su termino redondo, adonde los jar. Quien quisiera compararle, i la pobreza dines en verano se visten de olorosas flores, de mas de la abundancia de la ortaliza, que 1 assi al fin todos todo lo alabavan

Con elado despecho le retira, alli la naturaleza produze, ayudada de la industria de los que en la gran España llamen

I al dueño engrandecian i embidiavan. Libres, por el antiguedad de sus casas y

“ Tambien Armeno en yelo convertido linages.Diana, p. 75.

Atonito, confuso, envelessado,
Esta mirando el tragico vestido
Cual si estuviera en piedra transformado."

El Monserrate, Christoval de Virues. [History of the Cid]

It was the armour of Lixerea, his wife. " ALPHONSUS PEREZ, Granatensis, scripsisse dicitur eleganter Latinâ linguâ, Historiam Roderici Didaci de Bivar cognomento

[Women's Toilette.]
Cid, de quo auctorem laudo Franciscum de
Pedraza, in Historiâ Urbis Granatensis."

“Las galas manda a las damas
y toda la vizarria,
guantes, ambar, y pevetes,
cacoletas? y pastillas.3"

D. LUISA DE CARVAJAL. [Marvellous Armour.] A LA real galera donde estava Con Armeno Garin, llegò un soldado.

Christoval de Messa. La Restauracion de Trayendo de la Mora linda i brava El vestido de estrellas adornado,

España. 1607. El alfanje del ombro le colgava

His hopes of an universal monarchy. De los braços las ropas, i el tocado (Que a la curiosidad misma ecedia)

“ Si una ley, si un pastor, si un cetro solo,

Tiene el mundo en tu tiempo en todas De las manos, i alegre assi dezia.

partes “ Bien puede aver ganado plata i oro Del nuestro al contrapuesto ultimo Polo, Otro en esta jornada peligrosa,

Derribando rebeldes estandartes ; O cautivado algun valiente Moro

Las Musas reynaran, y el sacro Apolo, O avido alguna joya mui preciosa,

Reynaran los estudios y las artes, Mas cosa que, sin serlo, en un tesoro Y alabando un piadoso, un sabio, un fuerte,

Es digna de estimarse por hermosa, Triunfaran del olvido, tiempo, y muerte." Yo la e ganado, i si esto no es creido Miresse este bellissimo vestido.

Pelayo has been sent by Munuza to Cor

dova, who wanted him removed that he “ Diziendo assi, delante del cuitado I triste Armeno, en manos de otros pone

might carry off his sister. On his return La Almalafa, la Aljuba, i el Tocado

| A perfume-long, like a clove. Que con diversos lazos se dispone.

2 Perfume boxes.

3 Musk-balls.

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