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of a project came amiss, from the establish[Venner's Remark upon his Trial.]

ment of a colony to the making rock-work VENNER upon his trial “began an extra- in a garden, has left upon paper, where too vagant and bottomless discourse about the many of his projects were fated to end, a fifth monarchy, and its having had a testi- curious specimen of allegoric gardening. It mony above twenty years in New England." is thus described in a letter to Lady WalUpon this the relator adds in a parenthesis, pole.- Vol. 1, p. 255. Hill's Works. “We'll never deny his New England testimony, which has made old England smart, having been the nursery and receptacle of sedition too long : though Hugh Peters be

[Increase of Diamonds.] dead, Gough and Whaley are there alive." ||

In the Dictionary of AntoNIO DE MoRAES Silva, Barreto is quoted as saying,

" Que os diamantes se unem, amam, e pro[Aaron Hill on Allegoric Gardening.] cream." AARON Hill, a very active and very amiable man, to whom nothing in the shape


Agra, fallen fortunes of the Amanuenses women, early use
great city of, 414.

| of, 359.
Aba of the Persians and Arabs, | Agricultural Losses, expatiated | Amazon, the current of, 666.
What? 342.

on by Gascoigne, 311. Ambassadors, handsome allow-
Abbey Lands, dispute of the AGUILAR, GERONIMO DE, the ance made to by the Parlia.
monks and secular clergy words of, 529.

mentarians, 154. Travels,
about in Charles I.'s reign, Ahmedabad, Sujat Khaun's 497.
Mosque at, 418.

Ambergris, use of, 518.
ABBOT, ABp. speaks malig. Aisle, Middle, of St. Paul's, Ainboynese Christians, their
nantly of Laud, 130. Com. 295.

offering to the Evil Spirit,
plained of by Falkland as | AITZEMA, his remark on the

neglecting Ireland, 178. / Dutch not helping Charles, AMBROSE, Saint, his works
Neglected young Ormonde 145.

castrated by the Francis-
when under his care, 204. | Akancéas on the Mississippi, cans, 390.
Aberdeen, beautiful workman. account of, 569.

Amentum of the Orinoco Tribe,
ship of the high altar of, and AKBUR, story of, 435.

noble conduct of the carpen. AKYAZLI, SAINT, the grave of,

ter who would not lift up his 405.

and Miscellaneous Illustra-
hatchet to destroy it, 151. Alabaster burnt, or, plaster of tions, 522, &c.
ABRAHAM LEVITABAR David, Paris, 337.

America, suggestions as to the
story of, 658.

ALARIC and the Enchanted population of, 522.
ABRAHAM, place where, at the Statue, 360.

| Amiens, the white Pigeon of,
command of Nimrod, he was Albatrosses, 577.

thrown into the fiery fur- | Albigenses and Waldenses, 400. Anas Glacialis, account of, 604.
nace, 404,
Aleppo, lightness of the water

Absolution and Confession, the of, and consequent goodness, I count of, 226,
necessity of in the strict Ro 432.

Anchovies taken by Flame, not
man Catholic sense, one of Aleutian Islanders, their uses so good as those not so ta-
the early corruptions of l of the Sea-Dog, 560.

ken, 597.
Christianity, 385.

ALEXANDER, how he got rid | Angels, doctrine of, 5. The
Acacia Vera, or Gum Arabic of his horns, 618.

queen of, title of a Poem by
thorn, 582, 605.

Allegiance, uncertainty of the Fr. Alonzo Perez Seraphi-
Achuquas, care of for their Oath of, 79.

no, 15.
graves, 576.

Alliteration, use of by Philip “ Angling, Secrets of," direc-
Acorn-Bird of the Sierra de Henry, 23.

tions for line-making from,
Topia, 603.

Almanack, Poor Robin's, 659. 330.
Herbal, 650, 661.

AHMEDO parcit, 260. ANTHOLIN, Saint, averter of
Adjutant Bird of India, or, 1 Alquitran, Fuego de, read by barrenness, 111.
Argali, 434.

Jayme at Valencia, 330, Antioch, soap and oil-olive of,
Ayahn-Charity-Love, 24. Alten, the river of, 633.

Agari, old building of, and su ALVAR Fanez, mentioned by Ants of the river Corentyn,
perstition, 423.
Sandoval, 262,

525. Omnivorous Ants of
AGNES, Saint, first saint who ALVARA DE Brito PESTANA, · Africa, Ibid. The White

had a church dedicated to L a el Rey D. Fernando, Trovas Ant an article of food, 526.
her, 381.
de, 238.

The Amphisbena, or King

[blocks in formation]

of the Emmets, Ibid. Huge | Atahualpa, the cruelty of, 522. | BANDARRA, GoxcaLO ANNES,
Ant hills, 529. Destruc. | Athenians Modern, belief a- ! 249.
tiveness of the Ant tribe, mongst that the ancient sta Banian Tree, near Manjee, 407.
530. Used as food, 532. tues are real bodies tenanted Banner, gorgeous, 635.
Great red ones of Ceylon, by a spirit called Arabian, Banquet, i. e. dessert, 323.


| Bantam Cock and the Broad-
Apostles' Spoons, 663.

ATHELSTAN, the sword of Con- ' side, 607.
Apparition, Eastern, 404. stantine and the spear of Baptized, the, and the unbap-
Apricot Stone, the delicacy of, Charlemagne sent as pre- tized, 108.

sents to, 355.

BARCENA, the Jesuit, instance
Aprons, green, 338.

ATHERTON, BISHOP, supposed of profound humility in, 119.
Arab Horsemen, dexterity of, by Carte to have been ac. BARD, HENRY, afterwards Vis-

439. Music, 451. Hospi. cused unjustly, and a victim count BELLAMONT, account
tality, 487. Simplicity of to Lord Cork's resentment,
the Bedouin, 487. Accou 204.

Burdic, use of the letters 0. I.
trements of, 516. Longe. | AugustIXE, ST. Origin of the W. 623.
vity of, 632.

Africanisms in his style, 2. Bardouk Powder, 637.
Arabic, pattering of by Mus. | Aurora Borealis, 580.

Bark Indian, used as food, 604.
selmen without understand. Aurungbad, city of, and throne Barrios, MIGCEL DE, 264,
ing, 77.
of Aurungzebe, 417.

268, 274.
Arafat, Kufa, and Mecca, the AURUNG ZEB, his letters to | Barros, his forcible use of

successive abodes of Adam, Azim Shah, and Prince Kam popular words, 214, 425.

Bukhsh, 456. His horse- | Bases, what ? 322.
Araucana, extracts from, 528, || men, and the Eastern Ama- BASTWICK, account of, 174.
529. Language, 535.
zon, 513.

Wrote an excellent Latin
Archers, instructions for In- | Autumnal Leaf, effects of the style, 175.
dian and Hindoo, 426.

October frosts on, in Ameri- | Bats of Brazil attack the poul.
Archery, latest mention of the ca, 593,

try, 594.
intended use of, 148. Ararice, the undress of, 316. | BAUMGARTEN's Travels. The
Areca Tree, 501.

Aratar, the Buddha, 464. Arabian bitch that deserted
Arithmetic Easy, the value of,
Awa, the Rushing of, a whirl-

her whelps, 491. Moving
pool on the coast of Japan,

sands, Ibid. Musical lamps
Armour, death from weight and

and arrows of fire, 492.
heat of, 319. Impenetrable, | Azof, Sea of, phænomenon on,

Baran, the beautiful valley of,
347. Forged for themselves

by early Knights, 355.

| BAXTER, his Retrospect, 17.
Arms, combat of, trial by, 338.


Addison led to read his wri.
Arms and armour, 345. Go.

tings by a piece he found
thic skill in the use of, 360.


under a Christmas pie, 107.
ARNEOSTE, the great giant of

His extreme notions on the
Quiquifs, 470.
Babelmandel, 403.

efficacy of prayer. 111. On
Arslan-Ula, the Lion's Moun. | Babylon, Impropriations of the

infants' guilt and corruption,
tain, 515.
children of, 49.

113. His persuasion that
Artichoke, used by the Greeks | Babylonical Building, why it

the Papists furthered the
to curdle milk, 647.
should decay, 48.

work of schism and confu.
Arthur, King, his hall, 635. | Bagdad, heat of the air at, and

sion, 149.
Fabulous history of referred

the way of drawing cool | Baya, the Hindoo Bird, 469.
to as a true history, 636, water from the Tigris, 442. BAYLE, on the increase of fa-
641. Hebrew MS. of his Bairaum HarDJI, his virtue, naticism, 144.
history in the Vatican, Ibid. 406.

BEAL, his dying words, “ I be-
Asiatic Cities, difference be. Baking, novel way of amongst liere the resurrection," 194.
tween the distant prospect | the Cherokees, 531.

Beans, the questionable health-
and the interior of, 468. Re. | Balachaun and Nuke-Mum of iness of, 340.
searches quoted, 483,

the Tonguinese, 602. Bear. A she-bear with young
Ass, superstition relative to the BALE, his Pageant of Popes, never killed in America, 646.
Ass of Jesus, 406.

48, 49.

Beauty, exquisite, 636.
Assum, belief of the natives | Ballads Spanish, remarks on, BEDELL, Bishop, Laud's high
concerning the treasure of 233.

opinion of, 135. Strafford
the Barabuinia, 426. Bamboo, St. Pierre's account brought over to esteem, 179.
Astronomy, Wesley's doubts of, 467.

Sum devoted to the publica-
about, 116.

| Banamu, account of, 498. tion of the Irish Bible, 184.

[blocks in formation]

View of the Pope's king: , Bible, difficulty in finding one | BoothBY, RICHARD, descrip-
dom in Ireland, 197.

in Paris during the peace of tion of Madagascar, 336.
Beech-tree, antipathy of snakes Amiens, l.

Booza, Turkish drink made
and vipers to, 580.

Bilbo catch, game of, 316. from barley, 645.
Begging like a Cripple at a | BINNING, Hugh, Cromwell's Borussus Flabelliferus of Cey-
Cross, 295.

reply to his learned opposi. | lon, &c. used instead of pep-
BEIMEN, Jacob, his notion tion to his ministers, 196. per, 517.

that the earth is to become | Birch-wood, Sweedish shep. Borel, or Borrel, i. e. coarse,
transparent as glass, 37. herds' horn of, 613.

rude, 333.
BELLARMINE, monstrous pas- | Birch-tree Burk, uses to which Borja, S. Fr. DE, Vida del,
sage from, 13.

it is applied in California, 392.
Bells, superstitious ringing of, 561.

BORONDON, St. the island of,
54. First ring of bells in BIRCHBECK's Protestant Evi. 628.
England, 55. The Saints' dence, quoted, 390.

Boscan, poco hombre para crear
Bell, what? 78. Huge one Bird, the, shooting at, Danish una Poesia nuera, 232. Ex
made from the cannon which diversion, 353. How caught tracts from his Hero and
the Turks left when they by water near Jerusalem, Leander, lb.
raised the siege of Vienna, 490. Immense flight of, 604. | Boston, old maids there, ac.

Biscayans and Catalonians, cording to John Dunton,
Bemoll, i. e. B molle, soft, or, their love for their country, looked on as a sad spectacle!
flat, 334,

Benares, a Brahmin’s notion Biscayners, advance up the BOTELHO DE MORAES OF VAS.

of its not belonging to this river of Limerick forty or CONCELOS, FRANC. DE, 234,
earth shook by an earth fifty miles, and interference 235.
quake, 409. Ornamental with the fisheries, together Bouce, island of, 625.
embankments at, 477.

with a capture of two or BOUDDHUS, the faith of, 436.
BENEDICTINES, 369. St. Be. three Dutchmen, 182, BRACHANUS, his four and twen-

nedict said to be descended Bishops, unfounded charge ty daughters, 365.
from Anicius, the first great against them as hindering BRADY, DR. accurateness of
Roman who was converted, the printing of good books, his history, 206.
370. Have the same miracles 47. Forbidden to keep dogs Brahmins, spiritual discipline
with the Dominicans, 390. and birds of prey, 90. Pro. of, 404. Expiatory surfeit
Benshi, origin of, 360.

posal that bishops and arch of, 408. House burnings by
BERCEO, D. GONZALO DE, 20. bishops should be of noble order of, 424. Histories,

Remedies, or rather appli. blood, 105. “ No bishop, specimen of, 435. Obla-
cations for the gout in his no king,” origin of the ex. tions of, 503. Dust of their
days, 287. Safeguard of in pression of, according to Mil feet — its sacredness, 520,
nocence, 289. Education, ton, 395.

291, 319, 320.

Black-Guard, what ? 638. | BRAWL, a sort of dance, cor-
BERNARD, Saint, his device, Black-thorn, the leaves of, a rupted from the French,
substitute for tea, 602.

BERNIER, Francis, requisites Black Tents of the Bedoweens, Brazil, Anchietas's supposed
of an Eastern house, 460. 445.

prophecy relative to the gold
Superstition on an eclipse, | Blacksmiths, their value in- of, 659.
462. His rich specimens of stanced, 325. Great swords Bread Fruit, 577.
the Jashen stone, 479. A and smiths of Spain, 346. Brecknockshire, Jones's His.
very odd concert to an Eu. | Bleeding immoderate, 340. tory of, quoted, 321, 325.
ropean, who is a new comer, | BLESSIS, Sr. and St. ALGARE Facilities of breeding fish
at Malvern, 56.

in, 595.
Bethlehem, way of watering | Blood, Deluge of Christian,272. Breech, salt and vinegar used
the ground at, 589.

Blood-stone of New Spain, ac in making one, 330.
Bettele Tree, 501.

count of from Doctor Mo- Bridge, hammock, wonderful,
BEZA, his rejection of all pro- nardus, 538.

fane studies for Christ, 47. | Blouses, the Turcoman, 423. | BRIDGEMAN,BISHOP, OF CHES-
Bhool Shikun, or the destroyer BOHEMIA, conversion of, 53. TER, Letter from to Straf-
of Idols, 416.

Boiling-Spring of Barbadoes, ford, thanking him for judi.
BHURTRIHUREE, King, and 582.

cious Church promotions,
the immortal fruit, 436. Bolt und Screw, to fasten doors 181.
Biatachs, or keepers of houses with, 339.

Brith-unde Britones, 662.
of hospitality in Ireland, BONAVENTURA, introduced Ave Broughton Hall in Craven, tra-

Maria at Vespers, 371. I dition there, 147.

[blocks in formation]

BRUCE, evening walk on the the English criminal law, i the Mongals and Tartars, !
house top in the East, 519. 456.

474. Chingis Cham's pro-
Bucala Umbo Clypci Bou CALDCRON, 252-254.

gress impeded by a cloud,
cle, 665.

Calicut, Thevenot's mistake, ib. Eastern Troglodytes :-
BUCHANAN, the buildings call.

respecting, 279.

noise of the sun rising the
ed by the Europeans Choul.
California, New, baskets of,

cause of their living under ;
try, what ? 499. The Hu.
594. Boxes of, 660.

ground-How the Tartars
vina, or, Flower Gardens,
Calumet, description of the,

were driven out of the coun.

try by men in the shape of
Buchsinoe, Lake of, 609.
Calvin, his ill temper, that

dogs, 475.

devil of impatience that

Carrack, huge Portugueze,
minus equorum et aquarum,
raged in him, and was not


yet tamed, 192. Calvinism,

Carrion, river, 281.
Buddas— BOODHA— vestiges

political character of, 193.

Cartagena, 273.
of Christianity in the East,
Cainbay, trade of, precious


extracts from, 203, dt.
Buffaloes, concealed in the

stones at, 428. Fine Mau.

His just, hard, character of
water in hot weather, 423.

of the Mogul of Archbishop Abbot, 204.
Buffin Gowns, 338.
Cambaya, 433.


Bumbard, mention of, 311.
Camel, honour paid to the,

&c. Sand Cherries - The
Bupleurum Giganteum, ac-
which carries carpets to

Sumack, 561. Question of
count of, 584.
Mecca, 443. Saleh's camel,

Indian entrenchments and
BURG, Mr. his Utopian Ro. 453. The old camel, 607

fortifications, 562. Hiero-
mance, 641.
Cameleopard, 601.

glyphies of the care of Wa.
BURGESS, CORNELIUS, sermon Camelion, change of colour in, konteebe, or, the dwelling
before the House of Com 598.

of the Great Spirit-Eagle's
mons, 144.
Camfrain, what, 344.

ey ries—Blue clay paint, a
BurguiLLOS, TOME DE, 260, CAMOENS, 258

mark of peace — Ratile. "
270, 289.

CANCIONERO GENERAL, quo. snakes, Water lilies, and
Burial inefficient, one cause of tations from, 211-224, &c. Water snakes, 563. The

the frequent pestilential dis. 264, 273, 283, 294, 352, 359. hissing snake -- Thunder
eases in Turkey, 446. At | Candles made of pine splints, bay-Indian designation of
sea, 570.

the months, 564. Life and
BURNET, Bishop, his declara- Cannibals, Indian, the modern death of the moon — War.
tion that resistance on ac Thugs, 407.

dance — Wakon-Kitchewah,
count of religion is unlaw. CAPEL, Lord, his repentance or, Initiation into the
ful, 195.

for complying with a pre Friendly Society of the
Burning of an Indian Chief in vailing party, and voting for Spirit, 565. The red paint.
the district of Castilla del Strafford's death, 154.

ed hatchet of war, 566.
Oro, 531.

Capitation Tax on Christians The death-song of the In-
BURNYEAT, Jonn, the l’Envoy in Turkey, 613.

dians-Indian war-whoop-
which follows the Preface to Capivari, Labats' unlucky Indian adoption--The Car.
his Work, 664.

guess as to the derivation cajou, 567. The Whipper.
Butterflies at Catharina, 586. of, 594.

Will, or, as it is termed by
Buzo, or, White Wood, 605. Curaccus, the free negroes of, the Indians, the Muckawiss

- The Wakon bird -- The
Caravan, progress of, and its swift lizard -- The yellow

balts at the five stated hours ash, which is only found
Caaba, virtue of the pilgrim. of prayer, 429. Petrified near the head branches of

age round, when performed one near the Castle of Takh. the Mississippi, 568. The
alone, 406, 440. Legend of tawan, 443.

Whickopick or Suckwick-
the Caaba stone, 497. Carey, Sir L., a vain young Species of the willow- The
Cabinet, superb, with Mahom.
man, 182.

elder, 569. Indian stealth,
medan inscription on the Caribees, great eared, or Mara. and form of submission,
cornice, 445.
shewaccas, 666.

Cacao Nuts, used as money, | CARNARVON, LORD, extracts CASAUBON, MERIC, excellent

from his Portugal and Gal. conduct of, when required
Caius College, Archbishop Per licia, 286.

by Cromwell to write the
kis's gift to, 664.

CARPINI,JOHANNES DE PLANO, history of the war, 194.
Calcutta, barbarities at, pre 1246, in HAKLUYT, Pres. Casheli, ARCHBISHOP OF,

vious to the introduction of byter John's device against ! said by Strafford to be as


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