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when compared with the achievements of that he was among a brotherhood of devils. the Inquisition.

Domingo punished them upon the spot with The few traits of character which can be a cruel sermon, and then returned to rest. gleaned from the lying volumes of his bio- At morning the convent had disappeared, graphers are all of the darkest colours. and he and his comrade found themselves He never looked a woman in the face, or in a wilderness. spoke to one ; on his preaching expeditions Domingo had once an obstinate battle he usually slept in the churches or upon a with the flesh. The quarrel took place in grave; he wore an iron chain round his a wood, and he found it necessary to call in body, and his fastings and flagellations were help. He stript himself, lay down, and excessive.

commanded the ants and the wasps to come But if his disciples have preserved few to his assistance. Even against these auxipersonal facts concerning their master, they liaries, the flesh warmly maintained the conhave made ample amends in the catalogue test for three hours before the saint could of his miracles, for Domingo is the Orlando win the victory. He used to be red hot Furioso of Saints Errant, the Hercules Fu- with divine love; sometimes blazing like a rens of the Romish Demi-gods.

sun, sometimes glowing like a furnace; at The dream of his mother is well known, times it blanched his garments and imbued that she whelped a dog, holding a burning them with white glory, like Christ in his torch in his mouth, wherewith he fired the transfiguration ; once it sprouted out in six world. Earthquakes and meteors announced wings, like a seraph ; and once the fervour his nativity to earth and air, and two or of piety made him sweat blood. three suns and moons extraordinary were These are a sample of the miscellaneous hung out for an illumination in heaven. miracles of St. Domingo. There remain The Virgin Mary received him in her arms two distinct and important classes to be as he sprung to birth. When a sucking noticed; those relating to the Rosary, which babe he regularly observed fast-days, and are the original stock in trade of the order ;

get out of bed and lie upon the and those which refer to the Virgin Mary, ground for mortification.

having been invented to play off against the Nine women, whom his preaching had

Franciscans. came into the church

When the Rosary was borrowed by Doto him to recant and be absolved. As he

mingo from the Moslem, who had themwas praying before them, a cat appeared at selves learnt it from the Hindoos, the Ro

as big as a mastiff, black, fiery of mish Church had established an opinion eye, with

short and indecent tail, and a that prayer was a thing of actual, not of long tongue, black and bloody, lolling and relative value, that it was a coin current in licking the dust. This monster jumped heaven, and paid into the treasury of heaabout, and stunk at every motion, at last ven, a due account being there kept, and ran up the bell rope and vanished. He fed due credit given to every soul for all which multitudes miraculously, and performed the he has himself placed there, or which has miracle of Cana with great success. Once, been received for his use, for the stock was when he fell in with a troop of foreign pil- transferable by gift or purchase. The Rogrims, the Babel curse was suspended for sary was an admirable device upon this prinhim, and all were enabled to speak one ciple, as it abridged the arithmetic. It had language. Travelling with a single com- also its peculiar earthly advantages; if the panion, he entered a monastery in a lonely Ave Maria were repeated successively one place, to pass the night. He awoke at hundred and fifty times, the words would matins, and hearing yells and lamentations necessarily become mere sounds, unconinstead of prayers, went out and discovered nected with thought, confused and confus


reclaimed from heresy,

their feet,


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ing, but by this invention, when ten beads have been dropt, the larger one comes op

After an interview with the Virgin, as portunely in to jog the memory; sufficient Domingo entered Toulouse, the bells all attention is thus excited to satisfy the con- rang to welcome him without human hands, science of the devotee, and yet no effort, no but the heretics neither heeded the miracle feeling, no fervour are required; the heart nor his earnest exhortation that they should may be asleep, the understanding may go use the Rosary. In consequence of their obwander ; only the lips and the fingers are stinacy a dreadful tempest began, of wind needed for this act of most acceptable and and of thunder and of lightning, that made most efficient devotion. Nor can the beauty the whole firmament a blaze, and the very of this religious utensil, or tool, have been earth shook, and the howling of affrighted without its effect; nothing can be con- animals was mingled with the shrieks and ceived more beautiful than the bead string groans of the terrified multitude. “Citizens with its appendant cross or crucifix, around of Toulouse," said he," it is the voice of the the neck of the young, or in the trembling right hand of God! I see before me one hunhands of the aged.

dred and fifty angels, sent by Christ and his

mother to punish you." There was an image When Domingo was on his first preach- of Our Lady in the church, who raised ing expedition, he and his companion Ber- her arm into a threatening attitude as he nardo fell into the hands of certain Moorish spoke. “Take notice," he continued, “while rovers, who immediately carried them to you persist in your wickedness, yea, till

you sea. A storm arose, a leak was sprung, and supplicate her by reciting her Rosary, that the water gushed in so fast, and in such arm will not be withdrawn.” The devils quantities, that the sailors were obliged to meantime were yelling for the torment swim in the ship. Domingo exhorted them which this inflicted upon them; the conto pray to the Virgin, who could save; but gregation praying and disciplining themat this they only blasphemed, and the dan- selves and dropping their beads, till the ger grew worse and worse till the dawn of storm at length abated; the Saint gave the Annunciation. Then Mary the great the word, and down went the arm of the goddess appeared to him, and bade him in

puppet. her name offer the misbelievers their choice, A more prodigious miracle to the same either to be drowned and damned, or to purport was transacted in the city. There recite her Rosary and form a fraternity in its dwelt there a heretic so active and mishonour and for its use. If they accepted chievous, that at Domingo's prayer the these terms, Domingo had only to make a Virgin sent into him a whole army of devils, cross in the air, and the winds and the sea whereby he was grievously tormented. In should be still. The Moors joyfully ac- this plight he was brought before Domingo, cepted their proffered safety, and no sooner who in the name of the Trinity, the Virgin had they begun the beads, than the devil and the Rosary, asked the evil spirits how was heard exclaiming, “ O that Domingo,

many they were, and why they had taken he kills us with the Rosary—he scourges us possession of that miserable sinner. For -he chains us—he releases our captives his irreverence to the Virgin and his inwith that bead string.” The ship was driven credulity in the Rosary they answered; and to the coast of Britain, and there they found that they were just fifteen thousand in all the goods that had been thrown over- number to a devil, because of the fifteen board to lighten her, lying safe upon the decades of the beads. Was what he preachstrand. The Moors were baptized, and be- ed of the Rosary then true? At that they came the founders of the brotherhood of roared and yelled and cursed its tremendous the Rosary.

powers. Whom did the Devil hate most ?



whom but Domingo himself! He then strung his own string round the demoniac's

[Notes.] Domingo. neck, and demanded of the spirit what saint Was the Rosary stolen from the Moin heaven they dreaded most, and to whom hammedans ? ought the chief revenue to be paid ? To The Inquisition. Christ, say these dogs, this, after screams of hideous agony, they was the first Inquisitor-every tree that requested that they might be permitted to beareth not good fruit, &c. Then came the answer him in private. No, be would have Apostles, then the Bishops—the Adam they, a public answer. With that they struggled from whose side this rib was taken out for till fire issued from eyes, nostrils, and mouth an helpmate. — FRAN, DE Posadas, 101. of the poor devil-hive, and Domingo in 102. compassion prayed to the Virgin and adjured Never was commodity advertised so well her by the Rosary to have pity upon him. as the Rosaries! Heaven opened, she came down, surrounded by angels, and with a golden rod smote the possessed, and bade the fiends answer.

The enmity between the Franciscans and

Dominicans is well known. A friar of each They exclaimed, Alas, our enemy and our confusion, why dost thou come to torment

order came at the same time to a brook side, us ? By thee we are compelled to publish which it was necessary to ford, and the Dothe fear that confounds us. Hear, 0 ye

minican requested the Franciscan to carry Christians, that Mary the Mother of God is

him across, as he was barefooted, and the powerful to deliver her servants from hell, ciscan took him on his shoulders and carried

Dominican must else undress; the Fran&c.-1. 2. 3.

him to the middle—then suddenly stopt, It is painful to dwell upon the horrible blasphemies which follow. If we recollect

and asked if he had any money with him ? that they have proceeded from Dominicans, Only two reales, replied the Dominican. from the immediate agents of the Inqui- Excuse me then, father, said the Francissition, the depravity and consummate wick

can, you know my vow, I cannot carry edness of their invention is as prodigious as

money—and in he dropt him.-FLORESTA it is shocking.

ESPANOLA, p. 42.
They say that the Virgin appeared to
Domingo in a cave near Toulouse; that she

The Gentoos have the Rosary.—Hastcalled him her son and her husband ; that ing's Letter B. Geeta. Quarles was she took him in her arms and bared her

right in saying, breast to him, that he might drink their nectar! She told him, that was she a mor

“ God takes his goods by weight and not by tal she could not live without him, so ex

measure." cessive was her love; even now, she should die for him, did not Almighty God himself support her as he had done at the cruci

Albigenses. fixion. At another visit she espoused him, They dealt with the devil.—Life of Doand the saint. Christ came down from mingo, p. 60. Walked on the water; afheaven to witness the espousals. It is im- fected sanctity ; denied hell and purgatory; possible to transcribe these atrocious lies believed transmigration; two principleswithout shuddering at the wickedness of God, who created soul, the devil, who made those who devised them. Blessed be the the bodies. Rejected the Scriptures, and day of Martin Luther's birth-it should be the confession of sins, and baptism, and mara festival almost as sacred as the Nativity! riage.

The Waldenses denied that



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had been wrought since those of the Scrip- And what in the room where conversation tures. “They will have us believe that either is allowed ? Nich. Oh, that is my own they have quite perished, or els have been room; there I make them talk about the wrought in hugger mugger and in great news, and joke, and laugh, and grumble. secret." - M. Robert CHAMBERS, Priest, Dom. And in the chapter-house (where Dedication to a Trans. of Miracles of the confession is made and penance done) ? Virgin at Mont-Aigu. Antwerp, 1606. Nich. That is my hell; there all that I do

is undone! half an hour loses me the labour

of years. And so Nicholas disappeared.”— What passed between the Devil and Domingo. 235.

“ One night the Saint found old Nicholas in the dormitory, reading a written paper

“ He was writing at night, and Scratch by lamp light with great glee. The follow

came like a great monkey to teaze him. ing dialogue took place. Domingo. Beast

, Domingo coolly called him to hold the canwhat are you doing? Nicholas. I am doing

dle, and let it burn down to the snuff, to

the my business, or labouring in my vocation, great annoyance of the paw that held in which I always gain. Dom. Cursed be

it.”—240. One of the few good points in

Sautel's Annus Sacer is on this circumthy gain! What can you gain in the dormi

stance. tory ? Are not the religious asleep? Is there a will in sleep that can aid thy malice ? “Dum tulit ardentem Phlegetontius histrio Nich. I gain much. I always disturb them by all manner of' means; some I keep awake, Tunc certè aut nunquam, Lucifer ille fuit." that they may lie abed and sleep when it is

Vol. 2, p. 50. choir time, or go there so sleepy as to yawn over the service, and then, if they let me, I do worse then. Dom. What mischief dost

APOLLYON teazed him in the shape of a thou do in the church ? Nich. More than flea, skipping upon his book. The Saint in the dormitory: I make them go late and

fixed him as a mark where he left off, and against their inclination, and with a wish the used him so through the volume. job was over. Dom. And in the refectory? Nich. Oh, there are few whom I do not get

| So Kreesha in the B. Geeta. The Divine at there; some I make eat too little, so that discipline is not to be attained by him who eateth

more than enough, or less than enough; neither they weaken themselves till they are unable by him who hath a habit of sleeping much, nor to do their duty; others too much. Dom. I by him who sleepeth not at all.-64.



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[Hindoo Notion of Vicarious Atonement.] briel's mediation, to sow corn in the earth

MHE Hindoos hold that “a child during his lifetime, and all the prophets re-
may obviate the evil conse-

ceived a similar art for keeping up this life.
quences of his parents' sins by

Adam was, as we are told, a husbandman; practising virtue expressly on

Seth a weaver : Edris (Enoch) a tailor; their account."-KINDERSLEY'S Specimens,

Noah, a joiner; Houd, a merchant: Saleh,
a camel-driver : Abraham, a dairyman at
Haleb, and afterwards when he built the

Caaba, a mason; Ishmael, a hunter; Isaac, [Arafat, Kufa, and Mecca.] before he grew blind, a shepherd : Jacob, “ ADAM and Eve met for the first time a speculative man; Joseph, in the prison, a on Mount Aarafat near Mecca, so called watchmaker, and then a King ; Job, a pabecause Adam, beholding her first from this tient beggar ; Shoaib (Jethro) a devotee; mountain, cried out, Aarafat– I know her! Moses, a shepherd; Aaron, a Vizir; ZilThere they built the first house, and the kefel, a baker; Djerdjish (George) a Sheik; second they built at Kufa. There they Lot, a chronographer; Kaffauh, a gardener; dwelt seventy years, and Eve was delivered Azeer (Esdras) an ass-driver; Samuel, the there of Seth, Cain and Abel. Then the companion of the 72 translators, an interLord sent to Adam a praying-house, or preter ; Elias, a weaver; David, an archapel, of white pearl excavated, called mourer ; Solomon, a basket-maker of the Beiti Maamoor, which was let down from leaves of palm trees; Zacharias, a hermit; heaven upon the spot where the Caaba John, a Sheik ; Jeremiah, a surgeon; Danow stands, and Adam changed his abode, niel, a fortune-teller by the art Reml; Lokon the Lord's command, to Mecca. So the man, a philosopher ; Jonah, a fisherman ; house on Mount Aarafat was the first abode Jesus, a traveller; and six hundred years of Adam, Kufa the second, and Mecca the after him, Mahommed, the last of the prothird.”—Evlia, vol. 4.

phets, a merchant and soldier in God's
ways, who according to the text, Militate in
the ways of God, witnessed himself twenty-

eight victories. All these Prophets, having [Occupations of Scripture Characters.]

been taught the aforesaid arts by Gabriel, “God having created man in Paradise, communicated them to mankind, and befrom whence he was seduced by the insinu- came the Sheiks and Patrons of those arts." ations of Satan, Adam was taught, by Ga- |-Ibid.

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