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sey, 137.

tracts from his Adversaria Handkerchief, the sacred, Ma-

places frequented by those
have passed for his own, and hommedan story like to the animals, 496.
hence opinions contrary to Roman legend of St. Vero- HERRERA on the conrersion of
his own have been ascribed nica, See Fuller's True Pe. the Indians, 60. Quoted,
to him, 191. Induced to nitent, 405.

281, 522, 523, 531. Natu-
palliate Popery by his learn. Ilarlaem, sea-woman of, 624.

ral courage of the Miges,
ing, 193. His foresight of Hardihood, Primitive English,
the Puritan's views, ib. Dis-

537. The Panches, and their

shields of skins, 538. His
couraged from coming to Haris, Mr. Howel, account
England, 195.

position, that religion has

of his family at Trevecca, 34. been communicated most to
Guachuro, F. Depon's account HARVEY GABRIEL, antagonis.

countries which have the
of the cavern of, 572.
tic action of all simples, nos.

richest mines, 589. Account
Guarini Grammar, striking il. trums, and panaceas, 599. of the Panches who take

lustration from, 639, 659. HASENMULLER, M. Elias, His. their dead warriors out to
Guatemala, hasty building of toria Jesuitici Ordinis, 393. battle, 622.

missionary settlements in, Curious extracts from, 394. Herring-roe of Norfolk-Sound,

Head-ache cured at Potosi, by
GUEVARA, the colour of the

delicacy of, 594. Skin of the
putting the feet in hot wa-
hair, and the truthfulness of

sea-herring prevents beer
ter, 640.
the heart, 346.

from foaming or frothing,
Head of the Church, in what 648.
Guiana, offensire Beast of, 588. sense to be understood, 29.
Poultry of, 666.

HEYLIN, PETER, his second
Healing, miracles of, 15.
Gum Arabic Acacia, of Upper

journey, containing a
Heart, Human, insight into,
Egypt, 490, 491, 582.

vey of the estate of the two

Gunpowder, invention of, 639.

islands, Guernsey and Jer-
Hebrew, vanity of women in
Gutsein, the castle of, blown learning, 154.
up, why, 193.
Hecla, the prison of unclean

Hierurchy, Celestial, 384.
Gwent-land, warriors of, 617.


souls, 630.
GYRON LE COURtoys, and the

HIGGESON'S New England
Hell, opinion of, in the Romish
motto of a sword, 529.
Church, 384.

Plantation. Ears of corn in

New England great and plen.
instance of Presbyterian hy.

tiful - Fertility of the soil,
HABINGTON, “ The righteous

655. Account of the abori.
pocrisy, 195.
hath hope in his death.” 77. HENNEPIN, Louis, New Dis-

ginal religion of, 656.
Supper-luxuries, 312.

covery, painted barbarians- Hill, AARON, on allegoric gar-
Hacqueton, the, what? 324. Indian way of striking a fire
Hage-El, the bird that accom-

Smell of fire by Indians Hindoos, their extreme no-
panies the caravans to Mec- -Great feast of the savages,

tions of antiquity, 438. Rea-
ca, 446.

son of the rarity of Hin.
HAKEVILL, address to his ve- HENRY, Philip, his use of al- doo writings, 449. Women,
nerable mother Oxford, 332. literation, 23.

why kept in ignorance, 455.
HALDE Du, account of the HENRY I., prodigy on the death

Form of emancipating a
head-dress of the women of of, 625.

slave, 456. Metaphysical
Myau-tse, 517.
HENRY VII., accession of, 662.

theology, 465. The Hin-
HALL, Bishop, his care in Why Henry VI. was not

doo bird Baya, 469. Pic-
drawing up his discourses, canonized, 662.

turesque effect of Hindoo
117. Mention of a remark- HERMIGUES Cançao de Gon-

women as bathers and wa-
able miracle, 121.
çalo, 293.

ter-bearers, 479. Yearly
HALLAM, his imperfect judg- HERNÁNDEZ Diego, prodi.

feast of the Hindoo maidens,
ment of Lord Clarendon's gious strength of, 531.

484. Offering for the re-
letters, 139.
HERODOTUS, account of Scy.

turn of those at sea, 505.
Hammock Bridge, wonderful, thian scalping, 595. Cro- Custom of shaving the head

codile worship, and destruc.

amongst, 513. Notions of
HAMMOND, his denial that any tion of, 603. . Account of the end of the world, 516.

Papist in England was ever the Getir, 623. Babylonian Funeral superstition, 520.
put to death on account of fish-eaters, 632.

his religion, 195.

Herons, White, their liking to tended miracle of, 75.
HAMPDEN, his family said to
have been settled upon the

the date trees about Cairo, Holland, money transmitted to,

483. Called by the French owing to the state of inse-
same estate before the Con. who inhabit Egypt,Ox-keep-

curity during the Great Re.
quest, 149.

ers, because they seek the bellion, 150.

ire dening, 668.


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HOLLAND, LORD, his altar to - The fear that fell upon de fer, 373. Nuremberg says
Asculapius, 607.

the Indians, 547. Captain he gave himself the name of
HOLLIS, THOMAS, lines on Church, the terror of the Ignatius, quasi Ignem facio,

Old Noll, 143, Gift of White. Indians, 548. Squaw Sachim 374. What truth in the ca-
locke's MSS. to the British of Pocasset - The death of lumny against, 394.
Museum, ib.

Philip, 549. The alderman

Minois Village, 572.
IIoly Ghost, sin against, 126. of Sahonet, the friend of Images, 384.
Homilies homely, 9.

the English, and the mur- Impiety Extraordinary of the
HOPTON, LORD, said to want derer of Philip — Philip's old Spanish Poems, 240.

advice, his head being full captain, Tespequin, 550. Pe. Imposter Prophet, 122.
of Islands and Plantations, quods and® Narhagonsets, | Impropriations, godly design
&c. 155.


Surprisal of the town of purchasing in Laud's time,
Horses, the coats of when em. of Medfield, 552. Massasoit, 132. Restored in Ireland by

ployed in coal mines, soft and the religion of his fore. Strafford and Laud's inte.
and glossy, 648.
Curious fathers-Passaconaway's ad-

rest, 163,
small ones in India, 649. dress and advice, 553. The Inca's, the immortal birds that
Breeding of, 658.

death of the Indian chief, afforded feathers for their
Horse Bread, 596.

Alexander — Indian agree.

crowns, 524.
HOTHAM, Sir J., and speech ment, 554. Continued per- | INCHIQUIN, LORD, entered into

of his son, 147. Strafford fidy, notwithstanding -- Ad- no terms with the Parlia-
thanks the king for his fa. mitted by one of his own fol- ment, till he saw there was
vour to, 155. Character of, lowers, 555. The occasion of no living in Ireland for any
185. Gave assurance that Philip's taking up arms, but Papists, 189.
he would not deny the king 556. Philip's escape from Incredulity and the Ridiculous,
entrance into Huli, 189. The the swamp near Taunton, instance of, 452.
first in the house who moved westward, 557. Treachery India, in their intercourse with,
that Laud might be charged of Ninigret

Burning of at first the English mere
with high treason, and the Springfield, 558, 559.

pirates, 390. Ancient no-
person that suffered imme- Humma the,the Indian bird that tions of, 425.

diately before him, 189. ornamented Tippoo's throne, Indian Agriculture in Ceylon,
Hottentot Liun-takers, 594. 440.

419. Metempsychosis, 437.
Skill in pottery, 634.

Hummee and Hemse, towns of, Mysticism, 521.
HUARTE, quoted. Syllogisms the beauty of their inhabi- Indians, American, tradition
and shackles, their connec- tants, 452,

of — Histories painted on
tion, 334.
Humming-Bird, feathers used trees

- Notions relative to
HUBBARD, William, Narra.

by the wives of the Incas, the food they eat, 574.
tive of the Troubles of the to adorn themselves, 532.

the joyful fields, 575. Pre-
Indians, 8c. Effects of an Brazilian, 533. Æstivation servation of their dead war-
eclipse on Indian military of, according to Herrera,572. riors, 621. Hopes of, 655.
tacties, 538. Indian cruelty | HUSSEIM, earth from the tomb Indifferent, when things are

- Incursion of the Indians, of, wonderful properties of, and when they are not so,
and hair-breadth esscape,

Palisadoes against HIY, THIE MIGHTY, 332.

Indigo, its introduction into
the Indians - Indian tac- IIYDER ALY, his idea of mer- Surinam, 578.
tics, 540.
Cold weather a

cy, 440. His reply to Co- Indulgence, 81.
good besom to sweep the lonel Wood, 451.

Infallible Judge, set up by Pa-
chamber of the air - Jo-

pists, Quakers, Enthusiasts,
shua Tift, a renegado En.


c. 66.
glishman, 543. Over-ruling Ice, bleck and transparent, Infantas, who, 277.
of evil propensities - Faith. 610. Broken, danger of, 611. Infidels, the wealth of, right-
fulness and courage of the Journey over, 612.

ful to the faithful, 444.
Christian Indians - Politic Icebergs, 629.

Insurance, Travelling, in the
stratagem of a Cape Indian Idleness, portrait of, 315. Pro- days of Fynes Moryson, i. e.

Subtle device of the same bably imitated by Spenser, about 1600, 327.
Indians, 544. The Indian 316.

Interference, devil's dislike to,
Cruelty, and its

I. H. S. on the pulpit covering, 102,
results, 545. One-eyed Mo- called the Jesuits' badge, Inundations in India, how vil-
noco, or, One-eyed John

lages and cattle protected
James, the printer – Pam- | IGNATIUS LOYOLA, curious fact

under, 407.
ham, the Narhagonset Sa- of his having his leg stretch | Iria, Skint, or, EREA, legend
chim, 546. Sagamore John ed every day, arec des eclisses of, 380.

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Ireland, extracts relative to, | Jama, the, what? 511, 512. Jod, the Hebrew, mystical ac-

196, ác. Miserable estate of James I., error of supporting count of, 650.
the Clergy and the Church, the Calvinists at Dort, 194. Joglares, Spanish, or popular
198. Custom of having Jansenists, taught that the poets, 265.
christenings and marriages saints were the only lawful | JOHNSON, DR., on the expul.
in private houses, and the proprietors of the world, 145. sion of the Methodists from
evil of it, ib. Want of good Japan, self-immolation in, ac- Oxford, 114. Remark og
houses in, 199. Never to be count of, 442.

Wesley's incontinent haste,
trusted by England as long Jaque, a greyhound's, what? ib. On women's preaching,
as Popish, 200. Increase of 637.

trade and prosperity of, in Jarraff', i. e. Giraffe or Came: JONES, SIR WILLIAW, the ge-
1678, 203. Why there are leopard, that was set to kneel neration of Brahma, 467.
no venemous animals there, before a Christian, 429. Hymn to the Night, from the
Jashen stone, what? 479.

Vedas, 477.
Irish disobedience, 80. Plot Jaru, tame fish of the island Jordan and the demoniac, 120.
ting rebellion abroad, and of, 660.

inciting Spain and Rome to JAUREGUT, JUAN DE Y AGUI. Diana, &c. 210, 230, 292.
encourage and support it,

LAR, 232,

Jougourth, what ? 647.
183, 188. The barbarism of Jay feathers, once fashionable Joy, death from effects of, 6(18.
the soldiers, 196. A people, in France for dresses, 577. JUAN DE Tarsis, CONDE DE
says Wentworth, most in- JAYME, K. cruelty of, 291. VILLA MEDIANA, 210.
tent upon their own ends, His skill in surgery, 318. JUANILLO, or LITTLE JOHN,
197, 198. Acts passed for His order that the last

restraining the barbarous were to face danger, 319. Judgments, divine, 3. God's
customs of, 199. Beggars JENKINS, JUDGE, excellent judgments on a land for its
in 1634, just as now, ib. man--His writings ought to wickedness, 101. Rash judg.
Irish ignorance of respect, be collected, 194.

ment reproved, 108.
200. Fickleness of their Jenoune, the, who? Offence to, JULIAN, CONDE DE, 273. In-
character, ascertained in the 519.

vective against, 294.
case of the young Earl of JEROME, Saint, translated the Juta, the, what? 438.
Desmond, 203. The origin of Bible into the Sclavonic Juxon, BISHOP, honorary
tenant, or sept, right, 205. tongue, 120.

mention of, 134. Buried in
Skilled in harpe and tymbre, JERONIMO CORTE REAL, 274. the same grave with Arch.
334. Slingers, 339. Mu- | JERVASIUS SCROOP, MILES, bishop Laud, at St. John's,
sical taste of, 349. Their account of, 345.

ardour for the battle, 351. Jerusalem, the sanctity of, 640.
Irish insecurity, 359. Hap- Jerusalem Conquistada, extract
less land of Ireland-Bardish from, 274, 282.

Kadrouva Vinneta and Diti,
strains, 36).

JESUITESSES, when they be. 488.
Iron, sold by the Spaniards to gan, i. e. about the year Kalb, le Nahr, ou le fleuve du
the Indians, and used against 1650, 30.

Chien, 482.
them, according to Bernardo Jesuits and FRIARS, the ruin Kali, the worship of, 411.
de Vargas Machuca, 575. of Ireland, in Strafford's opi- Kalmuck dread of fire-arms,
Bog iron of the Assawamp- nion, 182. Wealth of, in
set pond, 633.

England, and danger from, | Kashmire, the rose of, 487.
Iroquois Festival, 576.

187. Charles I. sees the dan. KELLIEON, MATTHEW, on the
Ispahan, beauty of the bridges ger of, and complains of to doctrine of angels, 5.
of, 487.

Rome, 188. Negotiations KEMPIS, THOMAS A, extraor-
ISRAEL, MENASSES BEN, 252. with Cromwell, 203. Mat- dinary popularity of his
Ivy, Ground, the virtues of ters relative to, 372-377. works, 124.

Regula Societatis, ib. Mis. KENNET's Parochial Antiqui-

cellaneous incident relative ties, quoted, 133, &c. 149.

to, 391. Imago primi seculi Kerkook und Moussul, belief of
Jackets, quilted cotton ones, Societatis Jesu, ib. Their the wild inhabitants be.

used as a defence against success in Paraguay attri. tween, 423.
the arrows of the Indians, buted to their political sys. Keswick, or Crosthwaite, or-

tem connected with the faith ders appertaining to the
JACKSON, JOHN, MR. a good they preached, ib. Perse- church of, 55.

old Puritan, opposed to the cuted, 395. Not confined to Khatries, their dress, &c. 512.

treatment of Charles I., 151. the Romish faith, 638. Kilranoja, poverty of the see
Jagrenat, the Fakirs of, 515. Joan III., his character, 279. of, 203,



[blocks in formation]

to, 461.

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Kingfisher, used as an indica. not have too many horses, LEANDER, FATHER, alias

tion of which way the wind 57. The Back-house bowl, Jones, speaks of James I.
blows, 597.

85. Absolution of a mule at as not a heretic, only a per:
Kneeling, pain of, through long Paul's Cross, 97. Warrior's son not sufficiently informed,
prayers, Adam Clarke's re- girdle - Poor suitors — Ac. 187. His view of the near.

count of his father, 296. ness of the two churches,
Knights of the Round Table, Looks to Edward VI.'s ex- 188.

their barbarous cruelty, 339. ample, when he should come Leeches in the nostrils of the
The washing of the knight, of age - Corruption in high Tanian horses, 433.
and his creature comfort pre- places - Story of the shilling LEIBNITZ, his opinion that
vious to doing battle, 635. Unmercifulness and lack brutes did not perish out-
Knightly dress, 636. Col. of charity in London-Chris-

right, 607.
lation, ib.

tian apparel, or wedding gar. | LEIGHTON, ALEXANDER, in-
Kooroo Chiefs, the spirits of, ment Unpreaching pre- formation against, 131.

lates the cause that the blood LENCASTRE, D. Fulipo DE,
Korun, who are lost according of Hales so long deceived the 234.

people, 297. His idea of the

Lettres Provinciales, just cha-
Kousteka-Men, profound and nearness of the world's end

racter of, 373.
palpable darkness enlight- -Love of pudding-Shovel. | Liofail, or the coronation stone,
ened by, 482.

ling of feet and walking up 349.
Kriss, the Malay, Grandpré's and down at sermon time, Liannes, what ? 578.
account of, 506.

298. Robin Hood's Day - Lichfield, curious custom at,
Kuttaul, or Indian fig, com- English amusements

monly called the Jack, un. Taught by his father to draw

Liddu River, water hollows
savoury odour of, 432.

the bow - Bribery and un. formed by the falls of, 634.

just judgment, 299. Deceit. Life shortened by hot-bed cul.
ful practices Our Lady

ture, 610.
Labour question in California, likened to a saffron bag, 300, LILBURNE, John, Clarendon's
and the use of the quern, 560. Aldermen of London turned

observation on the value of
Lady horsewomen, 324.

colliers, or, remarks upon his valueless books,- and
LAHONTAN, BARON DE, deli. city monopoly, 619.

what he picked out of them,
verance in death Abori. LAUD, ARCHBISHOP, malig. 176.
ginal American cradles

nantly spoken of by Arch-

Lima, 274.
Iroquois destruction, 536, bishop Abbot, as quoted by LINGUET, Histoire des Jesuites,
Rushworth, 130. His kind

145, 372-374.
LALE MUSTAFA Pushaw's letter in behalf of the Catho- LINSCHOTEN, his account of
Bridge, and Sultaun Soli. lic Priests in the Clink, ib.

discipline in Portugueze
His anxiety for the Church

ships, 269.
Lump, scape-lamp of the Sucla

of England, &c. 131. De-
Tirt'ha, 406. Indian lamps, nounced by Sir Harbottle

Lion-kcepers, the Sultan's, 645.

Ali, the lion of God, the pa-
416, Mussulman feast of Grimston as the fons et origo

tron of the lion-keepers, 647.
lamps, 480, Smokeless mali, 132. No Bishop, no
lamps, 656.

King, 134. His patience in

LISTER, WILLIAM, remarkable
LANGSDORFF,Anne Plumptre's continement, ib. His anxiety

anecdote of, 151.
Translation, quoted, 560, for the Irish Church, ib.

Literature, humanizing power
Wishes English taught in

of, 123. Bastard, 324.
Languages, Quæry ? How Irish schools to soften the LITTLETON, Coke's comment
many in the world ? 525.

malignity and stubbornness upon, thought Lord Keeper
Laplander, incivilization of, of the nation, 135. Censured Guildford (?) ought not to be

too hastily by Gifford, 138. read by students, 206.
Lard, Lent-lard, sold in Paris Letters to Strafford, 184. Liturgy, Public, the clergy's
as the fat of the porpoise, 359. His Life and Troubles, ex.

duty concerning, 64. The
LATIMER, MAISTER, extracts tracts from, 186, 187. His value of, our enemies being
from, 3. Homely homilies, Arminianism the cause of

judges, 107. Variations in
9. Unpreaching prelates, 10. his unpopularity,195. Writes the Scotch, made out of a
Effects of his preaching, 21. to Strafford on the tamper-

desire to comply with those
Candle-crossing of the dead, ing with titles in Ireland,201. exceptions which were most
54. Superstitious ringing of Law, called by Serjeant Mayo known against it, 188.
bells, ib. The devil not afraid nard ars bablatira, 147. LIVINGSTON, John, that great
of holy water, ib. On resti. LAWRENCE, Saint, account of, man of God, a saying of,
tution, 55. Why kings should


man, 444,

Maple-root cups, mentioned by

stones, 505. Mahomet and

surance, 506. Asem and the

upon, in the Lord, 328. In-

THER, 2.


Livra Da Noa, awful signs in tual priests-- Parson, &c. ib.

Manual, Catholic, why can.
the heavens, A. D. 1199, 278. Canons, powder-Stone balls

demned as heretical, 89.
Lizards, the gray lizard of -Scotch revels and games,

MANUEL, D. Juax, Romance
Egypt, why sacred among 310.

de, 221.
the Turks and Egyptians,
490. The swift lizard, 568.


Wither, 303.
The poison of the Lacerta

MARACCI Louis, shower of
Gecko, 588. Slow lizard, M, the letter of, 523.
MACEDO, FR. FRANCISCO DE the bird's nest, ib.

Ilis as-
Locks untied of a bride, 337. Santo AGOSTINHO, account
Locust-Bird, about the size of of, 255.

Hadilenses, ib.
a starling, 459.

Madagascar, proposition that Marani, who? Bishop's advice
Locusts, in Turkey, destroyed the disrespected bishops of

to Pope Julius III, about,
by the storks, 426. Flight Charles I.'s day should go

of, 432. Larvæ of, in Italy, and plant a colony there, MARCUS ANTONINUS, 640.
destroyed by pigs, 655.

144. Customs of, 336.

Marian, Maid, the harbinger
Loire, the hills near the river, MADAN, woman of Bedlam's of trouble, 305.

excavated into cellars, wine- Epigram on his Thelyph. Marriage, requisite caution in
vaults, &c. 631.
thora, 637.

celebrating, 65. Good wishes
London, want of lighting in, Magnetic compasses, 339.
1685, 643. Early lighting Magnetic influence, 646.

dian instances of the profa-
of, 667.

MAJIONET, debate on his edu- nation of, 434. Early mar.

cation, 450. The Third, the

riages, 619.
Loqui variis linguis nolite tomb of, 513.

Marston Moor, battle of, 157-
prohibere," 108.

Mahmoudker, the river of, 518. 160.
Lords, House of, sectarian Malabar, custom of succession

MARTIN, DR. and Dr. Lr-
abuse of, 153.

in, as among the Nalchez,
Loss, or Goupe of Norway, ac- 409.

Martins, Strafford's desire to
count of, 580.

Mulucca fruit, 409.
Loth, King, and his children, Maldire notions relative to the

these being as much worth
world, 419. Sacrifice to the

as a good wether, 202.
Louse, according to Dobriz- King of the Winds, 421.
hoffer, eaten by the Indian

MARTYR, PETER, extraordi-
Malocus, or slave expeditions,

nary instance of natural elo-
women, 527.

Lou entrances, a defensive pre-

quence, or, Columbus and
Malt tax, advised by Strafford
caution of all uncivilized na-

the old man of Cuba, 537.
in Ireland to check drunken- Massachussett wigwams
tions, 620.

Couches or mattresses, 655.
Lucas, Paul, Travels of, form
of Turkish mosques, 506.

Malta, Evlia Effendi's impre. | MASSEY, GENERAL, and Colo-

cation on the infidels of, 443.
Account of the papyrus, 508.

Manchinelle Apple, poisonous
Turkish call to prayers, ib.

claration of, and why they
effects of, 587.
Le Burime Blanc, what? 509.

departed from the city and
MANDELSLO's account of the

the kingdom, 152.
Le talisman, ib. Mecca and banama, 498. Cocoa-nut, ib.
Medina, 510.

Masses, purchase of, 15.

Cocoa wine, 501. Bettele
Lucena, quoted, 279. Says

tree, ib.
The areca tree,

MASSINGER, quoted, 322, 334.
that the proper name for the

336, 337, 338.
501. Mangas tree, 502.
Jesuits is not Apostles, but Mandire juice, made to resem.

Matamores at Valencia, what?
the Religious of the Com-

ble soy, 610.
pany of Jesus, 391.
Man, Isle of, extraordinary

MATHER, COTTON, and the re-
Luis D’AZEVEDO, DE, a morte statute of, relative to women

nerable Eliot, 120.
do Ifante Dom Pedro, 238.
Luiz, FR, DE SOUZA, 230.

overlaying their children, Matolas, Vanderkemp's

count of the use to which
Lukewarmness, how to avoid Manners English, in 1659, 663.

they turn their hair, 518.
the imputation of, 63.
Lusit nia, derivation of, 277.

Nianoa, religion of Indians of, Matrasses, ships protected by,

Luxury, increase of, 301. MANOEL Thomas, 256.

o Mattamores, or subterraneous
Lying witness, taken for grant- Phænir da Lusitania, 257.

corn magazines, 473.
ed in Mysoor, 428.
MANOEL, FR. 210.

May Poles, ordinance against,
LYNDSAY, Sir David, extracts MANRIQUE, D. JORGE, 211, 152.
from, 309, &c. Lordly ap.

Medal, struck by the Method.
parel of prelates -- Unspiri. / MANSINHO DE QUEBEDO, 231. ists expelled the University,

223, 233.

encourage in Ireland, one of

ness, 179.


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