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parecia salir acompañado de la Justicia de

Historia Jesuitici Ordinis a M. Elia Hasenequel Rey supremo, a quien disponia y ordenava esta Caza, como Montero Mayor

mullero. Francofurti, 1591, suyo." God's chief huntsman! or the hang- 11. The first companions, he says, when man's whipper-in! but he always prayed at Paris,“ peculiares sibi vivendi regulas, four hours for the soul of every malefactor quas constitutiones vocant, conscribunt, whom he condemned, and ordered thirty vel potius jam ante a Caraffa Cardinale masses to the same account.

conscriptas, sibi applicant." 115. He was praying for his wife in 30. In Germany it was their business to her sickness, and the Christ of his crucifix obtain pupils, and cajole them to enter the said to him these very identical words : “Si order; this from a German is believeable. tu quieres que te dexe a la Duquesa mas

32. The words of the Italian rule imply a tiempo en esta vida, yo lo dexo en tu mano,

theocratic superstition. "Ricognoscendo pero te aviso, que a ti no te conviene esto.” il Superiore, qualunque egli sia, in logho Borja resigned himself, and she died.

di Christo nostro signore." 169. Every thing was done to magnify 39. The Assistentes receive all letters of the importance of such. The door of his business, palace, through which he passed when he 41. Quaintly saith Elias Hasenmuller, forsook it, was blocked up, p. 139. And “ Beatus vir, qui non abiit in consilio Gewhen he performed his first mass, the Pope neralis Jesuitici; et in viâ Assistentium proclaimed a plenary jubilee for all who ejus excæcatorum non stetit, et in cathedra should hear it. When Francisco el Pecador pestilentium Professum non sedit.” went begging in his own country, p. 171,

44. It was their policy to depute power with a wallet round his neck, the houses in Germany to Italians or Spaniards, if were all deserted for the sight, and the wo- there was a German rector or visitor, &c. men gave him alms upon their knees, and appointed, a Spaniard was placed to watch kissed the mark of his footsteps.

him, ne quid præter morem Hispanicum 201. He it was who influenced Cardi- agat." nal Henrique to found the College at Evo- 59. The temporal coadjutors—the helots ra. He used to say that his desengaño was

of the order were kept in ignorance. “Nesbut the echo of that which dwelt in the suno de queglo si recevono per gli officii breast of Borja.

particolari di casa, imperi ne legere, ne 270. After the death of Joam III. some scrivere, o s'alcuna cosa sapesse, non imperi disciplines were found in his cabinet stained pui lettere, ne altri gl'insegni, senza licenza with blood. His royal breast may be called del proposito Generale, ma bastera loro in the common country, and the cradle of the santa simplicita et humilta servire a Christo company

nostro signore.” 274. At Evora Monte one of his compa- 64. Many of these temporal brothers nions exhorted the master of the Estalagem found the work so hard that they ran away to pray daily for the life of Sebastian, whose —their taylors, shoemakers, &c. he says. life was of so much consequence to the “ Ne tamen nomine Temporalium offencrown, that if he died it would pass to the dantur dicunt, illos non minores esse meKing of Castile, the man raised a mob, and rito quam reliquos ; si eodem spiritu res was about to stone P. Bustamente for the mundanas, quo illi Spirituales tractent. supposition.

Quia non sibi ipsis, nec hominibus, sed sociis Christi Jesu, imo ipsi Jesu inserviant.”

73. In the Colleges were spiritual præfects to watch the noviciates if they inclined toward the world.




112. Trifling faults were ridiculously pu- / agonem ita tremebat, quasi febri esset cornished, if one of the order had been de- ruptus, et suspirans dixit, multa bona contected in talking foolishly, he was to repeat tuli in Ecclesiam Romanam, multas noshis folly before the whole at dinner. He trorum provincias, multa collegia, domus, who bruke a dish was to carry the pieces residentias et opes nostræ Societatis vidi ; round the dinner table—then beg for a new sed hæc omnia me deserunt, et quo me

He who had thrown good food to the vertam ignoro. Turrianus dixit, ipsius cocat or dog, was to eat with them under the mitem assiduum, usque ad missæ aram, table.

fuisse dæmonem. Tandem vero cum tre208. Obedience. At Landsperg the rec- more ipsum obiisse, mortuumque nigerrimo tor like Francisco ordered a noviciate to vultu conspectum esse, idem affirmavit. plant rapas root upward ; the boy did Cum anno 1554 ipsius corpus ad templum, otherwise, and for penance was made say ab Alexandro Farnesio extructum, transat meal time “Non quæ Natura vel mea ferre vellent, testibus omnibus Jesuitarum ratio jubent, sed Superioris mandata exe- Professis, ipsius cadaveris ossa non sunt quenda sunt.”

inventa; fingentibus ipsis, ea esse per anAt Rome one of the fathers walking with gelos forsan translata. Quod ego non nea novice said to him, “roll in that dung garim, si angelos malos intelligant.” and then go home.” The rector seeing him 588. The speech of Turrianus, a Jesuit, return in so beastly plight, asked what had to Hasenmuller is remarkable. “Utinam, happened ? and hearing, said, “ Go to the inquit, Augustanam Confessionem, contra taylor and receive a new suit for your obe- quam scripsi, et libros Antonii Sadaelis dience."

Lutherani, mei antagonistæ, nunquam leBut the oddest story is to come. At gissem: illi me ita dubium fecerunt (quod Verona a sick brother was ordered to eat tamen tibi amico meo sub rosâ dictum veginger, and apply an ointment to his abdo- lim) ut neque prorsus Lutheranis assensum

The master suspected that his illness præbere, neque omnino a nostris discedere was feigned to obtain better food, it was possum. Sed quid faciam ? non est qui to me you vowed obedience, said he, not me juvet. Cumque eum ex verbo Dei to your physician, you will therefore rub consolarer, ait, “Vera sunt quæ dicis : sed yourself with the ginger, and eat the oint- ego senex hinc exire non possum. Sic miser ment. The sick man obeyed, and his obe- ille in dubitationibus periit." dience was reported to the rector, who ordered him thenceforth veal and capons for his food.

S. Francisco Xavier. 587. What of truth can be extracted from this calumny? “Ignatium Loyolam,

“FRANCISCO,” said IGNATIUS, who was primum Societatis auctorem, ipsius vitæ

then on a sick bed, “ Bobadilla is too ill to auctor, placide defunctum scribit. Sed go to India, and the Portuguese ambassador Turrianus, Jesuita mihi notissimus sæpe

is in haste and cannot wait, the province dixit, illum in cæna, prandio, missa, in re

must be yours.” Xavier replied, “Lo I am creationibus etiam ita a dæmonibus exagi- ready,” he mended his garment, and took tatum, ut in magnâ copiâ frigidissimum leave of his brethren, and departed the folmortis sudorem fuderit. Bobadilla dixit, lowing day.—RIBADENEIRA, p. 121. illum sæpius conquestum, se nunquam et

LAINEZ affirmed that Xavier had a pronullibi a dæmonibus tutum esse posse. phetic presage of his destination, that when Octavianus Jesuita, Romæ minister seu they were travelling together in Italy, novitiorum oeconomus, retulit mihi, dicens, Xavier would often wake and exclaim,Sanctus erat noster pater Ignatius, sed circa " Quam sum Deus bone defatigatus. I






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dreamt brother that India and Ethiopia Of humility—the characteristic quality were placed upon my shoulders, and that I —the nose in the face of his virtues, as old supported them, but the weight almost Fuller would have called it—the doctor crushed—itaque fessus valde sum."-Ibid. has some odd things121.

“Esta virtud para ganar el cielo LUCENA says

“ It was an Indian as black Mas que virginidad es necessaria. as an Ethiopian.” Laynez is the authority, and he is the true founder of the Jesuits. No solo no aprovechan las virtudes

Sin Humaldad, mas causan grandes males. “ No bishop, no king. A trim paradox, Le Humildad que es perfeta propriamente and that ye may know where they have consiste en quatro cosas, la primera been a begging for it, I will fetch you the Es asi despreciarse ; la segunda twin-brother to it out of the Jesuits' cell. No despreciar a nadie ; la tercera They feeling the ax of God's reformation Es despreciar el mundo y sus enrredos, hewing at the old and hollow trunk of Y despreciar desprecios es del quarta.” Papacy, and finding the Spaniard their surest friend and safest refuge, to sooth him up

PERFECT humility, says he, is that of a in his dream of a fifth monarchy, and withal man, who not only thinks himself the greatto uphold the decrepit Papalty, have in- est sinner in the world, but the cause of vented this super-politick aphorism, as one

all the sins that are committed in the world. terms it, One pope and One king."-MIL- 17. TON. Of Reformation in England, p. 17.

THE Gebir poet understood it better, “A tattered cloak that pride wears when

deformed." Jesuits-Persecuted. Vasc. (Vida de Alm, dedication) speaks

“Fuit quoque

dulcissimi nominis Jesu of the zeal of Salvador Correa de Sa Al- tanta perfusus dulcedine, ut cum nominare cardo, Governor of St. Sebastian's, in their illud contingeret, labia (præ amoris dulcedefence,“ naquelles fatais motins do Rio di dine) lingere videretur.”—Pet. RodulP. Janeiro," when the people “arremeteo as ul- TOSSINIANENSIS, p. 4. timas violencias” against them. The governor rewarded the messenger who brought him the first news of the outrages of St.

Saith Owen the quaint, Paulo.

“ Sum, fateor, doleoque, Minorum ex or

dine fratrum;

Frater, opes patrias et bona, major, habet.” S. Francisco. CHRIST was the corner stone of the tem

GUELHERME ANGLICO, who was elected ple-Francisco the stone with the arms of

in the room of Joaõ Capella the Judas, God over the gate way.-D. BARTOLOME CAYRASCO DE FIGUERVA. Templo Militanti,

worked so many miracles after his death

that to keep peace in the convent Fr. Elias 4 parte, p. 9.

the general of the order, was obliged to That throne which Lucifer lost for his beg he would work no more e-it brought pride-Francisco gained for his humility.- such a rabble there. Dead as well as alive 11.

he was obedient, 189. A like story of Fr. Nunca le hambre cometio adulterio.-10. and Pedro Cataneo. Cornejo, vol. 1, p.




DULPH, 26.

Fr. Pacifico his biographer was a poet, The petticoat story claimed by the Cisand a liar. The first time he heard him tercians. “Non nostrum est tantas compopreach he saw his swords that with his nere lites." If the Dominicans have comwords wounded the hearts of the hearers. mitted a trespass upon the premises of B. Did he pass off his metaphor as a miracle ? the aggrieved party must bring a suit of he used to see a cross of rainbow colours ejectment. But though we know that justice upon his master-no one else saw it-but came from heaven and returned, we have the sight was vouchsafed him for his great not the least reason for suspecting that law piety. He it was who was rapt up to heaven did the same. The question however we and saw Lucifer's chair vacant, and was may fairly say comes under the cognizance told that it was to be filled by Francisco. of the courts below. 197.

The Inquisition founded to accelerate On a wide plain three women met him, the effect of his sermons,—as I remember poor, and exactly alike in stature, age, and to have seen in a pamphlet upon the Harface, “Bene veniat (inquiunt) domina Pau- rowgate waters a pint recommended as an pertas,"—then disappeared. They are sup- aperient, with two ounces of Glauber's salts posed to have been an angelic pageant of to assist their operation. chastity, poverty and obedience. Ro- I believe the Franciscans designed to

follow the example of the Moslem and supersede Jesus Christ.

The lies invented for, and the infamous Second Rule.

tricks practised by, their founder, led to Mount Raynero was the scene. There this, he had proclaimed himself the living appeared a cloud of light above the saint, pattern and parallel of the Redeeming God. and in the midst was Christ, who declared | If their systems at all differed, the one that he was the Institutor. Was this collu- must therefore yield. sion? or had Francisco so entangled the

The Franciscans at one time attempted Elianists that they durst not cry out against to leave off the vulgar æra, anà actually imposture ?

dated from the infliction of the Five Wounds.

But the eternal gospel is the main proof, In 1282 an especial revelation was made and this with the prophecies of Jacquin and to ascertain the exact minute wherein the S. Brigida must be examined. greatest of miracles was wrought. It was

The Dominicans were the apes of the upon that authority, the 14th of September, Franciscans; the one could not contradict the day of the exaltation of the crown, two the other-it was therefore who could inhours after midnight, and before the dawn. vent the greatest miracles, and so we have

two kings of Brentford in the calendar,

embracing one another in their pictures, “ No hay porque

while their followers hate each other in pensar

their hearts. Que mientras durare el mar

Sins mortal and venial. So far the CaLos peces han de ser pocos,

tholics are right as they admit a distinction, Ne en tierra podra faltar

the folly is to attempt to lay down the line. Copia de necios y locos." CASTELLEJO, tom. 2, p. 181.

The monastics all favoured by the Pope

as lessening the power of the bishops, a Meeting of the two worthies.- 1. 2. 3. sort of commons that protected the soveMirac. of St. Franc.

reign against the aristocracy. They may

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also be regarded as a standing army, whereas had no particular habit, wearing that of the the regular clergy were a militia, who had regular canons, till the Virgin fancied a a patriotic feeling towards their country. uniform, showed Reginald the pattern in a

dream, and made him enter the order that

he might wear it. St. Domingo.

Till this time there had been no clausure DOMINGO DE GUZMAN was born at Cale- imposed upon the nuns. They dwelt in ruega in the year 1170. He was of noble what were called Beatorios, subject to no family, and professed as a regular canon of confinement; this was now thought a scanSt. Augustine's. The invention of the rosary dal, and the Pope appointed Domingo to had given him a fame among the Catholics, hive the wild bees. Some resistance was when the Pope sent him to preach at To- made by those with whom he began; it losa; there he remained ten years, and there was in vain, and to this saint the rigour of formed the plan of the Inquisition. It was the nunneries, the secret abominations which speedily adopted, and the founder was no- have been practised, and the unuttered and minated Inquisitor General. A crusade unutterable miseries which have been enwas preached against the Albigenses, and dured in those dreadful prison-houses are Domingo accompanied the army. “Now," to be immediately ascribed. says his biographer, “ he made out the list

His next invention was the Militia of of the heretics, writing down their names

Christ. Each member swore that he would, and employments and age and sex and

when summoned, take up arms to defend qualities; now he prepared the dungeons the rights of the Church, and sacrifice his and made ready the tortures; now he be- property and life in the cause. Married came an Argus ... all eyes for the faith.” men were to have the consent of their wives, I will not particularize these horrors. Suf- who were prohibited from contracting a fice it to say, that in one day fourscore per

second marriage; the husband was to swear sons were beheaded, and four hundred burnt that his wife should never detain him from alive, by this man's order and in his sight.

this holy warfare, lest he should suffer like When this worthy friend of Simon de the bidden guest, who refused the King's Montford had thus increased his fame, he invitation, because he had married a wife, determined to complete it by founding a

and could not come. new Order. With this intent he repaired when the triumph of the Popes was comto Rome, during the sittings of the Lateran plete, this was changed into the order of Council. The Pope advised him to follow Dominican Penitents, and the Familiars of the good old examples in his rule ; he ac- the Inquisition have since grown out of it.3 cordingly chose that of St. Augustine, His last measure was to convert his order according to the Order of the Præmonstra- into a Mendicant Society, in imitation of tenses. His first convent was built at To- | Francisco. losa ; his friars were allowed only room for Domingo is the only Saint in whom no a mat to sleep on, and a small table for the solitary speck of goodness can be discovered. convenience of study; the cell of the bee To impose privations and pain seems to being small. Some of these cells, which have been the pleasure of his unnatural were nine feet long and seven and a half heart, and cruelty was in him an appetite wide, he condemned as being palaces. Like and a passion. No other human being has wards in an infirmary, they were to have ever been the occasion of so much human no doors, that the Superior might at all misery. The desolations committed by Attimes see what was going on. As

tila yet they

Timur shrink into insignificance

After some years,


I 1216. F. Fr. de Possadas.

2 Luis de Sousa.

3 Luis de Sousa,

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