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dangerous and ill-affected. remarks on, 145. Orders to Christian intercession, 13.
person as any in the king. examine his body, 146. Es. | Christians, informers against,
dom, 201.

cape of, advised by a maid punished, 609.
Castles Deserted, the haunts of servant, in her own clothes, Christmas Carol, a, 302. Christ-
assassins, 636.

162. His desire to do pe. mas joy, 315.
Catapulta, at the last siege of nance for the injustice done Christ's blood cleanseth from
Gibraltar, 609.

to Stratford, 164, 190. In: all sin, 4. All one in, 49.
Catechising, evil results of the stance of insincerity in, 179. Chronicle of D. Rodrigo, 291.

want of, South's remarks,46. Said that the fire in Scot. Chubbotree, Shawmiana, or,
CATHARINE, Saint, and the land threatened not only the Night Canopy, 489.

Rosaries, 85. Of Sienna, monarchical government Chura conquering Yamen, 434.
109, 122, 264.

there, but in England also. Church, universality of, in
Cathedrals, Strafford wished 188. Lamentable willing: spite of anti-christ, 97.

the whole diocese to be taxed ness to make scape goats Taking notes at, 106.
for, 201.

of his faithful servants, and Cibolas, a large sort of oxen,
Catholics, punishments en duplicity, no doubt forced 572.

forced against, 118. James upon him by the times, 189. Cip, THE, “ The Cid to his
1. promised a perpetual to. Says of the Scotch, " The sword,” 259. His last or.
leration to, in their own Devil owes them a shame,' ders, 260, 266, 267. Va-
houses, provided they did 190. Account of his death lencia del Cid, 281. Al-
not intermeddle, 187.

from the “ Royal Buckler," phonsus Perez, history of,
Cattle, stray, probibition a 324. Philip Henry's ac 292. The sword of, 326,
gainst, 320.

count of the popular groan 359. “My Cid,” expres.
Caudel Moley Cayde, 276. at the execution of, 643. sion of, 656.
Causey, the, leading from Chip Renewal of Henry VII.'s CIMABUE, his finest works,
penham Cliff to Wick Hill,

statute against depopulation, the decayed frescoes in the

church of St. Francis at
Cavado, river of, 274.

CHARLES VII., Les Vigilles Assissi, 370.
Cave, the Blowing Cave of de, 57.

Cinaloa, food of the tribe of,
Virginia, 585. Wonderful CHARRON, on Oriental know 592. Barbarity of the In-
one, at the foot of a steep ledge, 407.

dians of, 634.
mountain between Baru. CHARPENTIER, paid by the Cinaloa, extempore clock of,
thum and Tripoli, 615.

French court for writing its 525.
Cayman, the buoyancy of, 525. / apology, 193.

His flesh not good owing to CHARTIER, ALAN, 352.

ford's complaint of his en.
the flavour of musk, 578. CHAUCER, extracts from, 315, grossing parsonages and vi.
Offensive to snakes, 587.

carages in Ireland, 199.
Cecil, and the Pomegranate | Chaun, the Indian Congreve CLARENDON, LORD, on the
tree, 424.
Rocket, or Lattie, 408.

death of Archbishop Laud,
Celebes, aged warrior of, and Cheerfulness, Moravian pattern 136. The place whence he
his Kris, 424, Rice grounds of, 10.

took his title, 138. Claren-
in the, 442.

CHENIER, his account of the don papers referred to, with
Ceremony and Gentility, Cow. Moors and their negroes, extracts from, 139, &c.
ley's account of a soldier 491.

State papers, extracts from,
being a martyr to, 327. | CIERBURY, LORD HERBERT 187-191. Painful view of
Ceylon, novel agriculture in, of, his advice to Charles not the distractions of the times,

419. Deer catching in, ib. to listen to the Scots; but 189. His opinion that the
Hunters of, 449.

fortify York against them, Scots would not betray the
Chavo Grub that produces 146.

king, 190.
milk, 527.

Cherries, German sauce of, Clay, eating of, by the Otho-
Chain-pump, 621,

591. Cherry-gum, nourish macos and Guamos explain.
Chair, the placing of, dispute ment of, 598.

ed, 527.
concerning, 341.

Chesnut wood, inflammability Clepsydra, the Brahmin's, 473.
Challenge of Pedro of Aragon of, 295.

Clergy, benefit of, 10. The
to Pedro of Castille, 330. Chien, La Rivière du, 482. support of, wise arrange-
Chamber secret, of Hindoo China, sea vegetable of, 432. ment, 43. Disrespectful
Princes, 417.

Chittery, or, Royal Race, mar treatment of, in England,
Chamfruin, what? 344.

riage choice of, 489.

ib. Claim of our Clergy
Chancels, no popery, 2, 68. Chocolate, derivation of, 593. and flocks at home, 74.
Chaplain, naval, 13.
Choultry, what ? 499.

Want of, 102. Poverty of,
CHARLES I., Bishop Hacket's | Chrism, account of, 383.

103. King of Spain's boun.

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ty to, in New Spain and the Contribution of a meal a week, “ As for foreign force, it is
Philippines, 658.
for the wars, 152.

a vain dream," ib.
Clerk, Parish, instance of the Conversion, work of, marvel. Culimites, the, who ? 113.

whole service read by, on the lous instance given by Top Curse, the entailed cut off, 19.
authority of Wesley, 108. lady, 123,

CUTIÆl, or, Samaritans of Si.
CLIVE, LORD, and the chest Coracle, species of, 355. Su cham, 448.
of gold, 656.

perstition of, 621.

Cwn Anwn, or Anun's Dogs,
CLOCESTRA'S, MARTIN DE, Cordora, praise of, by Barrios, what ? 321.
translation of L'Histoire de 275,

Cyder, an early liquor, 320.
Bretaigne from the Latin Corn, ears of, in New Eng. | Cypress hat band, a sign of
into the Romaunt, 358.
land, 655.

mirth, 336.
Cloths, disuse of English men. | Cosmos and Caracosmos, drinks
tioned by G. Wither, 302. of, 590.

Clouds, attraction of, 599. | Cotton cloths, as a defence
Green, 614.

against Indian arrows, 643, Daggers, 330. Muzzled, ib.
Clubs! Clubs! the Prentice 644.

Damietta, entrance of the har.
cry of, 322.

CRANMER, ARCHBISHOP, on bour, 617.
Club-men, defeat of, by Crom unholy alliances in Ger. DAXAN DE Goes, extracts
well, 161.
many, 125.

from, concerning Malacca,
Cobra, blood stones of, 413. Creed, the,-the parts of it al 409.
COCKBURN, Jonx, journey lotted to the several Apos Dance, primitive, 315.
and adventures of, 534, 535. tles, 380.

Danes, suggestion as to why
Cocoa Nuts, large ones of Ma. | Creeshna, the city of, 481. they have so few coughs and

dura and Baly, 420, 434. Crickets of the Night, Primi. catarrhs, 594.
Coffee Balls, the food of the tive christians, why so call. | Date-tree, virtues of, 428.
Galla, 589.

ed, 330.

The honey of, 463. Re-
Coffee House, 666.

CROFT, Bishor, the humble sorted to by the White
COKE, his opinion that the moderator, 52. On the sur. Heron, 483.

change in Irish tenures is plice question, 121. Va DAVENANT's news from Ply-
the only hope of introducing riety of men's understand. | mouth, quoted, 359.
in Ireland civility and reli ings, 125.

DAVILA, taught our gamesters,
gion, 183. Bacon's saying CROMWELL, collections con says Clarendon, 146.

cerning his age, 127, &c. Day and Night, local difference
COLET, Jous, the best and

&c. Letters, ib. Lays Ma-1 of, 616.
wisest of his age, 332.

nasseh Ben Israel's proposal | Dead, Indian regard for the
NINES, PHILIP DE, quoted, before a meeting, 145. *Pico | graves of their, 656.

ture of, at Gisburne Park, | Diud men, more hurtful than
Commons, House of, former mo. 147. His fight with two the living, an aboriginal no-

deration and honesty of, 664. mastiff's at Cambridge, 151. tion of savage tribes, 538.
Compudres, relationship of,269.

Bayle's account of his fana How likeness comes out in
Comparisons. Tiindoo, 435. ticism, 154. Said by Sir J. | the dead, 659.
Condorona, the mine of, how |

Rereshy to be the greatest

Death of the Good, 121.
discovered by the Spaniards, dissembler on earth, 155. | Debat, Le, des deux Fortunes

His dying advice, 663.

d'Amours, 352.
Confession, Roman Catholic,

| CROMWELL, RICHARD), letters | Deformed persons, none among
warning against, by Bishop

written from Cheshunt, con the native Indians, 530.
Watson the Catholic, 124.

taining an account of his | Dehly, cunning robbers of the
Difference of in the Canons death, &c, 191.

province of, 410.
of the Irish Church, 202. Cross, the sign of, refused to Deluge, Lake near the town of
Conformist and Non-Con-

be made by many to the Ali, a remainder of, 444.
formist, friendly debate be.

solemn league and covenant, Derrises of Erzeroom, 403.
tween, 93, 94, 104, 118.

and left incomplete in the Desert Cookery, 481. Effects
Conger Eel, power of, 577.

shape of a T., 15. Legend of a desert march, 501. Of
Congo, the lutes of, 473.

of Adam and the Tree of water, inland tribes astonish.
Conscience, tenderness of, mis.

Paradise, 382. Queen of ment at, 514.
use of the term, 107. "A Sheba and, 382.

Destruicam de Espanha, ex•
back door,' writes Nicholas.

Crosses, gold and silver ones, tract from, 269.
1647, to let in all sects and

Deretas, their respect to the
heresies, 190.

Cubit, origin of the royal, 423. moon, 483.
Constantinople, coffee intro

CULPEPER, excellent letter of, | Deril, giving a chair to, and

to Digby, 189. His remark, 1 talking a matter cut with,

of, 207.


duced at, 363.

[blocks in formation]

119. Indian superstition of | Doublets, thieves clad in stone take the air, according as
sacrificing to, 653.
ones, 504.

the wind blows, 490.
Dewal, the real name for an Dragon, African, engendered | Ecbatana, walls of, built by

Indian temple, Pagoda not by the great eagle on the Deioces, Herodotus' account
known in the native lan female hyæna, 587.

of, 421.
guages, 433.

Dress, remarks on, 310, 311, | Eclipse, superstitions on, 462.
Dews, heavy, in the forests of 313, 314, 320. Superfluous EDMONDBURY, Sr., his shrine,

the Ohio and Wabash, 593. bravery, 337. Suffocating and the thief at, 51.
Diamonds, splendid ones of manner of attire, ib.

EDMONDSON, William, the
Cambay, Ispahan, &c. 418. | Druids, sorceries of, 28.

quaker, his goodness, 122.
Increase of, 468.

DRUM, his idea of a material Eel Pies, horse loads brought
Digitus Medicus, or, fourth fin. Church, 2.

from Mantes to the market
ger of the left hund, 318, 333. Drums, why bullet-proof, 657. of Paris, according to Mon.
Dimbios, the, or, great red Drunkard, privileged one a strellet, 340.
ants of Ceylon, 589.

mong the Turks, his dis. Egypt, the glory of, from
DINEZ, ANTONIE, his Hiso- | grace, 452.

December till March, 449.
paida, 250.

Dublin, most dangerous for Beanty of portions of, 492.
Dinez, D., 279.

corrupting youth, in Straf Ancient custom of removing
Discernuns Les, et les Mélan- | ford's opinion, 200,

the dead in, 496. The mo-
gistes, 103.

Dublin College, Strafford's notony of, 499.
Discipline, religious, first in. | wish for good scholars from Ejaculations, Fuller's remarks

troduced into an army by England to be sent over to upon, 42.

the prince of Parma, 142. be made fellows, 199. ’Elaucoopis, collection of ver.
Discussion, unhallowed, 32. Ducks, use of, in turnip fields, ses printed at Oxford on
Dispensations, 290.


Oliver Cromwell's peace
Disputants, plausibility of Po. | Duelling, curse of, 20. Duel. with the Dutch, 151.
pish, 5.

lers, a word to, 306.

Elder-tree, medicinal effects of,
Dissent, infallibility of, 105. Dumbarton, with proper inti.

Direr, red-throated, of the mation, Straiford says, he Elections, much the same, as
Feroe Islands, 587.

could have secured it, 'a- ! regards purity, &c., in
Divines, Tetrarchs of time, 7. gainst all the covenanters Charles I.'s time, as now,
DOBRIZHOFFER, covert allu and deists in Scotland,' 172.

sion to mules, 532. Curious Dundee, the great misfortune Elephant, Hindoo name for a
cure for the springhalt, 535. of the taking of, 150.

hurricane, on account of its
DODD, CHARLES, his Church | Dung, custom of plastering force, 421. Ornaments of,-

History of England, quoted, floors with cow-dung in the kettle drums and large bells
148, 149.
East, 415, 416.

affixed to those of great
DODDRIDGE, DR., anecdote of, Dunton, Mrs., her funeral men, 430. Young maid de.

sermon by Timothy Rogers, livered of, 450.
Dog, Methodist, story of, 63. 639,

Elephantiasis and Slarery cor-
Dog's tongue, drives away rats, DURYE, Join, employed un relative, 613.

der Laud for many years in Elves and Fairies, &c., Elves
Dogs, instinct of, 288. Red trying to effect a union a and Gibelynes, 362.

dog of the Savana-Durga, mong the Protestants, after-| Emigration, the Spaniards suf.
424. Remedy against mad wards became a Bellwether fered none to emigrate, since
ness in, 597. Voracity of, in seditious preaching, 191. 1584, to their American co-
in Guatemala, 650.

Duties to God, from Laws and lonies without good charac-
DO WINGO, SAINT, 397-400. Ordinances of Warre, which ters, 530.
What passed between the De might be profitably adhered | English, negligence of, in.
vil and Saint Domingo, 401. to in 1849, 664.

stanced, 619.
Don, description of a proud | Dyeing, mystery of, 336. | Englishwoman's punishment
one, 341.
Dutch skill in, ib.

for over freedom with an In-

dian, 657.
Apem, 111.

Enoch, ELIJAH, & Sr. Joux,
Dorisluus, an agent of the par- | Eagle, White, his attack on all living to confront Anti-

liament, killed at the Hague, the Kangaroo, 586. Ameri christ, 379, 383,
can, 605.

Epicures of Guiana and Par.
Dorer Castle, precautions a. Earthquake, curious effects of, rot's tongues, 588.

gainst undermining, 343. I on the pendulums of the Equestrian (American) tribes,
Dore, the, that led Cortes and clocks in Batavia, 649. their belief in evil spirits,
his followers, 266.

| Eastern chambers, where to 1 524.

[blocks in formation]

ESCOBAR's collection of bal. | Denton, why spared by | Fisher, Laud's book against,
lads, 284.
Prince Rupert, 157.

well digested by Charles I.,
Essenes and Pharisees, 369. Faith, to die in, 359.

134. Recommended to his
Estoc Volant, L', what? 348. | Falkland Islands, increase of children, with Bishop An-
Etymology, an extract from

cattle in, 642.

drews's sermons, and Hook.
the limbo of, 620.

Fall, or Falling Band, what ? er, 136.
Euric, the Fratricide, king of


Fishing, expertness of the A.
the Visigoths, 282.

Falling-Fits, common to all merican tribes in, 524.
Evergreen Creepers, none in

ages, under religious excite Flamingoes, great flocks on
America, 644.

ment, 40. Convulsive faint the Caspian shores, 588.
ings, 42.

Flea, St. Domingo and, 401.
EVELYN, witness of Strafford's
execution, for a crime that

Famine, the girdle of, 423. FLECKNO, his account of JOAN
came under the cognizance

Fardles, meaning of the word, IV., 260. Use of foreign

language, 327. Account of
of no human law, 163.

Farthingales, proclamation a. the stars of the other hemi.
Evlia, the traveller, fre.

gainst, in James the First's sphere, 523.
quently quoted, e. g. 434, reign, 328.

FLEMINGS, ancient arms of,
442, &c., &c.

Fas est et ab hoste doceri,” il. 358.
Evora, College of Jesuits at,

lustration of, 107.

Flowers, language of, 666.
founded by Cardinal Henri: |

Fushion, despotism of, 301. Do Floods, great ones in the East,
que, 391, 393.

minion of tailors, 302. Im 427.
Ewes, Milch, six for one cow,

periousness of, 619. French Flying-fish, tail of, 598.
in Tusser's time, 325.

fashions, 629.

FoE DE, and the Flying Post-
Ercommunication, Adam, the Fasting, 384.

minus the F, 332.
first that underwent the sen:
Favila's Fute, old ballad ac-

Fordun, quoted, 357.
tence of, 384.
Experiences, account of, 38.

Fornication, extended sense of,
count of, 263.

Experiments on odours and

from his theatre and honour

Forest-work Hangings, 619.
insects might ascertain the

of knighthood, 319.

Fortune, instance of the muta-
only preservatives against
the greatest plagues to which
Felony in the king's chapel at

bility of, 151.
men are subject, 597.

Whitehall, and Sir Francis

Forbes, Oriental Memoirs,
Extempore preaching, Origen

quoted, 411, &c. Snakes of
Bacon's remark on passing

the Guzerat lakes, 411.
the first beginner of, 122.
judgment on John Selman,

Luxury of cold water in In-
Extinguishers of the Candle,"


dia, 412. Halcarras, or, In.
Persians railed at by the
Fennel, the herb, 323.

dian news messengers -
name of, 444.
FENTON's tour through Pem.

Palanquin-bearers, and the
Extremes meet, illustrated in

brokeshire, quoted, 320.

round of beef - The Parsee
Protestant mission persecu-

Females, excess of, the effect of tribe, and the everlasting
tion, 61.
polygamy, 644.

fire — The Mowah - tree,
Eye, "If thine eye offend thee Feoffment, the, the good that 412. Eastern hospitality-

pluck it out," literal appli- might have resulted from it Indian holy breds, or sacred
cation of the saying by a in Charles I.'s time, 153. lands, 413. Noble genero-
Mahommedan, 403. A one FERNAM Lopez, quoted, 263, sity of a Chinese merchant,
eyed man a bad attendant 272, 280, 282, 285.

415, &c. &c. Great floods
on an Indian chief in the FERNANDO Don, EL NOBLE of the East, 427. Account
other world, 530.
Rey, 287.

of Locust-fight, 432. Gu.
FERREIRA Donna BERNARDA lam Kauder Khan and Shah

Aalum, 440.
Facu, use of, in killing the Co. | Ferro, slaves of the isle of, 261. | Fostering, advantages of, 362.

bra-Vendos, or, Boa Con Feudal times, the heir the suc. Fotoona, islanders of, the bru.
strictor, 644,

cessor to quarrels in, 340. tal custom of fighting with
FAIRFAX, LORD, adventure FIENNES, Mrs. MSS. quoted, shark's teeth, 352.
with the sentinel at Naseby, 343, 600.

Foundations out of joint, 17.
161. Heterogeneous cha. Fire Temple of Erdeshir, 420. Fox GASTAM DE, 249.
racter of, 173. A great an. Naptha the fuel of, 420. FRANCISCANS, 370, &c. 395.
tiquarian, ib. A military Fire-fiy, brilliancy of, 434, 605. Aped by the Dominicans,
genius, but of common un. Fire-Eaters, Indian, 560.

396. House and church of, at
derstanding in other affairs, Fish stunned by the striking Nanking, 628.

of the ice, 601. Indian way | FRANCISCO JOZE DE NATIVI:
FAIRFAX, Joun, portrait of, at of taking, 605.

DADE, 252.

[blocks in formation]

Franeker, the grand hot-bed of | GARCIORDONEZ DE MONTAL- | Golden Disease, which affect-
the rankest Calvinism, 192. I vo, 279,

ed Cortez and his followers,
Fraternity, lerelling, 639. Gardefui, or Gardefan, 634. I 291.
FREEMAN's Eighteen Sermons Garlic, an antidote for the bad Goldsmiths' Shops in London,
quoted, 72.

effects of the Simoom, 649. in Fynes Moryson's time,
French, the Spaniards' Opinion Evlia's account of the Sa. their splendour, 335.
of, as expressed in the Cen tanic origin of, ib.

GOMARA, his doubts as to the
tinela contra Franceses, 270. GASCOIGNE, extracts from, appearance of Santiago and
286. French fashions, 629. 311. His country delight, St. Pedro, 59.
Lying, 659.


Freyre Luys de, 240.

GASPAR DE VILLAGRA, Histo- Sanson Nazareno, por, 251.
FRIENDLY DEBATE between ria de la Nuera Mexico, a GOMES FRANCISCO Dias, ac-

Conformist and Nonconform palpable and paltry imita. I count of, 245-248.
ist, 93,

tion of the Araucana, 231, Gongora, his style, and ex.
Frounce and Flounce, meaning GATO JUAN ALVAREZ, 218, tracts, 209.
of the words, 320.

224, 216.

Gongs, or, Gomgoms, how made
Frozen Trees, beautiful appear Gay Head, Indian reserve I and their use, 489.
ance of, 583.

lands at, 627.

Fruit Trees, way of propagat Gear fained, what? 3. 1 Martin Affonzo, 265.
ing in China, 589.

Geliana, the palaces of, 282, Gorernment, benefit of the su-
Fuci and Alga, nutritive pow. GEMELLI CARRERI, 467, &c. premacy of one person in,
ers of, 600.

GENAIS, MADAME, her ac- | 658.
FULLER, DR., enabled to make count of Madame Elizabeth, GOWER, extracts from, 307,
use of any man's sermon he 662.

&c. Early mention of cur.
had but once read or heard, Gentoos, possessed of the ro tains — Gentle knights'
206. Worthies and Triple sary, 400.

courteousness-Lady's side-
Reconciler quoted, 345, 6. Geriziin, Mount, the brazen saddle, ib. ---- Knight combat
Account of Pharisees, 369. | bird of, 653.

on foot - Early instance of
On a leaden bullet, 637. Pope GERONIMO DEL R1o. Al Vir laying the money on the
Pius IV.'s ship, and the har. gin. Villancico, 213.

book at marriage - Early
bour of Sandwich, in Kent, Getæ, the, 623.

Beguines, 308.
650. The Great Turk and 1 GIBSON, account of gold dis- Graal, or, Greul, meaning of,
the English musicians, 654. covered by an Irish harper's 635. Extracts from St. Gre-
Mortality of London in Ful. song, 361.

all, ib.
ler's days, 667. Story of GILPIN BERNARD, “ the north GRANDPRÉ, quoted, 505. Ac-
the Sagamore and his notch ern apostle," and the chal count of the Malay Kriss,
cane, 667.

lenge glove, 24. The deadly 506. Earth of Mahe for fil-
Furs, common use of, by our feod at Rothbury, 26. His tering water, 507. Super-
forefathers, 335. The leaner ministry, 33.

stitious offerings, 508.
the animal the better the Gin, Dutch antidote against Grace, growth in, 78. Doc-
fur, 578.
the ague, 650.

trine of universal, 126.
FURSECS Saint, 122.

GIROLANO CONESTAGGIO, and Grapes, preserved in vinegar,
his history, 265.


GLAS CAPTAIN, retributive Grass-Sea, so called from the
GAGE, THOMAS, his account of justice exemplified in the ex. Gulph-weed, 583,

Mexico, a cerbutin plagia. ecution of his murderers, GREAAL SAINCT, romance of,
rism, from “ The pleasant 100.

quoted, 354.
historie of the conquest of Glass spiritual, 343.

Greek, Modern, equivocal
Weast India, &c." 571. Glastonbury, the holy thorn words in, 614. Women,
Gainsborough, capture of, 155. at, cut down by the fana forms of speech among,
Gala, Coplas que hizo Sacro ties in the civil wars, 150. 618.
de Ribera sobre la, 211. Gloucester, the shipwreck of,

GREENWOOD, Paul, the
Galla, the food of, 589. Poly: in 1682, 652.

Preacher, his aberration of
gamy of, 615.

Gloves, embroidered, intro mind in his last illness, 125.
Gallantry, French, instance of, duced by Edward Vere, se. GREGORY NAZIANZEN. Car-

venteenth Earl of Oxford, men de vitâ sud, 102.
Galway, Strafford's account 324.

Grenada, 282.
of, 182.

Gog and Magog, two demi-can Grotius, through Pocock, en-
Gamron, houses of the city of, nons, thirty-six pounders, so treated Laud to escape, if he

and their air turrets, 512. called — used by Newcastle could, 134. His high opi.
GARCILASO DE LA VEGA, 231. ! at the siege of Hull, 157. I nion of Strafford, 163. Ex.

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