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tree. These presented a scenery of land[Incivilization of the Laplander.]

scape which, far from having a wild and “The lake was surrounded with little harsh appearance, was such as might behills covered with rein-deer moss, inter- seem a gentler climate. Those lakes inspersed with woods of birch and fir. We spired us with an inclination for bathing : were every where presented with the con

their waters were clear as crystal, and their trasted view described before, which acted edges formed of the softest sand, which so forcibly upon our imagination, that we

sloped by degrees into a greater and greater could not but fancy ourselves upon some depth.”—Ibid. enchanted island. When we looked round us, we discovered nothing that resembled any country we had hitherto seen, and we

[Bog Iron Ore of the Assawampset Pond.] seemed to be transported into a new world. The sun, which shone upon us, never sunk

“ In the town of Middleborough, thirtybelow our horizon ; and we beheld almost eight miles from Boston, we stopped a few no colour but white intermixed with green. moments on the banks of Assawampset These objects, joined to the habitation of pond, a lake six miles in length and three the fishermen, the novelty of the flowers

in breadth, whose deep coves, and bold and which ornamented the isle, that of the birds extensive promontories, present many beauwhich made the woods resound with their tiful scenes, agreeably diversified by wildnotes, all contributed to astonish our senses, ness and cultivation. It is very shallow that had not anticipated such extraordinary and its bottom consists of bog'iron ore,

Our tent, when set up, appeared which has been an article of commerce ever to be the palace of the island, and was as since its discovery in 1747. The lake is strikingly superior to the hut of the Lap- owned in seventy undivided shares by the landers, as the residence of sovereign princes assignees of the original settlers of the town. to the dwellings of their subjects. We got | Any person may dig the ore, which is sold into our boat on purpose to take a survey on the banks of the lake at from four to of our situation from the lake, and we seven dollars per ton, according to its quapleased ourselves with the contemplation lity. The purchaser pays the further sum of the magnificent appearance of our new of one dollar per ton to the proprietors, kingdom. The inside of our tent was car- and the ore is then smelted, and cast into petted with birch-leaves strewed over the hollow ware in this and the neighbouring moss, which afforded a delicious perfume. towns. The quantity now dug here is much Our fishermen seemed surprised at the less than formerly, hardly exceeding one splendour of our mansion, and for the first hundred tons a-year. We rode two miles time had a pattern of luxury exhibited be- along the western bank of this lake, and fore them of which they had conceived no before we quitted it, saw on our right Long idea.”—Ibid.

Pond, which in one place approaches so near it as to leave only a passage for the road between them.

“On Assawampset was committed the [The River Alten.]

murder of Sausaman; the immediate occa“The river of Alten we found one of the sion of the war between our ancestors and inost beautiful we had yet viewed in the King Philip, professedly a war of extermicourse of our travels. It is at its com- nation, in which the two parties, struggling mencement a continued succession of lakes for existence, displayed a foresight and saof different size and shapes, and interspersed gacity in planning their military enterprises, with islets that are covered with the birch

and a rapidity, fearlessness, and perseve




rance in executing them which render that

[Otaheitan Funeral Prayer.] age one of the most interesting periods of our history; though the occasional acts of At a funeral which CAPT. VANCOUVER perfidy and atrocity committed on both witnessed in Otaheite, Mourea, who persides make it one of the least honourable.” | formed the office of chief priest, made a -North American Review, vol. 5, p. 313. long prayer. “ This prayer seemed, at in

tervals, like an expostulation with the Divinity, by adverting to the different pro

ductions of the island remaining, and still [Barbarity of the Indians of Cinaloa.] flourishing in the greatest plenty, and yet

“ Some of the Indians in Cinaloa had a Matooara Mahow was suffered to die." most barbarous dexterity in decapitating their enemies, they dislocated the neck with a twist, and if they had no knife to cut [Skill of the Hottentot in Pottery.] with, the thumb nail was cultivated to serve

The potter's art is one of the earliest as an instrument for cutting throats !-lo


savages quire, and the first which hazen con grande facilidad y destreza, tor- is brought to perfection among nations in ciendola, y desencuxando el huesso del celebro,

a state of improvement. Later writers make la tronchan; y si no tienen cuchillo para

no mention of the skill which the Hottentots cortar la carne. O lo hazen con la uña del formerly possessed in this art ;-and which pulgar, que

crecida,—P. ANDRES

has probably been lost among them. — R. PEREZ DE RIBAS, I. 2, c. 16, p. 76.


[Indian Tattooing.]

[The Kalmuck Dread of Fire Arms.] “Their success in war is readily known

" THE almucks stand in great awe of by the blue marks upon their breasts and fire-arms, because a bullet will break the arms, which are as legible to the Indians as pantzer—the iron net work which covers letters are to Europeans.

their head and body,—and generally carries “ The manner in which these hierogly

some broken pieces into the wound.”—P. phics are made, is by breaking the skin H. Bruce. with the teeth of fish, or sharpened flints, dipped in a kind of ink made of the pitch pine.”—CARVER, p. 337.

[Water Hollows formed by the Falls of the

River Lidda.]

6. The small river of Lidda, in the coun[Dreadful Storm !]

try of the Shangalla, falling from a high “A STORM more tremendous than any rains, hollows out deep and large reservoirs

precipice, when swelled with the winter I had ever witnessed suddenly broke us from the north-west and continued with below, which it leaves full of water when

the rains cease, so that the people are well unabated fury for several days. In former voyages I had never beheld any thing so

supplied with water.”—Ibid. dreadful. The raging billows seemed more like moving mountains of a black metallic substance than an undulating fluid; while

[Gardefui, or, the Straits of Burial.] the sky, hard, dark, and dismal, was with- “ Gardefui has no signification in any out a cloud.”-FORBES, vol. 4, p. 256. language; but in that of the country where



it is situated, it is called Gardefan and | fant Mordrech seroit filz au Roy Loth commeans the Straits of Burial.”—Ibid. me les aultres.”—MERLIN, 1, ff. 92.

The story is not to Arthur's credit,,but he knew not his own parentage at the time,

and therefore the incest was committed igRonsard makes Venus say in her Lament

norantly, and the adultery was innocent on for Adonis.

the lady's part, for she thought Arthur had “Je suis maintenant veufve, et porter je been her husband.

ne veux

Ny des bagues aux doigts ny l'or en mes cheveux;

[King Arthur's Hall.] Et si veux pour jamais (tant la douleur me tue)

K. ARTHUR's hall. “ Bien jonchée estoit Que la mere d'Amour de noir soit revestue : de plusieurs sortes et manieres de bonnes Je veux que mon Ceston soit acoustré de herbes et fleurs qui rendoient leans une grant noir,

ondeur ainsi

basme.” SAINCT Et que plus je ne porte en la main de mi- GREALL, p. 2, ff. 128.

roir."-T. 4. p. 39.


[The Washing of the Knight.] [Graal, or, Greal,- Meaning of.]

“ Adonc le varlet print le cheval de

Gauvain et le mena a lestable, et messire Graal or greal in the Langue Romane

Gauvain et la dame sen vont au chasteau signifies a cup or dish.

en la salle, et la dame le fait desarmer, et luy fait apporter de leaue pour laver ses

mains et sa face, car il estoit moult noir [King Loth.]

pour le haulbert que il avoit long temps The descent of King Loth of Orcanie

porte.”—Ibid. p. 2, ff. 132. from Perron, one of the companions of Joseph of Arimathea, is given in S. GREALL, pt. 1, ff. 115.

[Creature Comfort previous to the Fight.]

"Le lendemain apres la messe ouye, print

et mengea troys souppes en vin,-puis s'ar[King Loth's Children.]

me de toutes pieces."— Ibid. 2, ff. 133. “Si eut la femme au Roy Loth quatre

Sir Gavain before he undertakes the enfans, cest assavoir Gauvain, Aggravain, cause of Sir Perceval's mother for the Vaulx Gaheret, Gaberiet, ces quatre enfans furent de Kamelot. filz au Roy Loth: mais sa femme en eut encore ung qui fut nomme Mordrec, et lengendra le Roy Artus a Logres, quant il estoyt

[Gorgeous Banner.] jeune escuyer et quil estoit encores avec

“ ADOnc vint le Roy Ban de Benoic a son pere Arthor qui le nourrissoit, car qui

quil il tardoit moult qu'il nestoit ja a l'asla verité en sçauroit ou cuyderoit que len

semblée. Si tenoit lenseigne de son senes

chal a une couronne dor et dazur, et bendes 1 See Nares's Glossary inv. Graal or GRAYLE, and SANGRAAL or SAINT-GREAL. It is described

de travers a lytes jaunes comme fleur de in the Romance next quoted as “ L'escuelle ou le cipre, et avoit seize langues qui luy batoyent Fiex (Fils) Dieu avoit mengie"-J. W. W. jusques aux poings.”—MERLIN, vol. 1, ff.85.



Puis fist ap

And again “ Lors vint le Roy Boors a tenir. Apres furent les vins apportez de tout la grant enseigne paumoyant, dont le tant de diverse sorte que je ne lay peu rechamp estoit pres a menues bendes de or tenir. Et en la fin fut lypocras tant claret froye de belic fait si delie comme homme que blanc apporte.”—Ibid. ff. 19. vivant le eust sceu faire, a cinq longues langues."-Ibid.

[Deserted Castles the Haunt of Assassins.]

“ LI due Cavalieri fecero spianare il cas[Knightly Dress.]

tello et torretta, ne si partirono di la per When PERCEVAL is entertained by the insino che'l videro desolato sino à fondaold knight who instructs him in the use of menti, si che non vi potesse restare memoarms, the good knight makes him lay aside ria, il che parve loro il dovere di fare, però the hempen shirt and leathern suit in which che castelli edificati ne deserti et asprezzi his mother had drest him.

de monti, non servono ad altro che à ricetto porter chemises fines, braies de mesmes, et d'assassini; onde il signore Dio viene ad chausser de drap taint en bresil et escarlate, essere sommamente offeso, et rei huomini et robbe de soie de coulleur inde, la quelle es- ad essere salvi.”—J Due TRISTANI, ff. 80. toit subtillement faicte et richement brodée." --ff. 10. PERCEVAL LE GALLOYS.

[The fabulous Story of K. Arthur referred

to as true History.] [Exquisite Beauty.]

IN “ the very Beggar's Petition against -“La pucelle estoit si formellement Popery, wherein they lamentably complain belle, que Dieu ne nature ny avoit rien de- to K. Henry VIII. of the Clergy," speaking laisse quelle ne fust en tout accomplie. Pre- of the money which the Friars, Pardoners, mierement les cheveulx sembloient mieulx and Somners obtained, it is said the estre de fin or que de poil, tant estoient noble King Arthur had never been able to luysans et bien colorez. Le fronc avoit have carried his army to the foot of the hault et plain comme s'il fust faict de fine mountains, to resist the coming down of yvoire, Sourcilz brunetz assez menus. Les Lucius the Emperor, if such yearly exacyeulx vers et rians en la teste avoit; ne tions had been taken of his people."— The trop grans ne trop petis. Le nez droit et story is referred to as true history. estendu. Les joues blanches taintes de rougeur proporcionnée. Que vous diray je; tant fut de grant beaulte souverainement remplie, que je ne croy pas que Dieu en ait [Splendour of a Novus Homo.] depuis forme une pareille.”—Ibid. ff. 11. “ The Spanish minister, Eusenada, a man

without a foot of land, and not allied to any one that had, wore about his person on

every gala day jewels nearly to the amount [Knightly Collation.]

of £100,000."—WALPOLE Papers. MSS. “CEPENDANT fist la collation apporter de confitures et espiceries, comme figues, et dactes, confites, noyz, muscades, girofile et grenades en dragée, electuaire doulx de gin

[Robin Hood's Bottle.] gembre alexandrin. Et tant d'aultres cho- MR. RAYNER of Covent Garden theatre ses confites que nen ay sceu le nombre re- has become the purchaser, at a sale at St. RAYNER - COTGRAVE – FULLER



Anne's Well in Yorkshire, of a leathern malheur alors à celui qui tire."— Fundgrubottle holding three pints, which has been

ben des Orients, vol. 1, p. 248. time out of mind exhibited at the Inn there, as having belonged to Robin Hood.-Nov. 12, 1826.

[On a Leaden Bullet.]

“ When I look on a leaden bullet, therein [The Woman of Bedlam's Epigram on

I can read both God's mercy, and man's Madan's Book.]

malice : God's mercy, whose providence

foreseeing that men of lead would make inUpon hearing of Madan's book, a woman

struments of cruelty, did give that metal a in Bedlam is said to have spoken this epi

medicinal virtue: as it hurts so it also heals; gram.

and a bullet sent in by man's hatred into a “ If John marry Mary, and Mary alone,

fleshly and no vital part, will with ordinary It is a good match between Mary and John:

care and curing, out of a natural charity But if John marry more wives, what blows

work its own way out. But oh! how deand what scratches !

vilish were those men, who to frustrate and 'Tis no longer a match, but a bundle of defect his goodness, and to countermand matches."

the healing power of lead, first found the champing and impoisoning of bullets! Fools who account themselves honoured with the

shameful title of being the inventors of evil [A Greyhound's " Jaque."—What?]

things, endeavouring to out-infinite God's COTGRAVE speaks of a “ jaque or jack for kindness with their cruelty.” — FULLER's the body of an Irish greyhound, &c. made

Good Thoughts. commonly of a wild boar's tanned skin, and put on him when he is to cope with that violent beast."

[Enactment against the Prognosticators of

Elizabeth's Days.]

A STATUTE of the 5 Elizabeth sets forth, Description de la Compositiont qu'on met dans it had been the practice of some malconles Canons.

tents, to prognosticate fortunes and events “ Savoir; Bardouk? dix ; charbon deux from colours, and changes, and crests, bedrachmes; soufre une drachme et demie. longing to persons of quality; and that this Pilez-le bien et remplissez-en precisement conjectural presumption had made bold le tiers du canon. Faites faire un refouloir with the Queen herself. The penalty of de bois chez le tourneur, suivant le calibre doing this with an intention of raising any de l'embouchure du canon, et introduisez-le insurrection or public disturbance, is the avec force. Vous y mettrez ensuite le bou- forfeiture of ten pounds, and a year's imlet ou la flèche (incendiaire) et vous met- prisonment for the first, and the forfeiture trez le feu à la poudre contenue dans la of all goods and chattels for the second chambre du canon.

Il doit être perforé à offence. la profondeur de la lumière, car s'il étoit perforé plus bas, ce seroit un défaut; et

[Wormwood used as an Antidote against 1 Bardouk is supposed to be a corruption for

Fleas. ] Barout powder, unless there be, which is more probable, some mistake or omission of the word “ WHILE wormwood hath seed,

get a which should designate nitre.


full or twain

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